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My favourite writer—Lu Xun
Lu Xun is my favourite writer. He is one of the most famous writers in China. He wrote a lot of literary works. He was thin and not tall. He always wore a long old coat in that time. At first, he wanted to be a doctor and save peop le?s lives. So he learned medicine, but later he found the Chinese were in sensitive when they faced the oppression of th eir enemies. So he began to write articles to wake the people up. Lu Xun wrote some famous novels, he attacked the social mores in that time, and in his works, many persons were kno wn very well, such as “Ah Q”“Kong Yi ji”. I like Lu Xun because I also want to be a great writer like him. I like reading and writing, and I often write some articl es in my free time. Though I don?t have good literary talent or a large vocabulary, I spend lots of time reading and writi ng to improve my writing skills. Lu Xun is my hero, I will learn more from him. I believe I can be a great writer like him in the future.

My Dreams
I want to be a teacher when I listen to my teacher carefully. I think I can be a teacher when I grow up. I can help many students learn things well. I can play with my students, too. So we are good friends. I want to be a doctor when I see many doctors save their

patients. To be a doctor is really great. I think I can be a doctor when I grow up. Then I can help many people out of danger. I will be the happiest girl in the world. I want to be a reporter when I watch TV every evening. We can get lots of important information

from them. They make the world smaller and also make us happy. I would like to be a reporter when I grow up. And I can learn a lot about China and the other countries around the world. I can meet many superstars as well. can come true one day, because there?s an old saying “where there is a will, there is a way.” I have lots of dreams. I think my dreams

My Lifestyle
Different people have different lifestyles. They do the same things from morning to evening every day. Usually, they write their plans on paper. But sometimes they remember what things they will do in their minds. I also have my own lifestyle. It is wonderful! I get up early on weekdays, and do the school things then. But at the weekend, I never get up early. I sometimes stay in bed until lunchtime. One day, I stayed in bed very late. It was a weekday. The clock rang. It was six thirty. But I didn?t hear it. I stayed in bed until seven o?clock. I looked at the clock and jumped from the bed to the floor. I was afraid, “Oh, my God, I will be late.” I shouted. So I didn?t have breakfast. I put on my shoes and took a taxi to the school. I was in good luck that day. I wasn?t late for school. I was pleased that time. I think I should get up earlier on weekdays or I will be late. I believe you get up earlier on weekdays. Best wishes for you.

An Unforgettable Challenge
When I was ten years old, I began to chat with foreigners. But I was very shy. Gradually, I became more and more confident with foreigners? help. The following year, I went to Yangzhou with two foreigners. I became their guide. First, we came into the Shouxi

River. They wanted to look around the river by boat. I told them the price. Then we got into the boat. When we looked out at the sight, we all felt very beautiful. After that, they went to buy souvenirs. The sellers couldn?t speak English. Though it was very hard, I tried my best to listen to their words carefully and translate the sentences. They bought some souvenirs with my help. Next, we went to a small zoo, and we took some photos. There were not many animals. When we felt hungry, we went out and had lunch. After lunch, we visited some old houses. They learned more about Chinese history.

This wasn?t only a big challenge but also an unforgettable challenge. This opportunity made me confident and brave. catch many opportunities in the future, then I can speak English, because I think practice makes perfect.

I hope I can

An English Test
English is one of the most important subjects. I like English very much. However, I am not good at English because I always make some mistakes in the English test. It was the time for an English test yesterday. Our English teacher, Emmy, came into the classroom with some test papers under her arm. She wore a smile on her face, and then she said, “OK. The test will begin. I hope that you will try your best to do it well. If you are careful enough, you will get a good result.” At first, I felt a little nervous. But when I heard her words, I calmed down. I said to myself, “I can do better than before.” At the beginning of the test, I came across some difficult problems. I did not know what to do. I was very worried. I kept saying to myself, “I must calm down. Then I can work them out.” A few minutes later I worked these problems out. I felt very happy. Then I went on working on my test. Thirty minutes later, I finished my test. I thought I could get more than 97 points for this test because the questions were not very hard. But when I saw my points, I couldn?t believe my eyes. I only got 93 points. I was very surprised. I made some careless mistakes in the English test. I thought hard but I only got 93 points. There are two reasons. Firstly, although I worked hard, I didn?t work hard enough. Other students work harder than I did. Secondly, I wasn?t careful enough. I am a careless girl. I think if I can become a careful girl, I will get more points. I believe I can. I will try my best to learn English well.

My Favourite Writer---Guo Jingming
Guo Jingming is a famous writer in China. I think all the students have known him. He is also my favourite writer. He was born in 1983. He has published many books, such as “Visionary”,” The Summer Still Doesn?t Come”…These books are very touching. I often cry and shed bitter tears while I am reading his books. I thought he was a pessimistic person but now I think he is sensational person. He doesn?t want to grow up judged by this. I think he is pure and naive. Although he is a writer, he studies well. I admire him very much. His words are common, but they make people feel quite close to him. a writer like him when I grow up. I hope he can write better articles and I want to be

Go Out To Travel
I went to three cities to play during last summer holidays. They are Beijing, Dalian and HuHehot. I went to Beijing more than eight times. Beijing is the capital of China. It?s a big city. I am very familiar with Beijing. It takes an hour and forty minutes from Nantong to Beijing by plane. There are many tall buildings in Beijing. It?s a modern city. My family visited the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Palace Museum, the Beihai Park, the Space Museum, etc. I went to the countryside of Beijing to go boating and fishing. It was very interesting. I went shopping in WangFuJing. I bought lots of souvenirs and other things. I like eating Beijing snacks. They are delicious. Don?t miss Beijing Duck. It is really nice. Dalian is a beautiful city. Dalian is close to Beijing. I spent 5o minutes on the

plane. Dalian is near the sea. I smelled the salt in the air. The roads are clean. There are lots of trees and flowers near the roads. There are many esplanades and Japanese buildings. There are some fountains in one of the esplanades. Some people flew kites and walked on the esplanades. We went to see the beach and the sea. The sea is blue. There were many swimmers in the sea. I lay on the beach to see the sky. Dalian is a very nice place to live in. Huhehot is in Inner Mongol. There are lots of large grasslands. The grasslands are

endless. The sky is bright blue. There were a lot of horses and sheep. They were running or eating grass. I rode a horse on the grassland. I picked some colourful flowers. We drank tea with milk. There is a small desert, it was very hot when I walked on it. The sand could sing. These trips helped me open my eyes. I enjoyed my day.

Wenbo---A Brave Gril
Wenbo is a girl from Hangzhou, China. I knew her in Singapore last summer holiday. She studied in Singapore and she was the top student in her class. She came first in the final. He hair is short and eyes are bright. She likes reading so she has poor eyesight. She wears a pair of glasses with black edges, like a boy. I admire her because of her character, very frank and outspoken. Her classmates were often offered by her. But she doesn?t care what her classmates think of her. As I knew her better and better, I found that Wenbo had a good sense of humor and she is fond of Jay Zhou as well. Her desk was covered with Jay?s pictures. She likes

singing any time she likes.

Her parents work in the government of Hangzhou. She went abroad alone. Now, Wenbo studies in

Canada. When I e-mailed her to ask if she felt lonely and strange, she said certainly no and she would adapt herself to a new environment; besides, there are lots of Chinese students in her new school. You see, what a brave and optimistic girl!

How To Learn English Well
English is important in the modern world. It is spoken all over the world. But a few students don?t learn English well. S o they want to drop English. I suggest that you shouldn?t give up English, because English is used in many countries as the first or second language. Most business letters are written in English. It is helpful for you to work in the future. If y ou don?t know English, you will fall behind others in future. How can you learn English well? First, you should persevere. It?s true that English is sometimes really very difficult for us. But if you have a good method of learning, I think you will be good at it. Both English listening and speaking are t he most difficult for almost every beginner. Sometimes, it seems impossible to learn. But I think if you do a lot of practi ce, you will make progress, you should speak more and listen more often. You?d better speak English with your classmat es as often as possible not only in class but also out of class. I advise you to buy a radio, so you can listen to some E nglish programmes over the radio. Then you will travel in the world of English.If you do that, you?ll be able to learn En glish well easily, and you?ll like English very much. I hope all of you will become good at English step by step.

My Favourite Season
The climate in our country is very pleasant. It?s always warm in spring, hot in summer and cold in winter. My favourite season is autumn, because it?s always warm in September and October. It?s often cold in November. It?s cer tainly interesting. The other reason is the days are short and the nights are long. The sun rises late and sets early. I can do my favourite things in the evening. Autumn is a harvest season. I can make great progress in autumn. I like the golden season, and you?

Dont Waste Water
请看下面的这幅漫画,再联想实际生活,写一篇短文,词数 120 左右。题目:Don?t Waste Water

Don't Waste Water A man is washing his clothes ,regardless of the notice above "Save the Water Please." As we see ,water is the source of life. But there is very limited available water resources in our world. So we shouldn't waste it. Of course, we have to use it to drink, cook, wash, clean and etc. But we must remember not to use it extravagantly. If we didn't stop such wasteful habits, we would cut off the development of the world and the human life.

A Diary
下午数学考试,你成绩不好,心情郁闷。晚上几个好朋友邀 你去歌厅(KTV)唱歌,你们一晚上唱得很尽兴。你用日记的形式 记录下你今天的活动及感受。 日记须包括以下几个要点: 1.下午的数学考试你的成绩不佳,心情一直不好。 2.晚上同学邀请你去 KTV 唱歌,这是你第一次去 KTV。 3.大家唱得彳艮高兴,而你一直当听众,你觉得你的歌唱得不好,不敢唱。 4.在大家的鼓励下,你终于拿起麦克风(microphone),唱了一首英文歌曲“I believe I can fly”。 5.现在你的心情舒畅了;更重要的是:你找回了自信(selfconfidence)。 6.你在日记中对自己说了这样一句话:“……” 注意: 1.词数 100 左右。 2.日记必须包括所有要点,但可以用不同的句式表达。 3.日记的开头已写好。

A Diary May 20,2005 Friday Sunny

This evening I went to the KTV with some of my good friends. This was the first time that I had been to a KTV. At first I didn't want to go. I had been in a bad mood the whole

afternoon because I didn't do well in the math exam. At the KTV, everybody sang his favourite songs very happily exc ept me. I was the only one of the audience. I didn't dare to have a try. Because I was afraid that I couldn't sing well. Encouraged by my classmates, I picked up the microphone and sang an English song "I believe I can fly" I have become cheerful now and above all I've regained selfconfidence. I believe that the worst enemy in one's life is oneself. I shouldn't lose heart just because of one or two failures. Because I still have chances to try.

The Test
根据下面提供的情景,写一段接续文字。 注意:词数不少于 30。 This Monday morning, I biked to class as usual. When I walked into the classroom, I found all my classmates nervou s and quiet, studying.

The Test I was wondering why when the bell rang. Our English teacher came into the classroom with the test papers in her ha nd. Oh, I had forgotten all about the test and I had done nothing but play during the weekend. Suddenly I became nervo us, too.

To Thomas
假如你是李华,家住江苏南京上海路 80 号,2005 年暑假参加了全国中学生英语夏令营。请根据所给要点,给加拿大的笔友 Thomas 写一封信,谈谈夏令营的情况和你的感受。写信日期: 2005 年 8 月 10 日。 1.营址:烟台市。 2.活动日期:7 月底,4 天. 3.参加人员:全国中学生外语能力竞赛获胜者;中、美、英、澳英语教师。 4.活动内容: (1)举行英语演讲比赛。 (2)观看学生表演,浏览名胜。 (3)交流英语学习经验感受:①提高了英语口语能力;②交了许多朋友;③玩得很开心。 注意:

1.包括所提供要点,可适当增减细节. 2.词数 100 左右。

To Thomas 80 Shanghai Road Nanjing, Jiangsu, PRC Augustl0,2005 Dear Thomas, Nice to hear from you again. This summer vacation, at the end of July, we winners of NEPCS went to a four-day su mmer camp held in Yantai. Some English teachers from China, The USA, England and Australia joined us. We had an

English speech competition, watched wonderful performances given by the students in Yantai and visited some places of i nterest. Besides, we exchanged our English learning experience. All the time English was spoken. Thus our spoken Englis h has greatly improved and I have made many new friends. We really had great fun in the camp. With best wishes! Yours, Li Hua

An Agreement
假如你是一名高三学生,经常为看电视的事跟妈妈闹意见,今天你和妈妈达成一致。请根据以下表格的内容,以“An Agree ment”为题为《英语广场》写一篇 120 词左右的英语短文。

┌─────────────┬──────────────┐ │ 母亲 │ 儿子 │

├─────────────┼──────────────┤ │高三学生学习任务重,看电视│学习一天彳艮疲劳,看电视可以│ │浪费时间 │放松一下 │

├─────────────┼──────────────┤ │儿子自制力差,看电视会影响│看电视也可以增长知识,了解 │ │学习,长期看电视会影响视力│国际国内大事,紧跟时代 ├─────────────┴──────────────┤ │星期天中不准我看电视,但在周末允许我看新闻、文艺、体育 │ │



注意: 1.短文的开头已给出,不计入总词数; 2.不要漏掉表格中的内容,但不能逐字翻译; 3.可适当增添合乎情理的过渡性语言。 I am a senior three student. I often quarrel with my mother over whether I can watch TV after school. My mother... An Agreement I am a senior three student. I often quarrel with my mother over whether I can watch TV after school. My mother h olds the view that students in senior three, shouldering heavy loads, are too busy to spare any time to watch TV. It seem s to her that' once I am allowed to do that I'll not be able to control myself and forget all about my study. She also thi nks that it is bad for my eyes to watch TV too often. But I really can't accept her ideas. I think it a relaxation to watc h TV after a day's hard work. Watching TV can not only relax me, but broaden my horizons. Now we've at last reache d an agreement that I can only watch TV at weekends, and the programs should be limited to news,programs of entertain ment, sports or science.

A Good Form of Social Practice
假定你正在参加一场英语辩论赛。你是正方辩手,试用英语简要地表明自己的观点。词数 60 左右。 1.高中生重视功课,而对社会所知甚少 2.假期做 apart—time job 是很好的社会实践 3.通过书本学到的东西不如通过实践学到的东西有效 4.通过社会实践,我们可以在知识和能力两个方面取得进步 5.假期做 apart-time job 的报酬或多或少有些帮助

A Good Form of Social Practice Dear friends, Here are my points. Taking a part-time job is a good form of social practice. What is learned in books can't have th e same deep effect on us as what is learned through experience. In social practice, we can surely make progress in both knowledge and ability. Besides, by taking a part-time job, we may get paid more or less to help our family. Thus,I will

say senior school students should take a part-time job in holiday,if possible, of course. Yours

Society Calls for Heroes
请你参加我们有关“英雄”问题的讨论,写一篇 100 词左右的议论文。短文需包括以下内容,题目自拟。 1.英雄具有什么样的品质? 2.为什么现在英雄(见义勇为的人)越来越少? 3.如果让你选择,你愿意做英雄还是普通人? 注意: 词数 100 左右。 Society Calls for Heroes In my opinion, it is not so easy to be a hero. First,a hero must be brave. When he sees someone do a bad deed, he must be

brave enough to catch him or to stop him. Secondly, he must be strong enough, otherwise he himself will be beaten to death. There are fewer heroes now because of several reasons. I think the most important reason is that people don't want to mind other people's business. Because they think it will do them no good. But I think society calls for heroes. Fighting against crimes is not just the job of the police. It's the duty of every citizen.

假设你们将于 5 月 10 日去体检。请根据下列内容和提示,写一篇口头通知,词数 80 左右。 1.体检地点:人民医院,离我们学校不远,步行大约 15 分钟的路程。 2.体检日期:5 月 10 日上午 8 点,星期六。 注意: 1.7:45 在医院门口集合,可以骑车或步行前往。 2.体检前空腹。 3.在医院保持安静,听从医生和护士的安排。

Notice Attention please, everyone, Our class will go to have a physical examination in People's Hospital on Saturday, 10th May. We'll meet at the hospi tal gate at 7:45.. It is not far from our school. It's about fifteen minutes' walk.You may either walk there or go there by bicycle. The examination will begin at 8:00. We are not allowed to eat or drink anything before the examination. Keep quiet there and listen to the doctors and nurses. After the examination you may go home.

Mobile Phone-手机

某校周刊在中学生中展开了就中学生能否在校园使用手机的大讨论。请你根据以下提示,发表自己的看法. 1.手机是高科技的产物,它不仅体积小,重量轻,携带方便,而且通信快捷。它的功能齐全,既能用于通话,又能传递 短信息和上网等。 2.有不少中学生把手机带进学校,与家长和朋友保持联系,取代书信交流;有的学生甚至在考试中用手机传递答案,作 考试作弊之用。 Mobile Phone Being a product of high-technology,mobile phones are being more and more widely used. It's small in size, light in weight and easy to carry, offering fast and convenient service for communication.It's of multi-function. The users use it for calling, sending short messages and internet-surfing. In recent years, mobile phones have become popular among middle school students. Quite a few use them at school to keep in touch with their families and friends instead of writing letters, which, of course brings convenience to them. But I don't think it's good to do so. In spite of the advantage mentioned above, student users often waste a lot of time chatting over the phone in their spare time, some even use them to cheat in exams. In addition, mobile phone bill is also a heavy burden on students' families.

About Weight-losing-减肥
当今女性减肥已成为一种时尚。减肥的方法层出不穷,有的采用节食减肥,有的进行运动减肥,有的利用药物减肥,有的甚 至进行手术减肥。市场上一时出现了不少的减肥药、减肥茶、减肥器械及减肥内衣等。然而,各种减肥的方法效果不一,有 的甚至带来副作用。 请你谈谈减肥的这一现象和你认为较好的减肥方法,并陈述理由。

About Weight-losing Nowadays weight-losing has become popular among young and middle-aged women. In order to make themselves prett y-looking, they try many different ways of losing weight. Some go on a diet, some take exercise,some eat medicine ,othe rs even turn to operation for help. As a result,a lot of products have come into being,such as special medicines, tea and equipment. They are used in different ways and work differently, but some have side effects. In my opinion, it's understandable that women seek beauty, but they should do it in a proper way. Taking exercise is the way that I most favor. But the other methods are likely to do harm to people's health more or less.

