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8a unit 9 period 3课件及设计意图

呈现 课题

Unit 9 When was he born? Period 3
Thank you Happy birthday


Imagine you know the people in the pictures Talk about them using the words given.
导入新知,课堂激趣。 (10分钟) Imagine you know the people in the pictures Talk about them using the words given. 本环节
通过 引入其它描述性形容词 的学习 ,在提 示词的 帮助下 完成对 他人生 活经历 的描述 。 为了降低原教材学生学习的难 度,

以学生原有的知识为切入点,以句中、文中单词记忆法为基本方法, 在提示语的帮助 下进入本课的话题,为听力材料的处理和学生能力的迁移做准备。






born: 1978
Started drawing: 8


漂亮的 不寻常的



born: 1955
became a doctor:17. Stopped: 2002.

Born: 1963 Won the prize: 15

Tennis player Born: 1987 started: 10




stopped: 2007
Played: 10


Listen and circle what you hear

talented loving outstanding unusual
活动 2 引导观察 探究新知



beautiful creative kind famous

Listen and write “M” for Midori “L” for Laura
? ? ? 2b ? ? ? ? ? M 1. ___ She is a famous violinist. M 2. ___ She was born in 1971. L 3.____ She started ice skating when she was four. M 4. ___ I saw her play when I was eight. L 5. ____ She was a kind and loving grandmother. L 6. ____ She was born in 1932. L 7. ____ She became a skating champion when she was ten. M 8. ____ She toured the U.S. when she was fourteen.


Pair work according the massage
Who is Midori ? a famous violinist She is _______________. When was she born? She was born in _____. 1971
When did she tour the U.S.? She toured the U.S. when she was 14.

Midori violinist.
born: 1971. tour the U.S. A. : 14

Who is Laura? She is _______________. an unusual girl When was she born? She was born in _____. 1932 Born: in 1973. An unusual girl Started: 4. Skating champion:10.

When did she become a skating champion?

She became a skating champion when he was 10.


3、read for fun ( Li Yundi)

(Tiger Woods)

Tiger Woods was born on December 30,1975 in America.

He is a good golf player. His hobbies are fishing and playing baseball.

Woods became the professional player in 1996. In a word, Tiger Woods is a very great player in the golf.


Mozart was one of the greatest musicians in the world.

Mozart was born in 1756 in Austria. He

started learning to
play the violin when he was only four years old.

In his short life he wrote a lot of music. Everybody enjoyed his wonderful music, but nobody paid him any money. 付钱 pay paid He got poorer and poorer, later he became ill. He died at 死 die died the age of 35.

写 write wrote

通过结伴对话消 化听力材料,再现描述性形容词 的使用,深化听力功用。通过 read for fun 调节课堂气氛, 落实
(Fu Mingxia) 本环节通过听选和判断,巩固 和应用 所学的 描述性 形容词 。


同的内容、不同形式为 学生能力的迁移做最后 的冲刺。

Fu Mingxia was a Chinese diver. She was born on August 16th ,

She went to Tsinghua University in 1996.She stopped diving in 2001.

1978. She started to practice gymnastics in 1983. She began to practice diving in 1987.



变式训练 应用新知 read

Describe a person around us.

Steel was born in Luhe. He started teaching in 1981. And he stopped teaching in 9, 2010. and he was a talented teacher, and he was famous in Xunyang. Now he is a loving and kind grandpa.

Make a similar dialogue like these in group:
cook A: When did you start to ______? Free talk 1. groupwork. B: I started to cook when I was 7 . 2. Act in class. __________________ cook A: How long did you ________? cooked B: I________ for _______________________ . 3 years 3 months and 3 days cooking A: When did you stop _________? B: I stopped _________in __________________ cooking 2008 at the age of 11.

free talk


play pingpong 流鼻涕


have a pet

ride a bike

Survey: How old were you when you…


Learned to ride a bike Started learning English First had a party


More information

First surfed the internet
First kept a pet


First said “Thank you” to your parent
… …

Survey like this:

How old were you when you first had a party?
Su rv ey lik e thi s

How old were you when you first said “Thank you” to your parents?

I first said “Thank you” to my parent I first had a party at the age of 12. when I was four. I was too happy that day.

name Liu Pei

achievement first had a party age More information I was too happy then.

Xiang Nan first said “thank you” to your parents


Her mum was so glad when she heard that.

