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江苏省2015-2015学年高中英语 Unit2 Growing pains reading教案 牛津译林版必修1

Period2 Language points of Reading
一【设计思想】 通过真实语境归纳重点语言点用法,并配上形式多样的练习。 二【教学目标】 1. To learn some language points in this text to enlarge the vocabulary. 2. To use the language points when doing the exercises. 三【教学重难点】 Learn to analyze some long and complicated sentences. 四【教学环节】 【课堂导入】 Revise the reading strategies learned in the last class. 小试牛刀: Three men were discussing how to donate money to God. At first they couldn't agree with each other, then they each told his own idea.? The first man said: “Let's draw a small circle on the ground and throw coins to the ground. The money out of the circle belongs to God."? The second man added, “We will donate the coins inside the circle to God because God is in our hearts."? The third man said: “Your ideas are not bad, but I have a better idea than yours. Let's throw coins into the sky. The coins that God accepts belong to him. So God can accept as much money as he can."? At last, they agreed to the last idea, and they began to throw coins to the sky happily.? 9. According to the passage, we can draw a conclusion:? A. All the three men were kindhearted.? B. The third man is more generous than the other two.? C. None of them believed in God.? D. Three men are all stingy(吝啬) people. 【预习检查】 1.Analyze some long and complicated sentences you have underlined. 2. 请在课文中找出这些短语: 1). _______________ 复返了 5). ___________ 处理,处置,对付 7). _________________ 让某人负责 9). (灯、火等)熄灭;出去_______________ 11). 为自己辩解 _______________ 13). 不再,再也不_______________ ________________ 15). (没有?)而_______________ 16). 对?苛刻(严厉) _______________ 17). 既然,由于(连词)_______________ 18).对?粗鲁 __________________ 6). ________________乱糟糟,一团糟 8). ________________忍受这样的行为 10). 双臂交叉 ________________ 14). 应该得到解释 比预料的 2). _____________迫不及待干某事 4). ____________不见了,一去不 3). _____________________ 应该?,应当?

12). 发生紧急情况 ________________

【课堂教与学】 重点单词、词组或句子用法探究 1.[原句回放]I can’t wait to surprise the boys!句中划线部分 can’t wait to do sth. 的 意 思 是 __________ 小试牛刀! 1)每一位学生都迫不及待地想知道考试的结果。 2)我父亲对这个令人惊讶的消息感到惊讶不已。 3)使我大为惊讶的是,弟弟已经为全家人准备好了早餐。 2.[原句回放]Eric runs in after it, followed by a big dog, walking very slowly. 句中的 followed 是一个 分),walking very slowly 做 小试牛刀! 1)老师进来了,身后跟着一群学生。 (followed) 2)那条狗跟在主人后面出去了。 (following) 3)We often provide our children with toys, footballs or basketballs, all children like these things. A. thinking B. think C. to think D. thought ; 。 [总结]现在分词的语态意义是 过去分词的语态意义是 that (分词),followed by a big dog 做 (成分),其逻辑主语是 (成 。 ___________ ; 句 中 surprise the boys 意 思 是 ___ 。请试着写出 surprise 的有关短 ;surprise 还可以是(词性 )


3.[原句回放 You weren’t supposed to come home until tomorrow! 你们本来应该明 天才到家的呀! 句中 be supposed to do sth 的意思是_______________.请翻译 He is supposed 小试牛刀! 1) be supposed to have done sth /was(were) supposed to do sth 意思是__________________________ 2) The message is very important, so it is supposed _____as soon as possible. to have arrived / was supposed to arrive an hour ago. _________________________________。

A. to be sent 本句是一个 though+从句,意思是 词或从句。 小试牛刀!

B. to send

C. being sent

D. sending , 通

4.[原句回放]The money for dog food is gone, but Spot looks like he is starving! (简单句/并列句/复合句) ,句中 be gone 意为 常 look like 后面连接名词、代词;在口语中也可以接 ,相当于 look as if/as

。类似短语还有 sound like /feel like +名词、代

1) 写出下列句中划线部分的含义: Thousands of people are starving in Africa. __________ He starves for success. ___________ 2)他们看上去好像并未全力以赴(look like +从句)。 3) The days are gone _________ we were looked down upon and bullied. A. that B. which C. when D./ (简 ,常与

5.[原句回放]What did you do with the cash we left? 本句是一个 单句/复合句) ,we left 是 (从句) ,句中 do with 意思是 疑问代词 连用。 小试牛刀! 1)他们不知道如何对付那头大象。 2)你打算如何处理这些纸?

3 ) It’s said that in Australia there is more land than the government knows . A. how to do with it B. what to do with C. what to do with it D. how to do with [拓展]试辨析 do with 和 deal with 6.[原句回放]The room is in a mess, with pizza boxes on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink. 本句中 be (in) a mess:的意思是______________,如:My life’s (in) a real mess! 我的生活真是一团糟。 另外: make a mess of sth. 把?搞得一团糟 with pizza boxes on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink 为 with + + 的 复合结构,在句中做 (成分),意为 _____________ , 在这一结构中还可以用 adj./adv./n./v-ing/ v-ed/ to do 做宾语补足语。 小试牛刀! 1) With the guide (lead) the way, we got out of the forest without any difficulty. 2) With his homework (do), Peter went out to play.