给杰夫的一封信-To Jeff
美国中学生 Jeff 将要来你所在的红星中学学习中文,经协商安排住在你家。假设你是李华,请给 Jeff 写一封信,按照下图顺 序介绍他来中国后的生活安排。

注意: 1.信的开头已为你写好; 2.词数不少于 60。(2005 年北京卷)

Dear Jeff, I'm Li Hua from Beijing Hongxing Middle School. y while you're in Beijing. I 'm very happy to learn that you're going to stay with my famil

To Jeff Dear Jeff, I'm Li Hua from Beijing I-Iongxing Middle School. while you're in Beijing. While you are here, we'll provide you with a room of your own with a bed, a desk, a couple of chairs and a TV. Y ou'll also have your own bathroom. Our school is quite close to our home. So we could go to school together by bik e. At noon we'll eat at the school dining hall. I'm sure you'll like the delicious Chinese food there,and enjoy talking wit h friends over lunch. Classes in our school usually finish at 4 in the afternoon. You can then join other students in playi ng ball games or swimming. It'll be a lot of fun. If you have any questions or requests, please let me know. We'll try our best to make your stay here in Beijing a pl easant experience. Best wishses ! Li Hua I'm very happy to learn that you're going to stay with my family

给杰夫的一封信 亲爱的杰夫: 我叫李华,来自北京红星中学。听说你来北京将住在我家,我感到非常高兴。

当你来的时候,我们将为你提供一个属于你自己的房间,里面有一张床、一张桌子、一对椅子和一台电视机。你还有你 自己的卫生间。我们的学校离我家不远,因此我们可以一块骑自行车去上学。中午我们可以在学校的餐厅里就餐。我相信你 会喜欢那儿美味的中国食物。午饭期间你也可以和周围的朋友聊天。在我校,下午 4 点放学。放学后,你可以和同学们一块 儿打球或去游泳,你将会玩得很开心。 如果你有一些问题和请求的话,请让我知道。我将尽力让你在北京度过一段愉快的时光。 祝万事如意! 李 华

Television Is Helpful-电视十分有用
Television Is Helpful Television came into being in the 1930's. Since then, millions of children have grown up in front of television sets. Why do people like TV? Because it's helpful and has brought about great changes in our daily life. TV helps to open people's eyes. It brings the whole world into our homes. We can know everything in our country a nd in other parts of the world without leaving home. We can learn things better and more easily on TV than over the ra dio or in books. They can be heard and watched at the same time. TV helps open people's minds. It always brings new ideas to us.That makes us find new ways to do things better and faster. In a word, TV is helpful. It does us lots of good. It is really our good friend.

电视十分有用 电视产生于 20 世纪 30 年代,从那以后,成千上万的孩子都是在电视的陪伴下长大的。人们为什么喜欢电视呢?因为它是 人类的好帮手,它使我们的日常生活发生了巨大变化。 电视能开阔人们的眼界,它能把整个世界展现到我们眼前,使我们足不出户就可以了解到国内外的一切事情。看电视比 听广播、看书更容易了解事物, 因为人们既能听到声音又能看到图像。 电视能开阔人们的思路,它不断给我们带来新观念,能启发我们找到提高办事质量和效率的新方法。 总之,电视十分有用,它给我们带来了巨大的好处,它真是人类必不可少的好朋友。

Our City-我们的城市你的朋友首次来该城镇。仔细观察下图,用英语写一篇短文,向他介绍城里最热闹的街道

I would like to make some recommendations to make your first visit to our town a pleasant one.

Our City I would like to make some recommendations to make your first visit to our town a pleasant one. The busiest street i n our town is Prospect Avenue. There are many things to do and see in this street.First, you could visit the Art Museum, where an art show is going on.Directly across the street from the Art Museum is the library. If you would like to buy some books you could cross Third Street and go to the book store. It is on the south side of Prospect Avenue. From th ere, if you would like a snack, you have several choices. Continuing west on Prospect Avenue you could visit the ice-cre am shop, the bakery, or the candy store. Finally, cross Second Street and enjoy all the unusual animals at the pet store. To find Prospect Avenue from the train station,turn left on Fourth Street and head south. It is just two blocks to the entrance of the Art Museum. I hope you will enjoy your visit!

我们的城市 为了让您愉快轻松地参观我们的城市,现在我向您简要介绍一下我们的城市。在我们城市里最繁华的街道是 Prospect Av enue,这条街上你可以看到许多景致,随意买到你喜欢的东西。首先,你可以参观艺术馆,那里即将举行艺术展。从这里穿 过这条街有一座图书馆,如果你想购书的话,你可以穿过第三条街到书店里买,这家书店位于 Prospect Avenue 的南侧;如 果你想就餐,你有好几种选择,沿着这条街继续西行,你就会发现一家冰淇淋店、一家面包店和一家糖果店。最后穿过第二 条街,到一家宠物店你可以欣赏到许多与众不同的动物。 从火车站出来,在第四条街向左转,然后向南直行,即可到达 ProsPect AVenue。仅仅通过两个街区,你就会找到艺术馆。 希望你玩得开心!

假设你是李越,你的加拿大笔友 Steve 来信说,他和他的一些同学正在学中文,请你推荐两本学中文的词典。根据下表提供 的信息,请你给他写一封回信。

recommend v. 推荐 The English-Chinese Chinese-Englis Dictionary (ECCED) 《英汉/汉英词典》 XinhuaDictionary(XD) 《新华字典》 注意:词数 100 左右。(2004 年浙江卷)

Dictionary Dear Steve, I'm so pleased to learn that you and your classmates are learning Chinese. I'd like to recommend the following two d ictionaries.The English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary is really a good one for beginners. It has 18 000 English wor

ds and 20 000 Chinese words. Besides plenty of examples, it has many notes telling you how to use a word. Xinhua Di ctionary is the most popular Chinese dictionary, and it has a vocabulary of 10 000 words. It may also be useful to some advanced learners of Chinese. Of the two, ECCED is more expensive, costing 52 yuan, and XD costs 11 yuan.

词典 亲爱的史蒂芬: 得知你和你的同学正在学习汉语我感到非常高兴。我想给你推荐两本词典。《英汉/汉英词典》对初学者来说很实用。 它收录 1.8 万个英语单词,2 万个汉字。此外,它还配有许多例句。有许多词条告诉你怎么使用这个单词 o《新华字典》是 现在最畅销的字典,它有 1 万的词汇量,对一些学汉语的高级知识分子也有参考价值。在这两本字典中,ECCED 价格高一 些,每本 52 元,XD 每本 11 元。 如果你想买这些字典的话,请及时通知我。

你的朋友 李 越 Please let me know if you want me to buy these dictionaries. Yours, Li rue

你的英国朋友正在做一个课题:世界各地的生日庆祝方式。他请你介绍中国学生过生日的方式。请你根据以下要点写一篇短 文。 1.通常方式: (1)生日聚会; (2)生日礼物; (3)生日祝福。 2.我认为更有意义的庆祝方式和理由。 注意:100—120 词。(2005 年浙江卷)

Birthdays Chinese students celebrate their birthdays in different ways. But the most common way is to have fun by drinking, si nging and dancing. On the birthday, one usually receives nice gifts and good wishes from friends and parents. Sometimes, parents will prepare a special dinner or a cake to show their love for their children. Since birthday celebration is one of the important activities in one's life. It can be done in more meaningful ways. For example, we can buy some flowers or cook a delicious meal for our mothers on that day. In this way, we express thanks to our parents in return for their l ove.

生日 中国的学生用不同的方式来庆祝他们的生日。但最常见的方式是通过饮酒、唱歌和跳舞来取乐。一个人在他生日那天通 常会收到许多朋友和父母送给他的礼物和祝福。 有时, 父母们也会准备一个非常特殊的晚餐或一块蛋糕来表达他们对孩子的 爱。既然庆祝生日是人一生中最重要的活动之一,那么可以用其他更有意义的方式来庆祝。例如,在那天,我们可以亲自为 我们的妈妈买一些花或做一顿丰盛的饭菜,用这种方式来回报父母对我们深深的爱。

2004 年秋季高考 Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according t o the instructions given below in Chinese. 老师要求你负责班级墙报( wall newspaper)工作并征求你的意见。 在日记 中表述你的决定并谈谈想法。 2005 年春季 Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese. 你叫李宏,你校在为一批来自加拿大的交流学生征寻为期两周的住宿家庭。 你有意申请, 写封信说明你申请的理由。(包 括所具备的条件)。 2005 春季范文 Dear sir, I hear that our school will welcome some Canadian students to stay with us for or two weeks. Students who want to invite them to stay can take part in it. I want to try. First , my parents and I can speak English well. That benefits us to communicate with each other. Second, our house is big enough for he or she to stay. Furthermore , I live near the Huangpu River. It has a good view of Shanghai. Last but not least , in my home, he or she will enjoy much China culture. My grandpa and grandma are good at ha ndwriting. My grandma also has a good skill in Chinese painting. I think our friendly will give him a both interesting and comfortable experience. Thank you for your reading during your busy work.. I hope that you will agree with me . Yours sincerely, Li Hong 练习 假如你是王华,18 岁生日后,真的有种长大成人的感觉。于是你想就父母对你的关怀和你今后的打算,以书信形式同 爸爸妈妈谈谈。信的开头如下: Dear Mum and Dad, How are you doing ? 范文 Dear Mum and Dad, How are you doing ?

I ?m writing to you about my gratitude for your having brought me up and my future plan. Dear Mum and Dad, I am already 18 years old, which shows that I have grown up. Whenever I am thinking of this, I can?t help feeling grateful to you . It is you who first give me encoutagement when I meet with difficulties, especially when I am not getting along well with my studies. Indeed, your inspiration seems to be a lamp, which offers me light of hope, courage and confidence. And more importantly, you are always teaching me to be good to others, and try to con tribute to our society. Dear Mum and Dad, I an now a senior three student , who is facing the competitive national college entrance exami nations, So first of all, I ought to try my best to pass the exams. I am sure that through my great efforts I can and will be able to realize my beautiful dream of being a key university student. Then, I will strive to be an independent youth. The social situation I will be facing must be more competitive, so I will develop and prepare myself to be a youth with a strong sense of cooperation and competition. Believe in me, Mum and Dad, I will make a difference. Best regards to you . Yours sincerely, Wang Hua 根据报道东方绿洲(Oriental Greenboat)要更名,有外国人建议用”Discovery Land” “Family Park” 或 “Youth Heaven ”。 写出你的看法;或者你自己拟个名字,并陈述理由。 范文如下: As is reported, Oriental Greenboat is planning to change its name. Many citizens as well as the foreigners have great interest in giving a new name such as “Discovery Land” “Family Park” or “Youth Heaven”. It suddenly occurs to me that why don?t we call it “The World of Discovery ”.I?ve got several reasons to account fo r it. First of all, the word “world” has a more meaningful definition than “park” or “ land”. According to my visit, Orien tal Greenboat covers a vast area, and it is more appropriate to call it a “world” rather than a “park”. Secondly, Oriental Greenboat provide the chance to enhance the relationship between family members and promote fri endship between the youth. We are give the opportunity to relax and enjoy ,thus discovering what is of great importance in our life. Thirdly , students are involved in many activities there. They come to discover how they should cooperate an d overcome the difficulties with their own efforts. This is a world for them to discover how wonderful and able they are! To sum up , I think it would be a wise choice to name it “ The World of Discovery”.


高考英语作文模版 对比观点题型 (1) 1. 2. 3. 要求论述两个对立的观点并给出自己的看法。 有一些人认为。。。 另一些人认为。。。 我的看法。。。

The topic of ①-----------------(主题)is becoming more and more popular recently. There are two sides of opinions about it. Some people say A is their favorite. They hold their view for the reason of ②-----------------(支持 A 的理由一)What is more, ③-------------理由二). Moreover, ④---------------(理由三). While others think that B is a better choice in the following three reasons. Firstly,-----------------(支持 B 的理由一). Secondl y (besides),⑥------------------(理由二). Thirdly (finally),⑦------------------(理由三). From my point of view, I think ⑧----------------(我的观点). The reason is that ⑨--------------------(原因). As a matter of fact, there are some other reasons to explain my choice. For me, the former is surely a wise choice . (2) 给出一个观点,要求考生反对这一观点

Some people believe that ①----------------(观点一). For example, they think ②-----------------(举例说明).And it will b ring them ③-----------------(为他们带来的好处). In my opinion, I never think this reason can be the point. For one thing,④-------------(我不同意该看法的理由一). For anot her thing, ⑤-----------------(反对的理由之二). Form all what I have said, I agree to the thought that ⑥------------------(我对文章所讨论主题的看法).

阐述主题题型 要求从一句话或一个主题出发,按照提纲的要求进行论述. 1. 2. 阐述名言或主题所蕴涵的意义. 分析并举例使其更充实.

The good old proverb ----------------(名言或谚语)reminds us that ----------------(释义). Indeed, we can learn many things f orm it. First of all,-----------------(理由一). For example, -------------------(举例说明). Secondly,----------------(理由二). Another case is that ---------------(举例说明). Furthermore , ------------------(理由三). In my opinion, ----------------(我的观点). In short, whatever you do, please remember the say------A. If you understand it a nd apply it to your study or work, you”ll necessarily benefit a lot from it.

解决方法题型 要求考生列举出解决问题的多种途径 1. 2. 问题现状 怎样解决(解决方案的优缺点) In recent days, we have to face I problem-----A, which is becoming more and more serious. First, ------------(说明 A的现状).Second, ---------------(举例进一步说明现状) Confronted with A, we should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation. For one thing, --------------(解决方法一). For another -------------(解决方法二). Finally, --------------(解决方法三). Personally, I believe that -------------(我的解决方法). Consequently, I?m confident that a bright future is awaiting us becaus e --------------(带来的好处).

说明利弊题型 这种题型往往要求先说明一下现状,再对比事物本身的利弊,有时也会单从一个角度(利或弊)出发,最后往往要求考生表 明自己的态度(或对事物前景提出预测) 1. 2. 3. 说明事物现状 事物本身的优缺点(或一方面) 你对现状(或前景)的看法

Nowadays many people prefer A because it has a significant role in our daily life. Generally, its advantages can be seen as follows. First ----------------(A的优点之一). Besides -------------------(A的优点之二). But every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. One of the important disadvantages is that ---------------(A的第一个缺点).To make matters worse,------------------(A的第二个缺点). Through the above analysis, I believe that the positive aspects overweigh the negative ones. Therefore, I would like to --------------(我的看法). (From the comparison between these positive and negative effects of A, we should take it reasonably and do it according to the circumstances we are in. Only by this way, ---------------(对前景的预测).)

议论文的框架 (1) 不同观点列举型( 选择型 ) There is a widespread concern over the issue that __作文题目_____. But it is well known that the opinion concerning this hot topi c varies from person to person. A majority of people think that _ 观点一________. In their views there are 2 factors contributing to t his attitude as follows: in the first place, ___原因一_______.Furthermore, in the second place, ___原因二_____. So it goes without s

aying that ___观点一_____. People, however, differ in their opinions on this matter. Some people hold the idea that ___观点二______ do

_. In their point of view, on the one hand, ___原因一_______. On the other hand, ____原因二_____. Therefore, there is no ubt that ___观点二______. firmly support the view that __观点一或二______. It

As far as I am concerned, I

is not only because ________, but a

lso because _________. The more _______, the more ________. (2)利弊型的议论文 Nowadays, there is a widespread concern over (the issue that)___作文题目______. In fact, there are both advantages and disadvanta ges in __题目议题_____. Generally speaking, it is widely believed there are several positive aspects as follows. Firstly, ___优点一_ _____. And secondly ___优点二_____. Just As a popular saying goes, "every coin has two sides", __讨论议题______ is no exception, and in another word, it still has negati ve aspects. To begin with, ___缺点一______. In addition, ____缺点二______. To sum up, we should try to bring the advantages of __讨论议题____ into full play, and reduce the disadvantages to the minimum a t the same time. In that case, we will definitely make a better use of the ____讨论议题___.

( 3 ) 答题性议论文 Currently, there is a widespread concern over (the issue that)__作文题目_______ .It is really an important concern to every one o f us. As a result, we must spare no efforts to take some measures to solve this problem. As we know that there are many steps which can be taken to undo this problem. First of all, __途径一______. In addition, anothe r way contributing to success of the solving problem is ___途径二_____. Above all, to solve the problem of ___作文题目______, we should find a number of various ways. But as far as I am concerne d, I would prefer to solve the problem in this way, that is to say, ____方法_____.

( 4 ) 谚语警句性议论文 It is well know to us that the proverb: " ___谚语_______" has a profound significance and value not only in our job but also in ou r study. It means ____谚语的含义_______. The saying can be illustrated through a series of examples as follows. ( also theoreticall y) A case in point is ___例子一______. Therefore, it is goes without saying that it is of great of importance to practice the proverb __ __谚语_____. With the rapid development of science and technology in China, an increasing number of people come to realize that it is also of pr actical use to stick to the saying: ____谚语_____. The more we are aware of the significance of this famous saying, the more benefit s we will get in our daily study and job..

图表作文的框架 as is shown/indicated/illustrated by the figure/percentage in the table(graph/picture/pie/chart), ___作文题目的议题_____ ha

s been on rise/ decrease (goesup/increases/drops/decreases),significantly/dramatically/steadily rising/decreasing from______ in ____ ___ to ______ in _____. From the sharp/marked decline/ rise in the chart, it goes without saying that ________. There are d, at least two good reasons accounting for ______. On In it the one hand, ________. On the other han

_______ is due to reasons

the fact

that ________.

addition, ________ is responsible is generally believed that

for _______. Maybe mentioned

there reasons

are some other

to show ________.


the above

are commonly convincing. As nd far as I am concerned, I hold the point of view that _______. I am sure my opinion is both sound a


实用性写作(申请信 ) Your address Month, Date, year Receiver's address Dear ..., I am extremely pleased to hear from you./ to see your advertisement for the position in .... And I would like to write a letter to tell yo u that.../ I am confident that I am suitable for the kind of the job you are advertising. .../ I feel I am competent to meet the requirements you have listed. On the one hand, .... On the other hand, .... I am enclosing my re sume for your kind consideration and reference. I shall be much obliged if you will offer me a precious opportunity to an interview. I will greatly appreciate a response from you a t your earliest convenience/ I am looking forward to your replies at your earliest convenience. Best regards for your health and success. Sincerely yours, XXX 现象说明文 Recently _______,what amazes us most is______________,it is ture that__________. There are many reasons explaining__________________________.The main reason is____________________. what is more_________________________.thirdly__________________________.As a result_______________. Considering all there,________________________.For one thing_____________________,for another________ ____.In Conclusion____________________. 一种事物或现象(负面意义倾向)

关于 A 的话题,早已引起了广泛的社会关注。如今在电视、报纸、日常生活的很多角落,都有越来越多的关于 A 的议论。 给 A 一个精确恒定的定义并非易事,因为它的概念涉及了科学、人性、思想、经济、社会、自然等广阔的领域。一般而言, 我们可以这样描述 A… A 能成为公众关注的焦点,主要是由于它对个人、集体乃至整个世界都有着不容忽视的不良影响。 认真分析后我们可以看到,A 对社会/世界 /健康的不利有很多。首先,从最直观的角度来看,A 的出现直接损害了(这里加 入一句针对性的话,如人类的身体健康和环境的平衡) 。(举例)。其次,从更深一层次上讲,它为人类的精神文明蒙上 了一层阴影。更可怕的是,由于 A 所产生微小利益,却促成了许多可悲的人们为其忘乎所以,破坏了人类生存的法则和空 间。 事实上,A 的出现是社会发展和人类进步的产物,A 所带来的危害是人类进化过程中付出的代价。同时,A 的产生来源于部 分人们的自私和趋利性,他们看到的是肤浅和片面的利益,而从未从整个全局和人类整体的利益出发去认识和分析它。这使 得 A 始终挥之不去。对此,我奉劝他们,跳出狭小的角落,用长远和全局的眼光去重新审视 A。 而如今,我们已深受其害,要想消除它的危害,我们必须从根源上杜绝它的产生,我们每一个人都应给予 A 高度的重视, 用系统的和科学的方法去解决,唯有这样,避免它带来更多损失,我们人类前进的脚步才会更加平稳,更加欢快的迈向辉煌 的明天。

One object or phenomenon (negative significance inclination.) A has attracted extensive attention of the society. Nowadays, increasingly more argumentations about A can be found in T V programs, newspapers, ugogo and marry aspects of our everyday life. Since its concept covers vast fields, such as science, humanity, ideology, economy, society and nature, A is difficult to be defined, precisely and fixedly. Generally speaking ,we can describe A as follows:……. A?s status as the focus of public concern mainly results from its in negligible but harmful influence on individuals, collect ive, and even the whole world. It seems to have a strange power to drive some individuals or organizations to act wrongl y. The essence of these wrong actions is: (1) to gain personal, short-term and partial individual interest at the expense of damaging others? long-term and overall int erest; (2) to adopt improper means to win more rewards with less input. Situating under the shadow of A, individuals /organizations and violate natural law merely to obtain temporary, or even ill usory interests. However, the result may turn out to be loss of really important and valuable resource or ability. We must keep highly alert of the problems evoked by A, because once the harmful influence accumulates to a certain de gree and then spread, it will surely threaten the development of the whole society.

