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ðװһ ðװ ֽװڳһϱĤװ Packed in Cartons on Pallet and Lined with Single Polymembrane Inside.Packing Sound˫ֽװĵڹţƤֽװ Packed imply Cartons,Lined with Kraft Paper a

nd Bound with Four Plastic Belts Externally.Packing Sound. ֽ Carton ֽ Corrugated Carton ֽ Old Corrugated Carton (OCC) ϰ Plywood Case ľ Wooden Case Crate ľ Wooden Crate Bamboo Crate а 3--Ply Plywood Case ϩ Styrol Box Ƥ̥ľ Tin Lined Wooden Case Box ľ Wooden Box Iron Box ͸ Plastic Transparency Box Bag(Sack) Cloth Bag ݴ Straw Bag Gunny BagJute Bag ϴ Poly Bag

Used Gunny BagOld Gunny Bag New Gunny Bag Nylon Bag ۱ϩ Polypropylene Bag ϩ Polythene Bag ֽ Callophane Bag ϱ֯ Polywoven Bag ά Fibre Bag ά Glass Fibre Bag ֽ Moisture Proof Pager Bag 齺 Emulsion Bag ش Jumbo Bag Ͱ Drum ľͰ Wooden Cask пͰ Galvanized Iron Drum ţƤֽ 3Ply Kraft Paper Bag Fresco Bag Single Sound Bag Ͱ Plastic Drum

ľͰ Hogshead СľͰ Keg Ͱ(Ͱ) Barrel ľͰ Bakelite Drum Ͱ Iron Drum пտڸͰ Galvanized Mouth Closed Steel Drum пڸͰ Galvanized Mouth Opened Steel Drum Ͱ Aluminum Drum 鲼 Gunny Bale (Hessian Cloth Bag) Hard-pressed Bale ƿ Aluminum Bottle ðװ Ͳ Bobbin ¨ Basket ¨ Bamboo Basket װ Container װ/װ Flexible Container Amp(o)ule(ҩ֧) Block Yard Roll(reel) ף֣ Casing Wicker Basket ˫ Pair Dozen ľ Half-pressed Bale Ѱ Mat Bale ݰ Straw Bale ѹ Press Packed Bale Aluminium Foil Package ף Jar ո Earthen Jar ɸ Porcelain Jar Pot Ǧ Lead Pot ͭ Copper Pot ʩ Bottle

ƿ Earthen Bottle ƿ Porcelain bottle

Pallet (֧ѡ) Piece (̨) Set(Kit) Ream ƥ Bolt(Piece) Bundle Braid Degree Unit(Cart) Triangular(Delta Type)

װ״ Shapes of Packing Բ Round Square () Rectangular Բ Oval Բ׶ Conical Բ Cylindrical Hexagon Deep Thickness Long Wide High (б) Rhombus(Diamond) ߱ Heptagon

Egg-Shaped « Pear-Shaped Pentagon ˱ Octagon Width Thick Length

߶ Height Depth

װ־ Marks On Packing ¶ˣײ Bottom

(ϲ) Top(Upper)

С Care Dont Cast Fragile С,Сװ Handle With Care (˴) Heave Here ȼܻ Inflammable

ָ Keep Dry Keep Upright ˷ This Side Up ޶Ʒ No Poison ðװ Net Weight (Nt.Wt)

keep Away from Moisture To be Protected from Cold ըƷ Explosive

䴦 Keep in a Cool Place ﴦ Keep in a Dry Place 㵹 Not to Be Tipped To be Protected from Heat ڹƶ Use Rollers

ɴ˿ Open from This Side

ȼƷ Inflammable ˮȼƷ Dangerous When Wet жƷ Poison ɴĦ Hand off ʺϺ˰װ Seaworthy Packing ë Gross Weight (Gr.Wt.)

Ƥ Tare Weight װͷ Packing Mark СIJ Glass

װݻ Packing Capacity Packing Number Ʒ Fragile ׸ Perishable Һ Liquid

ܳ Keep DryCaution Against Wet To Be Protected from Cold To Be Protected from Heat ˶ This Side Up Keep Upright ѹ Do Not Crush » Inflammable ϲ Top ֹ Use No Hooks Ͷ No Dumping 㵹 No Turning Over Ŷ Do Not Stake on Top ɴ Keep in Dry Place װװ Keep on Deck

׹ Do Not DropNo Dropping ƽ Not to Be Laid Flat Keep CoolStow Cool װڲ Keep in Hold

ʪ Do Not Stow in Damp Place

¯ Stow Away from Boiler ɴ˵ Lift Here λ Sling Here

ƽ Keep Flat/Stow Level ¹ Keep in Dark Place ѹ Not to Be Stow Below Other Cargo Centre of Balance ˴ Opon Here Point of Strength ùӰ Use Rollers ʴƷ Corrosive

ҿ Open in Dark Room ȿ Romove Top First

»ȼ Inflammable Oxidizing Material

ѹ Compressed Gas ȼѹ Inflammable Compressed Gas Ʒ Poison ը Explosive ΣƷ Hazardous Article Material Radioactive Upright Diamond Diamond Phombus ˫ Double Diamond ʮ Gross in Diamond ĵȷ Divided Diamond ͻ Diamond with Projecting Ends б Projecting Diamond ֱ Line in Diamond ͻ Three Line in Projecting Diamond Three Diamond Diamond with Looped Ends Square Box ƽı Parallelogram Rectangle Echelon Formation ðװ Hexagon Long Hexagon Բ Circle/Round ˫ Crossed Circle ˫Բ Double Circle Բ Long Circle Բ Oval

Ͳ Intersecting Parallels Pentagon

ȷԲ Bisected Circle ˫Բ Zoned Circle

˫ȱԲ Double Indented Circle Բ Triangle in Circle Triangle Hexangular Star Double Triangle Զ Hourgrass Touching Triangle Three Triangle ʮ Cross Բʮ Cross in Circle Angle

Crotch Star װ In Spear

ֱ Line


Heart װ In Block װ In Nude ˮ Water Tight

װ Packing Condition Ƭװ In Slice

ɢװ In Bulk

()װ In Bundle ԰װ Neutral Packing

ɢװ Bare in Loose ľмװ Straightly Stand on Wooden Shelf ͳװ Traditional Packing Air Tight Ĥ Film Membrane ѡέ Bulrush mat Bamboo Skin Iron Rod ͸ˮ Water Proof Packing ͸ֽ Transparent Paper ˮֽ Water Proof Paper Bamboo Batten ˿ Iron Wire ľ Batten ͭ˿ Brass Wire ͸ Air Proof Packing ţƤֽ Kraft Paper ֽ Cardboard Paper

ţƤֽ Bituminous Kraft Paper ֽ Waxpaper ĭϣ Poly Foam(SnowBox)

