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【创新设计】2015高考英语(译林版)一轮活页练习:模块3 Unit 1 The world of our senses(含答案解析)

模块三 Unit 1 The world of our senses

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.A team of 200 ________(自愿者)arrived in the disasterstricken area. 2.Many people are against the idea of ________(实验)on animals. 3.I was s

o tired and wondered whether or not I could get to the ________(目的地). 4.By then the problem will ________(有希望)have been solved. 5.When electricity was cut off,all the people in the elevator ________(恐惧). 答案 1.volunteers 2.experimenting 4.hopefully 5.panicked Ⅱ.翻译句子 1.现在的产量是十年前的三倍。(three times) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 2.这位老先生只是站在那里对那个小偷怒目而视。(分词作状语) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 3.如果你在任何地方看见他,就去报警。(catch sight of) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 4.关心你的健康是有道理的。(make sense) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 5.当经过他家的时候,当心狗。(while doing...) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 答案 1.The production now is three times what it was ten years ago. 2.The old gentleman just stood there glaring at the thief. 3.If you ever catch sight of him anywhere,call the police. 4.It makes sense to take care of your health. 5.While passing by his house,watch out for the dog. Ⅲ.单项填空 1.Dogs have a very good ________of smell and are often used to search for survivors in the earthquake. 3.destination

A.sense B.view C.means D.idea 答案 A [句意:狗有很好的嗅觉,常被用来寻找地震中的幸存着。sense of smell 指“嗅 觉”。] 2.At the railway station,the mother waved goodbye to her daughter until the train was ________. A.out of sight B.out of reach C.out of order D.out of place 答案 A [句意:母亲在火车站向女儿挥手告别,直到看不见火车为止。out of reach 表 示“够不着”;out of order 表示“无次序的,混乱的”;out of place 表示“不在适当的位置,不 合适”。 ] 3.Those successful deaf dancers think that dancing is an activity________sight matters more than hearing. A.when B.whose C.which D.where 答案 D [句意:那些成功的耳聋的舞蹈演员认为,舞蹈是一项视觉比听觉更重要的活

动。这里应用 where 来引导定语从句。] 4. In the reading room, we found her________at a desk, with her attention________on a book. A.sitting;fixing B.sit;fixed C.sitting;to be fixed D.seated;fixed 答案 D [第一空用 sitting 或 seated 均可, 表示状态; fix 与 her attention 之间是动宾关系, 因此用过去分词。故选 D。] 5.It is believed that high achievers are ambitious,hardworking,and work toward personal standards of excellence ________material rewards. A.other than B.or rather C.rather than D.or else 答案 C [句意:据信,取得高成就的人志向远大、工作勤恳,为完善自我而非物质回报 而奋斗。 other than 表示“除了”; or rather 表示“更确切地说”; rather than 表示“而不是”; or else 表示“要不然”。根据题意可知,只有 C 项正确。] 6.—You are confident about the job interview,aren't you? —________.I'm well prepared and feel I've got everything they need.

A.Sure,I am B.It's hard to say C.I hope so D.Well,maybe 答案 A [根据语境可知, 答话者对面试已经做好了充分的准备,因此很有信心,所以 选 A。 ] 7.He dived ________into the river to save the girl and I was ________moved by his deed. A.deep;deep B.deep;deeply C.deeply;deep D.deeply;deeply 答案 B [deep adj.和 adv.表示深度,deeply adv.表示程度。] 8.My colleague has been recovering gradually since the operation,and it won't be long ________he comes back to work. A.before B.since C.after D.when 答案 A [句型 It won't be long before...意为“过不了多久就……。”] 9.—Which do you like,tea or coffee? —If you don't mind I like ________ of them.Please give me apple juice. A.neither B.either C.none D.both 答案 A [考查代词。句意:“你喜欢茶还是咖啡?”“如果你不介意的话, 我两者都不喜 欢。请给我苹果汁吧。”根据“tea or coffee”可以排除 C。根据“Please give me apple juice.”可知 答话人两者都不喜欢,故排除 B、D 两项。] 10.—What has made him look like lacking sleep? —________ his wife is ill and he has to get up several times a night to attend to her. A.For B.Because C.That D.What 答案 C [考查名词性从句的引导词。 根据句意可知, 从空格到最后都是回答上面句子中 的主语“What”的,故此句是一个主语从句,缺少连词,而连词在从句中既不充当成分也无 实际意义,故用“That”。] 11.—Is there any news for the missing boy? —Yes,he was observed ________computer games at eight o'clock yesterday in a net bar. A.play B.played 答案 D C.to play D.playing


语,故 D 项符合题意。] 12. Though she ________for a moment, she finally went in and asked to see a dress that was in

the window. A.dared B.nervous C.wondered D.hesitated 答案 D [前半句意:尽管她犹豫了一会儿。hesitate“犹豫,踌躇”,符合句意。] 13.—________? —Sorry.I don't know. A.What do you think does she like best B.Do you think what does she like best C.What do you think she likes best D.Do you think what she likes best 答案 C [本题是考查疑问词+插入语+陈述语序的句子。 句意: ——你认为她最喜欢什 么?——对不起,我不知道。] 14.The financial problem is difficult ________.It needs efforts made by all the people. A.dealing with B.dealt with

