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2013 届高三一轮总复习考点提升训练英语试题集(二十)
单项选择 21.【2012 届浙江杭州重点高中原创模拟】13. ___________ the consequences of the chemical leaks, the specialists haven’t given final conclusion before they obtain accurat

e statistics. A. With regard to B. As a result of C. In spite of D. In addition to

22.【2012 届江西省六校联考】30. —You ought to have made an apology to Tom yesterday evening. —Yes, I know I __ A.ought to have B.have to __. C.should D.must have

23. It took Susan a long time to ______ a new dress at the store. A. pick out B. pick up C take up D. take out

24.__________ me was that he spoke French so well. A. What astonished C. That surprised B. That astonished D. Which surprised

25. The audience were so____ by his humorous performance that they kept laughing all the time. A. moved C. entertained B. frightened D. shocked

26.He were in hospital for many days. He felt as if he had been _______ from the outside world. A. cut off B. cut in C. cut down D. cut up

27.He has just arrived ,but he talks as if he _____ the result. A.know B. knew C. known D. knows

28. ________, his mother died, leaving the family even more __________. A. Unfortunately; better off C. Unfortunate; worse off B. Unfortunately; worse off D Unfortunately; badly off

29.—Why did she spend so much time searching shop after shop? —Oh, she was very_____ about clothing.


A. special

B. particular

C. especial

D. unusual

30. We were ____that he ______ the strong desire to run away. A astonishing; overcome C. astonish; overcomes B. astonished; overcame D. astonishing; overcame

31.I saw Bob play the piano at John’s party and on that _______ he was simply brilliant. A. scene B. circumstance C. occasion D.situation

32.Could you ______ the children for an hour A support B. observe

while I make supper. D. entertain

C. deliver

33. John’s sister _____ herself with one glass of beer. A. angry B. happy C. content D. pleased

34. His _____ look suggested that he hadn’t expected that result. A. astonishing C. surprising B. astonished D. being astonished

35. ---She didn’t take the medicine last night, did she? --. B. Yes, but I wish she wouldn’t D. No, but I wish she had

A. Yes, but I wish she did C. No, but I wish she would 三、完形填空

We recently treated our now-adult son and his girlfriend to a seafood feast, near Cocoa Beach, Florida. Our server, a grandmotherly woman skilled in the art of___36___, flew around the ___37___juggling dishes and drinks while treating customers as individuals. She remembered their ____38___tastes, likes and dislikes –all of which she’d learned after only the briefest ___39___. At the end of the meal, she presented the bill, and then went to___40___ the growing crowd of other dinners. My husband ___41___with a credit card, added her___42____, and we were off. “Mr. Goldsmith!” our waitress ran out of the dinning room waving a receipt at him, “Thank you. ” He looked at her as though he didn’t __43___. We’ve all seen that

universal__44__ of confusion—eyebrows drawn together and head cocked to one side “What did you give her?” I asked in a stage whisper, ___45___if he had done something __46__ or made a calculation error. “Wow, Dad,” our son said, __47__like an awestruck 10 –year-old. “I’ve never seen a waitress ___48___anyone out of the restaurant to say ‘thank you’ for the tip. “She gave us great service. I just thought she deserved a little bump __49___ what I usually give. ” It wasn’t until later, when I accidentally heard our __50___retelling the

story of the ___51___waitress, that I realized she had given my family something__52__ a “thank you”. She showed our son the importance of __53___hard work and the rewarding sound of “thank you”. Her show of thanks helped a dad earn a bit more __54__from a loving son. And it reminded me just why I __55___this thoughtful, caring man. 36. A. painting B. smiling C. cooking C. corner C. considerable C. conversations C. care for C. carried C. tip C. happen C. attitude C. wondering B. appropriate C. doing C. drive C. above C. colleague C. generous D. serving D. table D. delicious D. debate D. find out D. pushed D. prize D. understand D. face D. expecting C. unfair D. helpful D. imagining D. follow D. within D. parent D. grateful

37. A. restaurant B. sky 38. A. common 39. A. argument 40. A. attend to 41. A. paid 42. A. advice 43. A. doubt 44. A. feeling 45. A. thinking B. special B. discussion B. look for B. called B. suggestions B. suspect B. look B. hoping

46. A. unreasonable 47. A. looking 48. A. help 49. A. except 50. A. son 51. A. excellent B. sounding B. keep B. below B. friend B. skilled

