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年 月 日 星期 使用人 第 5 课时 编制人 审核人 张士杰

课型 学 习 目 标 重 点 难 点

Unit 4 earthquake – Grammar The Attributive Clause 新授课 教 学 手 段

Get the students to ma

ster the Attributive Clause introduced by that, which ,who and whose

Enable the students learn how to use that, which ,who ,whose correctly

预习导学 WB page46 三,四,五 自主学习 WB page47 合作探究 WB 课时训练 page16 一 ,三 能力提升 WB 课时训练 page 16 四 自我总结 定语从句用法(一) 引导定语从句的关系词有关系代词 who, whom, whose, which 和 that 等;关系副词有 when, where, why 等。关系词不仅起连接 作用,而且还代表先行词并在定语从句中担任某一句子成分, 关系代词作主语、宾语、定语、表语等,关系副词作状语。 定语从句的结构: 先行词__ +_______ +________ 先行词是人或物, 在句中充当_____, _____,____,_____等成分用关 系代词 I. 先 行 词 是 人 , 在 从 句 中 作 主 语 和 宾 语 用 关 系 代 词 _______, _______,_______。 who, whom,that 的区别:


导 学 过 程

1 介词后只能用_______ ,不能用_______ _______。 2 先行词为代词,或逗号后不用_______。 3 主句是特殊疑问句,已经有 who,则从句引导词用_______。 II.先行词是事或物, 在从句中作主语、宾语,用关系代词_______, _______。 that, which,的区别: 1. 只用 which: ______后, _______后。 2. 只用 that: ○ 1 先行词是不定代词或被指物由不定代词修饰,常用的不定代词 有:______, ______, ______, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____ ______, ______,______, ______, ______等 ○ 2 先行词特指,为 the +_____(包括 last, next)/ _______/ ______/ _____等修饰时 ○ 3 先行词有____又有_____ ○ 4 先行词在从句中作____语 ○ 5 主句是___或___开头的特殊疑问句。 3. 不用 that 引导 ○ 1 在__________定语从句中, ○ 2 直接在_____后作宾语时, 不能用 that 引导,要用 whom, whose 或 which, 且不能省略。 但当介词放在从句的末尾时, 可以用______ 替代 which, ______替代 whom,也可以省略关系代词。 ○ 3 当先行词是指人的 all, any, few, one(s), anyone, everyone, people 等时,多用______。 ○ 4 当先行词与关系代词之间有较复杂的短语或从句隔开时 ○ 5 定语从句中,those who 相当于意为“凡……的人”,表示的是两 者以上的不定数量,who 引导的定语从句用复数,不能用 that 代 替。 (注意:anybody who, he who 中谓语动词用单数。 III. 先行词是事或物, 在从句中只用作定语,表示“…的”, 后加名 词, 用关系代词_______。 指物 = the +名词 +_______, 指人= the +名词+_______。 IV. 关系代词 whom, which 前介词的选择看主句中的习惯搭配或从 句中动词的搭配而决定,但从句中含有介词的短语动词一般 _____(拆开,不拆开),介词仍放在动词的后面。 V. 定语从句常犯的问题 ○ 1 引 导 词 用 错 . 如 : The book which cover is green was lost yesterday.(应改为______) ○ 2 语序用错. 如:Is there anything else that can I do for you? (应改

为______ ) ○ 3 无先行词 如:Is this museum _____ you visited last Saturday? (应该填________ ) Is this the museum ______ we visited last Saturday? (应该填 ________ ) ○ 4 关系代词在从句中作主语时,从句谓语动词的人称和数没有和 ____保持一致,如: Tom is the only one of the boys who _____(like) playing football. (应该填________ ) ○ 5 引导词代替的成分在从句中又出现。如: Do you know the boy whom / who / that I talked with him just now? (应改为______) 实战演练 定语从句练习 I. 用所给的关系代词 which, that, who, whom, whose.完成以下从 句: 1. The force __________ causes everything to fall towards the ground is called gravity. 2. A friend __________ helps you in time of need is a friend indeed. 3. He saw a house __________ windows were all broken. 4. Everything __________ can be done today mustn’t be done tomorrow. 5. This is the best hotel __________ I know. 6. The boy with ______ John spoke is my brother.. 7. He paid the boy $10 for washing ten windows , most of ____________ hadn’t been cleaned for at least a year. 8. He talked a lot about the teachers and the schools __________ he had visited. 9. The ninth lesson __________ we are learning is the most difficult in Book One. 10. Will you please lend me the very book ______ you bought yesterday? II. 把下列句子改写成定语从句。 (提示:主从句的选择:主句多 为:1 表状态,2 表结果 3 时间较后;从句多为:1 表动作 2 表 原因 3 时间靠前) 1. I have a friend. He likes listening to classical music.

_____________________________________________ 2. Yesterday Emily was wearing the new dress. I gave it to her. _____________________________________________ 3. The student’s article was published. I know the student. _____________________________________________ 4. Betty is studying English very well. She has never been abroad. _____________________________________________ 5. My grandparents live in a house. It is more than 100 years old.




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