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俞敏红词频大奉献 a pivotal figure a premium price a range of abandon abandonment abbreviate abrasion abstract absurd abundance abundant accelerate access acclaimed accommodate accompany accordion accumulate accustomed acquaintance acronym acute adapt adaptable adaptation additive adept adjacent adjoining adjust adjustment adobe adopt adorn adornment advent adverse adversely adversity advocate aesthetic aesthetically affect affected affiliate with afflict affluent aggravating aggregate aggregation agitation akin to alchemy alder algae alien

all but all-inclusive allocate alloy alternative altitude aluminum ambience amenable amplify ancestor annihilate annual annually anomaly anonymous antibiotic antiquate antiquated antiquity apart from appeal appeal to apprentice approach aptly aquatic arc archaeological archipelago architect arduous arena arid armor aromatic array arthritis artificial artisan as a rule as a rule of thumb as far north as as such ascend ascribe to aspiring assemble assert associate assorted assortment assume assumption assure astonishing

a general principle regarded as roughly correct but not intended to be scientifically accurate

astute at intervals at one session at the cutting edge of atomization attach attached attachment attain attainment attire attribute to auditorium auger aurora auroral light automated available aviation avocational awareness awkwardly B


backdrop ballet balmy barb Barbed wire barge bark barn barren barrier barter basement basin be characterized by be taken by be up to beak beam bequest besiege bestow bias bitterness bizarre blanket blast blazing bleak blend blessing block

a painted cloth hung across the rear of a stage

property siege To give as a gift prejudice House of bizarre design

Bleak winds of the North Atlantic <>bend; harmonize,intermix

blocks blossom blues bluff blunt bolster boom boon boost boring boundary bow breach break all ties with breeze brilliance briny briskness brittle bronze bubble buckle buggy building block bulk bundle burdensome burgeon burrow bust bustle by a factor of by far

Youth blossomed into maturity A high steep bank; a bluff but pleasant manner. Blunted emotions; a blunt instrument Long pillow <>blossom; thunder, a state of economic prosperity A benefit bestow; very close and convivial Drill a hole>tire <>bowl A breach of contract; a breach in a fortification The breeze was cooled by the lake; breeze through Unusual mental ability

Brittle bones The soup was bubbling

A bulk buy; it is cheaper to buy it in bulk. Bulk mail. Taxing,onerous The burgeon population; bloom;>blossom;boom;flourish tunnel A sculpture of the head hustle She was by far the smartest student; by a considerable margin


cab cabinet cacti pl.cactuses calibration campaign cannibalism canopy canyon capability capacity carapace carbohydrate cardiac cargo carnival carnivorous carving cast

Cab fare Cactus standardization cannibalise A ravine formed by a river in an area with little rainfall. An aptitude; the quality of being capable. shell carbo Cardiac cycle Cargo container funfair The lion and other carnivorous animals. Cast anchor; cast down; cast forth; cast off;

cast off casting category cater cathedral cavern cavity cease celestial cell cellist census ceremonial ceremony chafe chamber chaos charcoal charter chateau check chill chilly chimpanzee chisel chivalry chop choppy chord chunk circulate circulation circumscribe cite civilian civility claim clamor clam clan classification classify clay cliff cling to clockwise clumsy cluster code of laws coexist cohesion cohesive coil


To supply food ready to eat for parties Any large and important church A large cave or chamber in a cave Hole; dental caries = tooth decay; Stop; interrupt; N. = end . Of heaven or the spirit; of or relating to the sky. celestial body; celestial equator; Viola; the bass member of the violin family. A count of the population Serials of acts prescribed by ritual, protocol, or convention Irratate; warm by rubbing; wear caused by friction Bedroom; enclosed space or cavity A state of utter confusion <> cosmos A charcoal drawing A written instrument; hire, rent, lease; charter school Castle or fortress; mansion Moderately cold>depression; lacking warmth of feeling 黑<>大 gorilla Used to chip, carve; cheat gallant or distinguished gentlemen Chop-mark; rough with small waves Accord, harmonize ; seventh chord; A large noteworthy quantity

Draw a line around; limit Quote; summon 文官 politeness A clamor against increased taxes

