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Unit 6 Space exploration 课时练

Unit 6
under the pressure from society turn these ideas into reality reflect in a mirror 照镜子

Space exploration


使这些思想成为现实 反射太阳光 表达当地人民的心声 反映你的个性 用农药给喷洒水果树

拓展:reflect the bright of the sun

reflect the views of the local community a reflection of your personality on flection 拓展:sea spray 审慎的思考 海上的浪花 一罐喷雾杀虫剂 一束兰花 spray the fruit trees with insecticide a can of insect spray a spray of orchids keep good health

make the first attempt at space flight 保持健康

做第一次太空飞行 这些广告被登在数家报纸上 梦想自己开公司

the ads written about in several newspapers dream of being successful an impossible dream go/work like a dream in your dreams like a bad dream 拓展:enquire after you an enquiring look a murder enquiry 梦想着成功 拓展:dream of running my own business

一个不可能实现的梦想 性能极佳;十分有效

你妄想;你做梦 像噩梦一样 调查意见 问候你 探寻的神色 谋杀案调查 协助警方调查 把他的成功归功于学习如何去辩论 调查委员会 记忆力有困难 充分利用晋升

enquire/inquire into the opinions

help police with their inquires a committee of enquiry have difficulty in remembering take advantage of a promotion be less likely to smoke

owe his success to learning how to debate


Exercise for Vocabulary (Ⅰ)
一、语块互译 1.距太阳的平均距离 ____________ 2.梦想着星际旅行 ______________ 3.(彻底)改变火星 ____________ 4.和地球非常相似 ______________ 5.进入环绕火星的轨道 __________ 6.保留更多太阳的热量 __________ 7.从地球上引进 ________________ 8.像地球上一样暖和 ____________

9.太空行走 ____________________ 10.安全返回地球 _______________ 11.make these dreams come true ____________________________ 12.become more like Earth _____________________________ 13.construct underground buildings ______________________________ 二、填入适当单词,首字母已给出

14.conduct experiments _____________ 15.look for good sites for future landings ______________________________ 16.move around easily ______________ 17.heat the polar ice caps ____________ 18.be sprayed black _________________ 19.release water vapour ______________ 20.survive on Mars __________________

1.The door and the windows were all closed and there was no s_______ of forced entry. 2.The plan i_______ changing Mars so that it becomes more like Earth. 3.In many ways, Mars is the planet which is most s_______ to Earth. 4.Our actions r_______ our thoughts. 5.The businessman hired an agent to c_______ his affairs. 6.Under the pressure from society, the terrorists r_______ the hostages at last. 7.Water can t_______ a desert into a garden. 8.Many species of butterflies s_______ the winter by hibernating in a sheltered place. 9.We are going to c_______ our heating system to electricity. 10.The r_______ question for him is to find whether bees could tell each other the exact position of a feeding place. 三、选择正确的词或词组替换划线部分 A.transform F.heliacal ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( B.dreams of G.splashed C.concerned H.keeps D.conducted I.changed E.disembark J.move

)1.It was an event that would change my life. )2.The second accident involved two cars and a lorry. )3.He thinks about building the most beautiful house in the world. )4.The students organized a survey on free-time activities. )5.We are very glad to hear of the safe landing of your spacecraft. )6.We use solar energy to get heat and generate electricity. )7.The farmers sprayed the fruit trees with insecticide. )8.Despite losing his job he retains his pension. )9.They converted it from a bedroom to an office. )10.Nowadays many people migrate from their hometown to the city. 1.中国举办奥运会的梦想终于实现了。(come true) __________________________________________________________________________ 2.那座楼房被改成学校了。(convert) ________________________________________________________________________ __ 3.许多报纸都反映了普通人的看法。(reflect) __________________________________________________________________________