Report 本环节

we admire. Can you describe a person like this? 引入,然后,通过身边steel 生活经历的介绍,为学生的能力迁移拉开序幕。
通过Free talk and survey尝试将已经获取的语言能力 进行迁 移。

Report like this: Liu Pei first had a party when she was 12. And she was too happy that day. Xiang Nan first said “Thank you" to her mum at the age of 4. And her mum was so glad when She heard that. I …..
首先通过 问题Now we can talk about the man


Self check

活动 4 正点 行动 迁移能 力 selfcheck

tour start stop win become

1. How old were you when you ________ learning English? started 2. What can I do _________ famous? to become 3. He _______ playing soccer because of his sore back. stopped 4. The Chinese soccer team ________Asia last year. toured 5. John _______ the first prize in the speech competition. won

? 1. Smith was born __ December, 1950. He works ___ a C farm. A. on ,in B. at , in C. in , on D. on , on ? 2. __ was she born ? ------ In 1895 . A A. When B . Where C. While D. What time ? 3. The sick woman is __ weak __ look after herself . A A. too , to B. so , that C. very , to D. so , to ? 4. His mother was born __ January 18 , 1956. B A , in B, on C , at D. / ? 5. “Stop __ and listen to me ,” he said to the students . B A , write B , writing C , to write D , writes ? 6. I saw Mr. Wang ___ into the school library just now . D A , went B, goes C , going D , go

Complete the sentences
1. 开始下雨了。 It started _____ . raining 2. 回答这个问题对他来说太难了。 too The question is ____ hard for him ___ answer. to 3. 乔丹是世界上最好的运动员之一。 Jordan is one ____ ____ best _____ in the world . ___ of the ____ players 4. 他什么时候出生? When was he ____? ___ born 5. John ,你应该停下来做作业。 John , you should stop ____ _____ your homework . to do

Correct the mistakes
did dishes when I was 4. 1. I Ido dishes when I was 4. I learned to ride a bike when I I was 2. I’m learned to ride a bike when was 5.5. first had a party when I was six years old. 3. I Ifirst had a party was six years old. cleaned room when I was 7. 4. I Iclean the the room when I was 7. When I was I I could read books. 5. When was 8, 8 can read books. was started sweeped the floor. 6. II eight eight when I started sweeping the floor. I started learning English when I I was 10. 7. I’m started learning English when was 10. started learning to cook when I was12. 8. I Istarted learning cook when I was12. first sang English songs when I 9. I Ifirst English song sings I was 13.was 13. 10.But in my very young young I could do something But when I was very I can doing something.

活动5 归纳总结 内化新知

Past forms

?start ? play ?tour ?enjoy ?hiccup stop ?sneeze ?die ?take ?sing ?can ?get ?pay ?write ?begin ?win ?become ?is am ?go ? do

started played toured enjoyed hiccupped stopped sneezed died took sang could got paid wrote began won became was went did

1规则变化 2


Sb 某人 时态 一般现在 时 一般过去 时 Do做某事 动词变化 用法 经常发生的动 作 过去发生的动 作 Every day (week month season year) In the morning (afternoon evening) On Sunday (Monday …) Yesterday the day before yesterday Just now Last week (month season year) …days (weeks months seasons years) ago Look listen now it’s ...o’clock St 时间

I We You He She They …



现在进行 时

is\am \are doing

正在进行的动 作

一般将来 时

am\is\are going to do

将要发生的动 作

Tomorrow This week (weekend Sunday term) Next week (month season year) In … days (weeks months years)

情感 目标

If we want to be as successful as they are, what should we do ?
We should be hardworking, try our
best to do anything. believe ourselves. and never give up

If you do not learn to think when you are young, you may never learn. ( Edison ) 如果你年轻时不学会思考,那就永远 不会。(爱迪生)


You can talk about your friends, parents, teachers, movie stars, singers artists …And you can talk about their hobbies, jobs.Try to tell us who, when to be born, what to do, when to start, when to stop and how long.
活动6 分层作业 延伸新知

通过课本名人生活经历的学习,学生所获 得的能力是一种暂时的、间接的 、与实际有差异的语感能力,只 有通过一定的听、说、读、写训 练才能转化为是一种模仿能力, 进而成为不假思索的做事本能,即 能力的迁移

free talk and homework,这两项任务被放在最 后一节 ,

。基于此 正是

考虑 学生学 习

最终能力迁移而设计的。以上的教学 过程注 重了对 学情的 分析和 教材的 处理, 本节的 教学过 程注重 了教学 目标的 把握和 对每一 个 教学活动的意义拿捏,对单元语法小 结有一 种水到 渠成的 感觉, 起到了 画龙点 睛的作 用,再 现了新 课程的 理念。 尤其是 大胆地 将 教材内容进行了调节,使本节课的中 心任务 “能力 迁移” 成了亮 点。