C.to be dealt with D.to deal with 答案 D [此题考查的是固定句型:名词/代词+系动词+形容词+不定式。故 A、B 不 正确。而此结构中的不定式用主动形式表被动意义。] 15.The traditional approach________with complex problems in our studies is to break them down into smaller,more easily managed problems. A.to deal B.having dealt C.to dealing D.being dealt 答案 C [句意: 在处理学习中存在的复杂问题时, 我们所采用的传统方法是把问题分解 成更小的、更容易处理的问题。approach 常与介词 to 连用,而 to 后要用名词或动名词形式, 故答案为 C 项。] Ⅳ.任务型阅读 Back to School:Why Grit(毅力) Is More Important than Good Grades? The backtoschool season is upon us,and once again,parents across the country have loaded their kids'backpacks up with snack packs and school supplies.It's a good moment to reflect on what else we should be giving our kids as they head off to school. American parents are feeling particularly anxious about that question this year.The educational process feels more than ever like a race,one that starts in preschool and doesn't end until your child is admitted to the perfect college.Most parents are more worried than they need to be about

their children's grades, test scores and IQ.But what we don't think about enough is how to help our children build their characters—how to help them develop skills like perseverance , grit , optimism, conscientiousness, and selfcontrol, which together do more to determine success than S.A.T.scores or IQ. There is growing evidence that our anxiety about our children's school performance may actually be holding them back from learning some of these valuable skills.If you're concerned only with a child's G.P.A.,then you will likely choose to minimize the challenges the child faces in school.With real challenge comes the risk of real failure.And in a competitive academic

environment,the idea of failure can be very scary,to students and parents alike. But experiencing failure is a critical part of building characters.Recent research by a team of psychologists found that adults who had experienced little or no failure growing up were actually less happy and confident than those who had experienced a few significant setbacks childhood.“Overcoming those obstacles, ” the researchers assumed, “could teach coping skills , help in effective

engage social support networks , create a sense of mastery over past

adversity,and foster beliefs in the ability to cope successfully in the future.” By contrast,when we protect our children from every possible failure—when we call their teachers to get an extension on a paper;when we urge them to choose only those subjects they're good at—we are denying them those same characterbuilding experiences.As the psychologists Madeline Levine and Dan Kindlon have written,that can lead to difficulties in adolescence and young adulthood,when overprotected young people finally confront real problems on their own and don't know how to overcome them. In the classroom and outside of it,American parents need to encourage children to take chances, to challenge themselves, to risk failure.In the meantime, giving our kids room to fail may be one of the best ways we can help them succeed. Back to School:Why Grit Is More Important than Good Grades? Common phenomena ◆Parents throughout America __1__their kids'backpacks up with snacks and school supplies. ◆Many American parents don't __2__enough importance to their kids'character building. The writer's ◆Parents should pay more attention to their

__3__ Evidence and __4__ findings ◆Parents' anxiety about their kids' performance may__5__them from learning some valuable skills. ◆Parents concerned only with a kid's G.P.A.have a __6__to minimize the challenges the child faces. ◆Adults who have experienced a few significant setbacks in childhood are __7__and more confident than those who haven't. ◆Denying kids'characterbuilding experiences can __8__in difficulties in adolescence and young adulthood. The writer's suggestions __9__kids to be risktakers. ◆Give kids room to experience __10__.

kids'character building.

【语篇解读】 本文是一篇议论文。返校季节来临,作者就为何毅力比高分重要展开讨论, 最后提出美国父母应当鼓励孩子冒险,留给孩子体验失败的空间。 1.load/fill [根据首段第一句话中 have loaded 可知,该空填 load 或 fill,load...with...= fill...with....“用……填满……”。] 2.attach [根据第二段第四句话中“But what we don't think about enough is”可知,该空填 attach。attach importance to,“重视”。] 3.opinion/view [题干是作者的观点,因此填 opinion/view。] 4.research [根据第四段第二句话中“Recent research by a team of psychologists found...”可 知,该空填 research。] 5 . prevent/stop/keep/discourage/hinder [ 根 据第三段第一 句 “...holding them back from

learning some of these valuable skills,”可知,该空填 prevent/stop/keep/discourage/hinder,

prevent sb.from doing sth.,“阻止某人做某事”。] 6. tendency [根据第三段第二句“...likely choose to minimize the challenges the child faces in school.”可知,该空填 tendency。have a tendency to do,“有做某事的倾向/有可能做某事”。] 7.happier [根据第四段第二句“...less happy and confident than...”可知,该空填 happier。] 8.result [根据第五段“...that can lead to difficulties in...”可知,该空填 result。result in,“导 致”。] 9 . Encourage [ 根据尾段第一句 “...encourage children to...” 可知,该空填 encourage 。

encourage sb.to do,“鼓励某人做某事”。] 10. failure(s) [根据最后一段尾句“...giving our kids room to fail...”可知, 该空填 failure(s), “失 败(的事)”。]

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