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初二英语 首字母及词汇练习题
I.语音,找出与所给单词的划线部分读音相同的选项 1. dream A. clean B. breakfast C. heavy D. instead 2. father A. again B. paper C. hard D. band 3. her A. terrible B. wo

rst C. serious D. born 4. pill A. England B. quite C. tiger D. best 5. enough A. high B. daughter C. cough D. eight Ⅱ .词汇 A) 根据句意及所给单词的首字母,写出所缺单词。 1. “What's the matter with her?” “She has a t ________cough.” 2. Don't worry. Nothing s________. . 3. She f________ asleep when she was watching TV. 4. T________ exercise is good for your health. 5.1 didn't have e________ money to buy the dictionary. B)请用括号中所给词语的适当形式填空。 1. This cake is much ____ than that one. (sweet) 2. Do you sleep ________ every night? (good) 3. My mother was busy ________ the clothes at that time. (wash) 4. You have to eat ________ food and take more exercise, (little) 5. She didn’t like ________ anything. (eat) C)选择适当的词语替换句中划线部分。 1. She went home for her book. A. to buy B. to get C. to borrow D. wanted 2. What’s the matter with you? A. the things B. the wrong C. ill D. wrong 3. We can’t do it well if you don’t help us. A. no your help B. no helping of yours C. without your help D. without helping you 4. Sometimes it rains very hard in our city. A. At times B. At some time C. All the time D. On time 5. She likes pizza while I like bread. A. so B. when C. instead D. but D) 根据首字母及后面的释义,写出完整单词 1. t __ give yourself extra work, etc. illness 2. s __ important; dangerous 3. a __ filled with anger 4. i __ in the place of sth. 5. e __ as much(or many) as you want or need III.选择正确答案 1. He is not feeling. ______now. A. good B. well C. best D. nice 2. The doctor ______ Mrs. Brown very carefully.

A. looked over B. looked for C. looked at D. looked like 3. “I think it will be fine tomorrow.” “Oh, I hope ______.” A. not B. it be C. so D. it does 4. You're ________ too heavy. You have to eat less food. A. a few B. a little C. some D. any 5. Eating ______ is bad for your health. A. many B. very much C. too much D. much too 6. He will come as soon as he _________ free tomorrow. A. will be B. does C. is D. shall be 7. She had not a pen. So she used a pencil ________. A. also B. instead C. too D. instead of 8. In half an hour he was fast ________. A. asleep B. sleep C. slept D. sleeping 9. I’m going ______ Li Hui. A. take B. instead C .instead of D. carry 10. I often feel ______ in the evening. A. tired B. tiring C. tire D. be tired 11. —Can you do it now? —_____. A. No questions B. No problem C. Not problem D. Without problem 12. She is busy ________ the plan for the sports meeting. A. to make B. making C. make D. makes 13. They ________ for ten hours yesterday, didn't they? A. have to work B. had to work C. must work D. will work 14. This flower smells ________. I like it a lot. A. bad B. badly C. well D. good 15. It is ________ to catch the 10:30 ship. A. enough early B. too early C. much early D. early enough 16. “How are you?” “ ________” A. I am quite good. B. Fine, thank you. C. How are you? D.I am very sorry. 17. “What're we going to do?” “I don't feel __________tonight.” A. like to read B. like I'm going to read C. treading D. like reading 18. ________ Mary goes home for some money. A. Every few weeks B. Every a few weeks C. Every several weeks D. Each few weeks 19. This kind o cheese is ______ delicious than that. A. a few more B. more a few C. a little more D. more a little 20. Nothing can stop him from ________ .

