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【步步高 学案导学设计】2014-2015学年高中英语(外研版,必修4)课时作业:Module 6 Period 2

Period Two

Language Points

Ⅰ.语境填词 1.Recently there has been a ________ (急剧的) decline in interest in gardening throughout the town. 2.It’s said that a sea ________ (怪物) a

ppears in the lake now and then. 3.They’re very ________________ (神秘的) about their holiday plans. 4.The young scientist is ________________ (怀疑的) about the theory raised by the authority. 5.He stayed under water for two minutes,and then swam to the ________________ (表面). 6.She ________________(声称) she knew the truth. Ⅱ.选词填空 be covered with;get close to;be sceptical about;out of place;come into sight;make a claim on 1.The Changbai Mountain ________________ snow all the year round. 2.Really,I ________________ their professed sympathy for the poor. 3.Only when you ________________ the flower can you smell its sweet. 4.Never put your books on the floor.You know,they’re ________________. 5.The fog died away and the mountain in the distance gradually ________________. 6.They ________________ the insurance for the stolen luggage. Ⅲ.同义词辨析 1.用 claim,declare 或 announce 的适当形式填空 (1)The U.S. ________________ war on England in 1812. (2)Both sides ________________ that the other side didn’t obey the peace agreement. (3)With this extra evidence John Snow was able to ________________ with certainty that polluted water carried the disease. (4)You can ________________ your money back if the goods are damaged. 2.用 calm,quiet,still 或 silent 填空 (1)Hearing the bad news,she still remained ________. (2)Keep ________,please.The speaker is coming. (3)Last night he saw a ________ film. (4)He stood there ________,except his lips were slightly moving. (5)She has always lived a ________ life. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.—Do be careful in the forest.Some animals may________people. —OK.I’ll remember it in heart. A.dislike B.destroy C.attempt D.attack 2.No group________that they were responsible for the bomb explosion. A.claimed B.cleared C.explained D.spoke 3.Without real photos of the monster,we are________about its existing. A.sure B.certain C.sceptical D.doubt 4.They climbed across the mountain________snow. A.covers with B.covered with C.covering with D.having covered with 5.Who were the socalled guests ________ to your party last night? A.inviting B.invited C.to be invited D.being invited 6.According to the shopping list,________a dozen socks.


A.there seems to be B.there seem to be C.there seem to have D.it seems to be 7.At the________news,the________boy couldn’t move or cry. A.frightening;frightening B.frightened;frightened C.frightening;frightened D.frightened;frightening 8.I seem________him somewhere before. A.seeing B.to be seeing C.to have seen D.having seen 9.The monster is described ________a________ animal. A.as;greenishblack B.like;greenishblack C.like;greenblack D.as;greenblack 10.It seems that it is ________ to rain,so take the umbrella with you. A.like B.likely C.unlike D.unlikely Ⅴ.阅读理解 This natural wonder’s extraordinary beauty let the U.S. government create the world’s first national park.For a young country just coming of age in the early 1800’s,the discovery of Yellowstone helped explain America’s character with its wonderful landscape. Today , Yellowstone’s identity( 身 份 )is closely connected with its powerful , natural geysers(喷泉) such as the ever present:Old Faithful.Old Faithful erupts about every 85—87 minutes.It’s 130—140 feet tall,and it’s attractive. The unbelievable geysers and picture postcard landscape brought Yellowstone its fame.But today , its wildlife population is just as popular.The most arguable of these is Yellowstone’s wolf population.Until recently,the wolf almost disappeared. This world has been filled with killing wolves.We have been killing wolves for centuries, probably for thousands of years.Afraid that the wolves would threaten their livestock(家畜), government bounty hunters in the early 1900’s killed Yellowstone’s grey wolves for the price of fifteen dollars a head.They were hunted to near dying out.It would be almost a century before an effort would begin to reverse this damage. In 1995,Yellowstone’s wolf population was almost gone,so Douglas Smith (Yellowstone’s Wolf Preservation Project leader) went to Canada to catch fourteen of the animals in an effort to revive Yellowstone’s wolf population.Douglas said,“Catching a wolf is a tough thing to do.And there’s nothing more exciting than flying over a wolf in a helicopter.You throw a net over them,they get tied up,and then you go up and calm them.When you move a wolf from one place to another,they try and get back home.We held them for about ten weeks inside the pens.” One of the transplanted wolves in particular has had a lot to do with the park’s wolf repopulation.This wolf, a female known as No.9, is one of the park’s top breeders, and 70% of the wolves born in the park today have her genes.Wolves are now the marquee(招牌)animal in Yellowstone.Many people said it was a lifetime experience seeing a wolf in the wild in Yellowstone. For encouraging the vision(眼力) to preserve one of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders,Yellowstone lands at number six on our list. 1.The United States built the Yellowstone,because it wanted to ________. A.develop the tourism B.keep the natural beauty C.protect the wolves D.build a world natural wonder