Cliff swallow; steep , vertical Stick ; adherence <>counterclockwise Awkward or inefficient Cluster bomb

coincide coincident collaboration collective collide colossal combustible combustion comet commission v committed commodity commonsense communally community commuter compact companion comparable compatible compel compensation competing competitiveness compile complacence complement complementary complexes complicated comply with component composed of composition compound compress comprise con conceal concede conceive conception concerted concise concrete condensation condense condor conductivity cone confederacy configuration confine to confinement confirm conflict conflicting


confront congenial congestion congregate conifer conjecture consecutive consequence conservative conserve consort with conspicuous conspiracy constant constantly constellation constituent constitute constitution constitutional constrain constraint constrict constricted construction consumption contact container contemporary context contours contraction contractor contribute to convention conventional conventionally converge convert converter convict convinced convincing convivial coral reef corals core correlated corrosion corruption cosmic costume counteract counterbalance counterclockwise counterpart cowhand

Unite,associate;keep company Conspicuous consumption

corrode Decay decomposition

crab crack craft craftspeople crater crawl crayon credence creditor crevice crippling crisscross crossbones crossbreeding crow crude crude oil crumple crust crustacean crystalline crystallized cubism cue culminate cumbersome curator curriculum custodian cuticle cylinder D

Craft union<>industrial union

Chalk,wax Letter of credence


dash off daunting dawn dazzling debate debris declaration decline declining decorate decoration decorative defecate deference deferential deficiency deform deformation deft degradation degrade dehydrate

dehydrated deliberate delicate delta demobilize demolish dense density depict deplete deposit depredation depression derive desalination descend descendant descent designate desirable desperate despoiler destruction detect detectable deter deteriorate determinant deterrent devastate devastation device devoid of Devour diagonal diagonally diameter dictate diction differentiate diffuse digest digression dilution diminish dinosaur discard discern discharge discipline discouraging discourse discrete disintegrate dispense disperse disposal

disproportionate disputes disrepute disseminate dissipate dissolve distend distinct distinction distinctive distinctively distinctly distort distract distribute distribution diver divergence diverse diversification diversified diversion diversity documentation dogma dolphin domains domestic dominant dormant dorsal draft animal drain dramatically drawback drill drought ductile dump durable dwarf E

eccentricity eclipse ecological economize ecosystem edentate edible edifice educable eject elaborate elaborately

electron elegance elevation elicit eligible eliminate elite elixir elliptical elusive embedded embellish emboss embryological emerge emerging emigrant emission emit employ enactment enclosing encounter engrave engraving enormous entanglement enterprise enterprising entity entrepreneur enzyme epidermis epoch equilibrium equivalent erect erode erosion eruption eternal ethically ethnic evaporate eventful evergreen evident eviscerate evoke evolution evolve exalted excavation exceed excel exceptional exceptionally


excess excessive exclusion exclusive execution exempt exert exhale exhibition exorbitant expand expansion expenditure expertise explicit exploit exponential express train expressive extend extended extensive external extinct extinction extract fabric facilitate facilitation facility faction factor faculty fade famine fanatical fascination fashionable fatal fatigue faucet fauna feasible feat feed on fencing fend fertile fertilize festival feverishly fiber fiction fidelity field research figurehead file

fir flair flake flea fleeting flexibility flexible float flock flock to fluctuation flux folklore follow suit folly forage forbidding foremost foresee foreshadow forge formalized format formation formidable formulate fort fortify fortuitously fossilized foster fracture fragile fragility fragment fray freight frenetic frenzy frigid fringe from afar frustrate frustrating frustration functioning fumigate fungi furnish fused fusion galaxy gallery galvanize gap gaseous generate

generous genetic genetically genial genre genuinely genial genuinely get in the way of giant girder give way to glacial glacier glamorous gland glandular glassware glimpse global go against the grain to go broke gorgeous gourmet granite graphic grasshopper gravitational gravity graze grazing land grumble gulf gush gymnastic gyration habitat hail hallmark halt hamper handicraft hands-on harden hardware harness hatch haul haunt n. haunted haven hazard heed heel helium hem