Though with various reasons and forms, from the perspective of the essence, the problems brought by A originates from t he fundamental principle of human ideology and material production. Thus, we should seek the solutions through setting f oot on this principle. Due to the depth and width of A?s harmful influence, we should draft our solutiogogotematically on the basis of deep an alysis of A problem. We must acquire our power from technology, management, law and culture terrorm, effectively elimi nate the shadow of A, and ensures ourselves a bright future.

-- 万能英语作文模板, (I)说明原因型 模块(一) Nowadays ,there are more and more XX in some big cities . It is estimated that ( 1 ). Why have there been so many XX ? Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows. The first one is that ( 2 ) .Besides,( 3 ) . The third reason is ( 4 ). To sum up ,the main cause of XX is due to ( 5 ) . It is high time that something were done upon it. For one thing ,( 6 ). On the other hand ,( 7 ). All these measures will certainly reduce the number of XX . 注释: (1)用具体数据说明 XX 现象 (2)原因一 (3)原因二 (4)原因三 (5)指出主要原因 (6)解决建议一 (7)解决建议二 Generation gap between parents and children Nowadays , there are more and more misunderstanding between parents and children which is so- called generation gap . It is estimated that (75 percentages of parents often complain their children\'s unreasonable behavior while children

usually think their parents too old fashioned). Why have there been so much misunderstanding between parents and children? Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows . The first one is that ( the two generations, having grown up at different times, have different likes and dislikes ,thus the disagreement often rises between them) . Be sides(due to having little in common to talk about , they are not willing to sit face to face ) . The third reason is (with the pace of modern life becoming faster and faster , both of them are so busy with their work or study that they don\'t spare enough time to exchange ideas ).To sum up ,the main cause of XX is due to ( lake of communication and understanding each other) . It is high time that something were done upon it. For one thing (children should respect their parents ).On the other hand ,( parents also should show solicitue for their children). All these measures will certainly bridge the generation gap . 第二天: (I)说明原因型 模块(2) In recent years , xx has caused a heated debate on ( 1 ). The factors for ( 2 ) .First of all ,( 3 ).Then , there comes a case that ( 4 ). Moreover , ( 5 ) . Especially when ( 6 ) . Indeed, these unique points can be collected theo remind people that ( 7 ).In this way ,we should behave just like ( 8 ). The impact of Television In recent years , with the development of science and technology ,80 percent of all homes in China have satellite TV , offering as many as 50 channels .It has caused a heated debate on (the impact of television on children ). Many parents are worried about the impact of so much television

on children. The factors for (parents\' worry is that children are indulge in television and spend too much time on it .) .First of all ,(with so

many programs to choose from , children are not getting as much exercise as they should ).Then , there comes a case that ( some studies have show that excessive watching of television by millions of children has lowered their ability to achieve in school ). Moreover , ( the effect on children\'s minds are more serious than the effect on children\'s bodies ) . Especially when ( the children are too small to judge what programs are suit to them ) . Indeed, these unique points can be connected to remind parents that ( they should pay close attention to and responsibilities for supervising their children\'s TV viewing ).In this way ,children will not be influented too deeply . (I)说明原因型 模块(3) Currently,XX has been the order of the day .This does demonstrate the theory --- nothing is more valuable than XX . It is clear that ( 1 ). If you ( 2 3 ), as a result , ).

your dreams willcome true . On the contrary, if you ( Failure will be following

with you .It turns out that all your plan falls through . 4 ) .You donn\'t have to 5 ) .

No one can deny another fact that (

look very far to find out the truth , in respect that we all know ( It will exert a profound influence upon ( With reference to my standpoint ,I think ( 注释: 1 : XX 的第一个优点 2: 支持 XX 的做法 3:不支持 XX 的做法 4:XX 的第二个优点 5:举例证明优点二 6:说明 XX 优点三的影响第三天我写的相应作文: The importance of self-confidence Currently, self-confidence has been the order of the day . 6 7 ). ).

This does demonstrate the than self-confidence.

theory --- nothing is more valuable

It is clear that (self-confidence means trust in one\'s abilities ). If you ( are full of self-confidence ,it will bring your creative power to play , arouse your enthusiasm for work, and help you overcome difficulties ), as a result , your dreams willcome true .On the contrary, if you ( have no confidence in yourself, there is little possibility that with you。

you would ever achieve anything ). Failure will be following It turns out that all your plan falls through .

No one can deny another fact that (self-confidence gives you light when you are in dark and encouragement when you are dismayed) . You donn\'t have to look very far to find out the truth , in respect

that we all know (the secret of MMe.Curie lies in preserverence and self-confidence, the latter in particular) . It will exert a profound

influence upon ( the achievement of one\'s ambitions ). With reference to my standpoint ,I think (he that can have self-confidence can have what he will). (I)说明原因型 模块(4) For most of us today ,( 1 ).

From above ,we can find that the reasons why ( 2 is ( ) are as follows. 3 ).

The primary reason ,i think, Second,( 4 ).

The third reason,

actually ,is (

5 6

). ) 。

The significance for ( Therefore ,( 注释: (1)人们针对 XX 的态度和举措 (2)归纳现状 (3)第一个原因 7 ).

(4)第二个原因 (5)第三个原因 (6)重申造成现状的最重要原因 (7)我的建议我写的模块(4)的相应的作文,仅供参考 pollution most of us today (recognize that environmental pollution has been a greatly serious problem . lots of plants trees corps are by bad air .many fish die of poisonous water . thousands


of people die from eating poisoned fish or breathing in gas . therefore , environmental pollution should be responsible for these diseases that are disabling ,or bringing death not only to human beings , but also to wild life .) from above ,we can find that the reasons why (environment are polluted more and more seriously) are as follows. the primary reason ,I think , is (the reason of harmful substances into environment . for example ,to prevent insects ,farmers make use of great amounts of insecticides, so as to have bumper harvests . however ,they pollute air ,water and land ). second,(the gas coming from the car engines and factories also make environment polluted badly ). the third reason actually is (the result of a growing population in the world . everyday , so much litter and waste are poured out from houses ,also pollute the environment ). the significance for (controlling pollution ) noted that it\'s high time that more effective measures should be taken . therefore ,(new laws should be passed to limit the amount of pollutants from factories . moreover ,in the households ,there is an obvious need to reduce litter and waste . let\'s make our good efforts ,and the world will be a safer place to live for us ). (I)说明原因型 模块(5)

These days we often hear that ( 1 ). It is common that ( 2 ). Why does such circumstance occur in spite of social protects? For one thing ,( 3 ). For another,( 4 ). What is more, since ( 5 ),it is natural that ( 6 ). To solve the problem is not easy at all ,but is worth trying .We should do something such as ( 7 ) to improve he present situation ,and i do believe everything will be better in the future . (1)提出论题 (2)说明现状 (3)理由一 (4)理由二 (5)理由三 (6)理由三引起的后果 (7)解决方法 我写的模块(5)的相应的作文 pollution of environment ? ? These days we often hear that (our living conditions are getting more and more serious because of the destruction of our environment ).It is common that (many trees and animals are near extinction, and the all-important food chain has b een destroyed .). ? ? Why does such circumstance occur in spite of social protects? For one thing ,(the population of the world is increasi ng so rapidly that the world has been so crowded. ).For another,(the overuse of natural resources has influenced the balan ce of natural ecology ). What is more , since ( the industrial revolution ) ,it is natural that (a great number of factories have been springing up like mushrooms .The smoke and harmful chemicals released fro m factories also pollute the environment ). ? ? To solve the problem is not easy at all ,but is worthying .We should do something such as (planting more trees , eq uipping cars with pollution-control devices and learning to recycling natural resources )to improve the present situation ,an d i do believe everything will be better in the future .

作文的开头 一篇文章通常可分为三个部分,即开头、正文和结尾。这三个部分安排是否得体,直接影响到文章的质量。 文章的开头一般来说应尽量做到开门见山,用简单明白的叙述引出文章的话题,使读者了解文章要谈论什么,一下于引起读 者的兴趣。 作文常见的开头形式大致有以下几种: 1.开门见山,揭示主题 文章一开头,,就交待清楚文章的主题是什么。如“How I Spent My Vacation”(我怎样度假)的开头是: I Spent my last vacation happily. 下面是题为"Honesty"(谈诚实)一文中的开头: Honesty is one of the best virtues.An honest man is always trusted and respected.On the contrary, one who tells lies is regarded as a "liar",and is looked upon by honest people. 2.交代人物、事情、时间或环境开头 在文章的开头,先把人物、事件和环境交待清楚。例如"A Trip to Jinshan" (去金山旅游)的开头: The day before yesterday my class went on a bus trip to Jinshan. The bus ride there took three hours. The long trip mad e us very tired, but the sight of the beautiful sea refreshed us. 3. 回忆性的开头 用回忆的方法来开头。例如"A Trip to the Taishan Mountain"(泰山游)的开头是: I remember my first trip to the Taishan Mountain as if it were yesterday. 4.概括性的开头 即对要在文章中叙述的人或事先作一个概括性的介绍。如“The Happiness of Reading Books”(读书的快乐)的开头: People often say that gold and silver are the most valuable things in the world. But I say that to read books is more val uable than anything else, because books give us knowledge and knowledge gives us power. 5.介绍环境式的开头 即开头利用自然景物或自然环境引出要介绍的事物。如“An Accident”(一场事故)的开头是: It was a rainy and windy morning. The sky was gloomy, the temperature was low, and the street was nearly empty. I wa s on my way back to school. Suddenly, a speeding car came round the corner. 6.交待写作目的的开头。 在文章的一开头就交待写作目的,如通过文章要表扬谁,批评谁,或说明一个什么问题等。如 "Pollution Control" (控制污 染)的开头: In this article I shall draw your attention to the subject of pollution control.


姓名 出生地 职业

李明 开封 工程师




出生日期 毕业学校

1950 年 2 月 9 日 清华大学

1972 年大学毕业,做出人生重要决定,留学美 国深造 经过四年的努力学习, 掌握了计算机方面的先进 技术和管理方法 1977 年在美国结婚,第二:年生有一女 2001 年做出回国的决定,并创办一家公司 由于妻子和女儿已经习惯美国的生活方式, 至今 仍留在美国

注意: 1.所写短文应包括所有要点; 2.词数 120 左右; 3.开头与结尾已给出,不计入总词数; 4.不要逐字逐句翻译。 Li Ming, an engineer, was born on February 9, 1950 in Kaifeng, China. ________________ _____________________________________ He said, "I believe that we can build China into a strong and rich country. "

Li Ming, an engineer, was born on February 9, 1950 in Kaifeng, China. After he graduated from (Qinghua) Tsinghua University in 1972, he made an important decision in his life. H e decided to go to the United States for his further study. After four years' and work, he mastered new management ideas and advanced technology in computer field. In 1977, he g ot married and had a daughter. Last year, he made another decision. He was determined to return to his motherland and started a company. However, his wife and daughter have got used to the American way of life, so they still stay in the United States. He said, "I believe that we can build China into a strong and rich country."

My Favourite Website

Favourite Website ”为主题, 用英语写一篇短文, 介绍“ 中学学科网站 ” (ZXXK.

com ), 短文应包括下面表格中所提供的内容。


ZXXK. com (中学学科网)。 中学各个学科教与学, 提高教学水平。 获取各种学科信 息。 中学各个学科全、新、快的教学资源,及各科试卷。 图文并茂,生动有趣。 广为人知,深受广大师生喜爱。


版面内容 网站特色 效果

注意: 1、字数 120 个左右。 2、开头以给出。 My Favourite Website ZXXK. com is my favourite website……

My Favourite Website ZXXK. com is my favourite website, which includes varieties of complete, new and fast te aching and learning materials . It has different sections about teaching and learning of the major subjects in middle schools. The purpose of it is to improve the skills of teaching an d the ability of learning. Especially, it prepares lots of papers for the teachers and students . At the same time, it has plenty of beautiful pictures and interesting articles in it. Beside s, I can get much more information about different subjects. ZXXK. com is very popular with teachers and students. I do love it.

回信介绍我国高考英语试卷(NMET)中的“短文 改错”题型的情况
假设你是李华, 你的英国网友 Peter 希望了解一下我国高考英语试卷 (NMET) 中的“短 文改错”(Error Correction)题型的情况。请你写一封回复邮件。并特别强调 自己某一次因为没有严格按照要求答题被扣掉了本可得到的 7 分。 注意:1.词数 100 左右 2.内容请参照本卷该大题内容。 3.生词:(打)勾:tick 分:point 逻辑(的):logic

Hi, Peter: Thanks for your e-mail. Here I?m going to tell you what you asked about. Error Correction, as the 1st section of Written Part of NMET, mainly tests the mastery of the use of words and grammar of English. The understanding of the given text is course important to the performance. There are 10 numbered lines, each of which may have one mistake. You have to decide firstly whether there is a mistake or not. If not, put a tick in the numbered blank. If there is a mistake, you may have to add a word, cross out a word, or change word. You have to find out the mistakes in the use of words and/or grammar. Sometimes there may be a logic problem, which would be the most difficult. Last time I got 7 points less than expected. Why? I didn?t put the answers strictly following the rule, although I did kno w how to do it. Anything still unclear? Just write to me.

假如你是“航天英雄杨利伟事迹报告团”成员之一。此次赴香港访问,请你以报告团成员的身份向香港各界人士介绍航天英雄 杨利伟的有关情况。要点如下: 1、杨利伟出生于辽宁省绥中县,今年 38 岁。 2、他有一个幸福的家庭,有一个 8 岁的儿子。 3、他是我国第一位邀游太空的宇航员。 4、他曾是一个具有 1350 小时飞行经验的飞行员。 5、他有一个梦想:登上月球。 6、他是值得我们中国人自豪的航天英雄。

Ladies and gentlemen: We are glad to have such a good chance to visit Hong Kong with our hero Yang Uwei. And I'll take this opportunity to introduce Yang Liwei to all. Mr Yang was born in Suizhong, Liaoning Province. Mr Yang has a happy family, he an d his wife with his 8-year-old son. He used to be an excellent pilot with an experience of 1350 hour s flight. Many year s ago he had a dream, that is to step on the moon. We are sure that his dream will come true. Yang Liwei is the first astronaut who flew in space in China. We are proud of him! That s all. Thank you




注意:1.写作应包括图示的主要内容。 2.为使写作流畅,在不影响主题表达完整准确的前提下,允许必要的增减与发挥。

8 Jan, 2004 Dear Zhang Li, I'm sending you this short letter of thanks with a small present, which I hope you will like. Thank you very much for h elping my father last Sunday, when he broke his legs on the stairs. My father told me that he had fallen and hurt his leg badly. He could not get up or walk. Then you came to help hi m. You called a taxi for my father, and took him to the nearest hospital. When the doctor told you my father s leg was broken, you phoned me and told me what had happened. My father is already much better now. He will have to stay in hospital for another week, and then he can come home. Once again, my parents and I want to express our gratitude for all you have done for our family. You are such a war m-hearted student. Best wishes, Yours truly, MaHui

My Out-of-class Activities
下面三幅图体现的是学生的课外学习、课余活动和社会实践活动三个方面的课外生活。请根据每幅图的内容,写一篇题为 My Out-of-class Activities 的短文,并分别写出你的感受(或收获)以及你对整个课外生活的看法。 词数 120 个左右。

My Out-of-class Activities My spare time is full of interesting activities. I read all kinds of books in the reading-room whenever I have time. I learn a lot more in the library than in class in this way. Sports and games keep me healthy and strong enough to deal with all difficulties. Among all games, volleyball is my favourite. I often play volleyball with my classmates. Sometimes I go in for social practice with my classmates outside school. For example, we go to plant trees in spring. In this way, I gain a lot of social experience and leam to work for the good of the society. Out-of-class activities are quite necessary fur us students. Trirough these activities we can leam many things that can t be learned in class.



注意:1.短文须包括各幅图画中你们活动的内容及你的感想。 2.词数 100 左右。 3.生词冰族馆 aquarium 虎苑 tiger den

In order to make our city cleaner and more beautiful, the young volunteers of our school went to the People's Park this morning and offered our help. At eight, the head of the park met us at the gate. After being divided into groups, we set out to work at once. Some tid ied up the parking area and had motorbikes paiked in the right place. Some took care of the flowers and bushes, and per suaded people to keep off the grass. Around the tiger den, one group kept order to prevent accidents from happening. At the aquarium, another group worked as guides and advised visitors not to smoke. When some of us were doing cleaning, an old man praised us and said, "Well done, young fellows!" We were all tired but happy. What a morning we had today!

春天是旅游的好季节,某外国语学校校长要求各班同学就春游一事展开讨论. 讨论的主题是:学校要不要组织学生春游.校长还要求班长就讨论的情况用英 语写一封信给他. 假定你是某班班长李华,请你根据下列表格中的信息客观地介绍讨论情况. 注意:1,信的格式已为你写好;2,词数:100 左右;3,生词:拓宽 broaden 70%的学生赞成春游 30%的学生反对春游 1. 可以领略大自然的优美风景; 2. 拓宽视野,增长知识; 3. 呼吸新鲜空气,有益于身体健康. 1. 时间紧,耽误学习; 2. 增加父母经济负担; 3. 担心安全. Dear Headmaster, I'm writing to tell you the discussion we've had on whether the school should organize a spring outing for the students.

范文 Dear Headmaster, I'm writing to tell you about the discussion we've had on whether the school should organize a spring outing for the stud ents. Opinions on the question are divided as follows:70% of the students think that the school should organize the spring outin g. They believe that the spring outing can make them enjoy the nature's beautiful scenery, which can broaden our vision and fill us with more knowledge. They also say that the air in the open fields is fresher. What's more, fresh air does a l ot of good to our health. On the other hand,30% don't like the idea of going out for a spring outing. In their opinions, time is very precious, so t hey have to grasp every minute to work hard at their lessons. Traveling costs a lot. In that case, it will add to their fami lies' burden. Above all, no one can be sure of the safety of every student. Yours truly Li Hua

Bicycle or car
据下表提供的内容,就自行车和汽车的优缺点,写一篇议论文 _Title: Bicycle or car_1.自行车和汽车都是重要的交通工具,(它们各自的特点)使用方式行驶速度停放地点 2.你喜欢什么车 (美国人和中国人的选择有什么不同)居住环境生活习惯_3.我比较喜欢自行车花钱少使用方便不污染参考词汇:vehicle 车辆_ __ prefer 喜欢_______ pollution 污染 _ Bicycle or car Bicycles and cars are both important vehicles. The car is fast and the bicycle can be easily parked. Bicycle or car, which do you prefer The Americans and the Chinese usually have different choices. The Americans prefer the car because they have been brought up together with the car. They go everywhere by car. But we Chinese like bicy cles better. First of all, it is very cheap, which is very important to people in a developing country. Secondly, it is much smaller tha n the car, therefore, it is easier to find a place to park it . And thirdly, it doesn't make any pollution, so it is good to o ur environment.