A. come B. comes C. to come D. coming 21. There are a lot of trees on ______ of the road. A. every side B. each side C. all sides D. neither sides 22. ________ worry. We have enough time to do the work. A. Not B. Don't C. Aren't D. Not to 23. _______ terrible cough! I'll take you to the hospital. A. How B. What C. How a D. What a 24. I hope there are enough glasses for each guest to have______. A. it B. those C. them D. one 25. Henry hit me ______ the head and now I have a pain _____ my head. A. on, in B. in, on C. in, in D. on, on Ⅳ .根据汉语意思完成下列句子。 1. 他头疼,医生为他作了仔细检查。 He’s got _________ __________. The doctor ________ ________ ________ ________. 2.明天没有必要早到校,是不是? You ______ ______ _____ get to school so early tomorrow, do you? 3. 斯密林夫人得每隔五分钟坐下来休息一会儿。 Mrs. Smith ________ _______ sit down and rest ________ five minutes. 4. 如果你不吃油腻的食物,你就会感到健康多了。 If you stop _________ _______ food, you’ll ________ _________ ________. 5. 老师一再叫我们要多锻炼。 The teacher tells us _______ _______ more exercise ______ and _______. 6. 水饺吃起来很美味! Dumplings ________ ________ 7. 我梦见一整个晚上忙着种树。 I dreamt that I ________ ________ ________ trees all night long. 8.我们应该阻止他们在这儿踢足球。 We must _______ them _______ playing football here. Ⅴ 补全对话,每空一词,缩写词算一词 . A: Good morning, doctor. B: Good morning. 1 the trouble? A: I 2 feel very 3 . I have a headache and a cough. B: Have you take your 4 ? A: Yes. But I haven't got a fever(发烧). B: 5 your mouth and say “Ah”. 6 serious. It's a cold. A: What do I 7 to do, doctor? B: Please take this ____8____ three times a day and stay 9 bed for a few days. Then you'll be 10 right. A: Thank you, doctor. Ⅵ 句型转换 . 1. I’ll tell him about it. He'll come back. I’ll him about it ________ he ________ back. 2. Tom had to help Dad with the cooking. (改为反义疑问句) Tom had to help Dad with the cooking, ________ _______ ?

3. The bag is very heavy. I can't lift it. (合并为一个句子) The bag is ________ heavy ________ me ________ carry. 4. I go to see my grandma every other week. (对划线部分提问) _______ ________ ________ you ________ to see your grandma? 5. Meimei has to help her mother with the washing. (改为一般疑问句) _______ Meimei _______ to help her mother with the washing? 6. You needn't do it now. (使改写后的句子保持原意) You ______ ______ ______ do it now. 7. What's the matter with you, boy? What's ______ ______, boy? 8. They didn't go by bus. They went there on foot instead. (使改写后的句子保持原意) They went there on foot ______ ______ by bus. Ⅶ 完形填空 . Henry is a little fatter than he wants to be. He 1 to lose some weight(减肥). So he is on a diet(节 食). He tries not to eat too 2 and he eats very little sugar because it will make him 3 . He also does exercises every 4 . He swims very often, 5 he runs about two kilometres a day. Now he is 6 than before. Henry's sister, Susan is healthier than Henry. 7 is also younger and thinner than he is. She does 8 every day, too. She doesn't 9 much meat. But she eats a lot of fruit and vegetables because she thinks 10 are better for her health. 1. A. wants B. thinks C. asks D. likes 2. A. many B. few C. little D. much 3. A. thin B. fat C. ill D. tired 4. A. month B. week C. day D. year 5. A. and B. because C. but D. when 6. A. later B. shorter C. stronger D. longer 7. A. She B. He C. They D. We 8. A. shopping B. housework C. homework D. exercises 9. A. drink B. eat C. cook D. buy 10. A. you B. them C. they D. we Ⅷ 阅读理解 . A Many years ago there lived a doctor in a small town. He was good and kind. He was always ready to go and help people. People always went to him when there was something wrong with them. Many years later, the doctor became old. He began to forget things. People were afraid and didn’t go to him any more. The old doctor asked, “Why does no one come to me now?” No one wanted to tell him why, because they didn't want to hurt the good old man. Instead, they said, “Everybody is well in the town now.” The doctor was pleased when he heard that. 根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F) : 1. The story is about a young doctor in a small town. 2, Many years later, the old man began to forget things. 3. People were afraid of him. 4. People didn't want to hurt the old man. 5. The doctor was not pleased when he heard that everybody was well in the town. B