۹ Buckle Bound with Rope Externally

Ѱ,Ƥ Bale Matted Iron-band-strapped Outside װϴ Block Covered with Poly Bag ÿһϴ Each Piece Wrapped in a Poly Bag եƤ Press Packed Bale without Wrapper եƤ Press Packed in Iron Hooped Bale ι̵ֽװ Packed in Strong Carton ʺڳ; Suitable for Long Distance Ocean Transportation ʺϳں˰װ Packed in Seaworthy Carton for Export ȫͲ Full with Rolled on Tube ÿذϩװ Each Roll in Plain Poly Bag ɫ With Assorted Colours Sizes ÿ--бӡ With Selvedge Stamped Internally at Every--Yards á Portioned with ðװ ֽ Paper Tape ֽ Paper Wool ĭ Foamed Plastics ĭ Foamed Rubber ڳˮ Canvas Bag Filled with Water ڳţƤֽ Lined with Kraft Paper ڳıֽ Lined with Thin Paper ڳ Lined with Frescobag óϴ Inner Poly Bag Filled with Oxygen װ In Aluminium Foil Packing ľڳֽ Lined with Aluminium Foil in the Wooden Case ˫㲼Ͻ Double Cloth Bag with Outer Bag Starched ľ Covered with Wooded Case Ƥ Bound with Iron Bands Externally ľ Bakelite Cover ˿ Bound with Two Bands 0f Metal Wires Outside ǩϱ Labels Were Marked with ֽϱ Cartons Were Marked with װϸ Proper Packing װ Packing Intact װ Packing Sound ڰװ Regular Packing for Export ״ Apparently in Good Order& Condition װ Improper Packing װ Insufficiently Packed װ Negligent Packing װо Packing Stained &Old ˮ Cartons Wet &Stained װˮʪ With Outer Packing Wet ڳķֽţƤֽ Lined with Moist Proof Paper &Kraft Paper ֽм Paper Scrap

װ״ı Shape of Packing Distorted Ƥʧ Iron Straps Off ˺ Bags Torn Nailed on

ɢ Bales Off ߴ粻 Off Size

Case Plank Broken

ţƤֽڳ಼ܱװ25  Packed in Single Kraft Paper Bag Laminated with PE Wovenbag 25Kgs Net Eash ţƤֽڼһϴװ25  Packed in 3-ply Kraft Paper Bags with PE Liner,25Kgs/bag ţƤֽѹϩĤװ25  Packed in Kraft Paper Iaminated with Polyethylene Film of 25Kgs Net Each ˼ֽ With a Paper Band at Both Ends ľװ***˨̶ףװ Packed in Woodencase,the***was(were)Mounted with Bolts on the Bottom of the Case.Packing Intact. ľװװװˣװ Packed in Woodencases with Container Shipment.Packing Sound. ϱ֯װװڳϱĤװװˣÿ 20 Packed in Plastic Woven Flexible Container,Lined with Plastic Film Bags,Shipped in Container,20Bags for Each. ͰװÿͰ 190 Packed in Iron Drums and Each Drum Net 190kgs ľװ,װ 2 ÿϱĤţƤֽ Packed in Wooden Case with 2 Reels Inside and Each Reel Was Wrapped with Poly-Membrane and Kraf Paper.It was Bound with Iron Belts Externally. ľװװ 5 ÿϱĤֽ Packed in Wooden Case with 5 Reels Inside and Every Reel was Wrapped with Poly-Membrane and Neutral Paper.The Cases were Bound with Ironbelts Externally. Ͳװ,ֽװ,֯,װ. Rolled on Tube and Packed with Carton.Bounded with Three Woven Belts Extermally.Packing Sound. ľмܰװ,ά塢 ϱĤֽƤ ̶ڼװ Straightly Stand on Wooden Pallet and Wrapped with Fibre Borad,Plastic Membrane &Kraft Paper Board Bound with iron Belts Externally and Then Mounted in the Container with Iron Belt. װװ Packed in Gunny Bales.Packing Sound Ϸ֯װװ Packed in P.P.Wovenbags Packing Sound. ľװװ Packed in Wooden Case.Packing Intact ֽװװ Packed in Cartons Packing Sound ֽװڳһϱĤװ Packed in Cartons on Pallet and Lined with Single Polymembrane Inside.Packing Sound ˫ֽװĵڹţƤֽװ Packed imply Cartons,Lined with Kraft Paper and Bound with Four Plastic Belts Externally.Packing Sound. ԭӺϩװÿ 25 װ 2Skgs Net Originally Manufactured Heavy Duty Polyethylene Bag.Shipped in Container. װ,װ Packed on Pallets,Packing Sound. Ͳװװ Rolled on TubesPacking Sound ֯װװ Packed in wovenbalesPacking Sound. ľװ60mm430mm У 1 װ 3 ⣬Ϊ 8 װ695mm300mm Ϊ 6 װϱĤÿϱĤ Packed in Wooden Case,for Specification 6.0mm430mm,except One Case Packed with Three Reels.All were Packed with Eight Reels Respectively;for Specification 6.5mm300mm, Every Case was Packed with Six Reels.The inner Reels

were Wrapped with a Poly-mumbrane and Each Reel was wrapped with a Poly-membrane Again. ˫ֽװ ĵ ڹţƤֽ װ Packed in 2 Ply Cartons,Lined with Kraft Paper and Bound with Four Plastic Belts Externally Packing Sound. װװ Packed in Gunny Bales Packing Sound. װװˣ***,װʶáֽװװ Shipped with Container No.*** with Intact Appearance,Clear Number And Sound Sealing.The Goods Were Packed in Cartons and Packing Sound 1).ֽ17g ȹֵ˰ƱƷڰװһǴɫ (2).ֽ28g ȹ.ɫ֣......ɫ (3).йֽ35-40g ȹһй⣬..㣬Ϊ͵ӡˢֽš (4).дֽ50-100g .ȾУڵ͵ӡˢƷ,Թֽࡣ (5).˫ֽ60-180g .ȾУеӡˢƷԹ.ʼڳ (6).ֽ55-60g Ͳֽ.ֽ.ֽѡá (7).ֽ̼ 40-150g .ȾУֱӸдܣ..ֽ ֽܵãֽ۲ͬɫ. (8).ֽͭ A.˫ͭ 80-400g .ȾУڸߵӡˢƷ B.ֽͭ.ֽ..ҩе.ߵӡˢ (9).Ƿֽ105-400g Ź.ߵӡ (10).ҵװװֽ200g ϣϰ׵׻ңڰװࡣ (11).׿ֽ200g˫ףеװࡣ (12).ţƤֽ60-200gڰװ.ֽ.ļ..ŷ⡣ (13).ֽһԽֽҪڷ.װƷ.Ʒ.Ʒӡˢ