hemisphere herald herculean herd heritage heterogeneous hibernation hierarchy highlight hinge hinterland hold a large stake hollow homogeneous horizon horizontal hostile house huddle hummingbird hurl hydrogen hypersensitive hypothesis ice sheet iceberg icicle icon identical identifiable identify identity ideology idiom igneous illuminate illumination illusion illustrate imaginary imaginative imbibe imitation immense immobilize immune immunity impact impair impart impediment imperative impermeable impersonal impersonate impersonation impetus

implement implication implicit import impose imposing impressive imprint imprisonment improvisation improvise in accord with in common in scale in terms of inaccessible inactivate inadequate inappropriate incapacitate incessant incident inclination incongruity incongruous incorporate incredible indent indicate indication indispensable individualism inducible industrialization industrialized inevitably inextricably infection inferiority infest inflation inflict ingenious ingeniously ingredient inhabit inhabitant inherit inhibit innumerable insanity insight insistence inspection inspiration inspire instantaneously

instinctively institution institutionalize instructive instrumentalist insulation insulting insurmountable intact integral integrate integrated intelligible intense intensive intent interact with interaction interconnected interconnecting interdependence interdependent interference interior interlocking internal interpersonal interpretation interrupt interstellar interval intervention intimacy intoxication intricate intricately intriguing intrinsic intruder intruding intrusion invade inventory invertebrate ion irresistible irrevocably irrigate irrigation isolated isolation jealousy jellyfish jibe with jolting journalism junction

jury juxtaposition keen kennel kernel kerosene kinetic laborious laboriously labyrinth lament landmass landscape landslide Larvae laser latitude lava lave layer layman learn by rote lease ledge legacy legume lengthen lettuce liable of light bulb limestone linger letter with livelihood living quarter locomote locomotive locomotion logy long-range loom lore lumber luminosity luminous lure maneuver mania manifestation manipulate mansion mantle manual margin marine maritime markedly

marrow mask masonry massive masterpiece mate meager measures mechanical media mechanism medium melodrama memorial mercantile merchandise metabolic meteorite meteorologist meticulous minimize minuscule minute miraculous mobility mock moderate modify moisture molecular molecule molten monochromatic monopolize monument morale morphology most-distinctive motif motivation mud mortar multifaceted multiple multiply multistory multitude mundane municipal muscular myriad mysterious narcotic narrator Native to neat needy neoclassical

neon Nerve cord neuron niche nickel nonconformist nontraditional nostalgia not as yet not so much as notch note notoriously noxious nuclei nucleus


rhythmical ridge rift rigidity riot ripen rite ritual rival roam robust rod roost rooster rotate rubble rudimentary rupture rural rustproof sack sacred saddle sample sanctimonious sanction sanctuary sanitation satire satiric saturate scale scale scarce scatter scavenger

scenery scenic scent scheme scores scramble scratch screen screw scruple scuba sculptor sculptural sculpture sea cucumber seabed seaport secrete sect sectional sector secular securely sediment seedling segment seismic self-sufficient semimolten sensibility sentimental sequence serene serrated set aside for setting sewerage shatter shear shed sheer sheltered shield shifting shipment shipwright short-range shrink shrub shutters shuttle signify silicate silversmith simultaneously skepticism skull

slab slice slice slide slope sloth slow-breeding smother snap snippet snowflake snug social distinction solder solemn solidify solitary solo soluble solution soothe sophisticated sophistication sort soybean spacecraft spacious span span over sparingly spark sparse spawn specialized species specification specimen spectacular spectacularly spectator spectrum speculate about sphere spherical spinal O

object to obscure obscure v obsessed obstacle occurrence of scale offshore

offspring olfactory onset onslaught opaque optical optimal optimum orchid ore organically organism orientation originality originate ornamental ornamentation ounce outbreak outlet output oval overlap overlapping overload oversee overtaxed overwhelm overwhelmingly oxen pack packed painstaking paleontologist pane panel panel v pants paralysis paramount paraphrase parasite particle pasture patent pathogen patrol patron patronage pebble peculiarity pendant penetrate penetrating peninsula perceive perception

