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人教版高中英语同步练习:必修4 unit 3 section ⅱ(含答案)

Unit 3 A taste of English humour


Ⅱ Learning about Language 课时精练(人 教版必修 4,课标通用)

Ⅰ.短语填空 react to,in a mess,in a whisper,be amused by,slide into,on this/that occasion,be particular about,in the open air,burst into laughter,pick off 1.His sunburnt face and rough skin suggests he works ________ throughout the year. 2.Her room is ________,which is unexpected to me. 3.A lot of cyber citizens actively ________ our survey about Guo Meimei Event. 4.The audience ________ the humour of Zhou Libo in MR ZHOU LIVE SHOW. 5.We all ________ while watching the baby's funny behaviour. 6.A thief ________the Accountant's Office and stole about 60,000 yuan. 7.She earns only 1,000 yuan a month but ________her clothes. 8.He told me ________that he earned 2,000,000 yuan in a lottery. 9.It took him quite some time to ________ the furs that had stuck to his coat. 10. ________, what attracted me most was her fair skin, her charming hair, her young looking miniskirt,her tall and slim figure. 答案 1.in the open air 2.in a mess 3.reacted to 4.were amused by 8.in a whisper

5.burst into laughter 6.slid into 9.pick off 10.On that occasion Ⅱ.单项填空

7.is particular about

1.With the boy ________ the way,we had no trouble ________ the way ________ to Zhongshan Park. A.leading;finding;leading B.to lead;found;to lead

C.led;finding;led D.leading;found;led 答案 A [考查非谓语动词。句意:有小男孩带路,我们毫不费力就找到了

通往中山公园的路。第一空考查 with 的复合结构,with 的宾语 the boy 和 lead 是主动关系,故用现在分词;have no trouble doing sth 做某事是没有麻烦的; 第三空考查现在分词作后置定语,由于 lead 和 the way 是主动关系,故也用现 在分词。] 2.—Is this the path ________ to the village? —Yes,it is. A.leads 答案 C B.led C.leading D.to lead

[leading to the village=which/that leads to the village,v.ing 形式(现

在分词)用作定语。] 3.Do you know the boy ________ under the big tree? A.lay 答案 D B.lain C.laying D.lying


the boy 和 lie 之间是主动关系,故用现在分词作后置定语。lay 是“放,搁;下 蛋, 产卵”的意思, 其现在分词是 laying。 lie 是“躺”的意思, 其现在分词是 lying。 ] 4.As is known to us all,travelling is ________,but we often feel ________ when we are back from travels. A.interesting;tired C.interesting;tiring 答案 A B.interested;tiring D.interested;tired

[第一个空考查 v.ing 形式(现在分词)作表语;第二个空考查形容词

化的过去分词作表语。interest 和 tire 都是情感动词,其形容词有ing 和ed 两 种形式,其中ing 形式修饰物,ed 形式修饰人。] 5.The bell ________the end of the period rang,________ our heated discussion. A.indicating;interrupting C.indicating;interrupted 答案 A B.indicated;interrupting D.indicated;interrupted


打断了我们激烈的讨论。 the bell 和 indicate 是主动关系,故用现在分词作后 置定语,第二空是现在分词作结果状语。]

6.(2013· 石家庄高一检测)I was really anxious about you.You ________ home without a word. A.mustn't leave C.couldn't have left 答案 B.shouldn't have left D.needn't leave

B [考查情态动词+have done 的用法。句意:我真的非常担心你。你

本不该一句话不说就离开家。shouldn't have done 本不该做某事但实际上做了。 A 项是表示禁止做某事;C 项表示不可能做但做了;D 项表示不必做某事。] 7.I'd like to give my thanks to all of you on this special ________. A.atmosphere C.instruction 答案 B B.occasion D.tradition


occasion“ 时 机 ; 场 合 ” , on this occasion“ 在 这 个 场 合 下 ” , 符 合 题 意 。 atmosphere“气氛”;instruction“说明;指导”;tradition“传统”。] 8.(2013· 太原高一检测)The old man sat in his rocking chair,________ himself by listening to Beijing Opera. A.interesting 答案 C B.admiring C.amusing D.inspiring

