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Unit 3
Life is challenging, meet _______it. Life is various, make it. Life is beautiful, iscover d________it. humorous enjoy it. Life is________,


Types of Humour
sketch; cross talk


funny poems; funny stories; jokes; limerick(打油诗) mime ; farce (笑剧)



I’m the king of the world!

When there is only one man in the world.

I’m a lonely lonely rider…

Who will survive, KFC or McDonald's ?

1,2,3.. sit-ups !!!

Dare look down upon me!

When a boy is heart-broken….

Are you kidding me, buddy!!!

There is one kind of jokes which use a “play on words”. They are funny because one does not understand the other.

A. Albert Einstein

Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute.
That’s relativity.

B. Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

Mary: John says I’m pretty. Andy says I’m ugly. What do you think, Peter? Peter: A bit of both. I think you’re pretty ugly. __________________________

Can you understand these jokes?
1. A: When I stand on my head the blood rushes to my head, but when I stand on my feet the blood doesn’t rush to my feet. Why is this? B. It’s because your feet aren’t empty.

2. Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason.

? Choose the right answer:
1,Which is the best title for this story?
A John and the jam C The chickens and the jam


B How to make jam D The chickens were drunk

2,Why was Mary angry?


A Her chickens were ill B John threw away her jam C.John stayed away five days D The pan was broken

3,What turned the jam into wine?
A The cold weather C The chickens


B The hot weather D John

Listen to part 1 and write down the main idea. Mary made some jam but left some on the kitchen table for a few days as she had to go to look after her sick mother. Some days later, John, knowing nothing about jam, came home and threw it into the kitchen yard.

Listen to part 1 and write down the main idea.
Mary made ______________ some jam but
___________________________ left some on the kitchen table for a few days as

______________________________________. she had to go to look after her sick mother
Some days later, John, knowing __________about nothing
came home jam, ______________ and

_______________________________. threw it into the kitchen yard

Listen to part 2 again and fill in the blanks
“You ____________my jam,” she threw away shouted. “Oh, ________what it was,” that’s he said. “ I’m _________but I thought sorry porridge which had gone bad in it was________ the hot weather. The chickens have _______the jam, but it’s made enjoyed them__________” drunk

Tongue twisters
1. Mike likes to write by the nice bright light at night. 2. Can you can a can as a canner can can a can.

3.Betty bought some butter, but the butter was bitter, so she bought some better butter to make the bitter butter better.

Noun fortune


Adjective fortunate
content performing

Adverb fortunately

contentment content perform





astonishmen astonish t bore bore charm charm

bored,boring boringly
charming charmingly

entertainme entertain entertaining entertainingly nt

Watson: Read Between the Lines
I think of how short life is and how long the universe has lasted. 生命是多么短促,而宇宙是多么漫长。 I think of how small I am and how vast the sky is. 我是如此渺小,而天空是如此广阔。 I think of how cold the universe is and how warm people can be in their beds. 宇宙是多么寒冷,而人们睡在床上时多么暖和。


Charlie Chaplin’s career:
Was born in ______ His job is _______ Type of acting is _________

His Charlie He died in_____ in charming Chaplin character is _______. __________ His costume: __________ In 1972, he was given ________

Charlie Chaplin’s career:
Was born in 1889. His charming character is The Little Tramp. His costume: large trousers, worn-out shoes and small round black hat. His job is an actor. Type of acting is mime and farce. He died in 1977 in Switzerland.

Charlie Chaplin
In 1972, he was given a special Oscar for his outstanding work.

Read the passage again and write down the main idea of each paragraph.

Main Body

Read the passage again and write down the main idea of each paragraph.

Main Body

Para.3 The Little Tramp
a small black hat a walking stick

The Little Tramp was poor and homeless a ____ ________ person. Why was it known and loved by many people around the world? Because he had the determination to overcome difficulties.

large trousers worn-out shoes

Para 4: The Gold Rush in the middle of the Time : 19th century

Place : California
Job in the film : panning for gold
What troubles did they meet in California?

Para 4: The Gold Rush
1.Cut off the leather top of the Shoe 2.Pick out the laces and eat them 3.try cutting and eating the bottom of the shoe 5 2

1 3

4.Treat it as if it were the finest meat 5.Sit down at the table with plate and drinking up


sliding on a banana People may laugh at others_______ skin, bumping into someone else, or falling down humour for it makes them a hole, kind of cruel _______, content with themselves seeing others _______ worse _______ off _______ than themselves. As an outstanding humourous actor, Chaplin inspire in the people deep feelings could always _______ particular forms of acting in the time of by using _________ silent films. His charming _________ character “the little tramp” is well-known all over the world, a poor and _________ homeless person wearing large trousers, ________ worn-out shoes, and carrying a walking _______. stick

A social _______ failure as he was, he was loved by determination in overcoming all the people for his ____________ difficulties and being kind to people _______ unkind to him. When playing the famous film The Gold Rush, Chaplin managed to make the sad situation— eating a _______ boiled shoe, entertaining by using __________ nonverbal humour. Such is Charlie Chaplin who produced, _______ , and wrote the movies that he _______ directed starred in. He was given a special Oscar for his outstanding work in bringing humour to us all. ____________


1. 直到目前为止 2.Be satisfied ,happy , not wanting more

up to now be content with

3. 1) content (adj.): satisfied 满足,满意,

be content with sth. be content to do sth. Are you content with your present salary? She is quite content to stay at home looking after her children.