52. A. rather than more than 53. A. devoting 54. A. respect 55. A. trained 三、阅读理解 B. remembering B. sympathy B. refused

B. more than

C. less than



C. acknowledging C. thanks C. left

D. ignoring D. satisfactory D. married


Welcome to my Message Board!
Subject: Slimming down(缩编)classics? Orion Books, which decides there is a market in creating cut-down classics(经典著作), is slimming down some novels by such great writers as L. Tolstoy, M. Mitchell and C. Bronte. Now, each of them has been cut down to about 400 pages by Mr. Handsome 2008-5-12 6: 34 AM cutting 30 to 40 pages percent of original, with words, sentences, paragraphs and, in a few cases, chapters removed. The first six shortened editions, all priced at £6.99 and advertised as great reads “in half the time”, will go on sale next month, with plans for 50 to 100 more to follow. The publishing house believes that modern readers will welcome the shorter versions. Well, I’m publisher of Orion Group. Thanks for your attention, Mr. Handsome. I must say, the idea developed from a game of “shame” in my Mr. Edwards 2008-5-12 9: 40 AM office. Each of us was required to confess(承认)to the most embarrassing blanks in his or her reading. I admitted that I had never read Anna Karenina and tried but failed to get through Gone with the Wind several times. One of my colleagues acknowledged skipping(跳读)Jane Eyre. We realized that life is too short to read all the books you want to and we never


were going to read these ones. As a leading publishing house, we are trying to make classics convenient for readers but it’s not as if we’re withdrawing the original versions. They are still there if you want to read them. I’m director of the online book club www.lovereading.co.uk. Mr. Edwards, I think your shortened edition is a breath of Ms. Weir fresh air. I’m guilty of never having read Anna Karenina, 2008-5-12 because it’s just so long. I’d much rather read two 300-page 11:35 AM books than one 600-page book. I am looking forward to more shortened classics! I’m from the London independent bookshop Corckatt & Powell. In my opinion, the practice is completely ridiculous. How can Mr. Crockatt 2008-5-12 4:38 PM you edit the classics? I’m afraid reading some of these books is hard work, and that is why you have to develop as a reader. If people don’t have time to read Anna Karenina, then fine. But don’t read a shortened version and kid yourself it’s the real thing. 56. According to the message board, Orion Books A. opposes the reading of original classics B. is embarrassed for cutting down classics C. thinks cut-down classics have a bright future D. is cautions in its decision to cut down classics 57. In Mr. Edwards’ opinion, Orion Group is shortening classics to A. meet a large demand in the market C. increase the sales of literary books original versions 58. By describing the shortened classics as “a breath of fresh air”, Ms. Weir . B. make them easier to read D. compete with their . .


A. speaks highly of the cut-down classics classics C. feels guilty of not reading the classics the classics 59. Mr. Crockatt seems to imply that

B. shows her love for original

D. disapprove of shortening


A. reading the classic works is a confusing attempt B. shortening the classics does harm to the original C. publishing the cut-down classics is a difficult job D. editing the classic works satisfies children’s needs 60. How many classics are involved in the massage board? A. Two. B. Five. C. Four. B Suppose that you, a college student of somewhat limited means, are in the market for a used pickup truck. The following ad in a local used car publication catches your eyes. 1993 Ford Ranger, bilk, 4WD,a/c, AM/FM/cass., showroom condition. Call 555-1234 after 5 p.m. This is exactly the kind of vehicle you want, so you call to ask the price. The price you have mentioned over the phone is $2,000 lower than the Price for this model with this equipment listed in a used car guidebook. Instead of being ecstatic (happy), however, you are suspicious (怀疑的). For many products, when you must pay less than the going rate, you believe you are getting a great deal. This is not necessarily the case for used cars or other durable goods (washing machines and television sets, for example) because with expensive products—or, what is essentially the same thing, products with high replacement costs—you must be particularly careful about getting a “lemon (柠 檬),” or a product of substandard(低于标准)quality. In addition to asking the price, the age of a car —or any other consumer durable—is a factor when you are trying to determine whether a seller is attempting

D. Three.

to unload a lemon. While people hold off until they have put many thousands of a car that is “too new” as you would have a car that is “too good” a deal. In fact, you are probably willing to pay a high for a high quality used car. While this price would certainly be acceptable to the seller, the competitive market might not facilitate such trades. 61. The beginning of this passage suggests that college students A. are very clever but not very rich B. are very capable but not very hard-working C. have limited material resources D. are not rich 62. The passage indicates that sometimes when you find a product of an unexpectedly low price, A. you are very happy suspicious C. you feel uneasy filled with happiness as well as surprise 63. “Lemon” in this passage refers to A. fruit B. a kind of new car C. a kind of expensive and high-quality car quality (劣质) 64. It can be concluded from the passage that in the used car market, A. used cars are generally cheap B. used cars are actually expensive C. used cars are actually brand new D. car buyers are willing to pay a high price for a used car C American Watersports Tuesday--Saturday


