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Period 1 Introduction & Reading

Module1 Europe
I. 教学内容分析 本模块以 Europe 为话题,介绍了几座著名的欧洲城市。通过模块教学,学生要学会运用 所学词汇描述自己所了解的城市,介绍城市的所在位置;教师要引导学生正确认识和看待欧 洲经济的发展,激发学生努力学习、建设祖国的雄心壮志。 Introduction 部分通过填充欧洲地图,使学生对欧洲一些国家的国名、首都及地理位置 做一个

初步了解,引发学生进一步探究的兴趣。 Reading and vocabulary 部分通过阅读对 Paris, Barcelona, Florence,和 Athens 四座欧洲名 城的介绍,让学生学会相关词汇,并了解如何写城市介绍。 Function 部分通过对一些表方位的介词短语的介绍,让学生学会说明一个地点的确切方 位。 Grammar 1 部分通过观察课文中的例句,要求学生了解被动语态的使用。 Listening 部分通过听取一段三人间的对话对 Cardiff, Valencia 和 Edinburg 进行了介绍, 让学生获取信息,完成相关练习,进一步了解欧洲名城。 Writing 部分通过让学生进一步获取信息来加深对欧洲城市的了解,并根据所获取的信 息加写介绍欧洲城市人文环境的段落,使课文信息更加丰富。 Grammar 2 部分列举了以集合名词作主语的句子,让学生考虑主谓搭配,并通过练习加 以巩固。 Pronunciation and Everyday English 部分通过听力练习,让学生掌握反义疑问句的语调 变化,了解升调和降调的使用规律。 Cultural Corner 部分是对欧盟的介绍,让学生了解欧盟有哪些成员国及欧盟的发展史。 Task 部分是对本模块所学内容的一个复习和应用,要求学生小组活动,查找资料,利用 本模块词汇设计一个资料包,介绍中国一个地区或城市。 Module File 部分有助于学生对本模块内容进行归纳,对自己的学习进行总结和检验。 II. 教学重点和难点 1. 教学重点 (1) 掌握与城市发展相关的词汇; (2) 学习主谓一致及被动语态的语法功能; (3) 学习运用不同的介词表达不同的位置。 2. 教学难点 (1) 听懂与城市介绍相关的表达,正确理解并使用新词汇; (2) 注意主谓一致的表达; (3) 学会从地理位置、历史、人文等多个角度来介绍一座城市或地区。


Period 1 Introduction, function & Reading and Vocabulary
课题: 学 情 分 析 Module1 Europe Period1 Introduction & Reading and vocabulary

There are 3 parts in this period. From the introduction part, the students will be able to know some European countries and their capitals; the second part can tell students how to describe a place while the third part focuses on knowing about some great Europe cities. To motivate the Ss’ enthusiasm in taking part in the classroom activities, I can organize a group competition to decide which group will do the best in completing the tasks. 知识 与能 力 过程 与方 法 情感 态度 与价 值观 Help Ss get familiar with the name of some European countries and the main cities. Get Ss to describe the location of a country or a city in the similar way. Know about great cities in Europe. Train Ss speaking ability via the individual performances. Write similar sentences. Help Ss get prepared for reading.

课 程 目 标

They can know more about European countries from the Introduction and also know how to describe their favourite places in an acceptable way via the second part.

重 点 难 点 教

Improving the students’ oral ability. Description of a place. How to help Ss improve their speaking ability. How to help Ss to describe a place. Lead Ss to read and talk in class actively. 学 Task-based Approach Cooperation 法 A tape recorder, A blackboard

法 手 段


Step 1. Lead-in: Introduction Introduce more about some European countries. Europe 欧洲

教 学 过 程 Learn the new words and expressions. Step 2. Reading and Match


country United kingdom Greece France Italy Spain Portugal

capital London Athens Paris Rome Madrid Lisbon

language English Greek French Italian Spanish Portuguese

1. Get the Ss to read the words in the table. 2. Get the Ss to fill in the blanks. 3. Get the Ss to do the Match with the map in pair. Step 3 Function 1. Read the sentences and write similar sentences about Tianjin Italy is in the south of Europe. Portugal is to the west of Spain. Barcelona is on the northeast coast of Spain. The UK is off the northwest of Europe. 2. Do Activities 2 and 3 on Page 4. Step 4 Reading and vocabulary 1. Fast reading 2. careful reading Step 5 Summary In this class the Ss mainly have learned some new words about European countries and also know how to describe a place in an acceptable way. Module1 Europe locate/location/located be located on/in/to Tian jin is situated on Haihe River, Tianjin is located in the north of China. Tianjin is on the north coast of China. Shanghai is on the east coast of China. Taiwan is off the east coast of China. Workbook P68, Exs 6, 7 and P 69 Ex4 . Periods 1

板 书

反 馈 作 业

Memorize the new words of this period. Preview the reading passage.


反 思

It is necessary and important to arouse the students’ interests and get all Ss involved in various interesting activities


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