4.自从实验室建成后,他们已经进行了一系列的试验。(conduct) ________________________________________________________________________ __ 5.如果过多的二氧化碳被释放到空气中,地球的气温将升高。(release) __________________________________________________________________________ 6.由于那天的气温高达 42 摄氏度,所有的工人被要求呆在家中。(go up to) __________________________________________________________________________ 7.化工厂出事后,楼里的空气不能呼吸,因此救护人员只好带上口罩。(breathable) __________________________________________________________________________ 8.那个岛上的居民非常友善。(inhabitant) __________________________________________________________________________ 9.该国的经济体制经历了一次重大的变革。(transformation) __________________________________________________________________________ 10.在很多方面,火星是一颗与地球非常相似的火星。(be similar to) _________________________________________________________________________

Exercise for Vocabulary(Ⅱ)
一、用所给单词的适当形式填空 1.With the entire nation watching, China’s first _______ (man) space flight, Shenzhou 5, blasted into space. 2.Please don’t ________ (tie) the bandage too tight. 3.The rocket was _______ (launch) in May, 2001. 4.The house was _______ (consume) in a fire. 5.The construction workers used an ________ (explosive) to tear down the old building. 6.The son was _______ (name after) his grandfather. 7.Many people are interested in the _______ (lunar) landscape. 8.The explosion was _______ (hear) a mile away. 9.Many strange customs have s_______ from earlier times. 10.Having been chained up for hours, the dog was r_______. 二、选择正确的词或词组填空 A.manned G.beating B.consumed H.the first one D.named after I.conducting E.named J.retains F.might have thought C.tied

1.China is known to have successfully completed its second _______ space mission. 2.The girl _______ the ends of the thread and try to make a new design. 3.The fire quickly _______ the little woods. 4.She was _______ her grandmother. 5.A man _______ Wan Hu made the first attempt at space flight. 6.The people watching _______ that he was successful. 7.I have a special love for the sea and I like to hear the waves _______ on the shore. 8.She is always _______ to come and the last to leave. 9.We are _______ a new experiment here. 10.The old man _______ a deep impression of that air crash.

三、完成句子 1.I’m going to ___________________________________. (看看有没有可能找个兼职工作) 2.Her parents _________________________________. (按她祖母的名字给她起名索亚) 3.This is a story about ____________________. (第一个在月球上漫步的人的故事) 4.The fire soon _______________________. (烧毁了这一带的旧木头房子) 5.The climbers will _______________ to reach the summit today. (再尝试一次) 6.He lives in _____________ on his own. (一个人烟稀少的地方) 7._________________ not necessarily a sensible way. (把森林变成耕地) 8._________________ you are sure to succeed. (只要你努力工作) 9.Over a year passed before ________________. (作了首次尝试) 10.Scientists are now___________ so that it will become possible for humans to live and work there. (正在制定计划来改造火星)

Exercise for Grammar
一、单项填空 ( ( ( ( )1.I always take something to read when I go to the doctor’s _______ I have to wait. A.in case B.so that C.in order D.as if D.so that )2.I’d like to arrive 20 minutes early _______ I can have time for a cup of tea. A.as soon as A.before B.as a result C.after C.in case D.when )3.It is almost five years _______ we saw each other last time . B.since )4.Simon thought his computer was broken _______ his little brother pointed out that he had forgotten to turn it on. A.until ( ( ( ( ( ( A.where A.after B.unless B.when B.before C.after C.that C.when D.because D.until D.then D.wherever D.if D.although D.even as )5.He transplanted the little tree to the garden _______ it was the best time for it. )6.The Civil War lasted four years _______ the North won in the end. )7.The old tower must be saved, _______ the cost. A.however A.unless A.however B.whatever B.whenever B.no matter B.now that C.whichever C.although C.whatever )8.It is known to all that _______ you exercise regularly, you won’t keep good health. )9.He tried his best to solve the problem,__________ difficult it was. )10.There was never any time for Kate to feel lonely, _______ she was an only child. A.ever since C.even though

二、用所给词的适当形式填空 1.If I _______ (copy) your homework, I will cheat myself. 2.As long as you _______ (work) hard, you will succeed. 3.If you _______ (get) up early tomorrow morning, you _______ (catch) the early bus. 4.If your mother _______ (buy) the book for you, it will be good for your study.