This story is about a young man. He worked very hard at his lessons. He was too busy to have a rest. As he became ill, he couldn’t go to sleep. Every night, when he went to bed, he closed his eyes and tried to sleep. But the more he tried, the more he stayed awake. After a while he decided to visit the doctor, “I just can't go to sleep at night. What shall I do?” “I have a suggestion,” said the doctor. “Try counting numbers. By the time you reach one thousand, you' ll be asleep. I am sure of it.” The next day the man returned to the doctor's office. “Well,” said the doctor, “How are you today? Did you try my suggestion?” The man still looked tired. “Yes,” he said, “I tried counting one, two, three. . .up to one thousand. But when I reached five hundred and sixty-nine, I began to feel sleepy. I had to get up and drink some tea so that I could go on counting up to one thousand. But then I still couldn't fall asleep.” 1. The young man couldn’t go to sleep because ________ . A. he hadn’t finished doing his lessons B. he had worked too hard and became ill C. he was worried about his homework D. there was a lot of noise there and he couldn't have a good rest 2. The doctor asked the young man ________ . A. to count numbers before he went to bed B. to put all numbers from 1 to 1000 together C. to count numbers while he was lying in bed D. to take some medicine and go to bed earlier 3. The young man returned to the doctor's office the next day because A. he wanted to thank the doctor B. he was better and wanted some medicine C. he wanted to ask the doctor how to count the numbers D. he still couldn't go to sleep at night 4. The young man _________ . A. counted from 568 to 1000 B. counted from I to 569 and fell asleep C. counted from I to 569 and got up to drink some tea D. counted from 1 to 1000 and fell asleep 5. The young man ________ in fact. A. didn't understand the doctor's suggestion B. was not able to count numbers C. didn't try the doctor's suggestion D. wasn’t ill at all C Mrs. Green was very fat. She weighed l00kg and she gets heavier every month. So she went to see the doctor. The doctor said, “You have to be on diet(节食), Mrs. Green, and I've got a good way here.” He gave her a small book and said, “Read it carefully and eat the things on Page 11 every day. Then come back and see me two weeks’ time.” Mrs. Green came back again two weeks later, but she wasn't thinner and was even fatter. The doctor was surprised and said, “Are you eating the things on Page 11 of the snail book?”

“Yes, doctor,” she answered. The next day the doctor visited Mrs. Green in the afternoon. She was very surprised to see him. “Mrs. Green,” he said, “Why are you eating potatoes and bread? You aren't on diet!” “But, doctor,” Mrs. Green answered, “I have my diet at lunch time. This is my tea.” 根据短文意思,填入适当的词 (1) Mrs. Green weighed ______ and gets heavier and ______ every month. (2)The doctor had got a ______ way to make her ______. (3)Two weeks ______, Mrs. Green was even ______. (4)The next day the doctor went to ______ Mrs. Green and saw she was ______ a lot. (5) Mrs. Green was on ______ only at ______ time.

参考答案 Ⅰ .1—5 ACBAC Ⅱ 1.terrible 2.serious 3.fell 4.Taking 5.enough .A. B. 1.sweet.er 2.well 3.washing 4.less 5.eating C. 1-5 BDCAD D. 1. trouble 2. serious 3. angry 4. instead 5. enough Ⅲ 1.B 2.A 3. C 4. B 5.C 6. C 7. B 8. A 9. C 10. A 11. B 12. B 13. B 14. D 15. D 16. B 17. D 18. A . 19.C 20. D 21. B 22. B 23. D 24. D 25.A Ⅳ 1. a headache, looked him over carefully 2.don’t, have, to 3. has to, every 4. eating rich, feel . much healthier 5.to take, again, again 6. taste delicious 7. was busy planting 8.stop, from Ⅴ 1.What’s 2.don’t 3.well 4.temperature 5.Open 6.Nothing 7.have 8.medicine 9.in 10.all . Ⅵ 1. if, comes 2.didn’t he 3.too, for, to 4.How, often, do, go 5.Does, have 6.don’t have to 7.your . trouble 8.instead of Ⅶ 1. A 2. D 3. B 4. C 5. A 6. C 7. A 8. D 9. B 10. C . Ⅷ A. 1. F 2. T 3. F 4. T 5. F B. 1. B 2. C 3. D 4. C 5. A C. 1.100kg, heavier 2.good, thinner 3.later, . fatter 4. visit/ see, eating 5.diet, lunch Ⅸ .Tom and his classmates like to play football very much. One afternoon they played football on the playground. Suddenly Tom fell lover and hurt himself. His classmates went over quickly and took him to the hospital by bike. The doctor looked him over carefully and told them there was nothing serious with Tom. After a while they took Tom back home.

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