好朋友邀你去歌厅(KTV)唱歌,你们一晚上唱得很尽兴。你用日记的形式记 录下你今天的活动及感受下午数学考试,你成绩不好,心情郁闷。晚上几个好朋友邀你去歌厅(KTV)唱歌,


1. 下午的数学考试你的成绩不佳, 心情一直不好。

2. 晚上同学邀请你去 KTV 唱歌,这是你第一次去 KTV。

3. 大家唱得很高兴,而你一直当听众,你觉得你的歌唱的不好,不敢唱。

4. 在大家的鼓励下,你终于拿起麦克风(microphone),唱了一首英文歌曲“I believe I can fly”。

5. 现在你的心情舒畅了;更重要的是:你找回了自信(self-confidence)。

6. 你在日记中对自己说了这样一句话:“……”。

注意:1. 词数:100 左右。 2. 日记必须包括所有要点,但可以用不同的句式表达。 3. 日记的开头已写好。

One possible version:

Friday May 20, 2005


This evening I went to the KTV with some of my good friends. This was the first time that I had been to a KTV and at first I didn?t want to go. I had been in a bad mood the w hole afternoon because I didn?t do well in the math exam. At the KTV, everybody sang his favorite songs very happily e xcept me —I as only one of the audience . I dare not have a try because I was afraid that I couldn?t sing well. Encoura ged by my classmates, I picked up the microphone and sang an English song entitled “I believe I can fly”. I have become cheerful now and above all I?ve regained self-confidence. I believe that the worst enemy in one?s life is oneself. I shouldn?t lose heart just because of one or two failures becaus e I still have chances to try.

假设你叫 Tom,你昨天在学校游泳池游泳患了感冒,今天早上觉得头疼,你 母亲给你量了体温后,发现你发烧,便带你去看医生,医生说你需要卧床休 息两天,特向老师请假。给老师写一张 70—100 字的请假条

时间:2005 年 6 月 8 日。

One possible version:

June 8, 2005

Dear Sir, I'm sorry to tell you that I can't go to school today, I've caught a cold because I swam in the school's swimming pool yesterday. This morning I had a headache. After taking my temperature, my mother found that I had a high fever, immediately sh e took me to see a doctor, who advised me to stay in bed for 2 days. Now I am writing to you to ask for 2 days' sick

leave. With best wishes

Your student,


观颐和园的口头通知, 内容要点如下:

1.参观时间: 五月四日,星期三

2.颐和园简介: 它是中国最大的保存最完好的皇家园林, 风景优美, 甚是迷人, 有山有水, 有皇家建筑和画廊。

3.活动安排: 上午自由参观, 中午在快餐馆吃午饭, 下午 5:30 返回宾馆。

4.集合时间: 星期三早上 6:10, 汽车 6:30 开, 行驶 45 分钟。

5.集合地点: 宾馆大门口。

要求: 不要逐条翻译, 词数 100 词左右 。

One possible version:

May I have your attention?

We will visit the summer Palace on Wednesday, May 4. The Summer Palace is the largest well-kept royal park in China. In the park there is water and man-piled hills. There are some royal buildings and a gallery, too. I am sure you will be struck by its beautiful scenery. In the morning we will be free to visit the different places of the Palace and then we w ill have lunch in the fast-food restaurant. We will get back to the hotel at half five. Please gather at the hotel gate at 6:1 0 on Wednesday morning. The buses will start at 6:30. It will take us about 45 minutes to get there. Please be on time. Thank you.

有困难向谁求助-Whom do you turn to when in trouble?)

假如你叫李华,参加学校开展的“有困难向谁求助”(Whom do you turn to when in trouble?)的调查活动,调查结果如下表。 请用英语给校报编辑写一封信反映相关内容。

求助对象 同学、朋友 老师、家长 无

比例 58% 30% 12%

理由 年龄相仿,容易理解与交流 有爱心、有经验,可以信任 不愿与人交流,难以与人沟通


2.词数:100 词左右。

One possible version:

Dear editor,

I'm a student in Senior Three. We have made a survey--"Who do you turn to when in trouble?" Here are the results.

Most of the students will go to their classroom or friends when in trouble they're almost of the same age, so they can talk with and understand each other easily. Some students will tell their teachers or parents about their troupes and ask f or their help as the teachers and parents have rich experience and love them very much. They can be trusted by these st udents. Only a few students solve their problems all by themselves. They hate to talk with others and can?t get on well with others. They have few friends.

In my opinion, when in trouble we?d better ask our teachers, parent, friends or classmates for help.


Li Hua

雅典奥运会已落下帷幕。在本届奥运会上中国队共获得 32 枚金牌,其中刘翔的 110 米 跨栏更是令世界为之关注。请 你根据下面图表写一篇文章,简要介绍他的情况。 姓名 刘翔 性别 男 出生日期 1983.7.13 出生地 上海 体重 74 公斤 身高 1.88 米 个人爱好 唱歌、电脑 基 1.1999 年 3 月入选上海市田径队,2000 年 8 月入选国家青年队,教练是孙海平 本 2.2002 年,获亚运会及亚锦赛冠军 情 3.2003 年,在英国世界室内田径锦标赛中获 60 米 跨栏第三 况 4. 2004 年 8 月 27 日 获雅典奥运会冠军,成绩是 12''91,平世界纪录,打破奥运会纪录 参考词汇:跨栏 hurdle 亚锦赛 Asian Championships

One possible version: Liu Xiang, a Shanghai native, was born on July 13, 1983. His height is 188cm , weight 74kg . Singing and th e computer are his hobbies. In March, 1999, he entered the Shanghai track and field team and one year later, he was admitted to the National Youth Team. Sun Haiping has been training him. In 2002, he won the gold mo dals in the men’s 110m hurdles at the Asian Games and the Asian Championships. The next year, he took thir d in the 60m hurdles at the World Indoor Championships in England . At the Athens Olympic Games on August 2 7, 2004. Liu won the men’ 110m hurdles final in 12.91 seconds, equaling the world record set and breaking s the Olympic record. We all sincerely hope that he will get better in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing .

Please look at the picture carefully and tell the class what you see in the picture and how you understand it. Write what you would say on the lines below.

Possible version: I think the picture shows us our beautiful earth on which we live. I can see in the picture green grass, trees and butterflies flying happily here and there. What a peaceful and beautiful sight! I can also see a hand, which, I think, stands for every citizen. As is known to all, our earth is being polluted. A lot of animals are endangered. To protect our environment and live in harmony with animals is every citizen?s duty. Only when we realize the importance of our environment can we really do something to solve the problem of pollution.

同时,也带来了不少负面影响。为此,台州某中学规定严禁带手机进校园。请你根据下面表格中的内容给《二十一世纪报》 社写一封信,明确表示赞成或反对中学生使用手机(只能选择一种观点)。

赞成意见 1.现在是信息社会, 手机是最快的信息 交流的工具之一。 2.应充分利用好手机。如偶遇突发事 故,可立即拨打手机求助。 3.可在每天学习之余利用手机游戏放 松一下自己。

反对意见 1.学校已提供了公共电话, 因此手机并 不能带来更多的方便,而且花费较多。


3.学生玩手机游戏或接发短信, 将无法 集中精力学习。

4.只要正确使用好手机, 紧跟时间并无 过错,追求时尚可以理解,但学习是 首要任务。

注意: 1.可适当增加细节和连接词,使文章通顺连贯;开头部分已给出,不计入总词数; 2.词数:100 左右; Dear Editor, Nowadays mobile phones are becoming more and more popular among the middle school st udents. In my opinion, … Yours truly, Wang Lin

One possible version: Dear Editor, Nowadays mobile phones are becoming more and more popular among the middle school st udents. In my opinion, we can bring mobile phones to school. As we know, the 21st century is a modern age and full of information. A mobile phone is one of the quickest tools for us to exchange information. The mobile phone is a fashionab le and useful invention, so we ought to make the best use of it. Suppose there?s a sudden accident, it is more convenient for us to dial for help immediately. There?re also some gam es in the mobile phone. We can relax ourselves by playing them when we?re tired of our studies. In my opinion, it?s not wrong to follow the fashion, but the most important thing i s how to use the mobile phone in a right way.

Yours truly, Wang Lin

将下列对话以第三人称改写成一篇 110 左右单词的短文. Dialogue The year is 1963 in the USA.Two men are talking in prison. A:Why are you in here B:I was on the march. A:What march B:Haven't you heard There was a big civil rights march through the center of Birmingham yesterday. A:Why was that B:I imagine you're not very interested in politics. A:I'm a stranger here.I'm from the west coast.Tell me more. B:It's like this.We black people of Birmingham want equal rights.We want the same rights as the white people in the city. For years we've been demanding better housing and jobs. A:So you're telling me that the situation here is bad for black people. B:That's right.We're not treated as equal citizens.We cant' go to the public parks or swimming pools.It's forbidden. A:What happened on the march then B:I joined in the march and we were marching peacefully along and then the police came up. They told us to go home but we went on.They said that the march had been forbidden,but that wasn't true.They hit us w ith their sticks over and over again and put some of us in prison. A:I imagine that hurt a lot. B:Yes,my whole body hurts. 【参考答案】The story took place in 1963,when the black people were not treated as equally as the white people in the USA.They were not permitted to go to the public parks or swimming pools.Besides,their housing was in poor conditions a nd they did very heavy work.To demand the same rights as the whites,black people of Birmingham marched along the str eet peacefully.But the police wanted to stop them by hitting them with their sticks over and over again.The black people did not give up even though some of them were put into prison.They decided to go on strike until they won the fight ag ainst racial discrimination.(112)

【解题导引】本对话反映了 20 世纪 50 年代后期到 60 年代美国黑人为争取和维护平等的公民权而举行大规模民权示威游行, 兴起了少数民族争取民主权利的群众运动以及遭到美国当局镇压的情况,揭示了美国种族隔离,种族歧视的黑暗现象.短文需 通过一些事例来揭示这一主题: 1)黑人不公平的遭遇: ①We're not treated as equal citizens. ②We can't go to the public parks or swimming pools. 2)黑人反抗行为: ①We want the same rights as the white people in Birmingham. ②We demand better housing and jobs. ③We join in the march and march peacefully. 3)美国当局镇压黑人的行径: ①The police come up and tell us to go home. ②They want to forbid the march. ③They hit us with their sticks over and over again. ④They put some of us in prison. 在改写成短文过程中,除了在内容要点上要覆盖上述几点,还必须注意几个问题: 1)人称改用第三人称; 2)时态应用过去时; 3)连接自然,行文流畅.

On Smoking
同学们针对抽烟问题展开了一场热烈的讨论,请你根据下表所提供的信息, 写一篇题为“On Smoking”的短文。


有些同学认为不应抽烟 1.有害身体;

有些同学认为可以抽烟 1. 使人感到舒服, 帮助人思考;


2.浪费钱; 3.容易引起火灾。 个人见解

2.风度大方; 3.增加国家税收。 不抽烟

【参考答案】 On Smoking Some of my classmates think that smoking does harm to our health.Many people become ill and die of smoking.On the o ther hand,you must spend much money on cigarettes.What's more,many fires are caused by careless smokers. Some others take the different view that smoking will not only make you feel better but help you think especially when you are writing.They also hold that smokers seem to have an easy manner.Above all,Smoking can increase tax for our co untry. I'm against smoking.In my opinion,it's better for those who have got into the habit of smoking to give it up.(106) 【解题导引】这是一篇议论文,文章的布局与 2002 年全国统考英语卷中的书面表达相似.该题针对抽烟的利弊关系,双方各执 一词.作为作者的你,应首先根据表中内容,摆事实讲道理,在此基础权衡利弊,然后拿出自己的见解.文章的语言表达对学生来说 是力所能及的,关键的问题是如何将表中提纲式的语言形成连贯的文章,避免逐句翻译成英语

下面是 Li Hua 给 Zhang Hong 的信,请你以 Zhang Hong 的口气按提示写一封 120 词左右的回信. September 16 Dear Zhang Hong, How is everything with you I hope things are going well. There is not much news here.I just go to work every morning and come back to my apartment every night.Shanghai is cr owded with people,but I don't really know any of them.I don't like the city,but my job is quite interesting,and the pay is quite good. What are your plans for National Day If you don't have anything special,I hope you can visit Shanghai.Come and share my apartment.It is quite large and it is near the theatres,museums and stores. Write soon,and say you can spend the holiday here. Sincerely yours

Li Hua 回信提示:回信应包括以下内容: ⑴因故信至昨天才收到; ⑵Li Hua 喜欢他的工作,但不喜欢上海,Zhang Hong 谈自己的看法; ⑶谢绝 Li Hua 的邀请,并说明原因; ⑷也向 Li Hua 发出来杭州度假的邀请. 【参考答案】 September 25 Dear Li Hua, Thank you for your letter dated September 16.It wasn't until yesterday that I got it,as I had been out on business for a w eek. In your letter,you told me that you preferred your job to the city of Shanghai.In my opinion,Shanghai is an exciting and a beautiful place.Try to enjoy yourself in your spare time besides your devotion to work. I'm sorry to say that I won't go to Shanghai because our school will hold an open-air party.I have to stay for the perfor mances on the holiday.By the way,would you please come and join us in the party Hangzhou is so beautiful in autumn t hat I'm sure you will like it. Yours Zhang Hong(127) 【解题导引】写回信与首次给人写信不同,它必须以别人给你的来信为基础,展开你的写作思路,决不能置他人的来信于不顾. 因此,第一步首先要细读来信并读懂信的内容,包括一些细节及信的言外之意.其次要对来信所提出的问题作出相应的反应,表 明自己的态度和看法,并解释其原因.最后,写回信者也可以介绍自己方面的新闻或向来信人提出建议或要求等,这样"一来一往 "则发挥了书信的功能,达到了相互交流之目的. 另外,在写信中,务必注意书信的格式.由于近几年高考所要求写信的题目均已给出了相应的头,尾,弱化了学生在书信这一书面 表达能力的培养.故广大师生有必要加强书信中的日期,称呼,结束语,签名等方面的训练,同时还要特别注意正文部分的头尾常 用客套话的运用.

假如你是陈薇,申请到一家外资企业工作,对方要求你用英语写一篇短文,介绍自己的基本情况.短文应包括下表所列全部 内容.

姓名 陈薇 性别 女 出生年月 1983 年 3 月 出生地 浙江台州 学历 1990-1996 1996-2002 2002-2006 环山小学

台州中学 浙江大学

所学主要课程 英语、政治、历史、电脑、地理、中国语文 特 长 英文打字(曾获外语学院英文打字竞赛一等奖)

业余爱好 绘画、摄影、游泳 注意:1.采用短文形式表达; 2.词数 100 左右. 【参考答案】My name is Chen Wei.Female.I was born at Taizhou,Zhejiang in March,1983.I began my schooling at Huans han Primary School in 1996 and learned there for six years.After that I entered Taizhou Middle School in 1996 and grad uated in 2002.In the autumn of the same year I was admitted to Zhejiang University,majoring in English in Foreign Lang uage College.Besides,I also studied Chinese,politics,history,geography and computer science.Drawing,taking photos and swim ming are my hobbies.What's more,I am skilled in typing and I once won the first prize in the typing contest in English h eld by our college.(107) 【解题导引】按上述要求所写的短文既不同于自荐求职信,不需要写信的格式和书信交往中的人情因素,也不同于个人履历表 (RESUME)过多地受限于书写的形式,这种题目在目前的试卷中还是比较流行的.本题必须达到两点:①覆盖表中所列全部内容; ②杜绝按表格逐行翻译,以短文形式表达.由于表中所列均是较熟悉的内容,在表达中没有大的困难.时态按实际情况采用一般 过去时和一般现在时.行文要求通俗易懂,注意衔接,毋需刻意追求复杂的语言结构.

Recycling Waste

根据下列六幅图画,以 Recycling Waste 为题目,写一篇 100 左右英语单词的短文.

【参考答案】 People plant a great number of young trees in the mountains.When the trees grow big and tall enough,they a re cut down by workers and carried out of the mountains to the paper mill where fine paper is made from wood.Then it is taken to every corner of the country and used for different purposes.Some people use paper to copy writing,others use it to write something such as letters,reports and articles.When paper turns out to be of no use,the waste paper is collecte d and retreated in the recycling factory before being put into use again.(102) 【解题导引】要写好短文,必须首先根据六幅图提供的信息把握好文章的两个主题,即 How Paper Is Made 和 How Paper Is Recycled,然后至少用一句话来表述每一幅图画所覆盖的内容要点,最后适当添加一些过渡句和衔接词,将六幅图画形成一篇连 贯的文章.另外,这是一篇说明文,宜采用一般现在时态.

Teenagers and Video Games
你所在的研究性学习小组最近正在做课题,对在校学生课余打电脑游戏一事从不同角度进行了调查研究. 100 个学生的抽样 调查结果如以下三幅图表所示,请你以"Teenagers and Video Games" 为题写一篇课题报告. 注意:1.对调查的结果进行概括,分析(但不必包含所有数据) 2.对调查显示的结果适当加以评论. 词数:100-120 What's your favorite lesiure activity Number Position Reading books 9 4th

Plying a musical instrument 6 5th Playing a sport 35 1st Watching TV, videos or films 28 2nd Playing video games 22 3rd How much time do you spend playing video games every day Boys Girls 2-3 hours 24 14 1-2hours 48 35 0-1hours 19 47 How much time do you spend playing video games compared with one year ago

More time About the same Less time Possible Version: Teenagers and Video Games These days most adults seem to think that most teenagers spend all of their time playing video games. However, when w e surveyed 100 students in our school on the topic of video games, we discovered some interesting results. According to the survey, playing video games was only chosen as the third favorite leisure activity, with 22 votes. Also we can see the time spent on it varies from boys to girls. Most girls spent between 0 and 2 hours one day while one m ore hour went for boys on average. It's apparent to show that boys are addicted to it more easily. Finally, as for the stud ents who were interviewed, 47 percent held the view that they spent less time compared with that of last year. It's a good phenomenon, to some degree, showing that the quality of students' leisure time is improving, though we still n

eed to keep an eye on the future trends. What do you think of school uniforms Have you ever been to a school which did not have a school uniform Write and t ell us about your experiences and opinions. Send your letters to "Chatback" at the CITY MIRROR.