B. you are rather

D. you are

. kind of


D. a product of inferior


Located on the beach of the Sea Gardens Beach Resort, there are fun things to rent for the whole family. They offer rentals for kayaks, jetskis, and even parasails! Enjoy the water upclose or from a bird's eye view! No matter what activity you're enjoying, be sure to protect yourself and your family from the sun's powerful rays and apply plenty of sun block! 15th Street Boat Company Monday --Saturday 15th Street Boat Company offers rental boats of all kinds. They're sure to have what you are looking for, whether it's a small boat for a quick and simple outing or an extravagent boat with comfortable seats with a stereo(立体声) and high tech navigation(导航). You can rent a boat for half a day, a couple days, or even weeks at a time. If you want it, they've got it. It's fun for everyone! Coconut's Watersports 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Sunday Coconuts Water Sports is open 7 days a week for your convenience and offers tons of water fun for the whole family. Jet ski activities last 30 minutes or 1 hour and can make stops along the way. You must be at least 14 years of age to ride alone and can be as young as 3 to ride along with an adult. Everybody is required to wear a life jacket and a license is required to operate the jet ski. Bathing suits and shorts are recommended. Jet Ski Tours of Miami Thursday-Sunday 10 a.m.-7p.m. Jet Ski Tours of Miami includes onsite parking, indoor restrooms, lockers, and life jackets for participants. You may choose a one or two hour tour and each jet ski can hold up to 3 people. You must be at least 18 years old in order to ride. As long as you are accompanied by an adult, there is no age limitation for any passenger. There is a restaurant nearby to eat at. The tour visits 6 different islands and passes by Bayside and Hard Rock. You may even catch a glimpse of dolphins playing or a manatee resting in these fabulous Florida waters. 65.What activity is convenient for the visitors to have lunch?

A. Jet Ski Tours of Miami C.15th Street Boat Company

B. Coconut's Watersports D. American Watersports

66.To satisfy your son’s curiosity about marine animals, you ___________. A. will rent a boat to ride with him. B. prefer an extravagant (奢侈的) boat with comfortable seats with a stereo. C. would like to prefer American Watersports to Florida waters. D. can choose the tour to Bayside and Hard Rock. 67. If you like to sail a boat, you can________. A. go to the Sea Gardens Beach Resort C. choose Jet Ski Tours of Miami B. visit 15th Street Boat Company D. go to Coconut’s Watersports

68. To ride alone in the jet ski activities, _____________. A. you have to be at least 14 years old. jacket or not. C. you must be over18 years old. B Put on your sunglasses and enjoy the island, the sun and the blue sea. Malta combines (结合) learning English with the Mediterranean way of life: you will have a language course and a great holiday at the same time. Your language course Our school lies in Sliema, only a few meters from the sea, the beach road and cafés. The school is in an old Maltese building. Our teachers use a modern teaching method and you will learn English quickly. Brief information Class size: 10, at most 15 students Minimum (最小) age: 13 Language levels: all Internet access: in the Internet cafe The leisure (休闲) programmes Our school and team leaders organize varied leisure programmes. There will be

B. you can choose to wear a life

D. you have to be with parents.

a welcome party on your first day. You will also take part in beach volleyball, and beach parties. Other activities include: Discos, visit to Popeye Village, Water Park, bowling, cinema, ice skating (different prices). Accommodation Family: You will live in friendly host families that the school has known for years. All families are near the school (20 minutes on foot or by bus). Supervision (监督) Our team of friendly teachers, team leaders and host families will always be there for you. There is also an emergency phone number for parents and students. Dear parents, please note that there are periods of time when your children are unsupervised, for example on the way to school. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have. Please contact us by phone or email. 69.If you want to attend the English course in Malta, you should ______. A. be at least 13 years old C. learn English without the Internet 70. B. have a higher English level D. be watched all the time

Where will you live if you attend the English course in Malta? B. In a local family. D. In Popeye village.

A. In an old Maltese building. C. In a café in Sliema.

71.What information can you get from the passage? A. There are at least 15 students in a class. B. You can take part in any activity for free. C. You will have a good time while learning English. D. It takes you 20 minutes to go to school by bus. 72.The passage is mainly written for ______. A. travelers to Malta C. host families wishing for students C Ad. 1 April fool’s party

B. teachers planning to work abroad D. teenagers learning English

On Friday, April 1, Inner Affair goes back to the days of funk! Classic Tunes from the 70’s and 80’s by DJs Den & Sion. 9pm till late. Tickets: Free entrance for those in costume, otherwise 50 yuan (US$6) Time/date: 9 pm, April 1 Place: Inner Affair, 1/F Qiankun Dasha, 6 Sanlitun Xiliujie, Chaoyang District Tel: 8454? 0321 Ad. 2 Language in use Enjoy free in house coffee, tea and beer as well as music and dancing. Practice your Chinese, make friends and have fun. Time/date: 7 to 9 pm, March 25 Place: Language In Use Club, 2/F, Science Fortune Center, 8 Xueqing Lu, north of Xueyuan Lu, Haidian District Ad. 3 The "worst" party Organized by o zone productions, the party is set to be "the worst ever", with the lamest music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Special prizes will be awarded to the worst dressed or for bad fashion sense. Tickets: Free entrance Time/date: 9 pm, April 1 Place: Pula Pula, Tianze Lu, Oriental Seven Colours Plaza, Chaoyang District Tel: 6466?8575 Ad. 4 La Nuit Francaise Again on the 2nd Thursday of the month La Nuit Francaise will be held at Le Rendez vous. The monthly event is an opportunity for all French people and everyone interested in France or speaking French to gather together. The evening features three glasses of wine and canapes for participants and a special exhibition. Time/date: 7 to 10 pm, April 14

