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2016届高考英语 基础知识练习 形容词和副词的讲解与训练

形容词和副词 关于形容词与副词,我们需要了解其比较等级、相关修饰语、形容词在句子中的位置、 常见形容词与副词的词义辨析及其固定短语和句型等。 知识要点 形容词:表示人或事物的性质, 特征或状态的词;常修饰名词或不定代词。其句法功能, 常作定语、表语、宾补,偶尔作状语。例如: This is a little mouse.这是一只小老鼠。(形容词作定语

) You look fine. 你显得气色很好。(形容词作表语) He made English easy for us to learn.他使得英语对我们来说学起来很容易。 (形容词作宾语补足语) The snake lay on the ground, dead.那条蛇躺在地上,死了。(形容词作状语) 疑难突破 形容词的位置 1. 形容词作定语通常前置,但在下列情况后置: 1 形容词短语一般后置 2 成对的形容词一般后置 3 alive, alike, awake, aware, asleep 等常后置 4 和空间、时间、单位连用时 5 6 以-able, -ible 结尾的形容词可置于有最高级或 only 修饰的名词之后 修饰 some, any, every, no 和 body, thing, one 等构成的复合不定代词时 代词 冠词 冠词 前的 形容 词 指示代 词 不定代 词 代词所 有格 the all both such a this anothe r your 3. 复合形容词的构成: thi rd nex t one fou r beautif ul good poor larg e shor t squa re new coo l red blue Chines e London silk ston e medica l 序 数 词 基 数 词 描绘性 大小 长短 形状 新 旧 温 度 名 词 颜色 国籍 产地 材料 质地 用途 数词 a girl difficult to deal with a little room pretty and clean the only person awake a bridge 50 meters long the best book available, the only solution possible nobody




2. 多个形容词修饰同一个名词的顺序:


1 2 3 4 5

adv.+现在分词 adv.+过去分词 adj.+现在分词 adj.+名词+ed adj.+形容词
知识要点 副词

hard-working well-known funny-looking warm-hearted dark-blue

6 7 8 9 10

数词+名词+ed 数词+名词 名词+过去分词 名词+形容词 名词+现在分词

four-egged one-year snow-covered world-famous easy-going

1. 概念:是一种用来修饰动词、形容词或全句,说明时间、地点、程度、方式,表示动作 特征、程度或性状等概念的词。例如: Mary walked slowly with her boyfriend John down the river. 玛丽和他的男朋友约翰沿着那条小河慢慢地向前踱着步。(副词修饰动词,作方式状语) Although in the cold night, Xiaoming feels very warm for Liping’s care. 虽然是在这寒冷的夜晚,因为李平的关心小明感到非常温暖。(副词修饰形容词,表示程度) 2. 副词种类: 1 2 3 4 程度 副词 地点 副词 方式 副词 时间 副词 very, fairly, quite, rather, almost, nearly outside, upwards, above , here, nearby slowly, excitedly, really, hard, quickly, fast early, finally, once, recently,soon, now 5 6 7 8 关系 副词 疑问 副词 连接 副词 频度 副词 why,when, where how, where, when, why how, when, where, why,

whether, however, meanwhile seldom, never , always, often, frequently

疑难突破 1. 形容词和副词的比较等级: 级别 比较 级 最高 级 形式 一般是在形容词和副词后加-er,多音 节和一些双音节词前加 more。 举例 earlier, smaller, shorter, longer, thinner, taller, more important, more slowly, 等。 一般是在形容词和副词后加-est,多音 earliest, smallest, shortest, longest, 节和一些双音节词前加 most。 thinnest, nearest, most important, most slowly 等。 原级 不做变化 thin, tall, fat, important, slowly, near 等。 2. 形容词和副词的基本用法: (1)形容词主要用于修饰名词,说明人或事物的性格特征。 (2)副词主要用来修饰动词,形容词,副词或其他结构。 注意以下重点句型:

比较种类 与 ?? 一 样/ 不一 样 与??一 样倍数 ??比(多 /强)?? 倍数 越??就 越??

