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MODULE 1 Europe欧洲

MODULE 1 Europe 欧洲 PARIS 巴黎 Paris is the capital and largest city of France, Seine. It is one of the most beautiful (位于) on the River (超

(城市) in the world and is visited by

过)eight million tourists every year . The most popular place for tourists is the Eiffel Tower, the famous s of Paris . One of the world's largest art galleries,the Louvre,is also l its restaurants, cafes and theatres. About in

Paris . The city is also famous


二)of France's artists and writers live in Paris . BARCELONA 巴塞罗那 Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain and the northeast coast, about five hundred kilometers One of Barcelona's most famous l designed by an architect (位于)

(东部)the Spanish capital,Madrid.

is the Church of the Sagrada Familia, which was (call)Antonio Gaudi. Gaudi (从事)the project from

1882 until his death in 1926. The church


FLORENCE 佛罗伦萨 Florence is an Italian city which became famous because of the Renaissance, a great artistic movement which began in the 1300s and lasted for three hundred years . During the Renaissance, some of the greatest painters worked in Florence. Many of Florence's most beautiful paintings and s by great artists (终生)lived and were produced

(比如)Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Florence is visited each

year by about a million tourists who come to see the art galleries,churches and museums . The Uffizi Palace is the most famous art g A T HENS 雅典 Athens,the capital of Greece, western c in the city. (作为。 。著名)the birthplace of

. Two thousand four hundred years ago,it was the world's most powerful city .

Buildings such as the Parthenon on the Acropolis Hill were built during this period . Greece's best writers lived in a Athens . Their work (影响)other writers ever since.

Module 2 Developing and Developed Countries 发展中国家与发达国家 The Human Development Report 人类发展报告 In the year 2000,147 world leaders agree to work together to reduce p earlier. (从这个协议)came the Human Development Report . Index. This a country's by 2015 or

One of the most important sections of this report is the Human D examines the (achieve) of 175 countries . The Index m

achievements in three ways:life e (收入). The index has some surprises. Norway is

(how long people usually live),education and

(在 顶部)the list,while the US is

at number 7. The other top five countries are:Iceland (2), Sweden (3), Australia (4), the Netherlands (5) . The UK is in the thirteenth p ,while China is (在。 。

中间) the list. The bottom ten countries are all African countries,with Sierra Leone (in West Africa) (在。 。中间) the list. The report describes eight Development G 1)reduce poverty and hunger; 2) (确保) that all children have education (直到) the age of 11; . The most important goals are to:

3)fight AIDS and other diseases; 4) improve the environment of poor people, e. g. make sure they have safe 用水) ; 5)encourage (develop)countries to give more help to other countries . (饮

The 2003 Human Development Report gives examples of successful development . For example, in nine years(1953-1962),China increased life e (在过去的几年里)in China, 150 million people challenges are still great. Every day 799 million people in by 13 years. (脱贫) . However, the (develop) countries are

hungry. Over half of these are in South Asia or Africa. Although more than 80% of children in developing countries go to primary school, about 115 million children (educate) .

(超过) 1 billion people in developing countries do not drink safe water. However, in other r drink. The report shows that we 出更多努力) of the world, e. g. Eastern Europe,water is now mostly safe to (取得进步) but that we nee (付

Although developed countries give some more.

(finance) help, they need to give much

(Interest), the countries that give the most money are the Netherlands, countries in the world, so it is

Norway and Sweden. These are among the five r that they should do so.

MODULE 3 The Violence of Nature 自然的暴行
What Is a Tornado? A tornado is a most them o (rotate) column of air from a t to the ground. The

(violence) have winds of more than 400 kilometres per hour. Almost all of in the US, in the area from Texas in the southeast to South Dakota in the north . (卷起)cars, trains and even houses and the fur them in the next

Tornadoes can

street--or even in the next town. They can

(脱掉)the back of a cat and inside

the feathers off a chicken. They can destroy houses, but leave the f exactly . (平均) , there are 800 tornadoes in the US each year, deaths and 1,500 (injury). The worst tornado of all time o

(cause) about 80 in 1925,

(affect)three US states: Missouri,Illinois and Indiana. By the time it ended, more than 700 people (kill)and 2,700 had been injured.

What Is a Hurricane? Hurricanes are strong t storms, and they usually occur in the southern Atlantic

Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico . There are (violence)winds of 120 kilometres per hour or more, which cause huge waves, heavy rain and f east c . There are on average six Atlantic hurricanes each year and they usually affect the of the US from Texas to Maine.

The worst hurricane disaster of all time occurred on the 8th September 1900 in Galveston, Texas . Winds of 200 kilometers per hour and five-metre high waves d buildings . An Extraordinary Even This is a story about the 1900 Galveston hurricane. Charles Coghlan was a nineteenth-century Irish actor who went to live in Canada. He then moved to New York, Galveston, Coghlan he became famous. By the late 1890s, he (move) to killed 6,000 people in a population of 37,000 and (hit) the city. The (destroy)3,600

he died in 1899, a year before the hurricane s

. The cemetery where (终

( bury) was destroyed by the hurricane and Coghlan's coffin

结)in the sea. Eight years later, the coffin (find) by fishermen in the sea near his home on Prince (carry) it 3,000 kilometres up

Edward Island in the east of Canada. The Gulf Stream

the eastern US coast to Prince Edward Island . Coghlan travelled back to Canada--after he (bury)in Texas!

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