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必修二 Module1 重点单词 1.fit adj.合适的;健康的;能胜任的;v.适 合,合身;使胜任 I’m quite 观察思考 He keeps fit with diet and exercise. 他通过节食和运动来保持健康。 That kind of music fits your mood. 那种类型的音乐适合你的心情。 This coat fits you perfectly but the trousers are too large. 这件外套你穿着很合适,但是裤子太大了。 She is not fit to look after children. 她不适合照看小孩。 归纳拓展 be fit for 适合;胜任 keep/stay fit 保持健康 fit one’s deeds/actions to one’s words 做到言行一致 fit in 安排时间见(某人);安排时间做某事;相处融洽;适应 fit on 装上;试穿 fit out 装备,配备;给??提供必要的东西 易混辨异 match/suit/fit 这三个词都可表示“适合,配得上” ,但用法上 仍有差别。 (1)match 指两者的“相配;配得上”,指人或物 在品质、颜色、设计等方面相当或相配。 (2)suit 常用于指“适合;恰当”,多指符合需要、口味、性格、条 件等。尤其用来指衣着的式样、颜色或发式与人相配。 (3)fit 多用来指大小、形状、位置等适合及服装合身。 活学活用——用 fit,suit,match 的适当形式填空 (1)These shoes me perfectly. the walls. be fit to do 适合干?? .我很健康。(回归课本 P1) 归纳拓展 anxiously adv.焦急地;担忧地 anxiety n.忧虑;渴望 be anxious about 担心,忧虑 be anxious for...渴望得到?? be anxious (for sb.) to do sth.渴望(某人)做某事 be anxious that...担心??(that 从句中用虚拟语气) be in anxiety 非常担忧 with anxiety 焦虑地 too anxious to do sth.非常渴望做某事 eager/anxious (1)eager 指以巨大的热情渴望实现或达到目的,含有积极向上的 意义,有时也指由于其他感情而表现得急不可耐。 He is eager to do that interesting job. 他急于做那份有趣的工作。(有积极的干劲和热情) (2)anxious 指热切地希望实现愿望,并因顾虑愿望落空而心情不 安,感到焦虑,强调“担心”和“焦虑”,对结果感到不安。 I’m anxious to know the final result. 我急切地想知道最后的结果。(心中焦急) 活学活用 (1)—I wonder if she will show up at the concert. —She will.She is only too A.anxious C.interested 解析 to watch the famous conductor.

It is fit for sb. to do/that...某人做??是合适的

B.proud D.satisfied


那位著名的指挥家” ,故用 anxious。B、C 两项不合题意;D 项无此搭配。 (2)My mother always gets a little say we will. A.anxious B.ashamed 解析 亲总是有点担心。 3.pain n.疼痛;痛苦;辛苦,努力(用复数);vt.使痛苦;vi.感到疼痛 观察思考 His broken leg gave him a lot of pain. 他的断腿使他非常疼痛。 She suffers greatly from a pain in the back. 她的背痛得很厉害。 No pains,no gains.(谚语)不劳无获。 We are pained to see such wastefulness. you? 我们看到这种浪费现象很痛心。 归纳拓展 with great pain 煞费苦心地 take pains to do/in doing...费尽力气,煞费苦心,尽力 a job. spare no pains to do...不遗余力,不辞劳苦,全力以赴 in pain 疼痛;在苦恼中 be pained to do sth.很痛心地做某事 pain 作名词时,表示精神上的痛苦为不可数名词;指身 1 C.weak D.patient 句意为:当我们说将要到而没到时,母 if we don’t arrive when we

(2)The doors were painted blue to (3)The climate (4)The patient girl is (5)No one can field of physics. (6)Will Thursday or Wednesday the old man well. for teaching.

him because he is a leading professor in the

2.anxious adj.焦虑的;渴望的;不安的 Helen is anxious about travelling on her own. 海伦对自己一个人出门旅行感到担心。 She was anxious to finish school and get 她渴望毕业找到一份工作。 The mother waited for her son with anxiety. 母亲焦虑地等着儿子。