因能源紧缺,人口增长等各方面原因,近几年华东地区经常拉闸限电,人民的生产和生活受到影响.今年用电高峰即将到来,根据 这一情况,你所住的小区居委会将以"节约用电,从我做起"为主题开展宣传教育,邀请你来写一篇宣传稿.宣传稿应包含以下内 容: 停电对居民生活和工作的影响 怎样以实际行动节约用电 号召小区居民节约用电. 词数:100-120 Possible Version: Dear friends, As is known to all, owing to the lack of resources and the increase of population, we have suffered the shortage of elect ricity in East China in the last few years. And now, summer, in which a large amount of electricity will be badly needed, is just around the corner. We are all familiar with the effects brought by the power cut. Our work is interrupted frequently and we have to do thin gs by the light of candles, which is harmful to our eyes. At home, we have to stay in the darkness doing nothing in the evening. So everyone in our neighbourhood shall not neglect this solution--saving electricity. Besides the efforts made by the government, there're more we can and should do, like using the air-conditioner less often, turning off the light upon leaving, reminding family members of the importance of saving electricity and so on. As a saying puts, " Actions speak louder than words", please join in the action to save electricity, from yourself, from no w on. Action!

近段时间,社会上对学校是否应该强制学生穿校服展开了激烈的讨论,褒贬不一.于是本期 《城市镜报》 在学校中广泛征稿,希望 听到来自学生的心声.请你就征稿要求进行投稿. 词数:100-120 Possible Version:

Dear 'Chat back', Taking the advantages of wearing school uniforms into consideration, I'm all for it that school uniforms should be a neces sity for students. Since clothes play an important role in our daily life, many students feel like showing themselves off. I n this way, school uniforms help students avoid being compared to others about the clothes. For example, my friend flora is born in a poor family. Her parents are both laid off now. So she can't afford the fashion able clothes. Smart as she is, she used to feel uncomfortable when staying with the students who are dressed up. Thanks to the school uniforms, she is never looked down upon. Now, she has already cleared up the negative feelings and stood out among her classmates. In a word, I think highly of school uniforms. It can always do us good.

Never judge a book by its cover
还记得这句英文谚语"Never judge a book by its cover"吗 下面四幅图就描述了这样一个故事.假设你是第一幅图中左边的 男孩,站在右边的是你的朋友 Jack,你的妈妈一开始因为他的穿着打扮很不喜欢他,可是后来又发生了什么呢 请根据图画写一篇日记,并适当加以评论,发表自己的看法. 词数:100-120

Possible Version: March 21th Sunday Sunny My new friend Jack is a fashion follower who often wears strange clothes and long hair. But my mother drove him away

from our flat at the first sight yesterday. She thought he was a bad person, although she didn't know him at all. However, mom totally changed her mind this morning. When we were walking down the street near our home, we witnes sed an accident. A boy was hit by a car when he was walking across the road with headphones. Many people saw it, bu t at first no one knew how to help. Then someone rushed forwards and covered the boy with his coat to keep warm. He looked after him well until the ambulance came. It was Jack! His calmness and seasoned first aid skills moved mom. Sh e went and apolpgized to Jack for her former attitute, and told him that he was always welcome to our home. That gives me a lesson. The appearance may reflect one's interest, but it isn't the symbol of one's quality. We should nev er judge a book with its cover.

假设你是王灵,登载在一个国际网站上的招聘广告引起了你的兴趣.请你按照广告所示的地址给 Bull 夫妇写一封求职信,信中 包含以下信息: 你想应聘这份工作及你的应聘条件 进一步询问有关这份假期工作的详细信息 *词数 100-120 HOLIDAY JOBS! Need to improve your English Want to spend some time abroad Short of cash Why not come and work for us at Home Farm! You'll be picking fruit and generally helping out with all the usual farm work. We'll pay you by the hour so the harder you work, the more you'll earn! We'll provide a place to sleep and all your meals. Interested Why not drop us a line (and a photo). We'll be happy to answer any queries. Mr and Mrs Bull, Cold Comfort Farm, Sussex, Great Britain SU3 8TZ Dear Mr. And Mrs. Bull, I saw your advertisement on the Internet and ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________ Yours sincerely, Wang Ling Possible Version: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bull, I saw your advertisement on the Internet and am very interested in working on your farm. I'm a student and need more practice with my English. I was hoping to come to Great Britain but didn't want to ask my parents for money. Working for you would be an ideal solution. I'm 18 years old and very fit. Although I've never worked on a farm before I have helped on a building site and am use d to working hard. I'm very fond of animals and would be happy to help with the cows and sheep if needed. Could you please let me know how long you would want me for, how many hours a day, and what the minimum wages per hour would be I would like to know if there will be other students there too and where I will be sleeping. I enclose a photo as requested. My last employer will be happy to write me a reference, if you so wish. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely, Wang Ling

假设你是某英语报的记者,在北京报道申奥成功后兴起的学英语热.要点如下: 1)自从北京申奥成功以后,学英语在北京已越来越流行.政府要求所有工作人员懂英语.出租汽车司机,宾馆饭店的服务人员要 求能说至少 100 句以上的服务用语. 2)每天早晨你可以看见男男女女,老老少少,在公园里朗读英语,听英语广播.在公交车上,也有些年轻人在背英语单词,阅读英语 报纸. 3)英语课本,英语磁带,短波收音机,录音机等在商店卖得很火.各种程度的英语学习班像雨后春笋般涌现. 4)人们希望在 2008 年的时候,可以与来自世界各地的外国友人用英语交流,更好地为奥运会服务.

注意: 1)短文必须包括表中所有的内容. 2)词数:100 左右. 3)参考词汇: 服务用语—service expression 涌现—spring up 交流—communicate 4)文章的第一句话已为你写好. Since Beijing succeeded in winning the bid to hold the 2008 Olympic Games, learning English is becoming more and mo re popular in Beijing. Possible version: Since Beijing succeeded in winning the bid to hold the 2008 Olympic Games, learning English is becoming more and mo re popular in Beijing. All the government workers in Beijing are required to understand English. Taxi drivers, waiters in hotels and restaurants s hould be able to say at least 100 sentences of service expressions in English. Every morning, you will find people, men and women, old and young, reading English and listening to English on the radio in parks. On buses, young people are o ften seen memorizing English words, or reading English newspapers. English books, English tapes, short-wave radios, recor ders are selling well in Beijing's shops. English classes of various levels have sprung up throughout the city. It is hoped t hat people can communicate in English with friends from all parts of the world in 2008 and serve the Olympic Games b etter.

下面是某中学高中生 20 世纪 90 年代和 2005 年购买英语资料的对比表,请描述表格内容.

Reference ? 20 世纪 90 年代初 2005 年 33% 15% 67% 47% 0% 28% 0% 10% tapes books CD/DVD Internet

年人均投 入 ¥60 ¥210

1. 要求:解释发生的原因(可涉及学生对英语重视程度的加强,科技发展使新的学习产品不断涌现). 2.字数:100 左右 参考词汇:对比 comparison;购买 purchase;支出 expenditure Possible version: The diagram shows us the comparison of English materials purchase made by the senior students in our school in the earl y 1990s and in 2005. In 2005 there were more new choices for students, like Internet (10%) and CD/DVD (28%). While in the early 1990s there were only tapes (33%) and reference books (67%). At the same time, the average expenditure o n English materials has increased from 60 yuan in the early 1990s to 210 yuan in 2005. From these, we learn that there are more choices of materials on English learning and that students spend more money on them. Some reasons can explain this (phenomenon). First, many students realize the importance of learning English. English is w idely used all over the world. Second, since China entered WTO, learning English has become more popular. Third,as scie nce and technology have been developing so fast / with the development of science and technology, these latest English l earning facilities have already been proved far more useful and effective than traditional books.

据报道,某地一女青年用假文凭通过公司面试,进入某公司工作.她工作能力较强,工作干得很出色,但后来假文凭被查出,公司以 她缺乏诚信为由解雇了她. 你认为公司这种做法对吗 当今社会,我们应该看重诚信还是看重能力 请根据这一件事件选择其中某一种观点,结合你身边的 事例,写一篇 100 词左右的短文,谈谈你的看法,重点表述你持某种观点的理由,题目自拟. 参考词汇:文凭 diploma 诚信 honesty Possible versions: Honesty Comes First I think it is right to fire her, though she is now good at the job. Her fake diploma does help her, but it also does harm to others. It is unfair for others to compete in the job hunting. So I think honesty should come first. Nowadays, more a nd more students tend to cheat in exams. I think it is a serious problem. Though you can get higher marks and be praise d by others, you should clearly realize that it does do harm to others and even yourself. The fame is temporary and you won't get real knowledge. In a word, we should be honest and honesty must come first. Society Calls For Honesty Personally, I am in favor of the company's decision on firing the woman. Abilities are not always the most important, tho

ugh one's personality of being honest is what really matters. If the woman was not laid off, no one could guarantee that she wouldn't go against honesty any more. Society calls for honesty. When accepting someone as a friend, one will always take his honesty, rather than abilities into account. However, some of our own actions are the same case with that young woman. Take cheating in exams for exa mple. Have you ever cheated in exams Most of your answers to this question, I think, are " yes", but the marks are reall y worth selling your honesty out A fake diploma will not always help, but the personality of being honest will go with you forever and make things smoo th. Now have you attached importance to honesty Have you made up your mind to be an honest man

写邮件简述 18 岁成人宣誓仪式的感受
假如你是李华,昨天学校为你们举办了 18 岁成人宣誓仪式.请根据下列要点给你在美国的笔友发一封电子邮件,描述宣誓仪式 过程并简述你的感受. 要点:1.宣誓仪式;2.感谢家长和老师的培养和教育;3.老师送贺卡;4.表演节目 注意:1.邮件必须包括以上要点,可适当发挥;2.词数:100 字左右;开头已为你写好. 参考词汇:宣誓 make an oath Dear Tom, It's great to receive your e-mail. Now I'd like to tell you something that took place in my school yesterday.

Yours truly, Li Hua Possible version: Dear Tom, It's great to receive your e-mail. Now I'd like to tell you something that took place in my school yesterday. In the afternoon we held a grown-up ceremony for our coming 18-year-old birthday. At first we made an oath that as gr own-ups we should have a sense of duty/responsibility for our society from now on. Then we showed our thanks to our parents who had gone through hardships to bring us up and teachers who have been educating us patiently. And our teac hers also gave us cards expressing their good wishes to us. Finally we put on wonderful performances, singing and dancin g. We learned a lot from the activity. I think it's very important for us. I will never forget the day in my life. Yours truly, Li Hua

假如你正参与由 SSP 组织的"素质教育大讨论".请你根据以下要点扩写成一篇 "关于良好师生关系"的英语短文,寄去投稿.在文章中你提出自己的观点和看 法.字数 120 左右(不包括要点提示部分). 可能用到的词汇:motivate vt. 激发 go extremes 走向极端 Possible version: The Teacher-Student Relationship A good teacher-student relationship will make learning enjoyable and interesting for the students and teaching worth-while for a teacher. To set up a good teacher-student relationship, a teacher's behaviour is important. The teacher should motivate the students so that they want to learn. A good teacher should be patient, friendly and strict. Remember not to encourage the student s by pushing or forcing them. Being too friendly may cause students to become lazy and stop working hard. On the othe r hand, being too strict may frighten the students. So a teacher should avoid going extremes in treating his students. And teachers should encourage the students to think independently and learn to study by themselves. As for the students, they must always respect their teachers. Students should be eager to learn and willing to work hard. It's important to listen with attention in class and it's more important to learn to raise questions and work out problems in new ways. In conclusion, a good teacher-student relation-ship can be mutually beneficial. The students gain knowledge eagerly and en joyably and the teacher gains satisfaction from his job. 5,Full imagination of "0" Possible version: "0" is like the sun which is rising in the east. The sun shines brightly, which makes our motherland warm and beautiful. "0" is like the globe which our geography teacher often uses in class. He tells us we can travel all over the world and e njoy the beauty. "0" is like the football. Our football team packed into the World Cup and our 44-year hope came true. This year, we ha ve already gained many achievements in sports, especially Li Xiaopeng, who has made a great breakthrough in the Olymp ic event. "0" is like the moon of mid-autumn night. On the night, every family reunite and spend the night together. We expect th at Taiwan returns to our motherland and we believe that the reunion of our country will come true, which is the greatest hope of all the Chinese people.

下午数学考试,你成绩不好,心情郁闷.下午几个好朋友邀你去操场打球,你们玩得 很尽兴
下午数学考试,你成绩不好,心情郁闷.下午几个好朋友邀你去操场打球,你们玩得很尽兴.你用日记形式记录下你今天的活动感 受. 日记包括以下几个要点: 1. 下午的数学考试你的成绩不佳,心情一直不好. 2. 下午同学邀你操场打球,解愁. 3. 大家玩得很高兴,而你开始一直当观众,你觉得你打不好,不敢上场. 4. 在大家的鼓励下,你终于上场打球并得分. 5. 现在你的心情舒畅了;更重要的是:你找回了自信(self-confidence). 6. 你在日记中对自己说了这样一句话:"…….". 注意:1. 词数 100 左右,开头语已为你写好,不计入总词数; 2. 短文必须包含所有要点,但可以用不同的句式表达.要求结构合理,紧凑连贯. Friday Dec. 23, 2005 Sunny This afternoon I went to play basketball with some of my good friends. __________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Possible version: Friday Dec. 23, 2005 Sunny This afternoon I went to play basketball with some of my good friends happily. At the very beginning, I didn't want to go playing basketball though my friends invited me to. I was (had been) in a bad mood the whole afternoon because I didn't do well in the math exam. With their comfort and encouragement, I went wit h them. However, I was just one of the audience. I dare not have a try because I was afraid that I couldn't play well. E ncouraged by my good friends, I picked up the basketball and played with them. And luckily I got scores. I felt very ex cited. Now I have become cheerful and above all I've regained self-confidence. I believe that the worst enemy in one's life is o neself. I shouldn't lose heart just because of one or two failures because I still have chances to try.




保持健康的方法 1.多吃水果蔬菜,保持饮食平 衡,避免含糖高,脂肪高的食 物


(你的看法?) 2.多锻炼,健身强体; 3.鄙弃不良习惯


Possible version: Health is far more important than wealth. Good health enables us to enjoy our life and achieve what we hope for in our career. On the contrary, poor health leads to nothing. How can we keep healthy Here is some advice. Firstly, it is very important for us to take more fruits and vegetables bec ause they provide vitamins, and we have to keep a balanced diet. So we should avoid food with lots of sugar and fat/wh ich is rich in sugar and fat. Secondly, we'd better exercise every day to make our bodies strong. Besides, we have to avo id too much work pressure. Finally, we have to get rid of those bad habits that damage our health, such as drinking and smoking. In conclusion, if we stick to the advice given above, we will lead a healthy life.

回信介绍充当 2008 年北京奥运会的志愿者可以做什么
假设你是李明,你的网友 Peter 来信,他想充当 2008 年北京奥运会的志愿者,但他不知道志愿者要干些什么.请你根据下列要点, 给他回信,欢迎他到北京充当 2008 年奥运会志愿者.信的开头已为你写好. 主要内容: 1)充当来自世界各地的运动员及官员的向导兼服务员. 2)为各客房配送毛巾,香皂,牙刷,笔,纸巾等日用品. 3)帮助运动员们提东西. 4)每天工作 8 小时

注意: 1)不能逐条翻译上述要点; 2)词数:100 词左右 参考词汇: 配送 prepare and deliver 毛巾 towel Possible version: Dear Peter, Nice to hear from you. You are welcome to be a volunteer of 2008 Olympic Games of Beijing. As a volunteer, you first act as a guide for the officials and athletes from all over the world. You are also an attendant. You need to prepare an d deliver daily supplies, such as towels, soap, toothbrushes, pens, paper and so on, to the rooms of the officials' and athl etes'. If necessary, you may help the athletes to carry luggage. The job is simple, but tiring. None the less, it is very im portant and meaningful. What's more, you need to work 8 hours a day. I am looking forward to the day you come to Beijing. See you then. Yours truly, Li Ming

My Dream House 某校开展"研究性学习",要求学生设计一下未来的居室.下面请以"My

Dream House"为题,描述

我梦中的住房将是建在海边的一幢别墅.前后有两个庭院,前面是一个四季都开满鲜花的花园,后面是一个游泳池,因为我的家 人喜欢游泳. 第一层进门有一个大厅,大厅的右边有一个客厅,平时大家可以在这里放松休息,看电视,娱乐等.左边有个电脑房,还有一毡属于 我的书房. 第二层有 6 间卧室,每一间卧室都有浴室. 别墅配有现代化设备,如电脑控制的安全报警器,电梯,可视电话,自动门等. 参考词汇: 书房 study 安全报警器 security alarm 可视电话 vision phone 自动门 automatic My dream house is a villa which lies on the coast. There are two yards in the villa. The front yard is a garden with ma ny beautiful flowers an plants for the four seasons. There is a swimming pool in the back yard, as my family are fond o f swimming. On the first floor, there is a big hall when you enter the gate. On the right of the hall is a sitting room, th ere we can relax, have a rest, watch TV and enjoy entertainments. On the left there is a computer room and a study bel onging to me. On the second floor, there are six bedrooms with bathrooms. The villa will be equipped with the modern e

quipment, such as security alarms controlled by computers, vision phones, lifts an automatic doors. Well, that is my drea m house.

Changes in Peoples Daily Expenses in a City
如下图表表述的是 A 市在近五年中,人们在食物,衣服,休闲娱乐及其他方面的开支情况.请以 "Changes in People's Daily Exp enses in a City"为题,写一篇词数为 120 左右的短文. 要求:1. 对图表作一简要的概述,写出其规律; 2. 适当发挥想象,分析形成该规律的原因; 3.不要过多引用图表中的数据.

1999 Food Clothing Recreation Others Total 65% 8% 3% 24% 100%

2000 60% 9% 5% 26% 100%

2001 48% 12% 7% 33% 100%

2002 42% 15% 8% 35% 100%

2003 35% 17% 10% 38% 100%

短文的开头已给出. In the past five years, there have been great changes in people's daily expenses in a city… Possible version: In the past five years, there have been great changes in people's daily expenses in a city. The amount of money spent on food decreased gradually. However, there was a rapid increase in clothing expenses. In addition, the recreation expenses went up. It is the same with other expenses. What caused these changes In my opinion, there are at least three reasons. Firstly, with the development of agriculture, th e output of food has sharply increased. People can get more food with less money. Secondly, the incomes of people have greatly risen. People now can afford expensive clothing. Some of them even want to dress in the latest fashion. Finally, people are eager to make their life interesting and exciting. So it is natural that they spend more money on recreation an

d others. In short, as the living conditions improve, people are paying more attention to the quality of life. The expenses on clothin g and recreations will still increase in the future.

某日,你没有完成老师布置的作业,但你不敢承认自己的错误,为躲避惩罚,你编造借口欺骗老师.请你以短文的形式将事情的起 因,过程及结果进行详细的描述.并谈谈你现在对这件事的认识. 要求:1.对整个事件可展开合理想象;2. 120 词左右. Possible version: Last Sunday, I went for an outing with my classmates. I enjoyed myself so much that I forgot to finish my English assig nment. The next morning, our English teacher told us to put our writing books on the desk so that he could check it. He is ver y strict and I did not know what would happen if he found out I did not finish my homework. So I took my Chinese w riting book instead of my English book. When the teacher found this out, I pretended to be very surprised, "Oh, I'm very sorry, I thought that was my English book because they have the same cover. I can bring my English writing book to s chool in the afternoon!" On hearing this, the teacher said, "OK!" I narrowly escaped punishment. In fact, I didn't do my homework. Now I realize I was wrong. It is the first step for a student to be modest.

