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Learning English is like building a house. Laying a solid foundation is the first and most important step. In other words, you should read and speak English every day. Memorizing new words and phrases is a must. Like building a house, learning English takes some time because Rome isn’t built in a day. So don’t be impatient.

句 子
结 构 分 类

简单句 Simple Sentences 并列句 Compound Sentences

含有一个主语(或并 列主语)和一个谓语(或 并列谓语)的句子 包含两个或两个以上 主谓结构的句子且句子之 间有并列连词and/but等或 用分号连接 包含一个主句和一个 从句或一个主句和多个从 句的句子,且从句用从属 连词引导

复合句 Complex Sentences

“I’m a big big girl in a big big world It’s not a big big thing if you leave me. But I do feel that I do will miss you much.” I can see the first leaf falling. It’s all yellow and nice. It’s so very cold outside like the way I’m feeling inside. Outside it’s now raining and tears are falling from my eyes. why did it have to happen? Why did it all have to end? I have your arms around me wooh like fire. But when I open my eyes, you’re gone.

1. He learns German. (一个主语和一个谓语) 2. Both Tom and Jack enjoy country music. (并列主语和一个谓语) 3. We sang and danced yesterday evening. (一个主语和并列谓语) 4. My brother and I go to school at half past seven in the morning and come back home at five in the afternoon. (并列主语和并列谓语)

Type 1. S+ link V+P
Type 2. S+Vi Type 3. S+ Vt + O Type 4. S+ Vt + O1+ O2 Type 5. S+ Vt+ O+ OC

1.主语+系动词+表语( S+Link.V+P ),说 明主语的特征、类属、状态、身份。 You are students.

We are in the classroom. We are good friends, aren’t we?

状态:seem, appear, prove --感官:smell, feel, taste, sound, look --变化:become, get, turn, go, come, grow --持续:remain, stay, keep, continue ---

其 它 系动词

Correct mistakes:
1. Her voice sounds beautifully. beautiful 2. The whole company was surprising at surprised the news. to 3. To see isΛbelieve. 4. It seem like a good idea. seems 5. The lightsΛ still on. are 6. All the potatoes changed bad. went 7. Jim was remained a worker.

2.主语+不及物动词 ( S + Vi. )
Our school lies in the center of our city. You will graduate from it next year.

The car accident was happened yesterday.


3.主语+及物动词+宾语(S+Vt+O) I like my job very much. What do you want to be in the future ? Each of you has a dream . 注:及物动词可用于被动语态 People use a great deal of water in that city. (主动语态) A great deal of water is used by people in that city. (被动语态)

1. The machine doesn’t work. 句子成分 常用词性 2. He is an honest student. 3. The silk feels soft.

主 系

主语 谓语

系 表 主 4. I have a lot of friends here. 宾语 主谓 宾 状 5. Tom lent me 200 dollars. 定语 主 谓 宾 宾 6. I saw him writing a letter. 状语 主谓 宾 宾补 7. I find maths difficult. 表语 主 谓 宾 宾补 8. We call her Lily. 宾补 主 谓 宾 宾补

n/pron. V n./pron.

Adj. Adv.

n./adj. n./adj./ 9. Father asked me to turn off the TV. to do 主 谓 宾 宾补 /doing

1.-Is this raincoat yours? -No, mine______ there behind the door. A. is hanging B. is hung C. hangs D. was hung
2. ______ your head, and you’ll see the sun______ now. A. Raise; rising B. Raise; raising C. To raise, rising D. Lift; being risen

3. More than a dozen students in that school______ abroad to study medicine last year. (2005年上海) A. sent B. were sent C. had sent D. had been sent

4. The hero’s story______ differently in the newspaper. (2005年全国I、II) A. was reported B. was reporting C. Reports D. reported

My name is Jin Yaqian. I like singing very much. In my opinion, it can give me a lot of fun. So I always ask my friends to go singing with me. I will succeed one day. My name is Jia Qiao. Some people call me Joy. Time flies. I’m 17 years old now, I feel happy to study in No. High School. I enjoy writing diaries in my blog and playing the piano. I always tell myself to be confident. 两个简单句之间应该有连词,或者用句号。


I am called/named...I was born…

I graduated from... Middle Schoo
I like/love/enjoy... I am fond of... hobby ...is my favorite.

I am a person who....

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