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Teaching Objectives
Topics and Functions ? Describing names, jobs, backgrounds, and objects ? Talking about family origins, vocations and professions ? Talking about employment

k 1-Unit 3

Part I

Communicative activities

Book 1-Unit 3

? Teaching sentences for introducing other people, and their background information ? Practicing describing features of objects, functions

Notes to Conversation 1
? Welcome aboard: a colloquial expression for greeting a new member ? you guys : you two people ? I’ll leave you two here to talk about your work: I’m going to leave so that you two can talk about your work. ? When you finish here: When you’re finished with each other
Book 1-Unit 3

Listening 1
Pictures about listening 1:

Digital thermo-hydrometer 室内电子温度表、湿度表

Crimper pliers压钳

Electronic bookstand可以放在


Toilet sucker马


Toilet dishes搞笑的艺

术游戏用品,把吃饭 的盘子做成马桶形状

Snap circuits儿童
电子线路插板,可以 制作电子玩具

Robot vacuum cleaner自动真


Towel rack家

Weather station

My Mum
My mum has dyed auburn hair, It’s hard to believe she once was fair. describes her mum’s stanza She has her hair set every Sunday, physicallinepoems have A feature Many may not correlate But it’s always flat again by Monday. a sentence and a

rhyming patterns. The sentence may in rhyming patternrunMy She’s always washing, ironing, cleaning through more than one Mum is aabb ccdd ddee Until the house is really gleaming. line describes her mum’s actions She gets up at five—that’s her rule—
And gets us all up for work and school. I shout at her and make her blue, But I still love her, that’s true. I love her with all my heart, And I hope that we will never part.

summarize her feelings/ attitudes towards her mum Book 1-Unit 3

Notes to My Dad
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Tottenham: one of the best local football teams in England giggle: funny activity/event that causes a viewer/onlooker to laugh in a silly way but he gives a wiggle: But in this sentence means “except that”. wiggle: move from side to side with short irregular twisting, clumsy motions He’s hardly with it as fashion goes: His clothes are not fashionable. mate: good friend hit: a success. Here, the boy regards his father a very successful person. swap: to exchange (one) for another Apart from which he’s married to my Mother: apart from the fact that he also loves his mother so much
Book 1-Unit 3

My Dad
My Dad and I go out together, We watch the football despite the weather. We shout and cheer and both agree That Tottenham are the best to see.
Action: what they do together

I feel my Dad is getting old, Characteristics He’s fat and bald and feels the cold. of his father And when he dances it’s such a giggle, His feet don’t move but he gives a wiggle.

Book 1-Unit 3

I don’t much like his taste in clothes, He’s hardly with it as fashion goes. But somehow I feel he is my mate, In fact I think my Dad is great.

More details about his father

The time has come for me to admit, Describing his feelings about That my Dad to me is quite a hit. his father I wouldn’t swap him for any other – Apart from which he’s married to my Mother

Book 1-Unit 3

Work in pairs: One student reads the functions and the other speaks out the sentences in Actual Words Spoken. Then check your answers.

Book 1-Unit 3

Actual Words Spoken a. What size/shape/colour is it? b. What do you do for a living? c. What does it look like? d. I have no idea what sort of house that is. e. One thing that’s typically Chinese is the white and blue porcelain teapot. f. What do you call that thing about 10 centimeters long with two legs which can be used to draw circles?

a 1.

f 2. b 3. c 4. e 5. d 6.

Functions Asking people to provide you with extra information about the size/shape/colour of an object. Asking people to name an object. Asking about someone’s job. Asking people to describe the appearance of something. Describing a thing typical of a nation’s culture. Telling people that you are not able to imaging what the thing is.
Book 1-Unit 3

Practice reading the sentences on page 31, and work individually to complete the task. Then check your answers.

Book 1-Unit 3

1. John doesn’t look his age. 2. He has the darkest complexion of any one in the family. 3. He’s got his father’s eyes. 4. He looks great in that red and blue striped sweatshirt. 5. Well, tomorrow will be quite a warm day, hazy sunshine in most places. 6. The girl takes after her mother. 7. It’s funny. He doesn’t look old enough to be her father. 8. Look, those two children look so much alike. They must be related.
Book 1-Unit 3

Which of the above sentences could most probably be used in the following situation?

7 4 3 2 8 6 1 5

a. Father and daughter look similar in age. b. Describing someone’s dress. c. The son looks like his father in a way.

d. Describing someone’s skin colour.
e. The two children may come from the same family. f. The girl is like her mother in personality.

g. He looks younger than he actually is.
h. Talking about the weather.

Book 1-Unit 3

Proverb A rolling stone gathers no moss.

A person who is always on the move has few possessions. E.g. someone who changes his/her job from time to time; some businesses keep changing what they trade in.

Why do people change their jobs?
Book 1-Unit 3

Why do people change their jobs?
Possible reasons ? For better job satisfaction ? For a more secure position ? For a higher salary ? For better career development ? Having been fired by the former boss ? Unable to get along with former co-workers ? To make a better living ? To be closer to home ? To be closer to friends How many reasons amongst the above can be used to show the wisdom of this English proverb?

It may not be a bad thing to be a rolling stone in today’s society.
Book 1-Unit 3

Book 1-Unit 3

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