3) With no one (talk) to, he felt very lonely. 4) the day went on, the truth had come to light. A. With B. Since C. While 5) the day going on, the truth had come to light. A. With B. Since C. While D. As

D. As

7.[原句回放]Listen to me, young man—we left you in charge! 句中 leave you in charge 意思为 ;在此结构中 leave 可以用 keep/have 来替换。译为“使 得/让?(处于某种状态) ” ,后接 adj./ adv./ v-ing/ v-ed/ 做宾语补足语。 [搭配] sb. be in charge of sb./sth. 某人主管、负责?; take charge of sth..主管、负责?; sth. be in the charge of sb.= sth. be in one’s charge ?由某人负责、 小试牛刀! 1) The library _________ is the one _________ we often do some reading. A. in charge of Tom; that B. in the charge of Tom; which C. in Tom’s charge; where D. in charge of Tom; where 2) Don’t leave her (等)in the rain. 3)别把所有的灯都开着。 8.[原句回放]Daniel has his arms crossed and looks upset. 本句中 have his arms crossed 的句型是 , 意为 , look 是 (词 性) ,和 upset 一起构成 (结构) ,look upset 意思是 。 小试牛刀! 1)辨析下列句中的结构,并翻译成中文。 You’d better have your homework done before afternoon. I’ll have my hair cut tomorrow. Yesterday I had my wallet stolen. 2)He had his leg _____ in the match yesterday, _____ left him in bed for three months A. to break, as B. broken ,as C. break, which D. broken, which 3)—Do you often have someone _____ your clothes? —Yes, I often have them _____ . A. wash; to wash B. to wash; washed C. washed; wash D. wash; washed 【课堂巩固】 I. 根据要求将下列句子翻译成英文 1. 他迫不及待地答应我再也不抄袭作业了。 (wait,not?any more) 2. 你应当请医生尽快给你女儿检查一下。 (suppose,have sb. done)

3. 我想去购物而不是呆在家里看电视。 (instead of) 4. 他无法忍受一个人被留在公司负责那个项目。 (tolerate,charge) II. 单项填空 1. People often put on the sunglasses to when they go out. A. defend B. guard C. protect D. prevent 2. I couldn’t do my homework with all that noise ______ . A. going on B. goes on C. went on D. to go on 3. The project was ______ a new manager ______ major(专业) at college was French. A. in the charge of;that C. in charge of; whose 4. In the earthquake, all the lights dark. A. turned off; kept C. went out; remained never finishes anything. D. why 6. His good conduct A. C. A. scenery 8. — Do you feel like people require we there or shall we take a bus? a taxi. B. to walk; hire C. to walk; — I’d like to walk there. But since there isn’t much time left, many A. walking; hired . B. deserved of praise deserved to be praised deserved being praised view B. sight A. that B. went out; left D. turned off; stayed he where B. when C. B. in charge of; which D.in the charge of; whose and the students were in the their eyes from the strong sunlight

5. I’m afraid he’s more of a talker than a doer, which is the reason

D. deserved to praise C. scene D.

7. You can get a good

of the whole city at the top of the mountain.

hired D. walking; hire 9. Everybody approved of the way ________ he thought of _________ the problem A. that, solving B. which, solving C. /, to solve D. in which, to solve 10. Most students can't tolerate equally to their fellows. A. to be not treated B. being not treated C. not treated D. not

being treated 【知识小结】 1. with 和 leave 的复合结构 2. 非谓语动词用法(各班根据班级实际情况自我拓展) 3. do with 与 deal with 【提升与拓展】 完成句子 1. 考试失败对我来说是全新的体验。 F _______ is __ for me. 2. 当今人们喜好雇佣一些有工作经验的人。 Nowadays people____________ to hire someone ___________________. 3. 汤姆在与难对付的客户打交道方面有经验。 Tom handling / dealing with . 4. 他很尊敬他的老师。He_________________________ his teachers. 5. 覆水难收。It’s no use _________(cry) over spilt milk. 6. 请尽可能快地告诉我们任何变化。 Please ____________any change of address as soon as possible. 7. 她父母不赞成她的婚姻。Her parents _______ ________ _________ their marriage. 8. 张先生在负责这个工厂。 The factory is __________________ Mr. Wang.=Mr. Wang is ____________ this factory. 9. 他因醉驾而受到了控告。He _____________________ drunken driving. = He _____________________ drunken driving. 10. 我们已准备放弃这个机会。We _________ ________ _______ give up the chance. 11. 去英国上一年学,对我来说是一次愉悦的、刺激的经历。 _________________ for one year was a very ____________and exciting __________ for me. 12. 对孩子们来说,他不止是一位老师。To children, he is _____________ a teacher. 13. Mary 感到很伤心,因为好朋友要离开了。 Mary was _________________ to see her friend off. 14. 工人们要求老板给涨工资。The workers _________ that the boss ______________ their salary. 15. 他们要求我一首诗。I ______________________ write a poem. 16. 他充分利用他的业余时间提高英语。 He has ___________________his spare time _____________ his English. =His spare time has _________________ such good use = Such good use has _____ _______ his spare time 17. 这是个我那时候并未意识到其重要性的会议。 ___ his English. his English.

It was a meeting ______ ________ ________ _____________ I didn’t realize at that time. It was a meeting ________ _____________ I didn’t realize at that time. 18. 暴露在阳光下时间太长会有害皮肤。 __________ to the sunlight for so long a time will be harmful to your skin. _____________ to the sunlight for so long a time, your skin will get hurt.(expo 【课后预习】 预习课本 P26-27 的内容。 五【板书设计】 六【家庭作业】 1. 复习本节课所学内容 2. 练习(见资源包)

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