2) content (vt.) 使满意, 使满足 content sb./oneself with sth. 使…满足 于… I content myself with a glass of coffee everyday.
3) content (n.): that which is contained in sth. 所含之物,内容, 目录 I like the style of the book but I don’t like the content. 我喜欢这本书的文体,但我不喜欢它的内容。

1. 直到目前为止 2.Be satisfied ,happy , not wanting more 3. 时光流逝 4.潦倒,穷困 ,缺少的

up to now be content with as time goes by badly off

4.潦倒,穷困 ,缺少的 badly off be worse off 情况带坏,恶化 be well off 富裕的,处境好的 be better off (尤指经济)境况较好 They are too badly off to have a holiday.

In fact most people are better off than they were five years ago.

1. 直到目前为止 2.Be satisfied ,happy , not wanting more 3. 时光流逝 4.潦倒,穷困 ,缺少的 5.encourage sb

up to now be content with as time goes by

badly off Inspire sb

6. inspire : inspire sb. (with sth.) inspire sth. (in sb.): 激励或鼓舞某人。
His speech inspired them with hope.

This inspired in us a love for learning.

inspire sb. to do sth.
激励或鼓舞某人去做某事 赋予某人灵感,启示,启迪。

We are inspired to work harder by his example.
他的榜样激发我们更加努力工作。 inspiration n.灵感; 好主意 inspired adj. 得到灵感的; 得到神启示的 inspiring adj. 鼓舞的; 激励的

1. 直到目前为止 2.Be satisfied ,happy , not wanting more 3. 时光流逝 4.潦倒,穷困 ,缺少的

up to now be content with as time goes by badly off well off inspire sb. with sth. astonish sb.

5.encourage sb.. 6.surprise sb 7. Lack of success;a person on a thing failure that fails 8.A plan of how a person or an organization will spend the money that is available in a particular time budget

8.遍及, 整个世界

throughout the world

8.遍及, 整个世界 9.磨破的,穿旧的,精疲力尽的 10.克服困难 11. Look for sb. Sth 12.主演 13.突现社会情景 14.大笑起来 15.在某个特定场景 16.额外的费用 17.野营 18.山区 19.仰望星空 20.开玩笑

throughout the world worn-out overcome difficulties in search of star in highlight social situations burst into laughter on a certain occasion extra charge go camping a mountainous area look up at the stars play jokes on P59

pick up pick out pick off
up 1.I’ll pick you ____ at the station. off any of the 2.You should not pick ____ flowers. out 3.She was able to pick ____her father at the other side of the room. up 4.I’ll pick my things _____later. out a blue dress. 5.She picked ____ up 6.I picked ____ a few words of Greek when I was there last year.

cut off cut down cut up
off 1.Her little finger was cut ____in an accident at the factory. up 2.He cut ____meat on his place. 3.Did you have to cut down _____the trees. off 4.We were cut ____in the middle of our conversation. down 5.He tried to cut ______on smoking but failed.



1)This is an expression particular ______ to the local people and can't be understood. (2)The president will take his own ____plane for H.K . particular (3)Each person's fingerprints are ____ to himself.

(4) We’d better not waste time on such problem of particular/special no ______________value.
particular (5).He is very ________ about his food.

主语 谓语



状语 补语. 同位语

主语 谓语

常用词性 名词,代词


形容词,名词 形容词 副词

状语 补语. 同位语

1.He can hardly speak an English word. 2. It is a pity that he cannot swim. 3.Such things ought not to be allowed. 4. His hobby is playing football. 5. I have not heard from him since May. 6. He has got rid of his bad habit. 7. I’ve never seen him discouraged. 8. She kept us waiting for over two hours. 9.She didn’t know what to do next. 10. Autumn has come. 11. Dick is a very intelligent boy. 12. The girl danced beautifully. 13. Whether he’ll join us in the discussion is of great importance.

14. He told me the news that the space station had been built successfully. 15. Whenever you may go, you will find him at work. 16. He himself will do the experiment 17. This is the bridge built last years. 18. I can’t go with you. I still have a lot of work to do. 19. We will soon make our city what your city is now. 20. The teacher was pleased with my spoken English.