2 . The underlined word “bounty” in the fourth paragraph most probably means “________”. A.禁令 B.取消 C.允许 D.悬赏 3.From the passage we can know that ________. A.the geysers are fountains that can erupt very often and are attractive B.the wolves were killed before because of their threat to livestock C.with people’s efforts,the number of the wolves can resume soon D.Yellowstone is the most beautiful natural wonder 4.It is implied in the sixth paragraph that ________. A.the number of the wolves in the Yellowstone park is very large B.the wolves are the most attractive natural wonder of the park C.the wolf,No.9,came to the Yellowstone park relatively early D.many people said they were very happy to see the wolves here 5.The best title of this passage can be ________. A.Wolves in Nature B.Yellowstone and the Wolves C.Yellowstone D.Save the Wolves of Yellowstone likely 和 unlikely 都是形容词,不能用于 It’s likely/unlikely for sb. to do sth.这一结构。 但 possible 和 probable 可以。另外,be (un)likely to do 的主语应是具有实际意义的人或 物。 1.It’s possible/probable for him to finish the work on time. 对他来说是有可能按时完成这项工作的。 2.It’s too late.She is unlikely to come. 太晚了,她不可能来了。 3.It’s raining outside.It’s unlikely that he’ll come. 外面下着雨,他不可能来了。


Period Two

Language Points

Ⅰ.1.sharp 2.monster 3.mysterious 4.sceptical 5.surface 6.claimed Ⅱ.1.is covered with 2.am sceptical about 3.get close to 4.out of place 5.came into sight 6.made a claim on Ⅲ.1.(1)declared (2)claimed (3)announce (4)claim [(1)claim 通常指并没有证据的“宣称”。 (2)declare 一般指在正式场合“宣布”官方的立场或态度等。 (3)announce 泛指“宣布”某一消息或某事预示着??的到来。] 2.(1)calm (2)quiet (3)silent (4)still (5)calm [(1)calm 常指天气无风、海面无海浪;心情平静、无忧虑。 (2)quiet 指人时表示生性安静、不易激动;用于环境时指没有干扰活动、没有喧闹声的寂 静状态。 (3)still 可以指环境的安静;也可以指姿势保持一动不动。 (4)silent 寂静的,沉默的;不发音的,多指人默不作声,也可指字母“不发音的”。] Ⅳ.1.D [句意为:——在森林里一定要小心。一些动物可能会攻击人。 ——好的,我会 谨记在心的。attack 攻击,袭击,符合句意。dislike 不喜欢;destroy 毁灭,破坏;attempt 企图,试图。] 2.A [句意为:没有组织声称他们为这次炸弹爆炸事件负责。claim 宣称,声称,符合 句意。clear 作动词时,意为清除,使……清楚;explain 解释;speak 发言。] 3.C [句意为:没有怪物的真实照片,对于它的存在我们持怀疑态度。 be sure/certain of/about...对……确信, 有把握; doubt 怀疑, 但不能作形容词, 均不合句意。 be sceptical about 怀疑某事,符合句意。] 4. B [covered with snow 作定语修饰 mountain, 相当于 which was covered with snow。 ] 5.B [guests 和 invite 之间为逻辑上的被动关系,故应用过去分词表示被动。C 项表示 将来被动;D 项则表示被动进行。由 last night 可知选 B 项。] 6.B [表示“有”时,要用 there be 结构,而本句的主语是 socks,故选 B 项。] 7.C [frightening 令人害怕的,一般修饰物;frightened 害怕的,一般修饰人。] 8.C [seem 后接不定式,由句意知 see 的动作已经完成,故用 to have seen。] 9.A [describe...as...把……当作……描述;greenishblack 黑绿色。] 10.B [be likely to do...可能做……。] Ⅴ.1.B [细节理解题。 由文章首句可知是黄石无与伦比的美丽使得美国政府决定建立黄石 国家公园。] 2.D [词义猜测题。根据上下文语义“唯恐狼群威胁到家畜,政府悬赏猎人去杀死狼,并 以每头 15 美元的价格收购”可知选 D 项。] 3. B [细节理解题。 根据文章第四段第三句中“Afraid that the wolves would threaten their livestock”可知人们担心狼群对家畜的危害是杀死狼的原因,故 B 项正确。由第二段可以看出 geyser 是间歇喷泉,所以 A 项错误;由第六段最后一句人们一生难得在黄石公园见一次狼可 知狼数量还相当少,所以要恢复至原来的数目还需要很久,故 C 项错误;最后一段说黄石公 园位列世界第六大自然景观,故 D 项错误。] 4.C [推理判断题。由第六段第二句可知黄石公园的狼群有 70%的狼有 No.9 的基因, 即 No.9 这只狼到黄石公园是比较早的。] 5.B [标题归纳题。通览全文可知,文章既涉及了黄石公园又涉及了黄石公园的狼群, B 项可以概括全文的意思。]


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