5.Peter _______ (major) in English if he _______ (pass) the exams in Peking University. 6.You may borrow the book as long as you _______ (keep) it clean. 7._______ (leave) it for me if Mary _______ (not want) to do it. 8.If your brother _______ (break) the window, he will feel sorry for that. 9.You can go swimming if you _______ (not go) too far away from the river bank. 10.If he _______ (be) free this weekend, he _______ (visit) his grandparents. 三、填入适当的引导词 A.since F.after B.unless G.where C.than H.as if D.before I.As E.so that J.Hardly, when

1.I haven’t heard from him _______ he went to America. 2.We found the key _______ she had left it. 3.We found the books two days _______ he had gone away. 4.We had no sooner got to the station _______ the train left. 5.He speaks English _______ he were an Englishman. 6.He is explaining clearly _______ they could understand. 7.Do not leave the room _______ you have finished the test. 8._______ the day went on, the weather got worse. 9.You will be late _______ you leave immediately. 10._______ had I entered the room _______ the phone rang. 四、翻译句子 1.愿你在新的一年里心想事成。(come true) ________________________________________________________________________ 2.她满面笑容显示出她乐观、冷静和谦和的性格。(reflect) ________________________________________________________________________ 3.油价已经上涨了近 30 年的最高位。(go up to) ________________________________________________________________________ 4.由于买不起新的,她把一个旧沙发改成了儿子睡觉的床。(convert) _________________________________________________________________________ 5.他被委派主持一次以色列和中东国家间的和平会谈来推动中东的和平进程。(conduct) _________________________________________________________________________ 6.作为一名普通的学生,我几乎没有时间玩耍,因为学习花费了我大部分的时间和精力。 (consume) _________________________________________________________________________ 7.一个广告的成功,除了合理的制作成本外,还包含许多其他因素。(involve) _________________________________________________________________________ 8.他们试图以战争来解决国内的经济危机。(by means of ) _________________________________________________________________________ 9.经过 DNA 测试,医生们最终找到了主要的病因。(identify) _________________________________________________________________________ 10.那位教授喜欢在上课时用莎士比亚的话引出他想讲的主题。(quote)


Exercise for Integrated Skills(I)
一、单项填空 ( ( )1._______ you’ve tried it. You can’t imagine how pleasant it is. A.Unless precious. A.As ( moon? —Perhaps two or three years. A.when ( B.until C.that D.before )4.Jenny was very sad over the loss of the photos she had shot at Canada, _______ this was a memory she especially treasured. A.as ( B.if C.when D.where )5.“You can’t have this football back _______ you promise not to kick it at my cat again,” the old man said firmly. A.because ( B.since C.when D.until )6.I had just stepped out of the bathroom and was busily drying myself with a towel _______ I heard the steps. A.while ( B.when C.since D.after )7._______ environmental damage is done, it takes many years for the ecosystem (生态系统) to recover. A.Even if ( ( ( A.where A.in case B.If only B.that C.While D.Once )8.We’re just trying to teach a point _______ both sides will sit down together and talk. C.when D.which D.when B.no matter how it may cost D.how may it cost )9.How can you expect to learn anything _______ you never listen? B.even if C.unless )10.This is a very interesting book. I’ll buy it, _______. A.how much may it cost C.however much it may cost 二、短文填空 At about $3.8 million for a 30-second spot, an ad on this year’s Super Bowl was easily the most expensive ad buy on television. For marketers, though, buying a spot during the big game may be the most efficient media play on Madison Avenue. That’s only 1 (part) because of the huge audience for the game—111 million people watched last year, according to Nielsen. B.Once C.If D.Although )3.—How long do you think it will be _______ China sends a manned spaceship to the B.Because C.Although D.When )2._______ most of the earth’s surface is covered by water, fresh water is very rare and

