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& 动物

1.缺乏良好的教育,家庭不幸,生活困难,性格缺陷. poor education, unfortunate family, poverty, character flaw

解决方法: 1.教育为主,培训工作技能,增加技能,完善社会福利保障. 2.严厉惩罚犯罪. 3. 增强道德修养, 德智体美劳…;
1. Education, job training, employment, enhance welfare system; 2. Severe punishment; 3. Enhance Moral Cultivation,….

真题回顾 ⑴ Putting criminals into prisons is not an effective way to deal with
them. Instead, education and job training should be offered. To what extent do you agree or disagree ? ⑵Recent years, the number of crimes committed by young people in major cities throughout the world is increasing. Discuss this issue. Give reasons and suggest some solutions.

万能思路: 1.人类合理利用动物是正当的; 2.促进药物研发,医疗技术发展; 3.动物对人类文明贡献大,促进人类健康; 4.不能滥用动物, 贩卖毛皮, 稀有动物;
1. It is acceptable to reasonably exploit animals for the benefits of mankind. 2. Test and create new drugs, improve medical technology; 3. Made great contributions to human civilization, beneficial to the health of mankind. 4. Use animals for whatever purpose, sell animal furs, rare animals;

真题回顾 ⑴ Some people think it is acceptable to use animals for the
benefits of humans. Other people think it is wrong to exploit animals for human purposes. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. ⑵Some people think that using animals for experimentation purpose is cruel and should not be allowed under any circumstance. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

媒体作用: 1.提供人们需要的各种信息, 从时事到娱乐新闻; 2.媒体揭露社会问题,监督推动政府解决; 负面影响: 3.媒体公司追逐利润, 所以过度报道吸引公众眼球的事件; 4.媒体影响大众观点,歪曲或不实信息误导观众的观点和情绪.
1. provide all kinds of information, ranging from current affairs to entertainment news; 2. disclose social problems; monitor and push the government to deal with them; 3. Over-report negative stories to hook viewers and maximize profits; 4. Mislead the public’s view and mood with distorted and false information

真题回顾 ⑴ Today, there are more images of disasters and violence in the media.
What are the causes and what are your solutions? ⑵ Today the news media can have an enormous influence on people's ideas and opinions. What are the causes of this phenomenon and to what extent do you think this is positive or negative?

广告作用: 1.提供产品信息, 是消费者和生产厂商之间的桥梁; 2.刺激购买冲动, 增加产品销量, 促进经济发展; 负面影响: 3.广告增加了商品的价格; 4.只提及产品优点, 是一种不公正、不全面的信息. 5.广告是一种不受欢迎的信息;
1. Bridge the gap between consumers and manufacturers; 2. Evoke impulse buying, boost sales, and promote economic development; 3. Add to the cost of the products; 4. Claim products’ advantages only, unjust information; 5. Unwelcome information;

真题回顾 ⑴ Do the positive effects outweigh negative effects when advertising
gains in popularity?

⑵ The high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of
advertising but not the real need of the society where such products are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

小语种/文化 消失的原因: 1.全球化, 英语的普及,西方文化入侵; 2.地方当局没有采取有效措施; 3.年轻人热衷于学习主流语言/ 文化; 1. Globalization, the English language boom, the invasion of Western culture; 2. Local authorities did not take effective measures. 3. The teenagers are keen on learning dominant language /mainstream culture.

小语种/文化 的保护措施: 1.政府积极扶持,利用现代化手段,收集、整理和研究本 民族的口头文学、传统歌曲等; 2.民间多倡导, 调动当地民众学习民族文化/语言积极性; 3.专家潜心研究,对当地语言/文化进行比较全面的记录和研究, 同时也为小语种的进一步发展提供可靠的专业指导和教学依据。

1. Local authorities should take the initiative to protect local culture /languages. Utilize modern methods to collect, sort out and investigate local oral literature and traditional songs; 2. Advocacy in non-governmental circles, arouse the local people’s enthusiasm of learning national culture/ local language; 3. Experts should concentrate on studies, a complete and accurate description of local culture / language, specialized guidance and teaching basis;


经济发展和城市化的好处: 1.就业机会多, 收入高; 2.交通, 教育, 医疗, 娱乐等基础设施完善; More employment opportunities, higher income; Better living conditions and infrastructures; 经济发展和城市化的坏处: 1.加大贫富差距; 2.以破坏环境为代价; 1. Widen the gap between the rich and the poor; 2. At the cost of environment;

全球化& 多元文化 优点: 1.必然的, 不可逆转的趋势; 2.提升人们的生活质量; 3.促进经济发展; 4.加强了不同文化之间的相互沟通、理解和尊重; 5.移民语言障碍, 文化冲突; 6.歧视、宗教矛盾、公共治安问题; Inevitable and irreversible trend; Improve people’s living standard; Boost economic development; Enhance communication, appreciation and respect among different cultures; 5. Immigrants’ language barrier, culture shock; 6. Discrimination; religious conflict; public order issues; 1. 2. 3. 4.


