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【创新设计】2014-2015学年高中英语课时精练:Unit 5 Period 1(北师大版必修二,课标通版)]

Unit 5 Rhythm Period One Lesson 1 Performance (北师大版必修 2,课标通用)
时间:45 分钟 Ⅰ.介、副词填空


1. Canadian singer and song writer,Alanis Morissette,is used to being________the public eye. 2. I hope we will warm it ________in here for you. 3.Her singing was full ________feelings. 4.The first part of the song was filled ________anger. 5.They knew the words and sang along ________nearly every song. 6. ________the end of the three hours, Morissette showed that she was a true perfomer. 7.How did the audience react ________the singer? 8.Your sister is worrying ________the maths test tomorrow. 9.There is a knock________the door. 10. Can you see the bookstore________the other side of the street? 答案 1.in 8.about 2.up 9.at 3.of 4.with 5.to 6.At 7.to


Ⅱ.单词拼写 1. Although the concert hall was cold,the a________could still enjoy the concert. 2.He burnt with________(愤怒) when he saw his car badly painted. 3.They are all famous dancers;no wonder the p________is so wonderful. 4.He didn't appear at the party,which________(使失望) those who were waiting for him there. 5.The speaker made a forceful speech that________(使……印象深刻) everyone. 6.Every school should have a safety________(系统) to keep all the students absolutely safe. 7.The 30yearold singer has a strong fan b______in England. 8.On the Internet any news can quickly spread________(遍及) the world. 9.She played a few songs from her new ________(唱片).

答案 1.audience 2.anger 5.impressed 6.system Ⅲ.语篇填词

3.performance 4.disappointed 9.album

7.base 8.throughout

Canadian singer and song writer,Alanis,is used to being in the public eye.Her most famous ____1____is Jagged Little Pill. Last Thursday night , hundreds of ____2____ went to see her performance in Cambridge.She has a strong fan ____3____in England.There was not an empty seat anywhere in the hall,though it was an ____4____cold night.She gave a creative and ____5____performance in the song“ Utopia”. Although the concert hall was cold and the sound ____6____caused a few problems, the ____7____could still enjoy the concert.____8____the concert,the atmosphere inside the concert hall was extremely exciting.Everyone agreed that they were greatly ____9____by her brilliant music and singing.She was a true ____10____. 答案 1.album 2.fans 3.base 4.extrememly 5.powerful 6.system 7.audience

8.Throughout 10.performer Ⅳ.翻译与仿写


1. Although the concert hall was cold and the sound system caused a few problems, the audience could still enjoy the concert. 翻译:______________________________________________________________ 仿写:尽管他是一个百万富翁,他仍然过着俭朴的生活。 ______________________________________________________________ 2.She finished the evening with a new song about the life of a superstar. 翻译:_______________________________________________________________ 仿写:我们经常用水果来结束午饭。 ______________________________________________________________ 3.Since then she has made several more albums. 翻译:___________________________________________________________ 仿写:从童年时代起,我一直在集邮。 ________________________________________________________________ 4.They knew the words and sang along to nearly every song.

翻译:___________________________________________________________ 仿写:她和着钢琴的韵律唱歌。 _____________________________________________________________ 答案 会。 Although he is a millionaire,he still lives a simple life. 2. 她以一首描写超级巨星的生活的歌曲结束了那晚的演出。 We often finish our lunch with fruits. 3.从那时起,她就开始推出更多的专辑。 Since my childhood,I have been collecting stamps. 4.他们对每首歌的歌词都了如指掌,并可以跟着她唱几乎每一首歌。 She sang to the rhythm of the piano. Ⅴ.单项填空 1.Wait a moment,and I________the door for you. A.will open C.open B.am going to open D.am opening 1.尽管音乐大厅很冷且音响系统也出了点问题,观众们仍然喜爱那场音乐

答案 A [句意: 等一下, 我马上给你开门。 考查句型: 祈使句+and+will do sth。 ] 2.Try________she might,Sue couldn't get the door open. A.if C.since B.when D.as

答案 D [句意:尽管她努力了,Sue 还是无法打开门。根据句意这里需要一个表 示让步意思的词,只有 as 和 though 表示“尽管”时要用倒装。所以选 D。 ] 3.That magazine ________once a month. A.comes out C.comes across B.comes up D.comes in

答案 A [句意: 那个杂志每月出一期。 come out 出版; come up 上升; come across 偶遇;come in 进来。] 4.His speech ________humour.