The other major benefit of a Super Bowl ad is the free media attention the spots attract, which can more than justify their cost. Super Bowl ads get a “ripple(波纹) of media that adds up to —连锁快餐店) The fast-food chain ads 5 3 (buy) two Super Bowl ads this year; one ad 4 (festure) its cast of pitchmen (广告员) including Jared Fogle and Olympian Apolo Ohno. The (refer to) and written about in several newspapers and on several news websites. Mr.Pace says he believes the spots, which his company made public o nly shortly before the game, would receive about a half-million dollars worth of free publicity even before the game airs. Mercedes-Benz, another Super Bowl advertiser, agrees. Thanks in part to the publicity from media outlets, “we have easily recouped(收回) our investment,” says Steve Cannon, chief executive of Mercedes-Benz USA unit, which bought a 60-second ad during the game. Mr.Cannon declined to 7 6 (close) the luxury auto brand’s Super Bowl spending but 8 (cover) of the ad. It he says it was an “eight-figure investment.” Mercedes-Benz, a unit of Germany’s Daimler AG, (estimate) it has received about $20 million in free media Over time the media coverage 9 also has two outside public-relations firms working on generating media attention. (expand). In 2002, Pepsi Co estimated it got $10 million in free publicity for its 90-second Super Bowl ad featuring Britney Spears. Many advertisers hire extra public-relations firms to help promote their Super Bowl spots to a growing list of interested media outlets, 1._________ 6._________ 三、完形填空 Everyone dreams of being successful. Does anyone think of the mere question as to what elements 1 success, if there is any? Is there a “success personality” —some winning 2 to achievement? If so, exactly what is that combination of qualities that leads almost 2._________ 7._________ 3._________ 8._________ 10 (include) late-night talks shows, 5._________ 10._________ morning news programs, newspapers, and bloggers online video shows. 4._________ 9._________ 2 (enormously) value above and beyond the spot itself,” says Tony Pace, chief marketing officer of Subway ( 赛百味

secret success formula, and can anyone develop it? At the Gallop Organization we recently focused in depth on success, inquiring into the opinions of 1,500 distinguished people selected at random from who’s who in America. Our research finds out a number of Common sense is the most obvious quality 4 3 that occur regularly among top achievers. Here is one of the most important, that is common sense. by our participants. Seventy-nine percent award themselves a top score in this quality. And Sixty-one percent say that common sense was very important in contributing to their success. To most, common sense means the ability to present sound, practical judgments on everyday affairs. To do this, one has to sweep aside 5 ideas and get right to the key of what matters. A Texas oil and gas businessman puts it this way: “The key ability for success is simplifying. In conduction of meeting and dealing with industry, reducing a complex problem to

the simplest term is highly important.” Is common sense a quality a person is born with, or can you do something to increase it? The oil man’s answer is that common sense can definitely be learning how to debate in school. Another way to 7 6 . He owes his success to your store of common sense is to 8 success: in order for

observe it in others, learning from their—and your own—mistakes. Besides common sense, there are many other factors that that you can achieve it, that is, you need to have 9 you to achieve anything in your career, you have to first believe . You need to believe in yourself in your goals and your path to that 10 . Your plan for career success D.prove D.alternatively D.qualities D.achieved D.moderate D.developed D.go through D.attract D.support D.action success. However, nothing moves until you do something. Belief alone is not going to achieve anything for you. It must be followed up with concrete is nothing unless you act upon it whole-heartedly. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1.A.define )2.A.especially )3.A.challenges )4.A.possessed )5.A.original )6.A.protected )7.A.add to )8.A.create )9.A.preparation )10.A.thought B.determine B.properly B.attractions B.recommended B.common B.maintained B.get over B.influence B.attempt B.progress C.estimate C.inevitably C.qualifications C.proposed C.extra C.observed C.keep up C.judge C.faith C.plan