ֽֽ࣬Ӣ ѹֽ pressure-sensitive paper ţƤֽ asphalt kraft paper ʯֽ paraffin paper ϩͿֽ polyethylene coated paper ۱ϩţƤֽ atactic polypropylene coated moisture proof kraft paper ֽ cellophane (regenerated cellulose film) ϩӹֽ polyethylene extrusion-coated cellophane ϩӹֽ vinylidene chloride treated paper ӡˢýճֽ pressure sensitive adhesive papers for printing ֽ paper string ֽװã gummed paper tapes(for packaging) ţƤֽ kraft paper sacks װˮţƤֽ sewn kraft paper sacks for cement ţƤֽ extensible kraft paper sacks ˮװֽ aluminium foil laminated package paper άӹ̵ţƤֽ fiber reinforced kraft paper sacks woven bag jute bag ţƤֽĵ桢ϳ֬ kraft lined, synthetic resin woven bag ۰װţƤֽ kraft paper sacks for sweet potato starch ۰װţƤֽ kraft paper sacks for potato starch ӷԷֽ volatile corrosion inhibitor ֽߴ trimmed size of paper ɰֽ abrasive paper ɰֽԭֽ abrasive base paper ֽ absorbent paper

ˮֽֽ absorbing paper ʲֽ account book paper ֽ accounting machine paper ֽ acid free paper ֽ acid proof paperacid resistant paper ֽ acoustic paper 廯ӡֽ actinometer paper ʪֽ active paper ֽ adding machine paper ַǩֽ address label paper ճֽ adhesive paper ֽֽ advertising paper ´ʯֽ agate paper 觴ʯֽ agate marble paper ϻֽ age resistant paper ֽ air paper Ƭֽ alabaster paper ಾֽ alabaster paper ׽ֽ albumenized paper ׽ֽ albumin paper ͼֽ aligning paper ͼֽ alkali-proof paper ȫάֽ all rag paper ȫľֽ all wood paper Ƥֽ allogator imitation paper ݽӡˢֽ alpha printing paper ֽ aluminum paper ֽ aluminum casting paper Ϳֽ aluminum coated paper ֽ aluminum dusted paper ֽ aluminum foil backing paper вֽ aluminum laminated paper ֽ amber laid paper ҩͲֽ ammunition paper ƵʸӦ¼ֽ amplitude response recording paper ѧֽ analytical filter paper бֽ angle paper бֽ angle-cut paper бֽ angular paper コʩֽ animal tub-sized paper ֽ anti-acid paper ֽ anti-acid manila paper ʴֽ anti-corrosion paper αֽ anti-falsification paper ùֽ anti-fungicide paper ֽ anti-rust paper ԭֽ anti-rust base paper ֽ anti-tarnish paper ͹ֽ¹ֽ antique paper ¹鼮ֽ antique book paper ɱֽ antiseptic paper ֽ antitarnish paper ˮͼֽ aquare(le) paper ֽ archival paper Եֽ armature paper ֽ aromatic paper ֽ arsenical paper ֽ art paper װֽ art cover paper ˮʻֽ art drawing paper ֽ,ֽ art poster paper ֽ articulating paper ֽ articulating paper ֽ artificial leather paper Ƥֽ artificial parchment paper ʯֽ asbestos paper ʯ()Եֽ asbestos (electrical)insulating paper ֽֽ aseptic paper ޻ֽ ashless paper ޻ֽ ashless filter paper ֽֽ asphalt paper ԭֽ asphalt base paper ֽ asthma paper ͼֽ altas paper ɫӡˢֽ autochion printing paper ѹидֽ autocopy paper ֽ autograph paper Զ()¼ֽ autographic register paper ӡֽ autographic transfer paper ֽ automobile-bag paper ֽӰӡֽ autotype paper ʳƷװֽ avenized paper дֽ azure laid(writing) paper 鼮ֽ back-lining paper Ѻֽ backing paper װֽ bacon paper (ֽ)ֽ bag paper ֽ bagasse paper վԵֽ bakelite paper վԵֽ bakelized paper ֽ bakers paper ƽֽ balance sheet paper װֽ baling paper ֽ balloon paper ˹ֽ balston's paper ֽ bamboo paper ֽ bandage paper ߼дֽ bank paper Ʊֽ banknote paper ֽ banquet table cover paper ͷֽ barber's headrest paper ͸ֽ barrier paper ֽ baryta paper ԭֽ base paper (Ͳ)װҩֽ basewad paper Ƥֽ bast paper ߼ֽ bath paper Ϳװֽ batlk paper ֽ battery paper

Ϳװֽ battik paper ֽ beaming paper װֽ bedsted-wrapping paper ơƹֽ beer-filter paper вֽ between-lay paper ֵֽ bible paper ˮֽ bibulous paper Ŀֽ bill paper ֽ billboard paper Զ¼ֽ billing machine paper װֽ binder's paper ֽ biochargeable paper ɰװֽ biscuit paper ɰװֽ biscuit cap paper ʻֽ bistered paper ֽֽ bituminized paper ɫֽ black album paper ֽ waterproof paper ֽ blackout paper εͿֽ blade coated paper հ鼮ֽ blank book paper ëֽ̺ blanket bag paper հ鼮ֽ blanking paper ҩֽֽ blasting paper Ưֽ blach resistant paper װֽ blood proof paper īֽ blotting paper ɫװֽ blue candle wrapping paper ӡֽ blueing paper ɹͼֽ blueprint paper ɫͼֽ bluetracing paper ҳֽ board paper ҳֽ boardglazed paper ɴֽֽ bobbin paper ԭֽ body paper Ϳԭֽ bodystock paper ֽ bogus paper ֤ȯֽ߼дֽ bond paper 鼮ֽ book paper ʲֽ booking paper ƿǩֽ bottle labelling paper ѹֽ bowl paper ֽкֽ boxcover paper װдֽ boxed writings paper äӡˢֽ braille(printing) paper ֽ bread bag paper ǩֽ bread label paper ֽ bristel paper ֽѹӡֽ brocade paper Сӡˢֽ brochure paper ֽ broken paper ֽŴֽ bromide paper ɫֽ bronze crepe paper ɫֽ bronze paper ɫɹͼֽ brown print paper ˢͿֽ brush(coated) paper ֲֽ brushing kraft paper ĭͿֽ bubble coated paper dzƵĸдֽ buff copying paper (Ƹ)ĥֽ buff(ing) paper ɫͼֽ buff drawing paper ֽ building paper ɺ鼮ֽ bulking(book) paper ɺֽ bulky paper Ⱦɫӹֽ bunt paper ֽ burlap lined paper ߹ֽ burnished paper Ⱦɫӹֽ,ֽ burnt paper ֽ butcher's paper Ͱװֽ butter paper ()ֽ cable paper ëֽ caffoy paper װֽ cake wrapping paper ֽ calenday paper ѹֽ calender bowl paper ѹ⴦ֽ calendered paper ¸ֽ calf paper ֽ calico paper ֽ cambric paper ʥֽ combridge bible paper ʯͿֽ cameo paper װֽ candle paper ǹֽ candy bag paper дֽ canvas note paper йֽ cap paper ֽ capacitor(tissue) paper ֲֽ capping paper ֽ carlining paper ɰǰװֽ caramel paper ʯֽ̼ carbolic paper дֽ carbon paper дֽԭֽ carbon body paper дֽԭֽ carbon raw paper дֽԭֽ carbonizing paper ѹидֽ carbonless (copy) paper ֽĥֽ carborundum paper Ƭֽ card paper ͼ¼ֽ cardiographic paper ֽ̺ carpet lining paper 䶥ֽ carriage pahel paper ͼֽͼֽ¼ֽ carte paper ͼ¼ֽĵͼ¼ֽ cartographic paper ֽгֽ carton liner paper ֽҩֽ cartridge paper ֽǩֽ case labels paper װֽ case lining paper ֽ֧¼ֽ cash control tape paper (ֽ֧)Ʊֽ register paper װֽ casing paper ֽ casket paper ߹ӡˢֽͿֽ cast coated paper (ϱĤ)ֽ casting paper Ŀ¼ֽ catalog (ue) paper ֽͼֽ catridge paper ֽ cedarized paper ۲ֽ celery bleaching paper

