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龙猫 totoro

A story about childhood innocence, friendship and the belief that magic is all around us. Satuski and Mei have recently moved to a countryside area of Japan with their Father. Their Mother has been rehabilitating at a nearby hospital and the move was made so that they could be closer to her, as well as to provide a better environment for her once she is allowed to go home.

Although Satsuki and Mei were at first frightened by their new strange house, they soon discover that there is a magical presence there. Soon, they meet their new neighbour, a tree guardian named Totoro who lives in the forest behind their house, and together a wonderful adventure begins.

One day,the girl Mei argued with her sister, who ran away went to find their mother alone is ill in hospital. She got lost on the way.Sister in searching in vain, had to resort to Totoro.Kind and gentle Totoro tram pride, which carries her sister got lost girl, riding my Neighbor Totoro, sisters picked flowers up with their own hands corn gave MOM, wish her a speedy recovery.

Let's enjoy some pictures:
I am My Neighbor Totoro


Only good children can see my neighbor totoro.

? ? ? ? 龙猫:毛丝鼠,绒鼠,栗鼠 英文:chipmunk 学名:.South American chipmunk.(南美洲栗鼠) 性格: Docile, cute, clever, curious, lively, well-behaved, naughty, quiet, timid, love clean, pleasant(温顺,可爱, 聪明,好奇,活泼,乖巧,调皮,安静,胆小,爱干净, 讨人喜欢.) ? 区别: It and the rats are completely different. The main
difference is: rats are omnivorous animals, and My Neighbor Totoro is a vegetarian(它和老鼠完全不同。其主要区别在

于:老鼠是杂食性动物而龙猫是吃素的 .)

Shape and rabbits and squirrels are very similar, small size and obesity, the head like rabbit, squirrel like tail. My Neighbor Totoro, a pair of large, bright eyes, nasal length there are many different lengths of the beard, touch sensitive. Ears large and thin, blunt round. Short forelimbs, there are five toes, strong hind legs, four toes and be good at jumping. My Neighbor Totoro Gray-black hair on the back and both sides of the abdomen Jiandan to the white hairs evenly distributed. My Neighbor Totoro has the world's most dense fur.
外形与兔和松鼠十分相似,体形小而肥胖,头部似兔,尾巴似松鼠。龙猫有一双大 而亮的眼睛,鼻侧长有许多长短不一的胡须,触觉灵敏。耳朵大而薄,钝圆形。前肢 短小,有五趾,后肢强壮,有四趾,善于跳跃。龙猫背部和两侧毛呈灰黑色腹部渐淡 至白色,体毛分布均匀。龙猫拥有世界上最浓密的毛皮.

Do you want to keep a Totoro?
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Please note the following points: ◆Summer is the season of My Neighbor Totoro sad, because chinchillas hair is ◆夏天是龙猫难过的季节,因为龙猫毛很厚,所以在夏天天气闷热的时候,家里最好开 very thick, so when the weather was hot in the summer, the family the best use of air conditioners to reduce indoor temperatures. ◆ chinchillas cage should be placed in a cool, ventilated place, but can not be placed on the outlet, if the chinchillas has been the wind blowing directly to the ◆龙猫笼子要放在阴凉、空气流通的地方,但不可放在风口处,如果龙猫一直被风直接 words will be cold. ◆ usually can use a small amount of snacks to please Totoro, close to it;, but not ◆平时可以用少量零食来讨好龙猫,接近它;可是不可多喂,比如葡萄干,每天喂1到 better fed, such as raisins, 1-2 day fed the weight on it. If more snacks, then 。如果多喂零食的话不仅会让龙猫挑食、不吃主食导致长期营养不良,更可能造成龙猫 fed not only make Totoro picky eaters, do not eat the staple food led to a longterm malnutrition, are more likely Totoro result of indigestion, diarrhea. ◆龙猫笼子要摆放在安静的地方,如果周围环境吵闹,龙猫会因紧张而休息不好。 ◆ Chinchilla cage should be placed in a quiet place, if the surrounding noise, chinchillas a result of stress and rest well. ◆ My Neighbor Totoro arrived new home, the owner should wait a bit before it ◆龙猫刚到新家时,主人先不要急着把它放出笼子来,要先让它自己在笼子里呆上一段 released the cage, the first in a cage and let it stay for some time to become familiar with new environment and new owner, and then came alive again in a while 和新主人,然后再放出来让它玩会儿,时间掌握可以先短点,游玩空间也可以先以小空 to play out of it, the time can first grasp a short point, play space for a small space can also be the first suitable. ◆ usually when the owner of all right in the cage next to the gently called My 平时主人没事时可以在龙猫笼子旁轻轻地叫龙猫的名字,并和它说说话,这样做可以让 Neighbor Totoro My Neighbor Totoro's name, and speak, and it says doing so will allow Totoro remember its name and its master's voice, to note is that there must 和主人的声音,要注意的是一定要亲切地说,不可大声地骂它,否则龙猫只会怕你而不 graciously that can not be loudly condemning it, or chinchillas will not be afraid of you and your close.

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