四、阅读理解 The seventh-inning stretch is one baseball tradition that helps make the game one of America’s favorite pastimes. In the middle of the seventh inning(局) fans ritualistically stand and stretch before the home team comes to bat. No one really knows the origin of the custom, but there are theories on how it started. Baseball historian Dan Daniel provided this explanation: “It probably began as an expression of fatigue. That would explain why the stretch comes late in the game instead o f at the halfway point.” A more popular story involves President William Howard Taft and the birth of two baseball traditions. According to the account, Taft attended the first game of the 1910 baseball season. On the spur of the moment, plate umpire(裁判) Billy Evans gave Taft the ball. He asked him to throw it over the plate. Taft did so, and the custom of having the president launch the baseball season with the first pitch was born. The story continues that later that same day. President Taft, who weighed well over 300 pounds, became uncomfortable in his small chair. In the middle of the seventh inning, he stood up to stretch his legs. The crowd thought that the president was leaving, so they stood up out of respect. A few moments later, Taft sat down again. The fans followed, and the seventh-inning stretch was born. What a day for traditions! No matter how the tradition began, fans have since added to the fun. Now, as they stand to

stretch during the seventh inning, they can sing along to Jack Norworth ’s 1927 version of the song “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” after the visiting team has batted. ( )1.Which of the following best defines the word “ritualistically” in Paragraph 1? A.Attracting attention. C.Continuing a custom. ( ________. A.a few moments after the beginning B.after the visiting team has batted in the seventh inning C.between the sixth and seventh innings D.after the home team has batted in the seventh inning ( )3.In the more popular story, ________. A.Billy Evans missed the first game of the 1910 baseball season B.Taft asked Billy Evans to throw the ball over the plate C.President Taft stood up to stretch his legs to relax himself D.the crowd thought the president didn’t respect the players ( )4.How did the custom of following the “seventh-inning stretch” begin? A.No one knows for sure where or when the custom began. B.Jack Norworth started the tradition with the song in 1927. C.Fans used it as a time to stand and stretch their legs after sitting for the first six innings. D.William Howard Taft stood up and the rest of the fans stood in honor of the president. B.Showing excitement. D.Releasing anxiety.

)2.The seventh-inning stretch is celebrated with the song “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

Exercise for Integrated Skills(II)
一、将下列单词和词组填入空格。每空格限填一词,每词只能填一次 A.complexity F.independently B.images G.mental C.elementary H.experiment D.signals I.leaps E.willingly J.monster

A noted American psychologist once remarked that childhood is a magical period in one ’s life. Indeed it is, for during childhood, one undergoes a step-by-step transformation not only in 1 capacity, but also in physical and verbal skills. Each step 2 an increase in the difficulty of a child’s conceptual and learning abilities. During the early stages of childhood, from infancy to about five, the child learns simple skills including usin g the toilet, bathing and dressing himself 3 . At this stage, he also learns to be very observant, curious, 4 at this stage. He 5 imaginative and creative. His ability to remember things also

remembers details that an adult may have difficulty in remembering. Gradually, he learns Given a piece of paper and some colored pencils, he draws a variety of 7 6

skills in problem-solving. At school, particular in art classes, the child is especially creative. from his surroundings as well as from his family circle. It is not surprising to see a child draw a(n) to represent an abusive father, and an angel to represent a loving and caring mother. As he graduates to the later stages of childhood bordering on the teenage years, the child learns the 8 of human relations and socialization by interacting with his peers his