ԭֽ celluloid paper ˮֽ cement bag paper մֽ ceramic transfer paper ֽ cereal box liners paper Ϳֽ chalk transfer paper 칫ֽ chancery paper ̿鼮ֽ charcoal book paper ľֽ̿ charcoal(drawing) paper ͼֽ chart paper ֧Ʊֽ check paper ѧƳɵֽ chemical paper ֧Ʊֽαֽ cheque paper ֹֽ china paper ģֽ chintz paper Logo Long Long grain Loop machine machine finish machine varnishing magazine /journul magenta magnet Mail card mailing carton maissing leaf makeready sheet make-up(montage) Manual/enchiridion manual gluing margin match box(2) Matt art card Matt art paper maximum packaging packging box padded foam board Page ҳ Page number pages(page to view) pallet Pane paper back parchment pasting end perfect binding perfect bound perforation l // ƽװ Ƥֽ ɨ ҳ ҳ raw material ream reception recto recycle paper װ mechanical art paper ߰λ Ʒ Ʒֽ(M/A) over print ֽ punch ֽ PVC box PVC punch board punch to shape ͸Ƭ ˫ ״ ʯ ʼ ʼĺ ȱҳ Уֽ Open Wire-O ƴ/ ֲ ճ Ʒ/ Ȧ ̱ (L) ֽ newspaper newsprint nipping notch binding ӹ(M.F.) ־ (/) odd size Offset Printing one side (C1S) о (glossy/matt)(/) ӡ one side art card non-moveable ֽ ֽ/ױֽ ѹӡ/ѹ װ ͨװ(NB) / ʽӡˢ ֶ/ƽߴ

notch bound oblong

one side greyboard white back on-line press varnishing opacity orange order form original origination others ԭ ӡǰ ӡ׼ ͸ ɫ

ʽ YO oûмλ

out of register

overlap cover(gate fold cover) ӡ/ӡ ozalid ֽ/



PVC window ԭ

quarter bound

(д¥ſ) ұߵҳ(һҳǵ) ֽ register register mark ׼/λ/λ ׼/λ/λ ʮλ

//ĥװ/װ ƽװ/װoָĥװ /ſ registration

photo bag photocopy PH value PIX plastic ͼ


registration mark reprint revise right reading ϼлҳװ ring binder ring binding rivet round and backing ơ רɫ Ѷ ӡ У/


ribbon marker/ riband


plastic comb binding plastic magnet plastic mirror plastic spiral Plate ӡ Plate making Ȧ roll ư

rigid box װ



playing card varnishing PMS color(pantone)PMS pocket polybag

round back round corner Բ

rounding and backing ʵ

polybag self-adhesive polybag zip lock pop-ups pop-ups book portrait poster pre-press press printed ink printed sheet process process colour pull and push section section sewn self-cover self ends Semi-gloss set off sewing shade sharp sheet sheet-fed sheet fed press sheet per hour sheetwise(sheetwork) press varnishing ī ӡ ɫī ԭɫ / Է Գ /ճ /ֱ /Ź ӡǰ ӡˢpӡˢ

running sheet saddle stitching Ӫҵ ͬߴ(S/S)


sales department same size Sample/swatch sample room sand paper ɳֽ

ӡ(glossy/matt)(/) scoring scratching ӡˢ screws ˿ scuffing scumming special colours specimen spine spiral 鼹 Ȧ

schedule λ/ϻ


printing press/imprinter


(ӡ) Ū/(ӡ) רɫ

speral binding spitting split ends spoilage sponge d

װ ī ֳ

//߶ ɫ/ɫ һֽ

/Ʒ ӡ(/) ҳ רɫ spiral binding װ(װ) װ

spot varnish(gloss/matt) spreads special color spiral bound ƽӡˢ






ī װ(/ÿ) spot UV ӡ(/) ֲӡ

shrink wrapped(individual/assort per pack) varnishing(glossy/matt) side saddle stitching side sewn side stitching signature signaturing silk-screen silk screening silk screen pvc sheet silver paper(card) silver stamping singer sewn Size sketch slip case Slur smashing smear smoothness smudge smyth sewn Soft cover Soft PVC solid Ӱ ߴ single-coated paper ͼ/ͼ ׺/ tacky ѹ/ѹ /Ū ƽ ճ/۵ ƽװ ʵ/ ƽ / ˿ ˿ӡ ֲ UV (/) ඤ

spot varnish(glossy/matt) square back /ƽ װ˿ /ƽ step indexing ֽ/ֽ stiffener ִ ƴ substance ϳֽ /

spot varnishing(glossy/matt) stamping staples stapling ˿ӡˢ sticker ˿ӡ PVC Ƭ ֽ() Stock String stripping ֽ

Silk-screen Printing

/ݼ ӹ̰(E-flute)




synthetic(yupo)paper ճ/ճԵ tab tacky tail edge text thickness The Netherlands 浶 ֱ () ճ/ճԵ ؽ

thread sewn

three-knife trimmer (C1S)(SBS) thumb index tight(fixed) back wafer seal wastage

trim width portrait solid bleached sulphate South Korea spacer Tint tints tipping tipping in tone top edge tracing paper trade mark transparency Tray box Trim trimming ɫ ͷ ţֽ ̱ ͸ԭ غ / white whiteness width ֽ ƽ

thumb edge ָʽ

͸ֽ ˮ(ˮԹ) ˮ ˮ(/) Ͳֽ תӡˢ Ͳ ׶

water-based varnishing ճ/ճ waterproof(gloss/matt) wax paper web-fed web press web print ֽ

water-base varnishing

triple wall carton Turn around typesetting U.K. underrun unprinted page unprinted leaf upright U.S.A UV varnishing vacuum packing Varninshing Velcro Vender Verso video tape Volume ħX Ӣ uncut pages

һ wire-o

windowing ˫Ȧ

ճ/ ˫Ȧװ/WIRE-O װ ƽ /˳ ڷ/ת Է/ת ҳ

wire-o binding wire-o bound wire-stitching with the grain work and tumble workshop work&turn