perch percolate percussion peripheral perishable permeate perpetuate perplexing persist perspective pertinent pest petal pigment pillow pine pit pivotal plank plaster plate platitude platitudinous pliable plight plumbing poisonous polarize pollen pollination pollinator pollutant popular tune portable portend portion positive possess possession postal service postdate posthumous potential pottery poverty prairie precarious precede precipitate precipitation precursor predator predatory predecessor predominantly predominate preeminent



prefabricated prehistoric preponderance prerequisite presence preservation preservative preside over prestige pretension prevail prevailing prey primal primarily primate prime primitive priority privilege probe proceed process proclaim proclivity prod sb. into prodigious prodigy produce proficiency profile prohibitively proliferation prolific prominence prominent promising promote pronounced proper property proponent proportion proprietorship propulsion prospect prosper prosperous protectionist protein prototype protruding provincialism provocative prudent pry open publicize

pueblo punch puncture purification pyramid Q

quaint qualification quarry quench quest quiescent quilt R

radar radiation radius raft ragtime rally rampant rancher ranching range range from...to rarefy ration rattlesnake raven readjust realm rear rebellion receptor receptacle recipe recipient recognize reconstruct reconstruction recreation rectangle rectangular recycle redirect reed refine refinement reflection refraction refreshing

refreshment refrigerate regenerate regime regimentation regulate regulatory rehabilitate reigning reinterpretation reject release remainder remnants render renounce rent reorient replace replenish representation reproduce reproductive reptile repute resemble reservoir residue respective respectively restoration restrict restriction retail retailer retain retool retreat retrieve reveal revered reverse revise revitalization revival revive rhetoric S

spinal cord spiral split spoilage sponge spontaneously

spotlight spray sprout spur squash squeeze squirt stabilize stagecoach staggering stagnant staircase stalk stand in the way of staple starch starfish starvation starve stash stationary status steep steer stellar stem sterile sticky stiffen stimulus sting stock car racing stonemason stout strain strand strata stretch stride strike striking strikingly string stringent strip strip strive stroke stylized subduct subject to subjected submerge submit subsequent subside subsidize

subsidy subsist subsistence substantial substantive substitute subterranean subtle subtract successive succinct sufficient summit sumptuous superficially superior supernatural supplement suppress supreme supremely surface surging surpass sustain sustained sustenance swamp swarm sweep sweeping symbiotic symmetrical sympathetic synthetic syrup tableland tariff take into account tavern tectonics tedium telegraph temple temporarily tenant tendency tenement tentacle terminal terminology terrace terrain terrestrial testify to textile texture

thigh thread three-dimensional thrive thunderstorm tilt timber time-consuming timidity tissues to and fro tolerance tolerate topographical topography tornado torque torrential rain toxic trace track trail trail v. trample tranquility transcend transfer transform transformation transition translucent transmit transmitter transparent trap tread on treason tremendous trench trend tribal trickle trigger tropical trove tub tube tumble tundra tunnel turbulent turnpike turquoise twine twist typify tyrannical

ultrasonic unadorned unbridgeable uncharted undergo underlying undertake undoubtedly unexplored unfertilized unimaginable uninhabited unpalatable unprecedented unpredictable unpromising unravel unrestricted unsubstantiated untouched upgrade upland urban urbanism urbanite urbanization urbanize usher utilization utilize utopian utterly vacancy vanish variable variance varnish vault vegetation veil veining velocity venerable vent venture verse version vertebrate vertical vessel viable vigilance violence viral virus viscosity vivid

The force of the virus of prejudice Coefficient of viscosity vigorous

void volatile volcanic volcano voracious vulnerable Waist walnut ward off warehouse wary of watercourse waxy Weary weather v. weathering Weird weld well-being well-organized whim whittle wholesale Wholesome willow witness wrap Wreck wrestling n. yarn Yield Yield v. yolk zealous

Vacant; null Volcanic emotion The ejected material devour Vulnerable parts of the body Edible nut guard For storage of commodity Keen caution channel wax Weariness;exhaust Bear up against Weird Fates unite Prosperous A well-to-do family fancy Cut off; chip; knife <>Retail merchant Promoting well-being of spirit Testify attest Convolution; a plan kept under wraps Ruin shipwreck Combat = wrestle fiber Yield of wheat per acre Spheroidal sphere zeal

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