动名词 主语,宾语,表语


Talking mends no holes.

Working with you is a pleasure.
和你一起工作是一种乐趣。 动名词做主语和不定式做主语一样, 也可以用it作形式主语。如:

It's rather tiring walking around in a city.

【考例】 — What do you think made Mary so

— __________ her new bicycle.

A. As she lost C. Losing B. Lost D. Because of losing

解析:losing her new bicycle是句子的主语,谓语made

her so upset被省略,losing… 在此表示具体的动作。

二. 动名词作宾语的用法

宾语。如admit, appreciate, avoid,

can't stand(不能忍受), consider,

devote … to, dislike enjoy,escape,
excuse, feel like, get down to, give up,

imagine,delay, insist on, mind,
miss,pay attention to ..

Her shoes want mending. 她的鞋该修理了。 注意: 当 need, want, require, worth后面 接doing也可以表示被动。 Your hair wants cutting. 你的头发该理了。 The floor requires washing. 地板需要冲洗。

【考例】 I can't imagine __________ that with them. A. do C. being done B. to do D. doing

She looks forward every spring to

__________ the flower-lined
garden.(上海高考题) A. visit C. walk in B. paying a visit D. walking in

解析:考查短语动词 look forward to 后跟动名词作宾语的用法。


动名词作表语表示抽象的、一般的行为,现在分 词作表语表示主语的特征、性质和状态。 我们最大的幸福是为人民服务。

Our greatest happiness is serving the people.(动名词)
我们的任务是建设社会主义。 Our task is building socialism. (动名词)


The film we saw last night is quite moving. (现在分词) 他的话很鼓舞人。
His words are encouraging. (现在分词) 常用来作表语的现在分词有astonishing, amusing, confusing, disappointing, boring, encouraging, inspiring, moving, tiring, interesting, surprising等。

动名词作定语用来说明该名词的用途,不表示名词本身的 动作;
现在分词作定语与所修饰的名词具有逻辑上的主谓关系, 即现在分词相当于所修饰名词的谓语。


We must improve our working method. (动名 词) 他们将手术台架设在一座小庙里。
They set up an operating table in a small temple.(动名词)


China is a developing country. (现在分词)

The student making the experiment is our monitor.(现在分词)

动名词不能作宾语补足语。现在分词作宾 补表示的是正在发生的动作。例如: 我看见他正在上楼。 I saw him going upstairs. 我们看着她在过大街。 We watched her crossing the street. 我们听见她在房间里唱歌。 We heard her singing in her room。

feel, hear, listen to, see, look at, watch, observe, notice, find, smell, set, have, keep, start, leave, get ,catch等。

1. 动名词短语不能作定语,单个的动名词可 以用作定语,但仅作前置定语。

如 working method= method for working 工作方法
2. 单个分词和分词短语都可作定语,单个分 词一般作前置定语,分词短语则作后置定 语,相当于一个定语从句。

如:the man visiting Japan=the man who is visiting Japan 访日的那个人。

2. 在allow, advise, forbid, permit后直接

permit +名词/代词+不定式(宾语补足

We don't allow smoking here. We don't allow anybody to smoke here.

3. 动词need, require, want意为“需要”


The window needs/requires/

wants cleaning/to be cleaned.
4. 在begin, continue, love, like, hate,

prefer, intend, start后用动名词和


5. 动词forget, go on, mean, regret,

remember, stop, try, be used to, can't

forget, regret, remember后跟动名词,
动名词表示已经发生的动作;后跟不定式 表示将要发生的动作。

go on doing 继续做原来做的事

go on to do 接着做另一件事 mean doing 意味着要做某事
mean to do 想要做某事

stop doing 停止做某事
stop to do 停下来(别的事)开始

try doing 试着做某事 try to do 努力做某事 be used to doing 习惯于做某事 be used to do 被用来做某事 can't help doing 禁不住做某事

can't help to do 不能帮助做某事

1.Not that Charlie’s own life was easy! 2.You may find it astonishing that Charlie was taught to sing as soon as he could speak and dance as soon as he could walk. 3. Charlie first picks out the laces and eats them as if they were spaghetti. 4.他塑造的可爱的“小流浪汉”角色开始闻名于世, 而他也越来越受欢迎. 5.在十多岁时, 凭借着自己的幽默,查理已经在英国成 为最受欢迎的童星之一. 6.他每一口都嚼得津津有味.

【考例】 — Let's have a rest.