δ֮ҳ ӡ ҳ ҳ /ֱʽ

woodfree հװ Ϲ

ֽ/ֽ(W/F) wrap дֲ ϳֽ yuppo paper п п zip lock bag ʵ ֽ ӡŵ

UV /̻ wrinkles writing pad yellow yupo paper zine ơVλ raster ɫ

ߵҳ(һҳ˫) ¼

zine plate

v-shape die-cutting Colour Density ɫܶ Fitting Paperback ƽװ Hardback װ

Adjunct ϩoo Bead С, Bow or bowknot Y ӡˢרҵӢ

(ôӢĶձ) 2 wire stitching 3 edges golden gilt Accordion acid-free paper adhesive binding adhesive tape double adhesive tape single advance copies after-press /air-ferry Album Arlin ӡ ಾ ֽ/Ƥֽ ʽҳ ֽ board book dinding book block both(2/s)side art paper ἰɫֽ both side art card ֽ(ϰ) ë ˫ֽ both side ˫(C2S) ˫ֽ(C2S) ϶/϶ ˫


acid-free and lignin free paper

װ/߽װ ˫潺ֽ 潺ֽ /ͷ

both side art paper box Brazil

bound volume/bound edition

Brochure/booklet/pamphlet/handbook brown wrapping/kraft/vellum building in bulk ѹ/ѹ / ţƤֽ


air freinght/airlift/air-express

arlin paper art board art paper Artwork Assembly Austria Austrian auto-lock Backbone bamboo spine Bellyband B-flute Binding binding board Black Blister blister card blister pack blister varnishing Block blocking bluelies blueprints Blues Board Board book Client Cloth ͻ о ɫ blind blocking

Ƥֽ ֽ ִ µ µ Զ۵ 鼹 ڼ ֽ/ֽֿ װ

bunting calendering carbonless paper card card board card box carton

첼 ĥ ĥ ֽ̿ ֽ Һ ֽ//ֽͨ cartridge paper ͼֽ װ װ

calender varnishing

back board(card)


case bound/edition binding

case bound book/hardpaper/hardcover case making B9 ֽ Ƥ

1 ply B9 corrugated board Ұ/ֽ

case(PLC) cassette tape cast coated paper

ӲƤ casing in ¼ ֽ catalog ַ ֽ Ŀ¼ Ƥ

cast coated card

/Ʒۿ chipboard CIF

center sewn ֽ

center sewn in two section chrome coated board clamshell blister

̽pɫpģѹ /ֽ /ֽ /ֽ ֽ ֽ

ǽ,񱴿һԶԿ۵Ľ ۻ(CCNB) İ׵(CCWB)

clay coated news back clay coated white back clear ͸ ģ/ơ ʵֱ die-cutting

direct mailing ţ ۻ (C1S) ֽͭ ˫(C2S) dummy ִ ִ/ҳ ɫƬ ɫ

display box coated art kraft board coated duplex board coated one side coated paper coated two side collate collate card collating colour filter colour proof colour separation

չʾ/к document double wall carton ˫潺 doulbling drawn on cover drill hole/bore (ǰ) ˫ɫ ۻ E-ֽ ӡˢ Electro-static Printing ˫ ļ ˫

double-side tap

duotone duplex board E-flute

elastic band(round/flat) ӷɫ(ɫ/)

colour woodfree components concealed wire-o concertina fold concertina bound conference room confirmed sample conqueror paper content copy/copies correst grain corrugated paper courier cover covering creasing Cross grain ٵ

ɫֽ ʽҳ չֽ

electro-static vinyl paper embossing endpaper end-papering endpaper paste on ends ŷ envelope making ճ(Ľ) export eyelet ֽ ë Figure/iconograph/illustration film Finland Finnish ͻ flap flat ͼ پװ ֲë(ֽ) ͹/ѹ embossing die ֽ ֽ

ֽ ͹ģ

ʽ wire-o

װoڰָֽĶ ǩ ѳֽ(ɨ)

endpaper pasted down on cover ǰֽ/ֽ ŷ



corner gluing(4 corners) /˳ corrugated E-flute box

Ӻ ֽ/ֽ fancy paper feather

exported carton


cover drawn on


/Ϸ ơ/ѹۺ ˳

fix(affix)accessories customer service deparment cut flush cutting Cyan debossing delivery note Diary/daybook die cut die-cut mould die-cutter dividers foil stamping ֽ folder folding folding box Folio fore edge format freight Fur ҳ ʽ ˷ Ƥ //ҳ ۺ /ǰ horizontal hot melt hot stamping ơ ֽ ͻ ռDz flyeaf ơ ơ/ģл ̵ʿ ɫ hickey

/ ƽ

(漰ĵһ) flexible binding flexible magnetic rubber flock paper flow chart fluorescent ֽ/ֽ Foam/sponge FOB 밶 īʺ


folded and gathered

ۺŵδװ(F&G) ع ֽ()

high bulk paper


high closs varnish hinge Holland

hologram paper(card) ܽ

hologram stamping

french fold jacket/ slipcase


hot seal


gate fold gatering gathering ghosting gift box glassine paper

ҳ /ҳ

H/T band(head and rail bands/headband) illustrations image ƴ ӡ/ӡ/ѹӡ Ȩҳ imitation gold imposition ֽ ֽ(G/A) ˮ indexing /̵ʿ ӡ ӡ ѶϢ Impression imprint indent ͼ Ӱ ½ /



Gloss(y) art(paper) Glue/gluewater/gumwater gluing gold blocking gold paper(card) gold stamping Grain direction gravure Printing Green greyboard grey board gripper grommet Gross weight guillotine half title page half-tone hollow back hardback hard back hard bound hard cover Head margin heat-sealed coating height lamination landscape Leaf leaflet leaves length lettershop Lid и library bound ɫ ˫ ֽ ë ֽ ɫ ͨ װ װ Ϳ ̽

index ֽ() /̽

Indonesia Indonesian

˿Ʒ/ֽƷ /ƽ(GSM) Ͳʽӡˢ/ӡˢ interleaves ivory board ivory card jacket Japan job number joint kiss cut Korean jacketting ձ

information inset

grams per square metre

Insert / inset /foldout


ڸҳ ʱ׼鼮(ISBN) ͨ ֽͨ /// /ϻ ձ

international standard book number

ҳ/רҳ 鼹

Japanese ̱ ơ봩 ţƤ ͷ label

װ/װ װ ͷ laminating (PP ) ҳ(2PP) ҳ

kraft card kraft wrap ĥ

heat-seal calender varnish

ǩ ͸

laminated indexing(index lamination) /ѹĤ mechanical matt Ʒֽ ֽ ² ֽ

/ʽҳ/ С//ҳ metal color metallic ˷ʼķ/ millboard mirror ȱҳ ֽ

mechanical paper

mechanical printing paper memo pad /blotter ī metal plate



ߺϿǵװ) missing

lid and base box limited edition Limp bound line copy line drawing line per inch lining Lock lock-bottom prime label Lithography /offset ۵


misting mould mounting

ī mix grain ģ ֽ ɫ ҩˮֽ ԰װ ûֽ

light weight coated paper


ر/ӡ ƽװ/߽װ (ްɫ) (ްɫ) ÿӢ(LPI)