必修二 Module1 体上某个部位疼痛时为可数名词;指辛苦、辛劳时用复数形式。 活学活用 As a mother,she always takes great members eat healthily. A.effect 解析 B.pain C.effort D.pains to make her family 归纳拓展 keep an eye on 留神;密切注意 catch sb.’s eyes 醒目;引人注意 have an eye for 有判断力 make sb. open his eyes 使人吃惊 see eye to eye(常与 with 连用)意见一致 shut one’s eyes to...对??视而不见 . 活学活用 A crowd of local children gathered around, us in silence. A.eyed 解析 B.eyeing C.seeing D.saw eyeing us in silence 作伴随状语,修饰 gathered around。

take pains to do...尽力做??。

4.breathe v.呼吸 My chest hurts when I 观察思考 The doctor told me to breathe in and then breathe out slowly. 医生叫我吸气,然后再慢慢地呼出。 Let’s hope he can breathe a bit of new life into these rather dull people. 让我们希望他能给这些沉闷的人注入新的活力。 We held our breath while Mr.Smith was reading the exam results. 史密斯先生宣读考试成绩时,我们都屏息静听。 归纳拓展 breathe in/out 吸入/呼出 breath n.呼吸 take a deep/big breath 深呼吸 catch/hold one’s breath 屏息 take a breath 喘口气 lose one’s breath 喘不过气来 out of breath 喘不过气来 in a/one breath 一口气地 活学活用 Having worked a long time,I went out A.to breathe in C.breathing 解析 B.breathe D.breathed the fresh air. 我呼吸时胸口疼。(回归课本 P6)

重点短语与句型 6.be connected with 与??有联系 Can you think of any Chinese proverbs health? 你能想出和健康有关的中国谚语吗? (回归课 本 P1) 观察思考 He is not connected with the crime. 他和这次犯罪无关。 Do you have any connection with that accident? 你和那次事故有关吗? 归纳拓展 be connected to 和??相连 connect...with...把??和??联系起来 have connection with 与??有联系 in connection with 与??有关 be related to 与??有联系 have something to do with... 和??有关系 活学活用 The police have collected some information the murder. A.connected to C.connecting with 解析 B.connected with D.was connected with

分析句子知空处应用不定式作目的状语,故 A 项正确。

5.eye n.眼睛;视力,视觉;v.细看,注视(常 与 up 连用) When Zhou Kai’s mother saw him heading towards the front door without a jacket on,she him anxiously. 当周凯的妈妈看到他没穿夹克衫就往前门走去时, 她担心地盯着周凯。(回归课本 P2) ?观察思考 The little girl was eyeing up a toy in the window.这个小姑娘正盯着橱窗里的玩具。 Mary offered to keep an eye on my baby while I was away. 玛丽提出在我外出期间照看婴儿。 2

connected with the murder 在句中作定语相当于定语从句

which is connected with the murder。 7.be crazy about...迷恋;热心于;醉心于 But there’s one thing I really love— football. 但是,我真的喜欢一件事情——我非常喜欢足 球。(回归课本 P3) 观察思考 The boy is crazy about/on skating. 那孩子对溜冰着了迷。

必修二 Module1 Turn the music down.It is driving me crazy.把音乐关小点,它令我很心烦。 Hearing the shot,he ran like crazy. 听到枪声,他便拼命跑起来。 归纳拓展 It is crazy of sb. to do sth.=sb. be crazy to do sth.某人做某事真是 疯了 be crazy for sth.渴望某物 be crazy for sb.迷恋某人 be crazy about (doing) sth.对(做)某事着迷 like crazy 疯狂地;拼命地 drive sb. crazy 逼得某人发疯 活学活用 She is so Korean. A.addicted C.crazy 解析 B.applied D.interested about Korean soaps that recently she began to study 时,enough 要放在这些词的后面。 (2)—I was walking along the street and suddenly,a car cut in and knocked me down. —You can never be A.careful enough C.very carefully 解析 in the street. B.much careful D.too carefully

考查句型:主语+can’t/hardly/ 考题回扣

never+be+adj.+enough。 【例 1】Amy joined a painting group but didn’t seem to she left.(山东高考) A.show off C.fit in 解析 B.go up D.come over 句意为:Amy 参加了一个绘画班,但是