[句意:老人坐在摇椅中,听着京剧自娱自乐。amuse 动词“逗乐,

使某人愉快”。此处为现在分词作伴随状语。] 9.One common ________of UFOs is that they are just lights of planes in the sky. A.observation C.origin 答案 D B.curiosity D.explanation [考查名词词义。句意:对不明飞行物的一个普遍解释是那只是天

空中的飞机发出的光。explanation“解释;说明”,符合题意。observation 观察; curiosity 好奇心;origin 起源。] 10.(2013· 商丘高一检测)In order not to let the others hear what he said,he ________ the news to me. A.shouted C.whispered 答案 C B.told D.said


告诉了我,所以用 whisper,指“耳语;低声说”。其他选项不合句意。]

11.(2013· 泰安高一检测)—How did he ________the punishment he was given for his cruel conduct? —No reaction at all.He knew unkindness often reacts upon the unkind person. A.respond with C.respond for 答案 B B.react to D.react against

[ 考查动词短语辨析。 respond with“ 答复;以 …… 回应 ” ; react

to“对……作出反应”;respond 作动词时常与 to 搭配,表示“对……起反应”; react against“反对;反抗”。根据句意选 B。] 12.(2013· 徐州高一检测)The road became so slippery after rain that several cars ___ sideways into the ditch. A.slide C.slid 答案 C B.sliding D.slides [考查 slide 的时态。 从句中 became 可看出本句时态为一般过去时。

slide 的过去式为 slid。所以选 C。] 13.Once _______ in the forest,you ought to remain ______ you are waiting for help. A.losing;where C.lost;there 答案 D B.losing;there D.lost;where


林中迷路,你应该待在等待求助的地方。be lost in.../lose oneself in...“在?? 迷路”;where 引导表语从句。] 14.(2013· 蚌埠高一检测)Although my son is four years old,his room is always ________,which always makes my wife angry. A.in good order C.in order 答案 B B.in a mess D.in research


得乱七八糟的,这总使我妻子生气。in good order 和 in order 都表示整洁、干 净、有序的意思;in a mess 乱七八糟;in research 搜寻,查找。] 15.(2013· 新余高一检测)My brother likes eating very much and he isn't very ______ about the food he eats. A.special B.particularly

C.particular 答案 C



be particular about 对……挑剔;A、D 两项不与 about 搭配;B 项为副词,不 能选。故选 C。] Ⅲ.完成句子 1.他为了买一件衬衣而花费这么长时间在店铺中搜索的原因是他对着装特别挑 剔。 The reason why he spent so much time searching shops for a shirt was that he ________ ________ ________ ________ his clothes. 2.你妈妈对这个消息的反应怎么样? How did your mother ________ ________ the news. 3.我的滑稽的图画把孩子们给逗乐了,于是他们也想试一试。 My funny drawing ________ ________ ________ and they wanted to have a try. 4.妈妈小声对我们说:“安静!你们的小妹妹正在睡觉。” Mom ________ ________ ________ ,“Be quiet!Your little sister's sleeping.” 5.凯特难过的原因是她在教室里滑倒了。 The reason why Kate was upset was that ________ ________ in the classroom. 答案 1.was very particular about 5.she slid 2.react to 3.amused the children

4.whispered to us Ⅳ.完形填空

Charlie Chaplin was the first international star of the modern era.He was especially beloved for his Little Tramp__1__.He was the first screen artist to write,__2__ and perform in his own films;in fact,__3__,Charlie Chaplin even wrote the music for his movies.He was also the first artist to use his work to pass a __4__ of equality and justice for all—__5__ for the “little guy”.Charlie Chaplin's career and life made __6__

the first global icon(偶像);his toosmall hat,his too large shoes and his trademark moustache were instantly __7__by audiences from Chicago to China, from Iowa City to India.And they __8__ are today.All of these make Charlie Chaplin the first citizen of our global village. Chaplin,a native of London,was born in __9__ on April 16,1889 to music hall performers.Chaplin only saw his __10__ twice until the age of seven.The man __11__ him and his mother about a year after Chaplin was __12__.During Chaplin's earliest years,his mother was a(n) __13__ and performer.Then her voice gave out,her stage career __14__, and she began actively __15__ Church of England services.At the age of __16__,Chaplin's mother was considered as the insane and sent to Cane Hill lunatic asylum(疯人院),and the __17__ sent Charlie and his brother to live with his father, __18__ had by then stopped all payments of child support. Charlie Chaplin lived with his father only a short time __19__ his mother was released from the lunatic asylum and then __20__Charlie and his brother,to live with her once again. 1.A.character C.personality 答案 A B.behaviour D.gentleman