mount(pasted) moveable muli-joints gluing multi-colour NCR paper Ƭ/Ƭ

ֽ/ѱ/Ƥֽ ƽӡˢX negative

net weight /suttle

ǩͷȱǩ sleeves

ף rigid packaging

folding carton ۵ֽ coding and marking billboards banners

building wrap ЩڽIJӡˢƷ brochure СӣֲᣬƷĿ¼ transpromo newsletters ͨѶ,ʱ´ ˵,˵Ӫ

ӡˢרҵӢʻ׼ ӡˢ(printing) ӡˢƷ(printed matter)ӡˢҵ(printing industry) 鿯ӡˢ(book and periodical printing) ֽӡˢ(newspaper printing) װӡˢ(package printing) ֤ȯӡˢ(security printing) ӡˢѧ(printing science) ӡˢ(printing technique)ӡˢ(printability)ӡˢѹ(printing pressure) ѹӡ(nip) ӡˢ(printing technology) ֱӡˢ(direct printing) ӡˢ(indirect printing) ӡˢ(sheet-fed printing)Ͳӡˢ(web-fed printing) ɫӡˢ(single-color printing)ɫӡˢ(multi-color printing)ư(plate making) ԭ(original)ƴ(make-up) (proofing)ӡˢ(printing trouble) ӡ׼(out of register)Ӱ(ghosting)ճ(set-off)͸ӡ(print through) ӡˢе(printing machinery) ӡͲ(plate cylinder)ѹӡͲ(impression cylinder) ƤͲ(blanket cylinder)ӡˢ(prting material)ӡ(printing stock) ӡˢī(printing ink)ӡˢͼ(printing image carrier) ӡ(printing plate) ư(duplicate plate) (cylinder-packing)ѹӡˢ(non-impact printing) ӡӹ(post-press finishing) Ű Ű(text composition) (horizontal setting of types) (vertical setting of types) п(line space)(type area) (type page)(margins) ͷ(head margin) ؽ(foot margin)У(proof-reading) İ(form correcting) Ű(type composition) (printing type) Ǧ(space) (point system)ֺ(type size)ģ(type matrix) (type casting)(typesetting) װ(page make-up)Ű(hot-metal typesetting) Ż(hot-metal typesetting machine) (line composing and casting) (individual type composing and casting)Ű(typewriter composition)

ֶŰ(manual phototypesetting) ģ(matrix grid) (type size system for manual phototypeset-ting) ԶŰ(automatic phototypesetting) ģʽŰ(computerized matrix grid pho-totypesetting) ߹ʽŰ(computerized CRT phototy-pesetting) ʽŰ(computerizedlaserphototype-setting) Уն(character sinput and correction terminal) ΢Űն(microcomputer phototypesetting ter-minal) Űϵͳ(computerized phototypesetting system) ֱ(encoding of Chinese characters) Ű(phototypesetting software) ͼư ͼԭ(picture original) ԭ(reflection copy) ͸ԭ(transparent copy) ԭ(continuous tone copy)ԭ(line copy) ɫƬԭ(color transparency) ɫƬԭ(color negative)ʵԭ(object original)(reproduction)ɫ(basic color) ԭɫ(primary colors)ɫ(complementary color) ɫ(additive process) ɫ(subtractive process) Ʒɫ(magenta) ɫ(yellow)ɫ(color separation) ɫ(photographic color separation) ư(process camera) ӷɫ(electronic scanning) ӷɫ(electronic color scanner) ͼֽ(picture breakdown) ɫƬ(color separation film) (screening) Ӽ(electronic screening)ȥ(descreening) (screen) (halftone dotscreen dot)(picture element) (continuous tone) Ŀ(halftone,screen tone)ͼ(halftone positive) ͼ(halftone negative) Уɫ(color correction)ް(retouching)ɰ(masking) Ƭ(mask) ܶȣѧܶȣ(density,optical density) ɫܶ(color density) (contrast) (gradation) ׵(tone) ׵ֵ(tone value) 㸲(dot cover area) 㸲(dot area coverage) ɫȥ(under color removalUCR) ɫ(under color addition,UCA) ع(exposure)Ӱ(development) Ӱ(fixing) (copy) ҳƴ(electronic page make-up) ͼϵͳ(electronic image processing system) ɹ(printing down) Ԥ(prepress proofing) ɫʻԭ(color rendition) ɫ(color atlas) ɫ(color patch) (controlstrip)͸(transmission) ͸(opacity) (moire) Ϳ(coating) ͹ӡˢ ͹ӡˢ(relief printing)͹ӡ(letterset) ɽǩӡˢ(pressure-sensitive label printing ) ԰ӡˢ(flexography) ͹(relief printing plate)ְ(type form)ֽ(paper matrix) Ǧ(stereotype)Ǧ(thin stereotype)Ǧ(electroplated stereotype) ͭ(copper etching)п(zinc etching)޷۸ʴ(powderless etching) ʴ(line etching)㸯ʴ(halftone etching) ϰ(plastic duplicate plate) й֬͹( photopolymer relief plate)ԤͿй͹(presensitized relief plate) Ƥ͹(rubber plate)԰(flexographic plate)͹ӡˢ(letterpress machine) ӡˢ(book printing press)ӡˢ(newspaper printing press) ƽѹƽӡˢ(platen press)Բѹƽӡˢ(flat-bed cylinder press) ԲѹԲӡˢ(rotary letterpress machine)԰ӡˢ(flexographic press)

ƴī( anilox roller)͹ӡϰ( letterpress makeready) ƽӡˢ ƽӡˢ ƽӡˢ(planographic printing)ʯӡ(stone lithography) ֱƽӡ(direct lithography) ްӡˢ(collotype printing)Ƥӡˢ(metal decorating)ӡ(offset lithography) Сӡ(small offset printing) ˮӡ(waterless offset printing) ˫ɫ潺ӡ(duotone offset printing) ɫӡ(four-color offset printing) ֽ(paper seasoning) ƽ(lithographic plate)ĥ(graining) ƽ( deep-etch plate) ԤͿйƽ(presensitized plate) (multi-metal plate)Ϳй(wipe-on plate) (dampening) ˮ-īƽ(ink-water balance) ʪҺ(fountain solution) ƾʪ(alcohol dampening) ӡ( offset printing press)Ƥ(blanket) ѹ(rolling) ֽװ(sheet feeder) ֽװ(delivery unit) īװ(inking unit) ī(form inking roller)ī(ink fountain roller) ī(ink distributing roller) ī(ink vibrator)ʪװ(dampening system)ˮ(form dampening roller) ˮ(water fountain roller) ˮ(dampening vibrator)ɫ˳(color sequence) ӡ(offset printing trouble) (streaks) (filling in)(image weakening) (scumming) ӡˢ ӡˢ ӡˢ(intaglio printing)(form of intaglio printing) Ѩ(ink cell)ǽ(wall) ఼ӡư(photogravure) ֽ̼(carbon tissue) (transfer) 㰼ӡ(halftone gravure) 㰼(halftone gravure cylinder) ̰(engraved intaglio plate) ֹ̰(hand engraved intaglio plate)ʴ̰(etched intaglio plate) ӵ̰(electronic engraved gravure) ӵ̻(electronic engraving machine) ̰(electronic beam gravure,EBG) ̰(laser engraved gravure) Ӱӡ(indirect gravure) ӡˢ(gravure press)ֽӡ(sheet-fed gravure press) Ͳֽӡ(web-fed gravure press) ī(doctor) װӡˢ װӡˢ װӡˢ(porous printing)˿ӡˢ(screen printing)дӡˢ(stencil duplicating) ӡˢ(typewriter stencil duplicating)οհӡˢ(stencil printing) ˿ģ(screen stencil)˿ӡ(screen plate) Ĥ˿ӡ(lacquer film engraving stencil) ֱ෨˿ӡ(direct photographic screen plate) ෨˿ӡ(indirect photographic screen plate) Ϳ˿ӡ(lacquered screen plate)˿ӡˢ(electrostatic screen printing) ˿ӡˢ(curved surface screen printing) ˿ӡˢ(screen printing machine) (screen frame) ˿(screen fabric) ˿׿(width of mesh-opening) ˿(thickness of screen fabric)˿ͨ(percentage of screen porosity) ص(screen resilience)˿Ŀ(meshcount) (stretching machine) ν(coating trough)ī(squeegee)ī(ink reclaiming blade) Ĥ(hardening treatment)˿ӡˢ(electrostatic screen printing machine) ӡˢ ӡˢ ӡˢ(speciality printing)תӡ(heat transfer process) ӡˢ(electrostatic printing) ӡˢ(foam printing) ӡˢ(flexible tube printing)ӡˢ(curved surface printing) ӡˢ(decalcomania) Һӡˢ(liquid crystal printing) ӡˢ(magnetic ink printing) īӡˢ(ink-jet printing) ӡˢ(three-dimensional printing)äӡˢ(braille printing)