请根据以下提示,以 Advertisement 为标题,写一篇 120 词左右的英语短文. 1) 广告成了人们生活中不可或缺的点缀 有的广告走向极端 你对广告的看法 Possible version: Advertisement Advertisements appear everywhere in modern society. When you walk along the streets, you can see large boards with pre tty girls smiling at you. You read newspapers, and see half of the pages covered with ads. You turn on TV, and you see commercial advertisements again. Whether you like it or not, advertisements fill your life. In order to attract more customers, advertisements will sometimes go to extremes. Advertisements use every possible mean s in producing their announcements. For example, to advertise a certain food, advertisers will employ an actor to sit at a

table and eat up their seemingly delicious food product while they film him. Although advertisements enable you to make decisions quickly, sometimes they can cause lots of trouble. There are alway s many of them and they make you forget what you are sitting there for.

假设你叫李华,你的家乡有很多茂密的森林,但现在森林已变成了荒漠.请根据下面几幅图的内容,向一家英文报社写一封 120 词左右的信,陈述以下内容: 当地土地沙漠化的经过 举一例来说明土地荒漠化的后果 发表你的看法.

注意: 1.信的开头部分已写好(不计入总词数) 2. 生词提示:荒漠 wasteland Possible version: Dear editor, Some years ago, my hometown used to be a beautiful place. Thick trees and green grass could be seen all over the hills. As time went on, people destroyed almost the whole forest to grow more crops. To make matters worse, people let their cattle eat up the grass. So, you can only see wasteland instead of green forests now. As a result, when it rains, the soil is washed down the hills and into the rivers. Strong winds also blow away the valuable soil that lies on the top of the fields. I do hope all the people will take good care of the forests and plant more trees to improve our living conditions.



支持北京举办 2008 年奥运会,保护我们生存的环境。

活动时间 主办单位

6 月 3-8 日 学生会和团委 打扫操场,给树木、花草浇水;收集旧报纸、旧书、空罐头盒、 废玩具,分类后送交回收中心。 提高了同学们的环保意识。



注意: 1.词数:100 左右; 2.参考词汇:学生会和团委 the Young League and Student's Union; 3.内容要连贯,不能逐句翻译. One possible version: In order to support Beijing to hold the 2008 Olympic Games and protect our environment, an activity was organized by t he Young League and Student's Union of our school during the week from June 3rd to June 8th. All the students in the senior grades took active part in it. Some students cleaned the playground, watered the young trees and flowers, and removed weeds. Some students collected waste paper, old books, empty cans and old toys. They had th em sorted and sent them to the recycling center. The activity is really instructive. Now we all have realized how important protecting the environment is.

假如你是某公司的产品推销员,请用英语完成下面的产品介绍: 1.产品名称:INSTANT-DICT 2.产地:中国香港 3.厂家:Hongyun Company Ltd. 4.产品特点:电子辞典,储存有一百万英语单词和短语.采用该公司 20 年的研究成果,由高级电脑科技控制,用轻金属制成,体小, 携带方便,操作简单,价格合理. 注意:词数 100 左右. One possible version: INSTANT-DICT is an e-dictionary made in Hong Kong, China. It is the latest product of Hongyun Company Ltd. with a

large vocabulary of I million words and phrases stored in it. So you can look up any word you meet in your Senior pe riod. INSTANT-DICT is controlled by advanced computer technology which is also the latest technical result of the comp any's 20-year research. The body of the INSTANT-DICT is made of light metal. Therefore it is small in size and conveni ent to carry; besides, it is easy to operate. The price is reasonable. It is a wise choice for English learners.

假设你是李华,你的美国朋友 Alice 听说中国的中小学正在实施素质教育,来信询问有关情况.请你根据下表提供的信息,写封回 信,谈一谈"素质教育"实施后你们学校生活发生的变化.



课堂活跃,研究学习,能力培养,有时学生当老师 上课 听讲、做笔记

课外活动 做不完的作业

晚上 继续做作业至深夜 看新闻,做实验,各学科讨论

注意: 1.词数:100 左右; 2.写信日期为 2006 年 3 月 20 日; 3.注意书信格式. 生词:exam-oriented education 应试教育 quality-oriented education 素质教育 One possible version: March 20, 2006 Dear Alice, How nice to hear from you. You want to know what is going on in schools in China Now, I will tell you about it. In the past, exam-oriented education forced us to listen to our teachers while taking notes in class. We did all kinds of e xercises without end, though it was 5 o'clock in the afternoon. After supper, we had to continue our exercises far into the

night. Now, quality-oriented education has made our school life colourful. We are active in class. In order to train the ability, w e often do research on study(research into study). Sometimes one of us teaches ourselves. We have various outside activiti es, such as singing, dancing, English corner, and taking computer lessons. Basketball and football are our favourite sports. In the evening we can watch news on TV, do experiments by ourselves and have talks and discussions of our subjects. Please make sure that our school life is getting more and more colourful and interesting. Best wishes. Yours, Li Hua

1,下面六幅图描述了你 2006 年 3 月 26 日(星期日)去一家服装店退换衣服的经历,请根据图画所描述的情景用英语写一篇日记.

注意:1.短文应包括图画所描述的全部内容,可适当增加细节; 2.词数 120 左右; 3.参考词汇:发票-receipt,批评-criticize; 4.日记开头已写好. March 26, 2006 Sunday This morning I went to the shop to change the coat I bought yesterday One possible version: March 26, 2006 Sunday This morning I went to the shop to change the coat I bought yesterday. When I told the salesgirl what I came for, she d idn't admit the coat was bought in the shop. When I showed her the receipt, she said I made the coat dirty and refused t o change it for me. I reasoned with her, pointing to the notice on the wall, which read "All the goods bought here can b e changed if there's something wrong." She had nothing to say but still refused my request. Just then the manager came.

After I told him the whole matter, he criticized the salesgirl and had the coat changed for me. At last, I left the shop wi th satisfaction.

No Cellphones in the Classroom-不让手机出现在教室
根据下面图画的内容,以 "No Cellphones in the Classroom"为题写一篇夹叙夹议的短文.

注意:1,短文必须包括图画中所提供的主要信息. 2,适当做一些评论,表明个人的观点. 3,词数不少于 100. 4,短文开头已给出. 5,生词:cellphone 手机; spoil 毁掉,破坏

Nowadays cellphones are popular in big cities in China. It seems that they are popular at school, too. And in some schoo ls most of the students have cellphones with them everywhere. One day, Possible versions: Nowadays cellphones are popular in big cities in China. It seems that they are popular at school, too. And in some schoo ls most of the students have cellphones with them everywhere. One day, Teacher Wu was giving a maths lesson when the ringing of a cellphone interrupted him. He got so angry that he shouted at the boy whose phone was still ringing. "Don't you see the sign that cellphones are forbidden in school Ho w dare you use your cellphone here in the classroom " he asked the boy, pointing at the sign above the blackboard. The boy looked as if he hadn't realized what had happened to him. Ee must have forgotten to turn the phone off before clas

s. However, the boy wasn't able to escape from the school punishment. I think students shouldn't use cellphones in school. The ringing of the phone in class not only interrupts teachers, but also spoils the class.

How to be a good learner
你校英文报欲征集有关学习经验的小短文.请以"How to be a good learner"为题,写一篇英语短文.短文应包含以下要点: 1,概述:学法的重要性. 2,提高学习效率的方法:有计划,善思考,勤总结(sum up);会用工具书,善用机会和资源(resources);劳逸结合. 3,成功的秘诀(key):勤奋加方法. Possible Version: How to be a good learner Learning methods are very important to every student. Usually a good learner gets twice the result with half the efforts. A poor learner also wishes to imporve himself but doesn't know how. To be a good learner, one should have a proper study plan and be good at thinking and solving problems with the help of reference books, for example, a dictionary. One also has to sum up what has been learned, seize every chance to learn and make use of all kinds of learning resources. Besides, one is supposed to be good both at work and rest. Remember that diligence and good methods are the key to success.


有些人认为有必要 1、跟老师学比自己学好 2、可以巩固课堂所学内容 3、可以学到更多的东西

另一些人认为没有必要 1、容易养成依赖习惯 2、学生需要时间休息 3、许多培训班和家教以赚钱为目的

请你根据以上提示,以"Is a Training Class or Private Teacher Necessary " 为题,写一篇 120 词左右的短文,反映表中内容,并 简要阐述自己的观点.文章开头已给出,不计入总词数. 要求:层次清晰,连贯流畅;表达灵活,不要逐字逐句翻译.

Is a Training Class or Private Teacher Necessary More and more middle school students are going to all kinds of training classes or having private teachers at the weeken d. There are two different viewpoints about it. Possible version: Is a Training Class or Private Teacher Necessary More and more middle school students are going to all kinds of training classes or having private teachers at the weeken d. There are two different viewpoints about it. Some think it necessary. Firstly, it's more effective to study with a teacher than by oneself. Secondly, it can strengthen w hat is learnt in class. Besides, they can learn a lot more. Others think it a waste of time. For one thing, students can eas ily form the habit of dependence. For another, students need to relax from time to time. What's more, the purpose of ma ny training classes or private teachers is to make money. In my opinion, whether a training class or a private teacher is needed all depends. If you are really very weak in certain subject, maybe it's OK for you. But be sure to choose a good and suitable class or teacher, otherwise it would be a wa ste of time and money.

你班就"老师是否应该家访"召开了一次主题班会,同学们各抒己见,畅所欲言,请你根据下列信息,作总结性发言. 大多数同学认为,家访增进家长,学生和老师之间的了解;学生更能感觉到老师的关心和帮助;同时,更有利于老师根据学生的个 人情况提出建议;而有的同学则担心老师告状,受到家长的责骂与惩罚;学生可能会更缺乏私人的空间;有的还认为家访浪费时 间和精力. 注意:1,发言的开头已给出(不计入总词数); 2,词数:120 左右. Attention, please! I'm going to give you a summary of today's discussion about whether teachers should visit students' ho mes...... Possible version:

Attention, please! I'm going to give you a summary of today's discussion about whether teachers should visit students' ho mes. Most students think our teachers should go and visit their students' parents to let them know what we do at school. Besid es, the teachers can also know what we have done at home. This face-to-face talk will help parents, students and teachers to understand each other better. What's more, the teachers can offer different advice to different students, which will sho w their special attention to us and help a lot. On the other hand, a few students don't think so. In their opinion, it is unnecessary and even a waste of time for the tea chers to visit kids' homes. Especially, they are worried that they will be scolded if the teachers tell the parents their mist akes at school. I think that the teachers should visit our home. That's all. Thank you.

现在的父母都望子成龙,他们要求自己的子女除上学外,还要学习许多其他的东西,加重了儿童的身心负担.请根据下图所描述 的情景,写一篇短文,对这一现象作一分析并说说你的看法和态度.

字数:100 一 120.' 生词:围棋:chess 书法:calligraphy Possible version: Nowadays, the society is developing fast and many parents across China want their children to cope with this rapid chang e and be well prepared for their future. Beside their regular studies in schools, their parents want them to attend all kinds of other classes such as piano class, dance class, arts class, calligraphy class and chess class, laying a heavy burden on t heir shoulders. As a result, the children almost have no time to play. I don't think this is right. I believe parents should let their children develop their talent by their own choice and interests and give them enough time and space to learn what they want to. So, the children can have a happy and enjoyable life.

人类已进入了一个崭新的世纪,不同的人有不同的幸福观.An Express Way to English (英语通)正在中学生中进行幸福观的 讨论,请你根据下表的提示,用英语写一篇短文,以便向该刊投稿.

Students Some Some Some Ι

Possessions Money

Benefits Buying?? and?? doing???? anything??????

Health Wealth Knowledge

Enjoyment From parents free from work For mankind

Happiness Happiness means different things to different people. For example, some students believe that if they have much money or a large number of possessions, they will be happy. They believe that they will be able to do anything they want to if t hey have money. Some students think that they should be in good health, and enjoy whatever they like. Many students w ish to have much wealth from their parents. In this way they don't have to work hard, and they can have everything. I d on't agree with the above points. We can't buy many important things with money, such as health, happiness and knowled ge. I value knowledge, which makes me happy, for I can do much for mankind with knowledge. Although different peopl e value happiness differently, my "wealth" of happiness is in my study.

某英文报"健康生活"栏目正在讨论有关健康食品,体育锻炼与少年儿童肥胖的问题.下面六幅图画是李明一年中的变化,请根 据李明的情况写一篇短文.

注意:1.词数不少于 60. 2.短文的开头已给出. 提示词语:junk food 好吃但不利于健康的食品 snacks 各种零食 A healthy diet and regular exercise may help to prevent obesity(肥胖) among children. Take Li Ming for example. Li Ming used to be a healthy boy, but

Li Ming used to be a healthy boy, but great changes have taken place in 2003 and 2004. The meal Li Ming ate every d ay included a lot of and different junk food which was bad for health. What's more, he watched TV lying on the sofa a nd eating snacks. As a result, his weight went up day after day, he even had difficulties in climbing the stairs. This mad e Li Ming so sad that he decided to get a new beginning in 2004. Instead of junk food and snacks, Li Ming ate the hea lthy diet and took more exercise such as football, swimming, skating and running. At fast, he became as healthy as befor e, healthy diet and regular exercise helped him a lot.

改革现行的高考制度 我的意见是…
目前我国高考竞争愈演愈烈.每年考生人数近 300 万,而录取率在 60%以下,多数考生肯定要落选.这给考生,考生的家庭和学校, 乃至整个社会,都造成了很大的压力,引发了一些社会问题.此外,不同类型或特点的考生用同一模式和难度的试卷,有欠公允;三 天的考试成绩便决定一个人的未来命运,亦不够合理.如何解决这些问题,改革现行的高考制度 我的意见是…. Statistics show that no more than 60% of people who take the college entrance exams pass. Because a college education is regarded as the key to a successful career, this puts enormous pressure on the applicants. It also causes social problems, as those who fail consider that they have disgraced their families. It seems to me that the exams are unfair, for three reasons: First, applicants with different abilities are faced with the sa me type of exam paper, second, the results of a mere three days of examination affect the applicant's whole future; and t hird, applicants who can afford private tutors usually score higher marks than those who are poorer, but perhaps more int elligent. To improve the system of college entrance exams, I suggest the following steps: the exam papers should be graded to tak

e into account the different levels of ability and the different backgrounds of the applicants; in addition to the actual exa m, a complete assessment of the applicant's educational achievements should be made; and tutoring in examination techniq ues should be made available to all.

How to build an economized society-如何建设节约型社会
国家正在提倡"节约型社会",你将以"How to build an economized society"为题向 21 世纪报投稿,文章应包含以下要点,可适当发挥,谈谈自己其他的一些想法或做法. 要点提示: 节电:及时关闭灯,电扇,电脑等; 节水:随手关水龙头,废水利用等; 节能:拒用塑料袋,废物回收等; 自己的见解 注意:1.词数:100 左右.短文标题,开头已为你写好,但不计入总词数; 2.内容可适当发挥,注意行文连贯. How to build an economized society Our government is aiming to build an "economized society". I think it is every citizen's duty to work hard to achieve this goal

Possible version: How to build an economized society Our government is aiming to build an "economized society". I think it is every citizen's duty to work hard to achieve this goal. To build an economized society, we must keep the following points in our minds. Firstly, make sure that the lights and the electric fans are turned off when there is no one in the room. Set the room temperature at above 26℃. Remember to turn off the computer when you are not using it. Secondly, try to form the habit of turnin g off the tap after it is used. Use basins when washing faces or vegetables. Thus the water can be used again to clean t oilets or water flowers. Thirdly, it will be good enough to use a basket instead of plastic bags when you go to the mark et. As we know, a basket can be used many more times. In a word, we should try our best to build an economized society.

回信向 Annie 介绍你们班同学是如何练习英语听说能力的
假设你是魏华,最近你的英国笔友 Annie 来信谈到:十多前她到中国时,发现当时中学生的英语阅读和写作水平较高,但听说能 力还不行.你回信告诉她中国中学生的英语听说能力已有了较大的提高,并根据下面的提示向 Annie 介绍你们班同学是如何练 习英语听说能力的. 提示:1.英语课堂上教师用英语授课,师生之间用英语讨论问题. 2.虽然自去年起高考英语取消听力考试,但课下常听习题磁带. 3.经常购买带 CD 或 MP3 的有声杂志. 4.参加学校的英语角. 注意:1.不能逐条翻译,要表达清楚,行文连贯; 2.词数 100-120 左右; Dear Annie, I'm very glad to receive your letter, mentioning us Chinese middle school students' English level.

Best wishes! Yours, Wei Hua Possible version: Dear Annie, I'm very glad to receive your letter, mentioning us Chinese middle school students' English level. In fact, our skills in list ening and speaking skills have been greatly improved as well as in reading and writing. Firstly, our English teacher explains texts in English, and we are asked to speak nothing but English in English classes. S econdly, despite the fact that the listening test has been cancelled in the college examination since last year, we students still keep on listening to many tapes after class. And to improve our listening skills further, we often buy some English magazines with CD or MP3. Besides, we take part in the English Corner once a week. Now I believe you have had a n ew idea about our English level. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best wishes! Yours, Wei Hua


假设今天你上网,点击进入"今日话题"网站.看到一则有关禁止学生在校园内使用手机的报道.网友们对此各抒己见.作为一名 高中生,你对此颇感兴趣,就在该栏目下发帖,客观反映周围同学们对此的不同看法.并简单谈谈你的看法.(100 字左右) 以下为同学们的看法:


不赞同 便于联系非必需,因有 IC 卡电话 玩游戏,发短信 (e--massage)




功能(function) 多样


Just now, I entered the website—"Topic for Today". I feel interested in the report on banning the use of the cell-phone o n campus in middle schools.

One possible version: Just now, I entered the website--"Topic for Today". I feel interested in the report on banning the use of cell-phones on c ampus in middle schools. In fact, more students now come to school with cell-phones. My schoolmates have different opi nions. Some think it is convenient to get in touch with others with the cell-phone, which also makes you feel safe especi ally in time of trouble. Besides, it is nice to enjoy various functions of different cell-phones. Others think differently. First, the cell-phone in not a must in school, as there are some IC phones there, making it easy to call others. Second, many often play e -games and send e-massages with their cell-phones, even in class, which will surely have bad effects on their study. Worse is to come, it will result in a great waste of time and money. In my opinion, the cell-phone is a useful to ol in our daily life. But it doesn't mean we can use freely in school.