friends and schoolmates. He also learns to


with new life situations, including dates

and part-time work. Given a tight schedule of schoolwork, the child learns to prepare his own schedules of work and play; the more practical and less serious ones manage to take time out of their busy schedules of assignments, reports and tests and examinations to go with their friends on relaxation entertainment. 1._________ 6._________ 二、主题匹配 A.Make sure a sale is a sale. B.Use less to save money. C.Shop wisely. D.Shop in large amount. E.Establish a person budget. F.Spend less to save money. Saving money and being more economical is neither a science nor an art; rather it is somewhere in between and requires your commitment and hard work. Saving money takes time to develop, needs to be learnt, and brings benefits that will endure for the rest of your life. 1.________ Review what you spend and look at ways you can save money. Consider making telephone calls for instance only at off-peak times. Do you really need to have newspapers and magazines delivered? Can you do without those coffees you buy at break time everyday—would a flask of coffee taken to work save you money? What about using the public lending library instead of buying books or music CDs? 2.________ This is essential for families and individuals and can be the fastest way to save money. You will instantly see your incomings and outgoings once you figure out the amount of money available to spend. You will not be able to save money unless you know how much money you have coming in, and how much money you have going out. 3.________ Do your price research before you make an expensive purchase in a retailers promotion. You have to be sure the promotion really is not a creative marketing strategy of the store to encourage you to spend your money without thinking. Once you ha ve researched the true price of a product (any product) you are in a good position to take advantage of a promotion ,special offer or discount and really save money. 4.________ Consider markets, superstores, farmer ’s markets, local shops and stores. Anywhere is worth checking out to see if you can save money. Farmer ’s Markets can be particularly good places to save money. Typically you are buying direct from the producer of the product so the savings are passed on to you. Use your bulk buying strategy here—farmer’s markets often offer 2._________ 7._________ 3._________ 8._________ 4._________ 9._________ 5._________

opportunities to save money by buying larger quantities of staples, for instance potatoes, rice or corn. 5.________ We live in a consumer society where waste is a huge problem. If we could all use and consume less, there would be less waste and power consumption. Consider using less shampoo when you wash your hair, this may not mean washing your hair less effectively but it means not flushing the excess shampoo and your money down the drain. Tum off lights, the TV and the computer when they are not in use. Each little saving you make will build up and enable you to save money. 三、阅读理解 Barack Obama urged congressional leaders on Monday to act quickly to pass a huge stimulus package for the U.S. economy. He met with a bipartisan (concerning or involving two different political parties) group of lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Later he met individually with Democratic and Republican House and Senate leaders and spoke to a bipartisan leadership gathering. In comments to reporters early on Monday, he emphasized the urgency of finalizing economic legislation(立法). “We have got an extraordinary economic challenge ahead of us,” he said, “We are expecting a sobering job report at the end of the week. Nancy Pelosi and her staff have been extraordinarily helpful in working with our team so that we can shape an economic recovery and reinvestment plan that starts putting people back to work.” Mr. Obama wants tax cuts for individual Americans and businesses to make up a significant portion of expected legislation. This could involve as much as $300 billion of a bill that is likely to go beyond $700 billion and include aid to cash-poor U.S. states, and money for alternative energy and a range of infrastructure(基础设施) projects. Later, Mr. Obama said he expects to be able to sign legislation as soon as the end of this month, adding that quick action is necessary to “break the drive of the U.S. economic depression”. Emerging later from bipartisan talks with Mr. Obama, Nancy Pelosi said lawmakers discussed with the president how to pass a stimulus package as quickly as possible. “An economic recovery package that will create jobs immediately and will grow the economy and that is what we talked about today,” said Nancy Pelosi. “How we could do this fast, deliberatively and to act upon it soon.” Just how soon that would be, Pelosi would not say. How much support Democrats can obtain from Republicans will depend on the details. But the severity of the U.S. economic depression has created considerable bipartisan back ing for quick action. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid said:“There are investments that we need to make on behalf of the American people to turn around this economy. We felt very good about the meeting; we are confident that we can do this and we have to do this.” “I think the best thing I can do is to decline to comment on what they are going to do going forward,” said Dana Perino. “Obviously, we think that tax cuts were the right way to help our economy get out of the economic depression that this president inherited and we know that tax cuts can stimulate innovation.” Asked by reporters how large the economic stimulus package might be, Senate Majority Leader Reid said Obama indicated that all but one of some 28

economists advising him had said it should range from $800 billion to $1.3 trillion. ( )1.Barack Obama urged congressional leaders and met with bipartisan leaders to _______. A.take over the White House B.end economic decline C.understand each other better D.negotiate political issues ( )2.If the stimulus package is passed quickly and successfully, it can________ . A.obtain support from Republicans B.finalize economic legislation C.enhance America's international position D.provide job opportunities ( )3.What is the bipartisan leaders’ attitude towards this meeting? A.Uncertain. C.Disappointed. ( B.Hopeful. D.Indifferent.