ȫϢӡˢ(holographic printing)ӡ(transfer printing)ľˮӡ(wood-block printing) ӡ(inscription rubbing) ӡӹ ӡӹ װ(bookbinding)ƽװ(paper-cover binding) װ(hard-cover binding) ճװ(adhesive binding,perfect binding)߶(thread sewing) (saddle stitching) ˿ƽ(wire side-stitching) װ(Chinese traditional thread sewing) װ(spiral binding,coil binding) о(bookblock) (signature) ҳ(title page) (gutter)п(cutting edges) Ƥ(cover) (book case)(jacket) оӹ(bookblock processing) ҳ(folding) (collating) Բ(rounding) (backing) ӡӹе(machinery for post press fini-shing)ֽ(guillotine) ҳ(folding machine) ҳ(collating machine) (book stitcher,stitching machine) (three-knife trimmer) Ƥ(book covering machine) ǻ(book case making machine)ճװ(adhesive binding line) װ鼮(hard-cover book production line)(wrapping machine) (decorative finishing) ģ(die cutting)ѹ(creasing)Ϲ(varnishing) Ĥ(laminating)()(bronzing) ̲(foil-stamping) ſ(perforating) ӡˢӢרҵʻ Ѫbleed ȫѪfull bleed ͻ/client/server ɫcolor gamut ɫcolor separation ɫʿռ䣺color space ߣcrop marks ܶȣdensity ֱư棺computer-to-plate or direct-to-plate Żfilmsetter ƽ⣺gray balance ӡˢprinting ƽӡˢplanographic printing ӡoffset lithography ӡoffset printing press DTPDesktop Publishing System ԭ壺original ӡ棺printing plate ӡprinting stock ư棺plate making ͼư image reproductionĿ halftone,screen toneͼ positive image ͼ negative imageɫ color separation Űϵͳ computerized phototypesetting system Ű棺text composition ƴ棺make-up ɹ printing down ӡӹpost-press finishing ˫ӡ perfect printing ӡˢsheet-fed printing Ͳӡˢweb-fed printing ɫӡˢmulti-color printing ӡϣoffset printing trouble format ֽ sheet pilingɫ color reamӡ impressionֽ paper seasoning ֽװ sheet feeder gaugeǰ front lay side mark ֽ sheet transferֽ transfer gripper feed edgeֽװ delivery unit ӡ bring into register register lineӡ׼ register difference ɫ color batchʪҺ fountain solutionʵ solid ߸ UV curing dampening streaks filling in image weakening scummingī build-upī rubbing off ī黯 ink emulsificationë ink picksӰ ghostingճ set-off ͸ӡ print throughƾʪ Alcohol dampeningʪװ dampening system ˮ form dampening rollerˮ water fountain rollerˮ dampening vibrator īװ inking unitī form inking rollerī ink fountain roller ī ink distributing rollerī ink vibratorɫ color atlas ֽ gripperƤ blanketѹ rolling bearer ӡˢѹ printing pressureѹӡ nip cylinder-packing

ӡͲ plate cylinderƤͲ blanket cylinderѹӡͲ impression cylinder ѧܶ optical density ɫܶ color density׵ tone׵ֵ tone value control strip moire 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 ӡˢ printing process ӡˢ printing press ӡˢѹ ӡˢӡˢֽ̰ӡˢֽȫ̡ ӡˢʵīתƵ ʵӡˢõĻ

impressional pressure

ӡˢٶ printing speed ӡˢһҪָꡣ

a.ֽӡˢÿСʱӡˢΪ㵥λ(ӡ/Сʱ) b.ͲֽӡˢӡˢͲÿСʱתΪ㵥λ(ת/Сʱ) 2.1 2.1.1 2.1.2 2.1.3 2.1.4 ӡ ͹ӡˢ relief printing press ʹ͹ӡˢ̵Ļ ʹƽӡˢ̵Ļ ʹðӡˢ̵Ļ ʹ˿ӡˢ̵Ļ ʹõֽӡˢ ƽӡˢ planographic press ˿ӡˢ ֽӡˢ

ӡˢ intaglio printing press

screenprocess printing press

2.2 ʹֽʽ 2.2.1 2.2.2 sheetfed printing press Ͳֽӡˢ rollfed printing press ʹþͲֽӡˢ ƽѹƽӡˢ ӡ֧ѹӡ嶼ƽӡˢ

2.3 ѹӡṹʽ 2.3.1 2.3.2 platen press Բѹƽӡˢ(ƽ̨ӡˢ) ӡ֧ƽģѹӡԲͲ״ӡˢ ͣתӡˢ һתӡˢ singlerevolution printing press ӡ̨ÿ

flatbed cylinder press 2.3.3

stopcylinder printing press ӡ̨˶ǰʱѹӡͲתһܣʱѹӡͲֹͣ תһӡˢ̵ӡˢ 2.3.4 תӡˢ ӡ̨ÿ˶һΣ ѹӡͲתܣ һӡˢ̵ӡˢ תӡˢ ѹӡͲÿתһΣһӡˢ̵ӡˢ ԲѹԲӡˢ ӡˢɫ ˫ɫӡˢ twocolour printing press ɫӡˢ һӡˢУֽŵһӡˢīɫӡˢ һӡˢУֽŵ涼ӡˢӡˢ ˫浥ɫӡˢ ˫ɫӡˢ һӡˢУֽһӡˢīɫ˫ӡˢ һӡˢУֽŵһӡˢīɫӡˢ ˶һΣѹӡͲתһܣһӡˢ̵ӡˢ 2.3.5