书面表达三 路桥金清中学 蔡裕方

1,今年是你校校庆,毕业前夕,高三段同学决定给母校献上一份贺礼,学生会向各班征求意见,同学们为此进行了热烈的讨论.请 你收集同学们的建议及其相关的理由. 同学建议——为学校做力所能及的事: (1) 在植树节那天为学校种树,美化校园; (2)向新同学,亲戚朋友介绍学校,带领他们参观学校. 同时,阐明你的建议和理由. 注意:1,字数:100~120 2,开头已给出. Before graduation, we decide to give a meaningful gift to our school for its birthday. ____ __________________________ _____________________________________________________. Possible version: Before graduation, we decide to give a gift to our school for its birthday. We had a heated discussion about what gift to give. We think we should do whatever we can to help our school. Some advise planting more trees on the coming Tree ---Planting Day to make our campus more beautiful, while others hold the view that we should introduce the history of o ur school to friends, schoolmates or relatives. Besides, we can show them around our school to make it better known. As far as I am concerned, I'd like to study even harder for a better university. In this way, our school will be proud of us and thus we can make an even greater contribution to it.

现在很多中学生出国留学。据《环球时报》报道,澳大利亚驻华使馆 2002 年签发的留学签证有 50%给了高中生。假设你是 名叫李华的学生,请给某报编辑写一封信,根据以下所给要求,明确表示赞成还是反对中学出国留学(只能选择一种观点)。 字数 100~120。

赞成的观点: 1.与中国教育相比,国外教育有诸多优点,如:…… 2.在国外接受教育,可以培养学生多方面的能力,如:…… 反对的观点: 1.与中国教育相比,国外教育可能存在诸多问题,如:…… 2.过早留学,可能给学生在精神上、学习上及经济上造成诸多负面影响,如:……

注:除以上内容,你还可陈述赞成或反对的其它理由。 Dear editor , I think / don’t think … 赞成的观点: Dear editor , I think it is good to send teenagers abroad for further study . Compared with China’s education , foreign education has many advantages . It has a good education sense , pays special attention to the training of students’ abilities and crea tes relaxing self-study circumstances for them . In the schools , we don’t have to bear a heavy learning load as we do in China , and therefore we can learn much and better . In foreign countries , we have more chances to learn about foreign culture , customs and habits, which can broaden our mind . Though we have to look after ourselves abroad and maybe life is hard for us , it will help us trai n our ability to live independently and deal with problems . Yours sincerely, Li Hua 反对的观点: Dear editor , I don’t think it is good to send teenagers abroad to study . Compared with China’s education , foreign education has many problems .

Some foreign schools are not as good as those of our country in teaching quality . In those schoo ls , students can’t learn more , and therefore waste a lot of money , which is a heavy burden to their families . Teenagers are too young to take care of themselves either in their study or in their daily life , whi ch in turn will bring a lot of trouble to them . As they may don’t have the ability to tell right from wrong , and lack necessary help and guidance , some lose their interest in studies and even learn something bad .


1.根据最近调查,约 25%的大学生打零工 现象 2.在暑假,这一数字将增至 72% 3.大学生常做的零活有:家教、服务员、售货员等 原因 1.想赚钱支付一部分日益增长的学费 2.想经济上独立,买一些自己想买的东西 1.能获取社会经验,拓宽视野 2.能给大学生提供一个了解外部世界的机会


注意: 1.词数:100 左右。2.参考词汇: 调查 survey; 家庭教师 tutor; 学费 tuition; 经济地 economically; 视野 outlook According to a recent survey,about 25 percent of college students have a part-time job.During s ummer vacation,this figure will increase to 72 percent.College students are working as tutors,wa iters or salesmen. Why do they want part-time jobs?First,they want to earn money to help cover the increasingly hi gher college tuition.Second,they hope to be economically independent and buy whatever they wa nt.

By doing part-time jobs,college students can gain some society experience and broaden their outlo ok.What’s more,part-time jobs can provide them with a valuable chance/opportunity to know the o utside world.

假设你是李华,住在泉州。你的澳大利亚笔友 Eric 来信谈到了他所居住的城市,并希望了解你家乡的情况。请你用英语写 一封回信。回信须包括下表中的内容。


①位于台湾海峡西岸、风景优美、适合居 住

②近十年来经济发展迅速 ③新建了不少工厂、住房、道路、桥梁等


④水、空气、噪音污染 ⑤交通拥挤



注意:1. 回信中不能使用“泉州”以外的地名。 2. 词数 100 左右。信的开头与结尾已为你写好,不计入词数。 参考词汇:台湾海峡 Taiwan Straight Dear Eric, It’s very kind of you to write me and let me know about your beautiful city. Now I’d like to tell yo u something about my hometown Quanzhou. The city stands on the west bank of the Taiwan Straight. It is a beautiful place for people to live in. Its economy has been developing rapidly in the past ten years. New factories, houses, roads an d bridges have been built. More schools and hospitals are available for its people. However, there are still some problems, such as water, air and noise pollution and heavy traffic in rush hours. In my opinion, Quanzhou should develop its economy scientifically. I would also think that the growth

of its housing construction should be brought under control so that we’ll have a better hometown in future. Yours, Lihua


写一篇英语短文,介绍讨论的情况。 一些同学认为 另一些同学认为 注意:1.字数:100 左 2.不必逐条翻

打工会影响大学生的学习;改变正 打工可以减轻父母的负担;同时使 右; 确 大


的人生观;甚至会使他们崇拜金钱 学生获得社会经验;发展个人能力;3.参考词汇:打工 lak 丰 富学习生活 The students of Class 3 had a discussion about whether college students should take part-time job s. Some students think it is advantage for college students to take part-time jobs. Because, by doin g part-time jobs, they can earn money on their own so that they don’t need to ask their parents f or money, and in this way, they reduce their parents’ load. Besides, taking part-time jobs can help them gain social experience, develop personal abilities and make their life enjoyable. One the other hand, some students have a disagreement. In their opinion, the students’ main tas k is to study, while taking part-time jobs has a bad effect on their study. And also, it may make c ollege students change their life views and they may think too much of money. e a part-time job 人生 观 life view 负担 load



姓名 出生地 职业

李 明 湖北 工程师

性别 出生日期 毕业学校



1960 年 2 月 9 日 清华大学

1982 年大学毕业,作出人生重要决定,留学美国深造 经过 4 年的努力学习,掌握了计算机方面的先进技术和管 理方法 个人简介 1989 年获得博士学位 2001 年作出回国的决定,并创办一家公司 由于妻子和女儿已经习惯了美国的生活方式,至今仍留在 美国 注意:1.所写短文应包括所有要点; 2.词数 100 左右;

3.开头已给出,不计人总词数; 4.不要逐字逐句翻译。 Li Ming, an engineer, was born on February 9,1960 in Hubei, China. After he graduated from (Qing hua) Tsinghua University in 1982, he made an important decision in his life. He decided to go to t he United States for his further study. After four years’ hard work, he mastered new management i deas and advanced technologies in computer field. In 1989, he got his doctor’s degree. In 2001, h e made another decision. He was determined to return to his motherland and started a company. However, his wife and daughter have got used to the American way of life, so they still stay in th e United States.

下面是有关英语演讲比赛的消息,请据此用英语写一通知。(100 词左右)

活 目

动 的

英语演讲比赛 ( English-speaking Contest ) 提高英语口语 学生会 高中(senior) 学生

组 织 者 参加范围

报名时间 报名地点 比赛时间 比赛地点 评 讲

5 月 25 日以前 学生会办公室 6 月 9 日下午 4:00 教学楼五楼礼堂 ( auditorium ) 前五名优胜者获奖 We are goin

g to have an English-speaking contest for senior students so as to improve our oral English. It will be held in auditorium on the 5th floor in the teaching building at 4:00pm. , June 9th. Those who want to take part in the contest are supposed to come to sign up at the office of the students’ Union before May 25th. All the senior students are welcome to join in the contest. The first five wi nners will be given prizes. Please try your best and get ready in time. Wish you success! The students’ Union

你对所聘职业的看法面是某中外合资企业刊登在昨天 China

Daily 上的一则招聘广告。

office secretary, with

experience in book keeping, typewriting, public relations, operating pc(personal computer) ion,A518, Charlie Office

Address, age, health and educat

请根据广告中所提出的招聘职务、应聘条件和你自己的简要情况及你对所聘职业的看法, 用 100 个左右的单词写一封自荐信。联系地址:A518 Charlie Office。假定你的名字是李华,通 信处是西安市 745 信箱(P.O.Box 745)。你写信的时间为 2005 年 6 月 10 日。 P.O.BOX 745 Xi’anCity A518 Charlie Office Gentlemen, June 10,2005

I've read your advertisement in yesterday's China Daily. I feel I am fit for the job needed in yo ur company. I'm 20 years old and in good health. After graduating from a middle school, I taught myself English for two years. I studied bookkeepi ng, typewriting and public relations. I'm good at both operating personal computer and English in lis tening and speaking. I'm interested in the position of a secretary. I want very much to be accepted by your company. I'll work hard and I can be a member in y our company. Yours, Li Hua

A Ten-minute Break-十分钟的课间休息
高三年级是高中生活的最后一年, 在这一年中, 学生们要面临着沉重的升学压力。 因此, 很多学生下课后也坐在教室里用功, 但学习效率和成绩并不理想。由此你想告诉他们:适当的休息很有必要。现在就请你以 “A Ten-minute Break”为主题,按 下列要点写一篇短文,让这些同学从中有所启发。短文的要点如下:

1.十分钟的课间休息很有必要。 2.要注意适当的休息方式。 3.你是怎样利用这十分钟的。 注意:①开头已经给出,不计入总词数;②字数 100 字左右。 A Ten—minute Break As a Senior Three student, time seems much limited. ______________________________ A Ten-minute Break As a Senior Three student, time seems much limited. As a result, more and more students try to study from early morning till late afternoon, even during the ten-minute break. In my opinion, to tak

e a ten-minute break between classes is definitely necessary. Otherwise we will feel tired both phy sically and mentally. During the ten-minute break, we do something to get rid of tiredness. What we need is to have a real rest, instead of getting more tired. So doing nothing tiring in that period is really good for u s. My ten-minute break is always pleasing. Sometimes I do some simple exercises. Sometimes I hav e a free chat with my classmates or just take a walk outside. When the next class begins, I feel fresh again.


1. 从 8 月 13 日至 29 日历时 17 天,二百多个国家和地区参赛。 2. 中国队表现突出:在 13 个项目上取得 32 枚金牌,位居第二, 历史之最。在很多项目上实 现突破, 比如刘翔的 110 米栏,孙甜甜和李婷的网球等。 3. 中央政府高度赞赏,号召全国人民向运动员们学习。 4. 我们学生要以运动员为榜样,努力学习,争取更大进步。 5. 词数:100 左右。 6. 参考词汇:落幕:drop the curtain 雅典:Athens 突破:make a breakthrough at… 项目:event 男子 110m 栏:men’s 110m hurdles The Athens Olympic Games, which lasted 17 days, finally dropped their curtain on Aug. 29, 2004. More than 10,000 athletes from over 200 countries and areas took part. China, in its best Olympic showing in history, won 32 gold medals in 13 events, second only to the United States. The Chin ese athletes performed so wonderfully that they made a breakthrough at many events, such as Liu Xiang in men’s 110m hurdles, Sun Tiantian and Li Ting in tennis. The surprising result earned hig h praise from the central government, which called on all Chinese to learn from the athletes.

The Chinese athletes have set a good example to us students. We should devote every effort to o ur studies and try our best to achieve greater progress.


要求:要有适当的题目; 1.短文连贯,逻辑清楚,包含表格中全部要点;2.词数:120 词左右。 姓名 杨利伟 出生时间 1965 年 出生地 辽宁省 China’s First Spaceman---Yang Liwe i 1987 年加入中国空军,空中飞行时间为 1350 小时; Yang Liwei was born in an ordinar 飞 行 情 况 y family in Liaoning Province in 19 2003 年 10 月 15 日 9 时乘坐“神舟五号”飞船进入太空, 65. He became a pilot in Chinese 环绕地球飞行 14 圈,在太空中度过了 21 小时,于 Air Force in 1987, spending 1,350 次日早晨 6 时 23 分成功返回地面; hours in the air. He has spent 5 进入太空前,他花了 5 年时间训练。在太空中他记 录下了他看到的一切,并向电视机前的观众展示了 中国国旗和联合国的旗帜。 years training to become a space man. Yang Liwei was sent into space at 9 a.m on October 15th by China’ s Shenzhou V spacecraft, which or bited the earth 14 times. He landed safely at 6:23 a.m the next day, making China the third count ry successfully sending a person into space after the former Soviet Union and the USA. Yang Liwei came back to the earth after a 21-hour trip to space. In space Yang recorded everythi ng he saw and showed China’s national flag and the United Nations’ flag to the people watching o n TV at home. All of the Chinese are proud of our first spaceman---Yang Liwei.

某中学生英语刊物举办《学校生活》征文活动,请根据下面四幅图画的内容,写一篇 100 词左右的短文应征,可适当发表自 己的观点。注意:1.图中人物小芳和爸爸; 2.参考词汇:地狱 hell; 抱怨 complain

One day , just before going to school as usual , a schoolgirl , Xiao Fang complained to her father , who was reading a newspaper , saying school life nowadays was dull , she hated going to sch ool and that school was just like the hell . On hearing what his daughter said , Father , silent all the time , said that it was time she went to school with all her complaints over , for in the fathe r’s eyes , no one could change the present situation . There’s no doubt that almost all students dislike school life today , but everyone has the responsibi lity to end the examination-oriented education . School life should be interesting and colorful , just as the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy .”

假如你在一间书店(该书店卖各种杂志和书籍)里打工,书店的老板是一个英国人。每天很少顾客光顾,书店老板请你提出一 些吸引顾客的建议。

注意:1、用英语表达,词数:120 字左右。


To attract young people in the first place we must supply them with interesting magazines and boo ks.I suggest a poster outside announcing subjects 0f interest,such as music,films,video,footb all and So on. Magazines should be Sold at a special introductory price for first—time customers. O nce they have come int0 the shop they will then see the 0ther attractions. Operate an exchange program where they can trade old books for new ones at a special price. Install a Youth section in the shop where books and magazines interesting to them are on sho w.Invite them to come and sit in the comfortable chairs provided.to meet their friends and look t hrough books and magazines.

Studying Abroad
面对中学生“出国热”,社会对此有不同的看法。请你以 Studying Abroad 为题,

根据以下提供的信息,谈谈自己的看法。 Advantages Disadvantages

1.良好的语言环境,更利于语言学习。 2.拓宽视野,学习国外先进的科学技术。 3.传播各民族间的不同文化。 1. 情感孤独,思乡。2. 1.年纪小,缺乏生活经验,自理能力差。

生活学习费用高。 2)词数 100 左右。

注意:1)第一句已为你写好,不计入总词数。 3)参考词汇:媒介,中间人 mediator Studying Abroad

In recent years, studying abroad has been popular.________________________

Studying Abroad In recent years, studying abroad has been popular. Tens of thousands of Chinese students have gone to foreign countries to study. Many people are trying their best to apply to go abroad. There are many advantages in attending schools abroad. First, students who have studied abroad can act as mediators between people of different cultures. Second, we can learn much more adva nced knowledge of science and technology from foreign countries. Third, we can learn foreign langu ages more quickly.

However, there are some disadvantages. Most of the students are too young to live by themselve s without any living experience. Besides, being far away from their home country, they may feel lo nely and homesick. Of course the costs are much.

某英文报社准备刊发一篇题为 Living in the city 的有关城市生活的利和弊的

文章,根据下面提示,写一篇词数为 100 左右的短文。 Advantages 找工作容易 交通便利 Disadvantages 生活消费高 人口多,拥挤 空气污染、居住环境差


要求:1.覆盖以上内容,可作适当发挥。2.词数 100 左右。 Living in a city has both advantages and disadvantages. It is often easier to find work. There are always many choices of public transport. Besides, there are a lot of interesting things to do and pl aces to see. You can eat in good restaurants, visit museums, go to cinemas and go to parks whe never you want to relax. However, living in a city is often very expensive. You must find a well-pai d job, otherwise, you will not be able to afford the things you will do. What's more, the city is alw ays crowded, noisy and dirty. It is very difficult to find a good place where people can enjoy peac e and fresh air as in the countryside.

你校课外活动小组将举行一次英语讨论会,讨论关于学生看电视的问题。请你用英语写一发言稿,谈谈你的看法,如看电视 获取信息便捷,可以了解世界、学习知识,但看多了影响视力,耽误学习等。

词数:100 左右 开头已给出,不计入总词数。

Boys and girls, May I have your attention, please? I’m going to talk something about students watching TV. As we know, TV plays an important part in our daily life. It’s quicker and more convenient to get information from TV than from newspapers. Providing us with lively and interesting moving pictures, TV enables us not only to see what is happening in the world but to learn many things, including foreign languages. So it is not reasonable to forbid students to watch TV. But watching TV too lo ng is not good. Sitting in front of TV all day does harm to our eyes and wastes our time for stud y. So we should take a correct attitude to students watching TV. Thank you for your listening.

你校同学进行了一场有关高考英语听力测试的讨论。讨论的主题是:高考英语测试中的听力部分该不该取消?请你根据提示 写一篇短文,介绍讨论的情况。

一些同学认为:1.不应该取消 2.听是学习语言的四项基本技能之一,不能忽视 3.听是获取信息的重要途径之一 4.国际合作日益增多,听、说能力应加强 另一些同学认为:1.应该取消 2.考试中各地收听效果好坏不一,不公平 3.英语教师和语 音设备城乡差异过大 4.今后并非人人都要与外国人进行口头交流 注意:1.文章的起始句已给出。 2.词数:100 左右(不包括已给出的起始句) 3.参考词汇:取消 cancel 国际合作 international cooperation The students of our school had a discussion about whether listening test in the National Matriculati on English Test should be kept or canceled. Some students think that listening test should not be canceled.

The students of our school had a discussion about whether listening test in the National Matricula tion English Test should be. kept or canceled. Some students think that listening test should not be canceled. They insist listening is among the four basic skills. We therefore can not ignore it. Besi des, listening is one of the important channels for us to get information from the outside world. $o it should be strengthened today when international cooperation is becoming more and more freque nt. But others don' t agree. They think not everyone has to communicate with foreigners in the fut ure. Moreover, listening test is unfair to the students in the areas where radio signals cannot be pi cked up effectively. And for certain reasons, there is a big difference in teachers and equipment be tween the countryside and the city.

On the Internet
在日常生活中,因特网起着越来越重要的作用。请根据下表所给提示为某英文报写一篇题为 On the Internet 的征文稿。

因特网的主要用途 信息 通讯 学习 娱乐 生活 看国内外新闻、获取其他信息 发 e-mail、打电话 上网上学校、阅读各种书籍、自学外语 欣赏音乐、观看体育比赛、玩棋牌游戏 购物

注意: 1. 征文稿必须包括表内所有信息,行文连贯通顺; 2. 词数 100-120 词; 3. 标题已给出,不计入总词数。

On the Internet The Internet is playing a more and more important part in our daily life. (2 分)On the net, w e can learn news both at home and abroad and all kinds of other information as well. (4 分)We

can also send messages by e-mail, make phone calls(4 分), go to net school, read various kin ds of books and learn foreign languages by ourselves. (4 分)Besides, we can enjoy music, watc h sports matches and play chess or cards. (4 分)On the net, we can even do shopping, have a chat with others and make friends with them. (4 分)In a word, the internet has made our life more colorful.