— Not now.I don't want to stop
__________ yet.(MET 1985)

A. study
C. for studying

B. to study
D. studying

解析:stop studying意为“停止学习”。

— Let me tell you something about the journalists. — Don't you remember ________ me the story yesterday?(1999上海高 考题) A. told B. telling C. to tell D. to have told 解析: remember telling me意为 “记得曾经告诉过我”。

1. It took the workmen only two hours

to finish _______ my car.
A. repairing C. to repair B. repair D. repaired

2. Have you forgotten ___$1000 from me last month? Will you please remember ____ it tomorrow? A. borrowing; to bring B. to borrow; bring

C. borrowed; bringing
D. borrowing; bringing

3. The classroom wants _____. A. clean C. to clean for us. B. cleaned D. cleaning

4. Jack said that he wouldn't mind __

A. to wait
C. waiting

B. wait
D. waited

5. My brother keeps ___ me with my work. A. to help B. help C. helping D. helped 6. We should often practise ___ English with each other. A. to speak B. spoke C. speak D. speaking

7. Keep on ____ and you will succeed.

A. a try
C. triing A. he should go C. his going

B. try
D. trying B. he go D. him to go

8. His parents insist on ___ to college.

9. The story was so funny that we ___. A. couldn’t help laugh B. can’t but laugh C. couldn’t help laughing

D. couldn’t help but to laugh

10. Though it sounds a bit too dear (昂 贵), it is worth ______. A. being bought B. buying C. to buy D. buying it 11. He devoted his life to _____ the atomic theory. A. study B. be studied C. studying D. have studied

12. We are both looking forward to __ next week. A. going on vocation(休假)

B. go on vocation
C. be going on vocation

D. have gone on vocation

13. You must pay attention to ___ the works of Lu Xun. A. read B. reading C. reader D. be read 14. You should work tonight instead of _____ TV. A. to watch B. you watching C. you watch D. watching

15. The microscope is used for__ minute (微小的) objects. A. examining C. examined night. (stay up) B. being examined D. examine

16. Mike has got used ___ up late at

A. to sit
C. to sitting

B. X
D. sitting

17. Once the heart stops _____, death follows at once. A. beating B. to beat C. being beaten D. to be beating 18. We are now busy _____ for the examination. A. to prepare B. preparing C. prepared D. being prepared

19. I remembered ____ this person somewhere before. A. seeing C. seen B. having been seen D. to see

20. I regret ____ that to her.

A. having said
C. to say

B. to have said
D. X

21. The patient must be separated to
avoid (避免) ____ others.

A. being infected(感染) B. infecting
C. to infect A. washed D. infected B. to be washed

22.Your clothes need ______. C. to wash D. being washed

23. _____ provides us with essential nutrients (营养), while ______ provides us with oxygen. A. To eat; breathing B. Eating; to breathe C. Eating; breathing D. Eaten; breathed

24. He attended the party without___. A. invited B. inviting C. having invited D. being invited 25. By ____, water can be changed into gas.

A. heating
C. having heated

B. being heated
D. heated

26. On land many objects prevent sound _____ very far. A. to travel B. travel C. from travelling D. to travelling 27. She returned home only to find the door open and something____ . A. missed B. to be missing C. missing D. to be missed

28. Remember__ the newspaper when you have finished it. A. putting back B. put back C. to put back D. be put back 29. Writing stories and articles__ what I enjoy most. A. is B. are C. was D. were

30. He was afraid ___for being late. A. of seeing C. to be seen B. of being seen D. to have seen

More Revision exercises:
1.We should learn to _____________________ overcome difficulties(克服困难),no matter how hard they are . 2.Though he is always wearing old clothes, he is _________________( not so badly off 并不如你想的那么穷) as you think .

was very fortunate picked out 3.It __________________ (很幸运) that he was ______________
( 被选出)for the final competition . 4.Do you _________________________________ find it easy to get along with him ?(觉得他这 个人很好相处)

is quite content to (感到非常满足)stay at home 5.She ____________________ looking after her children .
6.He is a ____________________ failure as an artist (不是个成功的艺术家), but a success as an art teacher .

7. __________________ Having starred in (主演) the film Spiderman III, Tobey Maguire is very popular______________________ (全 throughout the world 世界).

To our astonishment 令我们惊奇是),he was not 8._____________________( astonished at(惊奇)the news_______________________ we all think astonishing _____________

a direct train(直达的火车)from Germany to 9.There is ______________ France, which can help you save a lot of time 这会节省你很多 ____________________________________(

from well off families 10.Children ____________________ (来自富裕家庭的)have more chances to _______________________________ (国外 go abroad for further education 深造)。

8.throughout prep.
1)(表示地区)遍及, 整个 如: 这家公司的分店遍及全国

The company has branches throughout the country.

It rained throughout the day.


He led a poor life throughout his life.

throughout adv.
1) 整个地,在所有各处,全部

The hill was green throughout.
2) 自始至终,到最后

She remained silent throughout.

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