句型 as?as?以及 not so(as)?as? A+be+倍数+as+原级 +as+B A+be+倍数+than+B

举例 Tom is not so good a student as Mike is.

Our classroom is three times as large as theirs. The man is twice as old as the girl. Our classroom is five times larger than theirs. Your age is twice older than mine.

the more?the more?

The harder you work, the more progress you will make.

注意: 本身表示 “最高程度” 的形容词/副词没有最高级和比较级。 如: extreme, perfect, favorite, excellent,extremely, perfectly, favouritely, excellently 等。 即学即练 1. -- Do you think it's a good idea to make friends with your students? -, I do. I think it's a great idea. B. Obviously D. Generally easy and affordable. A small step makes a C. surprisingly D. hardly A. Really C. Actually 2. It seems that living green is big difference. A. exactly B. fortunately 3. As there is less and less coal and oil, scientists are exploring new ways of making use of ______ energy, such as sunlight, wind and water for power and fuel. A. primary B. alternative C. instant D. unique 4. The questionnaire takes ______ ten to fifteen minutes to complete and can be used along with the assessment interview. A. mainly 5. I can A. seldom the kids. A. accessible 7. How much A. well B. relative B. good C. acceptable C. best D. sensitive she looked without her glasses! D. better B. punctually B. ever C. approximately C. never D. precisely D. always be a teacher. I’m not a very patient person.

6. Frank put the medicine in the top drawer to make sure it would not be_______ to

8. My uncle’s house in the downtown area is much smaller than ours , but it is twice _______ expensive . A. as A. most B. so B. more C. too C. less D. very . D. little 9.The children loved their day trip, and they enjoyed the horse ride


10.I’m sure that your letter will get for the reply. A. continued 形容词和副词 即学即练 B. immediate

attention. They know you’re waiting C. careful D. general

1.C。据上下文义和情景推知“我事实上同意对方的意见”。 2.C。考查副词。exactly 准确地;fortunately 幸运地;surprisingly 惊讶地,出乎意料地; hardly 几乎不。题干意思是:似乎保护环境是出乎意料的简单可行,小小的行动能带来很 大的不同。选 C。 3.B。 考查形容词。既然石油和煤都越来越少,人们只好使用一些其它可替代这些燃料的东 西; alternative 可选择的,可替代的;符合句意。 primary“首要的,初期的”, instant“立即的,迅速的”,unique“独特的”均不合题意。 4.C。 考查副词。 句意: 问卷大约需要 10 至 15 分钟完成。 应选择 approximately 大约地。mainly 主要地;punctually 准时地;precisely 精确地;均不合题意。 5.C。句意为: 我绝不会成为一名教师。 因为我不是一个很有耐心的人。seldom 表示“很少”; ever 表示“永远”用在肯定句中;never 表示“绝不,从来没有”;always 表示“总是”; 只有 C 合题意。 6.A。 考查形容词的辨析。 句意: 佛兰克把要放在抽屉的顶部, 确保孩子们碰不到。 Be accessible to 为??能够接近; be relative to 和??有关系; be acceptable to 为??所接 受 ; be sensitive to 对??敏感, 易接受。据句意答案选 A。 7.D。考查系动词后跟形容词作表语。句意为:没有眼镜她看的多么好?与戴眼镜形成对比。 “much +比较级”加强语气。 8.A。考查形容词倍数的表达。句意:我叔叔在商业区的房子比我的小得多;但是它的价格却 有我的房子两倍的贵。表示倍数的句型是:倍数+as+形容词+as ?;这里省略了 as mine; 故答案选 A。 9.A。考查副词。句意:儿童们喜欢白天旅游活动;他们最喜欢骑马。most 用 作副词“最”。 10.B。据句意“你的信会立刻受到关注”。这里(immediate)合语境。


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