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OK Vertical roller mill
Main features:
OK vertical roller mills use 30%-50% less energy than ball mill systems. Simple layout and fewer machines in the mill circuit high run-factor and low maintenance costs. Excellent drying capability when grinding blas t furnace slag or blended cements with wet components . Roller and table profile improve operating stability and reliability. Consistent cement quality with easy to adjust quality parameter Special design features for iron removal during slag grinding minimize wear Optimal wear-protection all internal surfaces Space-saving design reduces civil construction costs Flexibility to operate with two or four rollers guarantees long term availability.

Application advantages
P roven commercially, the OK mill is t he premier roller mill for
finish grinding of portland cement, slag and blended cemtrents. With a 30%-45% reduction in the energy requirements for cement

grinding and 40%-50% for slag as com-pared with traditional ball mill operations, the OK mill can cont ribute significantly to your profitability and competitiveness. The design combines the drying, grinding and separation processes into just one unit, thus simplifying the plant lay -out. A low noise level makes outdoor installation feasible, substantially reducing civil construction costs and improving the working environment. Because of its highly effective drying performance, the OKmill is a natural choice for grinding blended cements with one or more wet components

Design advantages
The OK mill uses a hydro-pneumatic system to press its grinding rollers against the material bed on the roatting grinding table. The grooved roller profile has two grinding zones, an inner and outer. This creates a high and concentrated grinding pressure on the outer path, allowinair to escape into the grooved centre. The inner path serves to prepare the grinding bed, by compressing the feedmaterial as it moves under the rollers nto the high pressure grinding zone. Segmented roller wear parts are made of the hardest possib le material without risk of cracking and are very well suited or hard

facing. Re-positioning of rollers is possible for evening out wear. These features ensure maximum longevity.

Operating advantages
The rollers are in a lifted position when the mill is started, ensuring trouble-free start-up . This eliminates the need for an auxiliary drive. A control system monitors the machinery and

facilitates operation.

Mill arrangement
This schematic illustrates a typical grinding installation. The arrangement is very simple and the operation is correspondingly flexible and reliable. To maintain the appropriate temperature in the mill circuit. For example to ensure adequate dehydration of the gypsum when grinding cement-the layout is prepared with provisions for recirculation of hot exit gas to the mill inlet. In case the mill feed is wet slag or includes a significant portion of wet additives, addition heat must be provided, for inentance form a heat generator. Otherwise, if the mill feed is very hot, the mill exit temperature controls a damper for cold air intake.

Nozzle ring bypass system
For slag grinding, a specially designed nozzle ring bypass allow the iron particles to segregate through nozzles without airflow and subsequently be removed by a magnetic separ ator to minimise

wear of the mill internals.

One mill, many products
The OK mill efficiently grinds blended cements, with a wide range of additives such as slag puzzolana, limestone and fly ash. Its versatility is demonstrated by the ability to switch bet ween a wide variety of mixes, and to vary the particle size to meet individual needs.

Particle size distribution
Example of adjustment of particle sizedistribution when grinding to the sameBlaine surface. The required steepness of the particle size distribution curve is attained by sdjustment of the

separatorrotor speed, the mill airflow rate and the grinding pressure, in combination with the appropriate height of the dam ring.

Optimisation of operation
Adjustment of mill airflow and grinding pressure for

optimisation of the operatinon, including adjustment of the particle size distribution, can be made immediately. Adjustment of the dam ring, however, requires a mill stop, but only for a few hours. Switching between different types of products, for exampl e from portland cement to slag, only requires easily made operating adjustments. Adjustment of the dam ring is not required. However,

if the mill is to operate for a long time with one specific product only it may be expedient to adjust the dam ring to opt imise the Residue(%)mill for operation with this specific product.

Wear liners
The wear liners of the grinding table and the rollers are of the segmented type and are therefore easy to replace when worn out. For mills grinding very abrasiva materallike sl ag, hardfaceing is an interedting and viable means of achievving a highavailability of the grinding system, optimising the grinding process and saving refurbishment costs. Hardfacing is an economical alternative to changing wear parts and is very Suitable for the high chrome cast iron grinding parts used in the OK mill. Being of the segmented type the wearliners can be hardfaced numerous times throughout their life.