A.was full with C.was full of 答案 C 充满。]

B.was filled of D.was filled

[句意:他的演讲充满了幽默。考查固定短语:be full of = be filled with

5.In ________ most countries,a university degree can give you ________ flying start in life. A.the;a 答案 D B.the;/ C./;/ D./;a


飞的机会。most countries 此处表示泛指,most 前不加定冠词 the;start 在句中的意 思是“起点”,是可数名词,故选项 D 正确。] 6.It was April 29,2001________Prince William and Kate Middleton walked into the palace hall of the wedding ceremony. A.that B.when C.since D.before 答案 B [考查连词。 在句型 It is+时间+when... 。 该句型中 when 引导时间状语 从句,主语由 it 充当, 表语是具体的时间, 意思是“当……发生的时候, 是……”。 此题易误选 that,如果是 that,应该在 April 29,2001 前面加上 on 构成强调句。] 7.I will get in touch with Charles________I get his address. A.unless B.before 答案 D C.while D.as soon as

[句意:我一有查尔斯的地址就会和他联系。unless 除非;before 在之

前;while 当……的时候;as soon as 一……就。] 8.The composers soon began to write musical dramas about Bible stories________in church. A.to perform C.to be performed 答案 C B.performing D.be performed

[ 句意:不久,作曲家开始写有关《圣经》故事的音乐剧,想在教堂演

出。难点:to be performed 是不定式的被动语态,作定语,修饰 musical dramas。]

9. ________ in my life impressed me so deeply as my first visit to the Palace Museum. A.Anything C.Everything 答案 B B.Nothing D.Something


故宫。此题 nothing...+as/so+形容词或副词+as...结构,意思是“再没有比…… 更……”。A 项是任何事情,C 项是一切事情,D 项是某事。根据句意所以选 B。] 10.Father ________ goes to the gym with us although he dislikes going there. A.hardly B.seldom 答案 C C.sometimes D.never

[根据语境该选 C。句意:爸爸虽不喜欢去体育馆,但偶尔(sometimes)

也去。] 11.He telephoned the travel agency to________three air tickets to London. A.order B.arrange C.take D.book

答案 D [句意:他给旅行社打电话,预定了三张去伦敦的机票。book v.预定, 预约;n.书,书本;order v.订购,叫(菜,饮料,车等);n.顺序,有条理;arrange v.筹划,准备,安排;take v.定期购买,订阅(报刊);book tickets 定票。根据 句意,所以选 D 项。] 12. I'm afraid Mr.Harding________see you now.He's busy. A.can't B.mustn't C.shouldn't D.needn't

答案 A [根据后面“He's busy.”说话者推测“Mr.Harding 一定没有看到你”。 can't 表示“一定没有/不”, shouldn't “不应该”, needn't “不需要”。在情态动词 表示推测中,没有 mustn't 这种表达。] 13.The coffee is wonderful!It doesn't taste like anything I________before. A.was having C.have ever had 答案 C B.have D.had ever had

[句意:咖啡太棒了!不象我曾尝过的任何咖啡。根据时间状语 before

可确定用现在完成时,表示从过去直到目前曾经尝过的咖啡。] 14.Mrs.White showed her students some old maps ________ from the library. A.to borrow C.borrowed 答案 C B.to be borrowed D.borrowing

[句意:Mrs.White 让她的学生看了一些从图书馆借来的旧地图。根据句

意以及句子结构可知此处需要非谓语动词作定语修饰前面的 some old maps。又 some old maps 与 borrow 是被动关系,故排除 A、D。根据句意可知 borrow 这个动 作已被完成,所以选 C。过去分词表示被动、完成,而不定式的被动式表示将来的 被动动作。 15. —Do you enjoy your present job? —________.I just do it for a living. A.Of course C.Not likely 答案 B B.Not really D.Not a little