)4.What can we infer from the passage? A.The best way out of the economic depression is tax cuts. B.The Republic Party plays the key role in coping with the economic depression. C.Democrats and Republicans will team up in the economic depression. D.When the stimulus package will be passed is known to the lawmakers.

四、根据短文内容,回答问题 A new study from Sweden found that men may be able to reduce their risk of having a stroke by about one-sixth, simply by eating one chocolate bar per week. Researchers at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute followed more than 37,000 men between the ages of 45 and 79 for about 10 years. Compared to those who ate little or no chocolate, men who ate the most—about 2.2 ounces per week—had a 17% lower risk of having a stroke during that time span. The study adds to the growing evidence that chocolate, or even cocoa, has som e heart- healthy properties. Cocoa contains flavonoids, compounds that have been shown to lower blood pressure. As a type of antioxidant, flavonoids can also thin the blood and improve the function of blood vessels. Therefore, it could help prevent heart attacks and strokes. As the researchers note, however, besides the substances in chocolate —or, more likely, certain traits associated with chocolate lovers—could also easily explain the findings. The study participants who ate more chocolate tended as a group to be better educated and healthier than their peers. They were less likely to smoke or have high blood pressure. Fayad, a professor of neurological sciences at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, in Omaha, says, “This association could also be due to the fact that (chocolate eaters) are healthier people, It’s possible that the link between chocolate consumption and strokes can be explained by health or lifestyle differences that went undetected”. However, another professor Friedman adds, “when it comes to chocolate consumption, moderation is the key. Eating five chocolate bars a week might be worse for you in terms of

obesity than it is good for you in terms of stroke risk.” “Actually, following a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and treating kn own risk factors such as high blood pressure will all have a bigger impact on stroke risk than chocolate consumption”, Fayad says. (Note: Answer the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN TEN WORDS.) 1.The research by Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute shows that ________ can help to decrease the risk of having a stroke. 2.In addition to lowering blood pressure, flavonoids make contributions to ________ . 3.What can account for the link between chocolate consumption and strokes according to Fayad? 4.Why is moderate chocolate consumption important? ____________________________________________________________________________

A. The use of robots in space exploration costs more than the use of ...必修3 Unit4练习 暂无评价 6页 免费 必修3 unit4 单词15选10... 1页 免费...
unit 1 Great exploration
unit 1 Great exploration_初三英语_英语_初中教育_教育专区。虚 拟 语 气 语气...I wouldn't return the call. A.be B.am C.was D.were 6. ___ today...
Unit 6 Business Communication Passage A ...十、 Unit 10 Space Exploration Passage A Shenzhou...实践活动建议 做课后练习题,并给 Passage A 写一篇...
space exploration
space exploration_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。话题分类阅读优秀篇章 ...10页 免费 S2A Unit six Space E... 4页 免费 ©2016 Baidu 使用百度...
广州初三unit 1 great exploration 讲解+语法+练习
广州初三unit 1 great exploration 讲解+语法+练习_英语_初中教育_教育专区。Unit...6. Health is more important than ___ (wealthy). 7. The government ...
Space exploration
Space exploration_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区 暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载|举报文档 Space exploration_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Space exploration ...
...下册Unit 1 Great exploration知识点总结及练习
2014年深圳牛津版英语九年级下册Unit 1 Great exploration知识点总结及练习_初三...6. She is one of the most famous ___(teach) in Shandong province. 7....
My views on space exploration
My views on space exploration_高中作文_高中教育_教育专区。My views on ...my ambition 1页 免费 雅思写作大作文范文6:S... 2页 免费 ©...
高中英语的作文:Do We Need Space Exploration
高中英语的作文:Do We Need Space Exploration Do We Need Space Exploration Man has been fascinated by outer space for thousands of years. It has been ...
Space exploration
Space Exploration The beautiful and mysterious space is attracting more and ...CH12P6 Space Explorati... 暂无评价 11页 2下载券 UNIT 5 SPACE ...