⑴衣 ⑵食 ⑶住 ⑷行 ⑸娱乐

“衣服 ”万能思路: 1.经济发展, 基本需求满足后的必然结果; 2.时装是一种自我表达, 反映了个人的性格和品位喜好; 3.丰富业余生活, 购物帮助释放压力; 4.盲目追求浪费时间和金钱; 5.相互攀比, 满足虚荣; 6.将服装和社会地位、财富联系到一起,变得势利; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Basic human needs were met; inevitable trend; Self-expression; reflect characters, taste, likes; Enrich one’s leisure time, of great help to release stress; Following fashion blindly is a waste of time and money; Keep up with the Joneses; gratify one’s vanity; Associate clothing with social status and wealth, become snobbish;

真题回顾 ⑴ In modern society, fashion is becoming more highly valued in people’s choice of clothes. What are the causes of this phenomenon? Do you think it is positive or negative? ⑵ Nowadays, shopping is becoming increasingly popular, What are the causes of this phenomenon? Do you think it is positive or negative?


“食物” 万能思路: 1.快餐符合现代化节奏的工作、生活方式, 省钱,省时间; 2.国际快餐标准化, 质量控制好; 3.传统饮食文化受到威胁, 饮食单一; 4.快餐营养价值不高, 高热量, 垃圾食品; 5.影响青少年成长, 过度肥胖; 1. Be consistent with fast-paced modern lifestyle, be economical, time saving; 2. Standardized; strict quality control; 3. Pose a threat to traditional food culture; lack of diversity 4. Less nutrient, high calories; junk food; 5. Bring negative effects the physical growth of teenagers, obesity;

“住 ” 传统建筑优势: 1.文化价值, 要保护; 2.城市具备独特性, 促进旅游、经济发展; 1. Cultural heritage, should be effectively preserved; 2. Possess uniqueness, promote tourism & economy development; 现代建筑优势: 1.土地使用率高,省钱,人口增长, 符合城市化趋势; 2.各种科技的体现,如电梯、空调等, 居住更加舒适; 3.更加坚固, 使用寿命更长. 安全(地震) 1. Raise the utilization rate of land; economical; population growth; consist with the urbanization trend; 2. Modern technologies: elevator, air conditioner, comfortable 3. Firm and durable;


“行” 万能思路: 1.开阔眼界, 增长见识,学习当地文化; 2.带动旅游城市经济发展: 酒店、饭店和航空,增加当地居民收入; 3.促进交流、增进理解; 4.给当地环境带来巨大压力,环境污染; 5.文化差异可能引起误解、冲突; 6.城市或国家经济发展要平衡,不能过度依赖旅游业; 1. Broaden one’s horizon; enrich one’s experience & knowledge 2. Boost local economy; hotels, restaurants, air industry; 3. Promote communication, reinforce understanding; 4. Place a heavy burden on local environment; contamination; 5. Cultural differences would cause misunderstand/ conflicts 6. Should not be over-dependent on tourist industry, balanced economic development 真题回顾 International travel is becoming cheaper, and countries are opening their doors to more and more tourists. Do the advantages of increased tourism outweigh its disadvantages?

娱乐、艺术 万能思路: 1.艺术是文化的一部分, 在不同的社会有不同的形式;而科学具有 共性, 四海皆准; 2.艺术满足人们的精神和感情需求, 丰富文化生活; 而科技发展体 现人们对知识的追求,提高社会生产力, 丰富物质财富; 3.艺术是主观的; 科学是客观的; 4.科学给人们带来便利, 艺术给人们带来快乐; 1. Arts vary in different societies; science can be applied to the whole world; 2. Arts satisfy people’s spiritual and emotional needs, and enrich cultural life; science enriches material wealth; 3. Subjective vs objective;


随机应变 真题回顾 Happiness is very important to individuals, but it is very hard to define. Why is happiness hard to define? What factors are important in achieving happiness? 万能思路: 1.幸福是一种主观感受; 2.不同年龄、不同喜好、不同社会背景的人当然有不同的定义; 3.我认为获得的幸福的因素包括… 衣食住行….; 1. Subjective feeling; 2. People at different life stages with various likes from diverse social backgrounds surely do not have the same definition of happiness; 3. …;


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