好像不适应,所以她就退出了。show off 炫 耀;go up 上升;fit in 适应;come over 来访。 【例 2】 Stand over there painting better(全国Ⅱ高考) A.but 解析 B.till C.and D.or 本题句式:祈使句+and/then/or+一般 you’ll be able to see the oil

be crazy about 对??着迷;addicted 的搭配介词为 to;

interested 的搭配介词是 in。 8.But that’s because I was stupid enough to play football in the rain.但那是因为 我太傻了,竟然在雨中踢足球。 ?观察思考 That is why he was absent from school. 那就是他没来上学的原因。 You can’t be careful enough/too careful while driving a car,for traffic accidents happen frequently. 你驾车时再小心也不过 分,因为交通事故经常发生。 归纳拓展 (1)It’s/That’s because+从句表示“那是因为??”(表原因), because 引导表语从句。相似句式:That’s why...那是干??的 原因(表结果) (2)主语+be+adj.+enough+to do sth.足够??能干?? 主语+be+not+adj.+enough+to do sth.不够??不能干?? 主语+can’t/hardly/never+be+adj.+enough 怎么做??也不过分 (=can’t be too+adj.) 活学活用 (1)Although she did not know Boston well, she made her way Building. A.easy enough C.easily enough 解析 B.enough easy D.enough easily to the Home Circle

将来时的句子。 【例 3】 There is a great deal of evidence engage different parts of the brain. A.indicate C.to indicate 解析 B.indicating D.to be indicating that music activities (浙江高考)


修饰 evidence,二者之间为主谓关系。 课文原文 Health care is free for everyone 【例 4】 Peter was so excited he received (重庆高考) B.that C.why D.when

an invitation from his friend to visit Chongqing. A.where 解析


邀请的时候,他非常兴奋。本题易错选 that。但 由句意知并不是“如此??以致”之意。where 表地点,why 表原因,均不合句意,故选 D。 【例 5】—The last one —Agreed! A.arrived C.to arrive 解析 pays the meal. (全国Ⅰ高考) B.arrives D.arriving


本题考查副词及 enough to do 句型。根

one 前的限定词 the last(序数词)可知用动 词不定式作定语,四项中只有 C 项正确。 Ⅰ.品句填词 3

据句子结构知此处应该用副词修饰动词 make, 且 enough 作副词修饰形容词、副词及过去分词

必修二 Module1 1.She keeps by swimming every morning. A.wounded 解析 B.injured C.damaged D.beaten injure 指损害健康、成就、容貌等,符

2.It was several days before the flood water sank and life returned to . in this area.You can hardly see one. in some fresh air.

合题意。wound 指枪伤、刀伤,特指在战场上受 的伤;damage 主要指对于物的损害;beat 打败。 2.—I want to go to Beijing with you. —If so,your holiday arrangement must A.catch up with C.put up with 解析 (朝??前进) for some rocks. knows,improper diet will make people B.come up with D.fit in with mine.

3.That animal is very

4.The old man opened the door and 5.The boy

himself when he was playing with a knife. (富有的) by selling famous paintings. (担心) about her daughter still being out

6.Mr.Simplson became 7.She was late at night. 8.The boat was 9.As everyone


的安排必须和我的相适应”,故用 fit in with (与??相适应) 。catch up with 赶上;come up with 提出;put up with 忍受。

(不健康的). 10.There are many kinds of think is the most Ⅱ.短语运用 keep fit, put aside, pick up, follow one’ example, shut one’ eyes s s to, for free, pay back, be connected with, keep up with, be crazy about 1.If you really want to exercise. 2.The two families 3.You’d better 4.The boy has some trouble 5.Never each other by marriage. those successful persons. the rest of his classmates. ,you’d better keep proper important? (保险).Which one do you

3.—Would you like some more chicken? —No,thanks.I am weight. A.on;lose C.in;have 解析 B.on;put on D.in;lose a diet and I’m trying to

be on a diet 在节食;lose weight 减

肥。句意为:——再吃些鸡肉吧?——不,谢 谢。我在节食并正在减肥呢。 4.The girl is so time watching them. A.anxious B.concerned 解析 C.crazy D.bored 句意为:这位女孩对卡通片如此着迷以 about cartoons that she spends all her spare

the suggestions coming from your staff. soccer so much.