Place: Le Rendez?vous, 3 Gongti Beilu, accross from the Pacific Century Plaza, Chaoyang District Tel: 6462?9110 Ad. 5 Marco V Dutch DJ Marco V drops by Banana for a gig which is supported by Hong Kong’s DJ Spark. Marco V has been around for many years, as an inventive, style blending deejay and a successful and devoted producer. His spinning is energetic, crowd pleasing and never sees an empty dance floor. He was ranked No. 15 in this year’s international DJ MAG DJ Top100. Tickets: 40 yuan (US$4.80) in advance, 50 yuan (US$6) at the door, both include a free drink Time/date: 10 pm to 4 am, March 31, April 1 Place: Banana, in the lobby of the Scitech Hotel, 22 Jianwai Dajie, Chaoyang District Tel: 6528?3636 73.Which of the following is NOT true of Ad. 1 and Ad. 3? A. The two parties will be held on the same day. B. The two parties will be held at the same time. C. The entrance fees of the two parties will not be charged. D. Some old music will be played at the parties. 74. Which of the following is intended for the Chinese learners? A. Marco V. C. Language in use. B. La Nuit Francaise. D. The "worst" party.

75.We can infer that______. A. Marco V is a newly established band B. La Nuit Francaise may be French words C. the "worst" party will attract a lot of college students D. you will enjoy free drink at April fool’s party 五、书面表达 假设你是张华,你收到英国笔友 Bob 的一封电子邮件(见表一) 请根据邮件内容和你 ,

所获得的海报(见表二)所提供的信息,给 Bob 回一封电子邮件。 Dear Zhang Hua, How are you getting on recently? I’m so glad to tell you that I have planned to go to Beijing to study Chinese in my coming holiday. Would you please help me find a Chinese training school, and give me some information about it? Write back soon. Bob (表一) LET’S TALK IN CHINESE Course: Chinese for beginners Time: January 20—February 19 Place: No. 1 Lecture Hall Tuition: 2,000 RMB Fore more information: www.feiyue.org Feiyue Language School (表二) 注意:1. 词数: 100 左右; 2. 可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3. 文章的开头已给出。 Dear Bob, I’m so delighted to learn______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Yours, Zhang Hua


参考答案 21【解析】选 A。考查介词短语辨析。with regard to 意为“关于”;as a result of 意 为“由于…的结果”;in spite of 意为“尽管”; in addition to 意为“除…之外”。 句意为:关于化学泄露所产生的后果,专家在拿到准确的数据之前,还没有给出最后结论。 故选 A。 22【解析】选 A 考查省略用法。在含有 ought to 句子的简略回答中, 表示过去动作的 have 不能省略。 23-24AA 25 解析】 C。 【 选 这里指观众被他滑稽的表演逗乐了。 entertain 使娱乐; move 使感动; frighten 使害怕;shock 使震惊。 26~28ABB 29【解析】选 B。这里指她对衣服很挑剔。be particular about 对……挑剔。 30B 31~32CD

33【解析】选 C。content oneself with“使自己满足于”,这里指使自己满足于一杯啤酒。 angry 生气的;happy 高兴的;pleased 高兴的。 34【解析】选 B。句意:他惊讶的表情暗示出他没想到那个结果。这里的表情体现了他的心 理,故用 astonished。 35D 36-40 DABCA 46-50 ABDCA 65-68 DACBA 41-45 ACDBC 56-60 CBABD 73-75DAB 61-64 DBDA

51-55 DBCAD 69-72 ABAC

One possible version: Dear Bob, I’m so delighted to learn that you’re coming to Beijing to study Chinese. I’ve got some information about foreigners learning Chinese. Here I’d like to recommend you a famous language school—Feiyue Language School. It is reported that such a Chinese training course will satisfy your demands. It starts on January 20 and lasts a month till February 19. It is given on No. 1 Lecture Hall and it’s intended for beginners like you. Besides, the tuition is reasonable. It costs only 2,000 RMB. I think it suits you and you will enjoy it. If you have some more questions, please let me know or just surf www.feiyue.org.

Hope to see you in Beijing soon. Yours, Zhang Hua


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