[卓别林因其扮演“小流浪汉”的角色而深受大家喜爱。 此处 character

指“角色”,符合句意。 behaviour 意为 “行为;举止”;personality 指 “个性”; gentleman 意为“绅士”。] 2.A.act 答案 C B.shoot C.direct D.edit

[ 卓别林以其自编、自导、自演出名,句中提到了 write( 编剧 ) 和

perform(演出),所以 direct(导演)符合逻辑。act 和 perform 都可指“表演”;edit 意为“编辑”,shoot 可指“拍摄”,都与上下文不符。] 3.A.in case of C.in case 答案 D B.in this case D.in some cases [in some cases 指“在某些情况下”或“有时”。in case of 意为“假设,

万一”;in this case 意为“既然这样”;in case 意为“万一”。] 4.A.possibility C.culture 答案 B.message D.promise

B [pass a message 指传递信息; possibility 意为“可能性”; culture 意为

“文化”;promise 意为“允诺”。] 5.A.generally 答案 C B.widely C.especially D.totally

[卓别林在电影中传达了一种平等和正义的信息, especially(专门 )

面向小人物。] 6.A.him 答案 A B.them C.us D.it

[全文谈卓别林的生平、 事迹, 他成为人们的偶像, 所以应该选 him,

前后逻辑一致。] 7.A.believed C.realized 答案 8.A.really 答案 C B.recognized D.known

B [他的小帽子,肥大的鞋子和标志性的小胡子为观众所“认可”。] B.always C.still D.ever

[用 still 指前面提到的内容在今天仍然被人们接受。] B.luck C.poverty D.peace

9.A.happiness 答案 C

[通过下文看出卓别林的童年是贫困的。] B.teacher C.mother D.father

10.A.brother 答案 D

[根据下文可以看出是他父亲,后面讲他和妈妈一起生活。] B.left C.loved D.expected

11.A.taught 答案 12.A.born 答案 A

B [上文提到只见过其父亲两次说明其父亲“离开”了他们。] B.young C.ill D.old


出生后一年左右。] 13.A.actor 答案 D B.artist C.dancer D.singer

[通过下文“her voice gave out”推断,她应该是一名歌手。] B.began C.broke D.continued

14.A.ended 答案 A

[根据上文看出其演艺生涯结束了。] B.working C.joining D.asking

15.A.attending 答案 16.A.eight 答案 A

[attend 意为“出席,参加,参与”。] B.seven C.nine D.ten

B [从第 10 空所在位置的句子,可以看出是在他七岁的时候。] B.police C.family D.court




[四个选项中只有法庭有权力让他父亲再抚养他们。] B.what C.he D.who

18.A.which 答案 19.A.then 答案 C D

[此处是非限制性定语从句,先行词为人,所以用 who。] B.when C.before D.until


出院前,他们是和爸爸在一起。] 20.A.took away C.took apart 答案 B.picked up D.brought up

B [pick up 指“接走”。take away 指“取走”;take apart 意为“拆开,粗暴

对待”;bring up 意为“教育,培养”。根据句意选 B。] Ⅴ.根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两 项为多余选项。 What makes one person more intelligent than another?What makes one person a genius,like the brilliant Albert Einstein,and another person a fool?Are people born intelligent or stupid,or is intelligence the result of where and how you live?__1__ We know,however,that just being born with a good mind is not enough.In some ways,the mind is like a leg or an arm muscle.__2__Mental exercise is particularly important for young children.Many child psychologists think that parents should play with their children more often and give them problems to think about.__3__If,on the other hand,children are left alone a great deal with nothing to do,they are more likely to become dull and unintelligent. __4__According to some psychologists,if parents are always tellling a child that he or she is a fool or an idiot,then the child is more likely to keep doing silly and foolish things.So it is probably better for parents to say very positive things to their children,such as“That was a very clever thing you did.”or“__5__” A.A healthy body contributes to one's intelligence. B.Parents should also be careful about what they say to young children. C.What people want to express is like this. D.The children are then more likely to grow up bright and intelligent. E.It needs exercise.

F.You are such a smart child. G.These are very old questions and the answers to them are still not clear. 答案 1.G 2.E 3.D 4.B 5.F

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