假若你是《21th century》报纸的编辑,有一学生向你写了如下的一封信,请你根据来

信的内容写一封回信,帮他出出主意。字数约为 100 左右。 Dear Editor, My physics teacher is very strict with us. I often feel nervous in his classes because we are punis hed by being made to stand for a few minutes if we can't answer his questions. It's embarrassing (尴尬) to be made to stand in class, so I hate physics classes. However, I really want to do well in physics. What should I do? Yours sincerely Zhang Ying Dear Zhang Ying, I am sorry you are having difficulty with your physics classes. Teachers have many different ways of encouraging students to put in more effort — it seems as though your physics teacher thinks fe ar is the best way! He does it because he thinks it will produce results. If you feel that it is stop ping you from doing your best then you should tell him. You say you want to do well in physics and if your teacher knows this, he will be pleased. It is only when students are not trying as hard as they can that a teacher is forced to take action. If he is aware of your worries, perhaps he w ill suggest other ways of helping you improve your work. Editor


注意:词数为 100 左右。 态度 反对老师的建议 支持老师的建议 未表态 人数 45% 50% 5% 理由 在信息社会,手机是每个人的必备工具 会影响教学,校内 已安装公用电话 Now in the country areas, there are many children out of school. I think one of the reasons is tha t their families are too poor to afford their school. As a result, they have to stay at home to make money to keep their families. Another reason is that many parents think it useless for the girls to study and they would not like them to go to school. A third reason is that some children are not interested in their lessons, and would not like to go to school. In my opinion all the children including the girls should have the chance to receive education. All t he people should pay attention to the education of the children who will play a very important part in the future of our country.

Burning Rubbish Is Harmful to People

前几天你去火车站为朋友送行,路上看到清洁工人正在焚烧垃圾。垃圾焚烧产生的烟尘会对 大气造成污染,直接影响人体健康,并可能导致癌症。因此你呼吁人们不要焚烧垃圾。 要求:(1)以“Burning Rubbish Is Harmful to People”为题。 (2)包括全部要点。 (3)词数 100 左右

参考单词 捷径 shortcut 分解 decompose Burning Rubbish Is Harmful to People A few days ago, I went to the railway station to see my friend off. On the way I saw street leane rs burning garbage. I know they were trying to get rid of rubbish in a way they thought was“Takin g a shortcut.” I don’t think, however, it’s proper to clear away rubbish by such a means. Burning things does harm to people. It’s known to all that burning rubbish will give off poisonous s moke and dust which in turn pollute air. Many people contract cancer as a result of breathing the polluted air. Some of them even die of it. There are many things in rubbish that can be rotten decomposed, such as dry leaves, leftover food, etc. They can make very good fertilizer. So it’s better to collect them for cropland.

China Accession to WTO-中国加入了世界贸易组织
China entered into the World Trade Organization on December l lth,2001. In other words, China has gone to the world. The world has accepted China. WTO is an international organization that works to guarantee fair trade between many nati ons. In the future China will have a low international tax. People can buy goods of good quality with less money. There will be more jobs available. Chinese people will have a high level of life. It benefits the country and its people. I think China's entry into the WTO will have a large number of economic benefits. At the same time, it also brings us many c hallenges. We will have to face more fierce competition. As, middle school students, we must study hard and study English well. English will be more useful than ever before in the world. Most important of all, support our country at this time of challenge.

2001 年 12 月 11 日,中国加入了世界贸易组织,也就是说中国已经走向了世界,而世界也接受了中国。世界贸易组织是 一种国际性的组织,它是为国家之间的公平贸易月艮务的。今后,中国将侩享受很低的关税,人们可以花较少的钱买到优质 产品。将会有更多的就业机会,中国人民的生活水平将会提高,这对整个国家和人民都是有利的。中国加入世界贸易组织, 会给中国带来很大的经济利益。同时也给我们带来挑战,我们将会面对更加激烈的竞争。 作为中学生,我们必须努力学习,学好英语,英语变得比以往更有用了。最重要的是协助国家迎接挑战。

WTO is an international organization that works to guarantee fair trade between many nations. It was established on J anuary 1st, !1995, taking the place of Multilateral Trade Organization. Now China has entered into WTO and become a

member of it. In the future it will be e,nvenient for our country to develop trade relations with many other nations; And any dispute will be handled constructively under the same rules. I think that China's entry into WTO will have a lot of long-term social and economic benefits. It can enhance econom ic growth aad will have much influence on people's ideology. We, middle school students, are the master of our country in the future. We should be diligent in our studies. It will better prepare us to enter the international arena in which competition is becoming increasingly intense. Please remember t hat we can do nothing for our country without knowledge.

世界贸易组织是一个国际性的组织, 它是为国家之间的公平贸易服务的。 它取代多边贸易组织, 1995 年 1 月 1 日成立。 于 现在中国已加入世界贸易组织,成为其中的一员,更方便今后我们国家同其他国家发展贸易关系。而且在相同的规则下,一 些贸易争端将会得到建设性的解决。 我认为中国扣入世界贸易组织有长期的政治和经济利益。它能提高经济增长率,并且对人们的意识方面有很大的影响。 因为我们中学生是国家未来的主人,所以我们应当刻苦学习,为将来进入竞争日益激烈的世界舞台做好准备。请记住, 没有知识我们将很难为我们的国家做贡献。

Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world. For example, cars have made the air un healthy for people to breathe and poisonous gas is given off by factories. Trees on the hills have been cut down and was te water is being poured continuously into rivers.Furthermore, wherever we go today, we can find rubbish carelessly dispo sed. Pollution is, in fact, threatening our existence. The earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our later generations. Fortunately, more and more people have realized these problems. Measures have been taken to cope with these problems by the gove rnment. Laws have been passed to stop pollution. I hope the problem will be solved in the near future and our home wil l become better and better.

全世界的环境问题变得越来越严重。例如汽车污染的空气影响了人们的呼吸,工厂释放污染的气体,山上的树木被砍伐, 污水不断被排人河里。另外,无论我们走到哪里,到处可见随意丢弃的垃圾。事实上,污染正威胁我们的生存。 地球是我们的家园,我们有责任为我们自己和我们的后代去照顾好它。庆幸的是,愈来愈多的人们已经意识到这些问题。 政府已经采取了很多措施去解决这些问题,法律已被通过以制止污染。我希望这些问题在不远的将来能得到解决,我们的家 园变得越来越好。

Protecting the Environment-保护环境

Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world. With the development of industry an d agriculture, cars make great noises and give off poisonous gas. Trees on the hills have been cut down,and waste water is being poured continuously into rivers. Furthermore,wherever we go today, we can find rubbish carelessly disposed. The whole ecological balance of the earth is changing. Massive destruction of environment has brought about negative effects and even poses a great threat to man's existence. We must face the situation that exists and take actions to solve our environmental problems. For instance, new laws m ust be passed to place strict control over industrial pollution, the pub!ic must receive the education about the hazard of p ollution and so on. We hope that all these measures will be effective and bring back a healthful environment.

全世界的环境问题在变得越来越严重。随着工农业的发展,汽车制造噪音、排放毒气,山上的树木被砍伐,污水不断被 排入河里。另外,无论我们走到哪里,到处可见随意丢弃的垃圾。整个地球生态平衡正在改变,环境的巨大破坏已带来负面 影响,甚至对人类生存带来巨大威胁。 我们必须面对现实,采取行动解决环境问题。例如必须通过新的法律严格控制工业污染问题,大众必须接受污染危害的 教育等。我们希望这些措施的有效实施能带给我们一个健康的环境。

Water Pollution-水污染
Spring is tht best season of the year. The weather gets warmer and warmer. My clas i'amates and I took a one-day sight seeing around our city.The scene was pretty. But when we saw the rivers along our city, I felt very sorry, and thoughit a lot. With the development of modern agriculture and industry, more and more waste water is being poured into rivers. It h as caused serious pollution. The river is becoming so dirty that no living things can live in it. The river is giving off a t errible smell. We make an urgent appeal that measures should be taken to cope with the situation. Our government should start buil ding various facilities such as sewage treatment!plant and encourage scientists to work out more and better ways to reduce the pollution of water. Water is tho source of our lives. It is very important to protect water.

春天是一年中最好的季节,天气变得越来越暖和。我和我的同学们进行了一次环城一日游,所到之处景色宜人。但当我 看到沿着城区流过的河流时,我感到很惋惜,想了很多。 随着现代工农业的发展,越来越多的污水排进河里,河水被严重污染。河水变得如此的肮脏以致于生物不能在里面生活。 河水发出难闻的气味。

我们急切呼吁采取措施改变这种状况。政府应当建立各种设备,例如污水处理厂,并且鼓励科学家们想出更多更好的办 法以减少水污染。 水是生命之源,保护水资源十分重要。

My classmates and I had an outing this spring. We had a good time. But meanwhile I noticed that water pollution in our city was becoming more and more serious. On our way, we could see women washing clothes in the river. Litter was floating on the river. Waste water produce d by a chemical factory was being discharged into the river. We did not see any fish in the river. The fiver was not so clear as before. Water quality was very bad. I am worried about it because water is important to all living things. Man can not live without water. I hope people pay more attention to this problem, especially the government. Try to control the pollution of water as early as possible. At last I would like to say, "To protect water is to protect life."

今年春天,我和我的同学去春游,我们玩得都很高兴。但同时,我也注意到我们城市的水污染变得越来越严重了。 沿途我们看到许多妇女在河边洗衣,河面上漂着垃圾,一家化工厂正将废水排入河中。河中看不到一条鱼,河水也不像 从前那样清澈了,水质很差。对此我深感担忧,因为水对于所有生物都非常重要。没有水人类将无法生存。我希望人们能多 关注这个问题,特别是政府部门,争取及早解决水污染问题。 最后,我想说“保护水就是保护生命。”

Private Cars-私家车
Nowadays more and more families own private cars. Private cars, as the product of modem civilization, have been playing a vital role in people's daily activities. First, private cars are a convenient means of transportation. You can go wherever you like. Secondly, there is no doubt that private cars will have a great impact on the economic growth. The rapid car i ndustry growth will contribute much to keeping the country's economy growing at a higher rate in the near futrue. But every coin has two sides. The development of the private cars will bring about a series of problems. For example, the polluted air given off by cars will do great harm to our health, too many private cars will lead to traffic jams and a great deal of energy will be wasted and so on. So I think we should take advantages of private cars and make them serve us better. Meantime we hope that satisfact ory solutions to these negative problems will be found soon.

现在,越来越多的家庭拥有私家车。私家车作为现代文明的产物,在人们日常生活中扮演了重要的角色。首先,私家车 是很方便的交通工具,你可以开车到处跑;其次,毫无疑问私家车对经,济的增长起到很大的作用。在不远的将来,快速发

展的汽车工业在保持国家以较高速度的增长方面将做出很大的贡献。 当然,任何事物都有其两面性。快速发展的私家车会导致一系列问题。例如,汽车排出的废气对人体有很大的伤害,太 多的私家车会导致交通阻塞,很多能源被浪费等。 所以我认为我们.应当充分利用私家车的优势,更好地为我们服务。同时,我们也希望不久这些消极的问题将会得到圆 满的解决。

Nowadays more and more private cars have entered thousands of ordinary families. Privatecars are used every day to carry i people to and from work. At weekends, private cars take families on joyful outings. Most of people living in the city like private cars very much. What is more, the development of the car industry will stimulate other industries, such as iron and steel production. So the private car benefits the growth of economy. Private cars, like everything else, have more than one face. Private cars have also given rise to a series of problems. For example, the street are crowded with cars. They not only cause traffic accidents which injure or kill a large number of people each year, but also make great noise and give off many poisonous gases. But I believe we can solve all of the problems in the near futrue.

现在越来越多的私家车进入了普通家庭。人们每天开着私家车上下班。周末,私家车可以载着家人出门愉快地郊游。城 市的人们大多数都非常喜欢私家车。更重要的是汽车工业的发展会刺激钢铁等其它行业的发展。因此,私家车有利于经济增 长。 像任何事物一样,私家车也有多面性。私家车也带来一系列严重的问题,例如,街道因车辆多而拥挤不堪,不仅引起交 通事故,每年造成大量的人员伤亡,而且私家车还制造噪音,排放废气。但是我相信我们会很快解决这些问题。

Nowadays, more and more advertisements appear on newspapers,broadcasts, magazines as well as streets. People have diff erent views on advertisements. Some people think advertisements can help people to have a wide choice of goods and they help consumers know the goods and businessmen better. The consumers can gain not only knowledge of goods but also artistic enjoyment. Contrary to those people, many others think advertisements are very unpleasant. Consumers are often cheated by the f alse advertisement on which consumers always waste a great deal of time. What is more, consumers feel annoyed to be i nterrupted when they are watching TV play. So advertisements should be limited. But whether you like it or not, advertisements have become a part of our life.

现在越来越多的广告出现在报纸、广播、杂志甚至街头,人们对此有不同的看法。 一些人认为广告能拓宽人们对货物的选择,使消费者更好地了解货物和商家。消费者不仅能够获得商品知识,也能得到

艺术享受。 相反,另外一些人认为广告很令人讨厌。消费者经常被虚假广告欺骗,而且人们在这些广告上浪费了大量的时间。更有 甚者,消费者觉得看电视剧时插播广告特让人心烦。因此,广告应当受到限制。 不管你喜不喜欢广告,它已经成为我们生活的一部分。

Nowadays, more and more advertisements appear on newspapers,broadcasting, magazines as well as streets. Advertisem ent is a popular way to communicate with consumers. People have different views on advertisements. Some people think advertisement guides choices of goods. Meanwhile,advertisements also offer us some new informatio n about the product. And they help consumers to know the goods and the businessmen better. Consumers can gain not on ly knowledge of goods but also artistic enjoyment. Contrary to those people, many others think advertisements are very unpleasant. Consumers are often cheated by the fa lse advertisement on which consumers always waste a great deal of time. What is more, consumers feel annoyed to be int errupted when they are watching TV play. So I suggest that there should not be too many TV advertisments. The advertis ments which will be issued must be approved by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

现在,越来越多的广告出现在报纸、广播、杂志甚至街头,广告已成为与消费者进行交流的一种流行方式。人们对此有 不同的看法。 一些人认为,广告指导人们对货物的消费,向我们提供有关产品的新信息,使消费者更好的了解货物和商家。消费者不 仅能够获得商品知识,也能得到艺术享受。 相反,另外一些人认为,广告很惹人讨厌。消费者经常被虚假广告欺骗,而且人们在这些广告上浪费了大量的时间。更 有甚者,消费者觉得插播广告特让人心烦。因此我建议不应当有过多的广告,发布广告必须经过工商局的批准。

Smoking is Harmful-吸烟有害
It has been estimated that smokers have made up half of the population in China. And the smokers are becoming younge r and younger, even ineluding some middle school students. Nowadays more and more people have realized smoking can do harm to people'shealth. However, some people still en joy smoking. Why? Because some of them think it is a kind of fashion, some think it is of great fun and others, think t hat smoking can refresh themselves. In fact, smoking is a bad habit. It can cause a lot of diseases. Meanwhile smoking is a waste of money. Besides, ca

reless smokers may cause dangerous fires. Smoking is harmful and it is not only bad for smokers themselves, but also bad for non-smokers. Therefore, I hope all the smokers can give up smoking for themselves and also for the people around them.

据估计,在中国吸烟者约占总人口的一半,而且烟民的年龄越来越年轻,甚至一些中学生也在抽烟。 如今越来越多的人们已经认识到吸烟有害人体健康,但他们仍然乐此不疲。为什么?一些人认为抽烟是一种时髦,另外一 些人认为抽烟很有趣,还有一些人认为吸烟可以提神。 事实上,吸烟是一种不好的习惯,它能导致很多疾病。同时,吸烟很浪费金钱。除此而外,粗心的烟民还可能引起火灾。 吸烟对人们的身体百害而无一利。它不仅有害吸烟者本人,而且对不吸烟者也会造成损害。 因此,我希望吸烟者为自己和身边的人们而戒烟。

It is said that there are about half of people in China are smoking.Many young boys and girls have the habit of smok ing, though they are middle school students. As we all know, smoking does great harm to human beings. More and more people have come to realize how serious this problem is. But they are never bored with it. Some people think it is a kind of fashion, some think it is of great f un and others think that smoking can refresh themselves. Smoking causes many illnesses. A lot of people always cough because of smoking. The most serious illness caused by smoking is lung cancer. Meanwhile smoking is a waste of money. Besides, careless smokers may cause dangerous fires. In order to keep healthy, we should get rid of the bad habit of smoking. Please stop smoking at once.

据说,中国有一半人在吸烟。许多男孩和女孩都有吸烟的习惯,尽管他们还是中学生。 众所周知,吸烟对人身体是有害的。越来越多的人们认识到这个问题的严重性,但他们仍然乐此不疲。一些人认为抽烟 是一种时髦,一些人认为抽烟很有趣,还有一些人认为吸烟可以提神。 吸烟能导致很多疾病。由于吸烟,一些人一直在咳嗽。肺癌是吸烟导致的最严重的疾病。同时,吸烟很浪费金钱。除此 而外,粗心的烟民还可能引起火灾。 为了保证人们的身体健康,我们应当改掉吸烟的坏习惯。请立即停止吸烟

Health is More Important-健康的重要性
There are many people who think that wealth is better than health. I used to think so until one day I read a story abou t Howard Hughes. He was an American billionaire who got anything he wanted. However, in the last twenty years of his life, his health began to deteriorate and he was miserable. He had the best doctors and nurses. However, he could still fi nd no relief. I realized that health is worth all the money in the world. If you have millions of dollars but your health is

poor, you will not be able to do what you want to do. So I would like to say don't hurt yourself trying to make mone y. Instead take care of your body and be happy with what you do have. Health is more important.

很多人都认为财富宫比健康更重要。在读到 Howard Hughes 的故事之前,我也是这么认为的。Howard Hughes 是美国的 一个亿万富翁,能得到他想得到的任何东西。但是在他生命最后的二十年中,他的身体变得很糟糕,他很悲惨。他有最好的 医生和护士,但仍得不到解脱。我意识到在这个世界上,好的身体抵得上所有的金钱。因为即使你有百万美元但身体糟糕, 也不能做你想做的事情。因此我想说的是关心你的身体,对你所拥有的一切感到高兴,不要为挣钱损害你的身体。健康更重 要。

Which is more important, health or wealth? It is a hot topic among people. I can hardly answer this question. I didn' t realize that health is more imporant until I saw a businessman's real life. A successful businessman, one of my father's friends, devoted himseff to his business. He works from morning to nigh t every day. There is no weekends in his mind. He often says, "I must earn much money so that I can get what I want. "Lately, he is ill. Though he has a lot of money, he can do nothing but lie in the hospital's bed. So I think health is more important than wealth. People can do nothing if they are always in poor health, let alone ha ppiness. No matter we are rich or not, we can not ignore the importance of health.

健康和财富哪个更重要?这是人们常爱谈论的一个话题。我以前回答不出这个问题,但是现在从一个商人的真实生活中我 意识到健康更重要。 我父亲的一位朋友,一个成功的商人,全身心投入到他的工作中。每天从早工作到晚,在他心目中根本没有周末的概念。 他经常说:“我必须多挣钱,这样就可以想干什么就干什么。”近来,他病倒了,除了躺在医院病床上,什么也不能做。 所

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