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Unit2 The United Kingdom
Words and Expressions


Translate in English: 1.be made up of = consist of 2.make sth. clearer or easier to understand=clarify 3.es

cape suddenly from sb. =break away from 4.being useful, easy or suitable for sb.=convenience 5.approximately but not exactly; not smoothly

6.not include or mention sb.or sth in sth. = leave out 7.take one’s place; replace = take the place of 8.stop working = break down 9.plan or organize sth. in advance; put sth. in a particular order = arrange 10.excite = thrill

Language points
1.unite vt./vi.联合,团结 to another. Unite one country ___ United we stand, divided we fall. 团结则立,分裂则亡。 2. consist of : include; be made up of; be composed of 由…组成 consist in: lie in 在于 与…一致/符合/并存 consist with A week consist of seven days. 一星期由七天组成。 Tolerance consists in respecting the opinions of others. 宽容在于尊重别人的意见。 Theory should consist with practice. 理论要与实践并存。

3.divide :划分(把整体分成若干部分) separate : 分隔(把原来连在一起或靠近的分隔开 来,分成独立的个体) divided into five continents. The world is ___________ The grinding machine ________the separates grain from the husk . 碾谷机把米和糠分开。 _____

4. clarify vt. 1)阐明;澄清,(使某事物)清楚易懂 你能把那句话的意思再澄清一下吗?

Can you clarify that statement? 澄清问题 clarify the issue 2)使(液体等)澄清: clarify butter 使黄油纯净

5. accomplish vt.完成,实现,达到 accomplish the purpose 达到目的 accomplish the mission 完成任务 6. conflict n. 冲突, 争执, 矛盾 come into conflict with 和...冲突 in conflict with... 同...相冲突/有抵触/有矛盾

7. break away (from )
挣脱,从……摆脱,打破(陈套等) The prisoner broke away from the guard. break away from conventions 打破常规 break down 出毛病,损坏;拆毁,捣毁(健 康、精神等)垮掉 The telephone system has broken down. break into 强行闯入 break out 突然爆发 break up 分解,解散,终止,结束 break through 突围/破 break in 插嘴,闯入

8.credit 名词 n.信誉[U];银行存款[U];信用,信赖 [U];荣誉,赞扬,功劳[U][(+for/to)];学分 Our international credit is excellent. 我们的国际信誉极好。 How much does he have to his credit? 他存了多少钱? I did not give credit to her story. 我没有相信她的话。 The credit for this invention goes to Mr. Lodge. 这项发明的荣誉属于洛奇先生和他的合作者。 to one’s credit 为…带来荣誉;值得赞扬的是;在…名下

9. convenience n. [c, u] [u] 方便,便利,合宜 1) He thinks only of his own convenience. 2) a library planned for the user’s convenience 3) at one’s convenience 在某人方便的时候 4) for convenience 为了方便 5)suit one’s convenience 方便/适合某人 [c] 便利设施;方便的用具 The house has all the modern conveniences.
It is a convenience to live near the station.

convenient adj. 方便 的,便利的,合宜的(主语不能为人)
be convenient to do … be convenient to/for sb. … 1) Come and see me whenever it is convenient to you . 2) It was not convenient for him to come here now.

3) Will the 3:50 train be convenient for you ?

10. rough adj.粗糙的,表面不平的; 未加工的, 粗制的; 粗 略的,初步的;粗暴的, 粗俗的; 简陋的 1) Her hands were rough with work. 她的双手因工作而变得粗糙。 2) They built a rough model out of sticks and wire. 他们用木条和金属丝做了个粗制的模型。 3) I had a rough idea where the sunk ship lay. 我粗略知道沉船的位置。 4) Martin had a rough manner. 马丁举止粗野。 5)They lived a rough life on a small island. 他们在小岛上过着简陋的生活。

roughly adv. 1)粗糙地,粗略地 2)粗暴地 Do not treat a naughty child rough. 不要粗暴地对待顽皮的孩子。 11. leave out 省去, 不考虑, 遗漏 She left out the date on the cheque. 支票上她漏写了日期。

12.arrange v. 安排;整理;排列;改编→arrangement n. 安排某事 arrange sth. 为某人安排某事 arrange sth. for sb. arrang for sb. to do sth. 安排某人做某事 安排做某事 arrange to do sth. make arrangements for 为…做安排,做准备 I will arrange everything (for you). 我会安排一切的。 I arranged the flowers in the vase as soon as I came back home. 一回到家里,我就把花在花瓶里插好。 Bill arranged for this man to come whenever needed. 比尔安排这人随叫随到。 I have arranged with him to meet at the restaurant. 我和他约好在饭馆见面。

13. delight :n. 高兴,愉快 v. 给人乐趣,使愉快 He laughed with delight. take delight (n.) in = delight (v.) in 喜欢, 嗜好 She take delight in(=delights in) cooking. delighted: adj. 高兴的 be delighted to do sth. I was delighted to be invited to her party. be/feel delighted at/with/by 因…而高兴 delightful: adj. 令人喜悦的,令人快乐的 令某人高兴/ 惊讶/惊恐/失望/震惊的是…… to one’s joy/delight/surprise/horror/disappointment

14.thrill vt. 使激动的,使胆战心惊的,有时 相当 于excite The film thrilled the audience. a thrilling experience thrilling = exciting thrilled = excited

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