[句意:——你喜欢你现在的工作吗?—— 不是很喜欢。 我仅仅是为

了生活。 Of course 当然了; Not really 并非是真的; Not likely 不见得; Not a little 非常 。根据语境 “我仅仅是为了生活”可知, 并非是十分喜欢。 Ⅵ.完形填空 After lunch, without permission from parents, the two boys set off to explore the part of the beach which lay beyond the headland(陆岬,伸出海面的尖形高地).They had persuaded their young sister to __1__,saying that the long walk would be too__2__for her.Once they had got in the headland,the beach reached away endlessly before them.It was like __3__a new world.There were damp,dark caves to__4__,there were many __5__among the rocks, full of sea creatures(生物); and, here and there along the beach were those__6__objects,washed up and __7__by the tide. The afternoon passed __8__.The sun was already __9__when the boys reluctantly(恋恋 不舍地) __10__to make their __11__homewards.But long before they reached the headland,they could see that the tide had come in so sudden that they were now

__12__from either end of the beach.Their only chance of __13__was to find a way up the cliff(悬崖) nearby. They soon find a narrow path __14__the cliff top.But half way up their path was __15__by a large rock which they could not climb __16__.The two boys had to __17__at the top of their voices,__18__that someone might __19__over the top of the rock,and finally came their father with two policemen.__20__of them climbed down a rope which was lowered over the rock.The boys were then pulled to safety,and thus saved from spending a miserable night on the cliff. 1. A.keep quiet C.take a rest B.stay behind D.join them

答案 B [从上下文看,A、C、D 不符合,故不选。 ] 2. A.tiring C.uninteresting B.exciting D.impossible

答案 A [上文说劝阻 young sister 不去,只能说 long walk would be too tiring。 ] 3. A.discovering C.enjoying B.facing D.imagining

答案 B [通过上下文看,facing 是作 like 的宾语,表示“面对”的意思。] 4. A.look up C.hide in 答案 B [explore 指探索。 ] 5.A.lakes C.waterfalls B.rivers D.pools B.explore D.search

答案 D [岩石间应是 pools。 ] 6.A.dirty C.strange 答案 C B.light D.clean [two boys 没有见过海里的东西,故选 strange。 ] B.covered D.left

7.A.moved C.beaten

答案 D [被潮水冲上来并留下的东西用 leave。 ] 8. A.quickly C.finally B.unexpectedly D.suddenly

答案 A [quickly 可指时间过的飞快。 ] 9. A.leaving C.going 答案 D [太阳落山用 set。 ] 10. A.forgot C.succeeded B.decided D.turned B.dropping D.setting

答案 B [没有 turn to do 这个搭配,succeed in doing,forget to do 语境不对。 ] 11.A.road B.way C.track D.path

答案 A [make one's road homewards 指找道回家。 ] 12. A.cut off C.held back B.left behind D.put away

答案 A [cut off 切断,割掉。 ] 13. A.running off C.getting away 答案 C B.keeping clear D.turning back

[get away 指逃走, 离开; run off 吓跑, 撵走; turn back 翻回, 打退堂鼓。 ] B.passing D.leading to

14. A.reaching C.going up

答案 D [reach 指到达;lead to 指通向。 ] 15. A.blocked C.stopped B.covered D.filled

答案 A [be blocked 指阻塞。 ] 16.A.on C.round B.over D.through

答案 B [climb over the rock 指爬上岩石。 ] 17.A.shout C.repeat B.shoot D.renew

答案 A [shout at the top of one's voice 指高声地喊。] 18.A.wanting C.believing B.guessing D.hoping

答案 D [hoping 表伴随,希望。 ] 19.A.turn B.appear C.hide D.climb

答案 B [appear 指希望某人出现在岩石上。 ] 20.A.Any B.None 答案 C C.One D.First

[one of them,them 指 their father and two policemen。 ]

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