tworevolution printing press 2.3.6

reversible printing press 2.3.7

rotary printing press ӡ֧塢תӡ嶼ԲͲ״ģӡˢʱȫת˶ӡˢ 2.4 2.4.1 ɫӡˢ singlecolour printing press һӡˢУ ֻֽŵһӡˢһīɫӡˢ 2.4.2 2.4.3

multicolour printing press 2.4.4 2.4.5

perfecting press

multicolour perfecting press 3 ӡˢҪ 3.1 3.2 3.3

ֽֽϵͳ feeding system ӡˢϽֽ׼ȷش͸ӡˢװõϵͳ Զֽ feeder automatic ԶؽӡֽҳֽװõĻ ֽ̨ stock table

3.4 3.5 3.6

ֽŷ sheet seperation system ֽ̨ϵֽŷ룬 йɵ͵ֽĻ ֽװ sheet conveying device ֽƽȣ׼ȷ͵λװ ֽ feed board 3.7 ز guide ȷֽֽǰλõĹء ȷֱֽֽλõĹء ֽ׼ȷشݸӡˢװõĻ 3.11 Ͳֽֽϵͳ roll

ֽŶλֽ֤ڽӡˢװǰӡһȷλá 3.8 3.9 3.10 ǰ front guide side guide

ֽװ transfer device ֽװ

fed system 3.12 3.13 3.14 3.15 3.16 3.17 3.18 3.19 3.20 3.21 3.23

ѾͲֽֽ׼ȷӡˢװõϵͳ roll stand װͲֽװá ǣʹֽװá ֽʹ֮ȷλõװá ӡͼĵīתƵֽϵװá ֧к͹̶ӡIJ ƽ̨εӡ֧塣 Բεӡ֧塣 ӡˢֽ֧ţͬʱͼ干ͬӡˢѹĻ ѹӡͲ pressure cylinder Բεѹӡ塣 ͼѹӡϵĻ

װ tension control device ֽװá ֽװ carrier roller λװ ӡˢװ

abjusting device printing device

ӡ֧ printing plate carrier, printing forme support ̨ bed plate, formebed ӡͲ ѹӡƽ forme cylinder ѹӡ impresion device platen

ƽεѹӡ塣 3.22

ѹ pressure (adjusting) device offset cylinder

3.תӡͲ 3.25 3.26 3.27 3.28 3.29 3.31 3.32 3.33 3.35 3.36 3.37 3.38 3.39 3.40 3.41 3.42 3.43 3.44 3.45 3.46 3.47 3.48

ӡˢװнӡͼĵīתӡֽϵмͲ ӡˢзתֽŵĹͲ

ֽͲ transfer roller (cylinder) ӡˢװùֽ͡õĹͲ תͲ tumble cylinder ҧֽ gripper ӡˢнֽŵĹ ī īīĹ

īװ inking unit ذӡˢҪīݡͿӡϵװá ī ductor ͹īIJ 3.30 duct roller ī ink transfer roller īīֵĹ ī ink distributing roller į̄ ݺīĹ ī inking roller īͿӡϵĹ ī ink vibrator 򴮶ī 3.34 inking table ݺīƽ̨ ͹ʪҺIJ ˮʪҺĹ\ 򴮶Ĵˮ

ʪװ dampening device ƽӡˢʪӡװá ˮ dampening arrangement ˮ dampening fountain roller ˮ

ˮ dampening distributor ʪҺĹ dampening vibrator roller ˮ dampening roller ҳװ folding device ҳǰ йͲ former ʪҺͿӡϵĹ ͲֽӡˢϽӡֽС۵װá װвõֽĹͲ ۵ӡŵĹͲ ͵ӡŵĹͲ ռӡŵװá ӡˢռӡŵװá


cutting cylinder

ҳͲ folding cylinder ֽװ

ϹͲ collecting cylinder delivery device ֽֽװ

sheet deliverer

3.49 3.50 A.1 A.2

װ delivery device for section װ rewinding device



ӡˢ printing ӡˢͼ

ʹһͼ壬һ(ī)תӡϣƳͼ()֡ ͨӡˢͼ()ʹõģ תīӡȫ

printing image carrier ӡ forme

Ϣ(ӡ) A.3 A.4 A.5 A.6 A.7 A.8 A.9 īӡ϶ɵӡˢͼ塣 ӡˢָڷӡˢֵӡ档 ӡˢӡˢּͬһƽϵӡ档 ӡˢ״©ӡ档 ӡˢIJϺ塣 ͹ letterpress forme ƽ ˿ ī ӡ

forme of intalio printing ӡˢֵڷӡˢֵӡ档 planographic plate

silkscreen stencil

printing ink ΪʵӡˢתƵӡϵʡ printing carrier

pink baby pink brown chocolate camel khaki green emerald green blue cobalt blue aquamarine blue scarlet wine red lavender ۺɫ dzۺɫ ɫ, ɫ ɫ, ʯɫ ɫ ɫ ɫ ɫ ɫ ɫ, ɫ ɫ 糺, ɺ Ѿƺ ɫ salmon pink shocking pink beige sandy beige amber maroon moss green olive green turquoise blue navy blue red mauve purple, violet lilac Ⱥɫ ʷۺɫ Һɫ dzɫ ɫ ֺɫ ̦ɫ ɫ ɫ, ɫ, ɫ ɫ Ϻ ɫ dzɫ

antique violet white ivory oyster white charcoal gray

ɫ ɫ ɫ ɫ ̿ɫ

pansy off-white snowy white gray smoky gray

ɫ Ұɫ ѩɫ ɫ ̻ɫ

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ְҵӢ _Ӣѧϰ_ѧϰ_רְҵӢʻ,ѵıһӢ,ԱǶø׼ȷЩ 1/6 ְҵӢ teacher ʦ ...
˾ֳӢĻ_Ӣ_н_רFӢ Ӣ I_ɷ޹ ˾ F...TAL NUT WASH ΢ ӡˢ· 늳؏Ƭ C㑰 P ݽz ...
ӡˢӢ 11ҳ ӡˢҵӢȫ 32ҳ 1ȯ ӡˢӢ 10ҳ ϲĵĻϲ ӡˢҵӢ 2ҳ ӡˢҵӢӡˢ... ...
СѧӢ̰ģ(ȫᾫѡ)_ְר_ְҵ_ר |0Ķ|0|ٱĵСѧӢ̰ģ(ȫᾫѡ)_ְר_ְҵ_ר...
Ӣõʹࡪְҵʻ( 1) :Ӣ Ӣְҵʻ( Ӣְҵʻ( 1) doctor ҽ engineer ʦ minister ʦ ...
ҵרҵӢʻ... 5ҳ ӡˢҵӢӡˢ... 24ҳ ...ӡˢѹϵͳ Pipe & tube making machines Ͳ Planing ...
ӡˢ_ѧ/ʷ__רҵϡTGPSJйϿ̱׼ ӡϿˮŦڹ ˮṹջ豸찲װ ⼰ȼ...
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