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教学设计(模板及范例 初二英语


课题:《Unit4 What’s the best movie theater? Section B 1a to 1e》 科目:英语 提供者:彭睿敏 一、教学内容分析 教学对象:初二(1)班 课时:1 课时


The lesson plan I’m going to talk about is from Go For It! BookⅡUnit4 What’s the best movie theater? My lesson is the third period of this unit. It includes Section B(from 1a to 1e). First I’d like to tell you about my understanding of the teaching material. The topic of this unit is mainly to discuss preferences and comparisons, the students can talk about the favorite things, so they are interested in this topic. They have already learnt comparative and superlative forms of adjectives and adverbs. So it’s not difficult to lead in this new period. After this period, students are required to be able to make comparisons and describe the people and things.




Knowledge aims:
a. Students should be able to use new words: creative, talent, performer b. Students should be able to use the target language: Who was the best performer?

2. Ability aims: a. Students will be able to make comparisons and
describe the performers. b. Students will be able to develop their listening skills by learning 1c & 1d and improve their speaking skills through different kinds of practice.

3. Moral aims: a.To arouse the students’ passion of learning
English and take an active part in English activities. b. To develop good relationships between teachers and students

三、学习者特征分析 学生在第三单元已经学了形容词比较级的用法,学会了对两个事物进行比较、描述。 本单元学习的话题学生比较感兴趣,是第三单元知识的延伸,在讨论、交流中可以培养学生 运用语言做事的能力。 当然我们学校的学生大部分基础较差,两级分化严重,课堂设计的任务如果有难度那 么互动的学生相对就会较少,因此设计的任务要有层次性。注重基础教学,由易到难,慢慢 提升。


四、教学策略选择与设计 1、情境教学法 2、讨论教学法 3、多媒体辅助教学法


teaching and learning focusis to help students describe the things, make a decision and show their own opinions. Difficult points is to helpstudents master some expressions about comparative and superlative forms of adjectives and adverbs.






Ⅰ. Warming- up 1. Daily greeting. show a beautiful song“I could be the one”. T: Do you like the song? This is the best foreign song I know. It called“I could be the one” I love it very much. I like staying at home and listening to music. I think I’m friendly and quiet. What are you like? 2. Use adjectives to describe the appearance and personality. 3. Tell something about the class. T: You see, I’m your new teacher today. So I want to know something about you. Who always has new ideas in our class? T: So I think he\she is the most creative student in our class.(pay attention to the intonation). ?is the most popular student in our class? Quietest ? As usual, my lesson begins with greetings. Warm them up. ThenI’ll ask them to tell us information about the class and other 1.Answer questions: things they want me to know. What are you like? Here, I design some questions I am ? to help the students be What is he\she like? familiar with the superlative He\She is? forms they have 2.Say some sentences: learned in section A. I aim ?is the most popular student toarouse students’ in our class. interests and attract their 。 attention. Let students use the adjectives and adverbs as much as they could, And it can make Ss feel less difficult when making new practice in the next steps.

Ⅱ.Practicing Choose the opposites in next to their opposites in the 1a and check the answers by using words like this: the chart. most boring and the most creative. T: I’m glad to know so much about 1. 1a.Write these words and phrases you. You are the kindest persons I know. Now please open your books and turn to page 28. Look at 1a, please write these words and most boring loudest worst most serious most creative

consolidating the new phrase, superlative forms and the opposites.

phrases next to their opposites in the chart. 2. Read the words.


After consolidating the new phrase and superlative forms, it is time to put them Students say sentences like in using. This step isalsoto Ⅲ. Brainstorming this: let students ?is the quietest person I confirm the key know. Talk about the person you know. words and ?is the funniest person I superlative know. T: Good job. This is my cousin Li Jing. She is the funniest person I ?is the most creative person forms.The teacher can get I know. know. Now let’s talk about the students to persons you know ?is the?I know practice the target language naturally through sentences. It can also arouse the students’ interest of showing their own opinions.


I’ll show them some pictures of China’s Got Talent. First, show the new words “talent and performer”. Then I’ll ask them to talk

Ⅳ. Presentation Look at the pictures Show the pictures of school talent and say what they did. show and ask what they did. (present the new words “ talent, She played the guitarupside down.

about the They played loud music and performers by performer”) sang together. using T: Look, these are the pictures superlative He performed throwing and from the school talent show. They forms. Try to catching balls. lead the are performing. They are students to say performers. She played the piano. them correctly. What did she\they\he do? He sang a song with his d In this way, I naturally present the important words, sentence and let them know something about talent show.。




In our class, I think Lily 1. Listen to 1c &1d at least 3 is the funniest person. She often tells jokes. John times and imitate(模仿) it. is_________________________ 2. Write down the report about ____________________________ classmates. ________________________ ____________________________ consolidating the things we studied today.


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Unit4 What’s the best move theater? Section B 1 1a-2e loudest quietest funniest most creative most boring talent show performer Who was the best performer?

九.教学反思 可以从如下角度进行反思(不少于 200 字):


这是我在别的学校上的一节公开课,我是依照词-句-对话-文章的形式由易到难进行设 计的,首先通过让学生听歌进行热身,通过“What are you like?”引导学生说一下体现性 格和外貌的形容词,接着询问班级里学生的一些情况,加深相互之间的了解,同时让学生说 类似的句型:?is the most popular student in our class.从而让学生更加熟悉最高级。 然后让学生做1a 过于单词及1b 过于句型的练习进行进一步的巩固和运用。 接着开始导入到听力。这一部分是我认为我这节课最精彩的地方,我充分解读了文本, 运用了一些听力策略。首先,我通过1b 中的图片导入新单词 talent 及 performer 并教授的 音标。 然后对每一幅图片都进行了具体的分析问学生他们在做什么, 以此来减低听力的难度, 让学生对接下来的听力内容有一定的了解。接着由于有些人名学生不会念,就先让学生跟读 一遍, 接着做听力。 然后再次呈现图片, 让学生自己谈论他们认为图片中的人是最怎么样的, 为下面较难的1d 做好铺垫降低难度,并强调来不及写整个单词就写首字母,最后在进行听 力练习。这样一来就使学生对这两个步骤掌握得非常牢固。 听力做好后就让学生跟读对话,进行对话练习,最后进行报告及采访,对所学的知识进 行提升,对今天所学语言进行运用及输出。 这节课学生比较活跃,基本达到了我期望的水平。但最后的采访我觉得还可以再改进。 在公开课时这个环节发生了出乎我意料的事,我为了慎重,特意给他们每人发了一张纸,本 意是让他们四人一组进行对话练习,但任务布置下去后他们都忙着去填那张表了,我立时就 有些懵了,等他们填好后,才开始练习。好在最后的展示很不错,就是稍微多用了点时间。 因此,我想最后那个环节设计时,只要在幻灯上芳上这张表格就可以了,学生的习题纸上表 格就可以省去。 如果重新上这节课,最后的采访我要改掉,原本设计的是了解班级之最及这样认为的原 因,但课后我认为如果让他们讨论超女、中国好声音等节目可能更能激发学生的热情。通过 这节课,学生基本掌握了主要的内容及句型,可以流利的进行对话了。听课的老师也认为我 最后的环节处理及设置有待改进。


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