主要特点 :
立式辊磨机比系统较简单的球磨机能够多利用 30%-50%的 能 源 。 立 式 磨 电 路 的 简 单 的 规 划 和 较 少 的 机 器确保高流动因数和低的维护费用。 当粉磨高炉熔渣或用湿的元素混合水时,具有优秀 的干燥能力。 轧辊及辊道剖面改善运转稳定性和可靠性。 方便调整一致的水泥性质质量参数。 特别的设计功能为在磨的熔渣期间将铁耗减到最 少。在所有内部表面有着优秀的磨耗保护装置。 节省空间设计减少工厂建筑成本。 灵活的操作保证二个或四个辊的长期有效性。


机 卜 特 兰 水 泥 的 轮 磨 ,熔 渣 和 混 合 水 泥 。用 30%-45%减 少能量需求的营业额为水泥磨矿渣作为比较,与传统球 磨机营运组成,立式辊磨机可以到来很好的盈利。设计 结 合 了 干 燥 、 粉 磨 和 分 离 过 程 作 为 一 个 单 元 ,因 此 减 少 了的开支。低噪音水平使室外安装可行,大大降低工厂 建筑费用,改善工作环境。 由 于 其 高 度 有 效 的 干 燥 性 能 ,立 式 辊 磨 机 是 一 种 自 然选择一个或一个以上的湿组件研磨混合材。

立式辊磨机使用液压机启动系统坚持它的磨碎滚 筒针对物质的床在轮流磨盘。 槽滚筒剖面有而磨区,以内部和外部。产生一高的 而且集中地外部路径的磨辊的压力,物料逃进沟槽中 心 。内 路 径 服 务 准 备 砂 轮 清 理 台 , 由 压 缩 给 料 物 质 由 于 它举动下滚筒不高压研磨区。 被分割的滚轮磨耗零配件利用最难的合理的材料 做成。没有风险裂纹而且非常很好地被适合或溶接硬面

法 。关 于 -轧 辊 的 定 位 出 自 合 理 的 磨 耗 。这 些 特 征 最 大 的 限度的保证了利用率。

无障碍启动辊磨机时,滚轮被举起。这就不需要一个 辅助的驱动器。一种控制系统监控的机械和便于操作。

辊磨机的 布 置
这 也 就 说 明 了 一 个 典 型 的 磨 削 原 理 的 安 装 。这 个 计 划是很简单的,而这样的布置是相应地灵活和可靠的。 保 持 适 当 的 磨 辊 机 电 路 , 例 如 ,确 保 适 当 的 脱 水 石 膏 当 磨 水 泥 -布 局 准 备 同 规 定 的 热 出 口 气 体 循 环 磨 煤 机 入 口 。 如果辊磨机粉磨的物料是湿的,包括很大一部分湿添加 剂,热风机就要提供额外的能量。另外,如果轧机喂料 很热,轧机出口温度阻尼器控制冷空气摄入量。

喷嘴环旁 路 系 统
对磨渣、特殊设计的喷嘴环铁离子旁路允许用于隔 离通过喷嘴气流及随后的没有除去一个磁性分离器内 的穿轧机。

一个磨机 , 大 量 产 品
立式辊磨机有效粉磨混合材, 各种各样的添加剂, 与 例 如 粘 土 、石 灰 石 、矿 渣 、粉 煤 灰 。说 明 了 它 的 通 用 性 , 有能力切换的各式各样的混合以不同的粒度,来满足不 同的需求。

例如当研磨物料表面时,调整粒子的粒径分布。要 求的粒度分布曲线要达到附近的调整的速度,气流速 率,研磨压力,结合适当高度的粉磨率。

运转的最 佳 化
立磨机的研磨调整压力和变形的最佳化,包括调整 粒度分布,可制成细粉。然而,挡渣环的调整需要一个 旧 磨 停 止 , 但 是 只 有 数 个 小 时 。在 产 品 的 不 同 类 型 之 间 转换,举例来说,从波特兰水泥到熔渣,只容易的需要 做操作调整。挡渣环的调整环不是必须的。然而,如果 轧机运行时间较长,一个只可以保持试样产品调整大环

并 最 优 化 残 余 物 ( %) 磨 机 操 作 这 个 特 定 的 产 品 。 ,

磨内的磨耗炉衬和滚轮是这分割型态而且很容易 被取代。为厂研磨磨蚀性强矿渣,耐磨堆焊一个核心, 可行的实现的平均值一个高可用性的饲料粉磨系统,磨 削工艺,保存翻新成本。改变是一种经济硬面耐磨零件 和非常激动人心适用于高铬铁磨部件用于好的研磨机。

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