6.I haven’t met a second person who 7.He

致于她把所有的业余时间都花在看卡通片上。 be anxious/concerned about 担心??;be crazy about 着迷??;be bored with 对?? 厌倦。 5.The doctor said the child’s temperature was and asked the

the book in a most unlikely bookstore. every cent he owes you. some money every month for our

8.I’m certain that he will 9.I’m trying to vacation.

10.The peasants in our country can be treated hospitals Ⅲ.翻译句子 1.依照最近的一项调查,每年有 4 百万人死于与吸 烟有关的疾病。 (die from) 2.我看见他没穿外套向前门走了。 (head) 3.每天吃两次药,你就会好的。 (祈使句+and) .

in appointed

parents not to worry. A.normal 解析 B.formal C.high D.abnormal 句意为:医生说这个孩子的体温正常并

让孩子的父母不要担心。normal 正常的;formal 正式的;high 高的;abnormal 不正常的。 6.Mr.Zhang has been A.traded 解析 B.joined with this company since 1990. C.talked D.connected

本题考查固定短语。be connected

with...与??相联系,故应选 D 项。 7.If he wants to win in the contest,he must take great

4.早睡早起使人健康、富有、聪明。(不定式作主语) 解析

about it. A.pain B.pains C.effort D.effect take pains 是固定搭配,意为“尽力” 。 if we don’t manage to

5.I’m not too heavy,so I never have to diet,or anything like that. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.She was badly in an accident during the work. 4

8.Our parents always get a little bit arrive when we say we A.eager 解析 will.

B.anxious C.patient



必修二 Module1 到达时,我们的父母总是会有点焦虑。A 项意为 “渴望的;热情的” 项意为“担心的;渴望 ;B 的;焦虑的” 项意为“耐心的” 项意为 ;C ;D “诚实的,真诚的” ,故答案为 B。 9.While TV,we heard the doorbell B.watching;rings D.watched;ringing . 将来时的句子。 15.—Shall I give you a ride as you live so far away? —Thank you. .

A.It couldn’t be better B.Of course you can C.If you like D.It’s up to you 解析 语法 名词作动词 转化是英语的一种构词方法,它是指一个词从一种词类转化到 另一种或几种词类词形却不发生变化。 (1)常用的转化为动词的名词有三大类: A.身体的部位:thumb, finger, hand, head, eye, skin, face, shoulder ,back, nose, elbow 等。 例句:He skinned his knees when he fell. 他摔倒时擦破了膝盖。 由答语知 A 项正确。It couldn’t be

A.watching;ring C.watched;rang 解析

分析句子知 we 和 watch 是主谓关系,故第

一空用 watching;第二空考查 hear sb./sth. do 的结构,故 A 项正确。 10.Anne dreaded( 害怕) giving a speech before three hundred people;even thinking it made her A.optimistic C.anxious 解析 B.ambitious D.cautious .


句意为:安妮害怕在 300 人面前做报告,

甚至认为这会使她忧虑。 11.Contrast may make something appear more beautiful than it is when A.seen C.to be seen 解析 alone. B.is seen D.having been seen 从句主语和主句主语一致且含有 be 动词

She fingered the silk gently. 她轻柔的抚摸着丝绸。 B.具体物品类:paper, book, air, coat, dress, ship, dust, picture, knife, bottle, cash, house, mask, chair, map, pencil, bag, pocket, room, bridge, flower, floor, oil, paint, Duck 等. 例句:He is papering the wall.他正在用纸糊墙。 He often oils the machine.他经常给机器上油。

时,可把从句主语和 be 动词同时省略。动词 see 与 something 之间构成逻辑上的动宾关系,故应 用过去分词。 12.It won’t work; would cost too much. A.start with C.at first B.to start with D.begin with ,it would take too long,and secondly it

C.称谓或者职业类:mother, brother, nurse, doctor, soldier, boss, officer ect. 例句:Mum nursed me for three weeks. 母亲护理了我三个星期。 He used to brother me.他过去视我为兄弟。 He was sent to officer the army.他被派去指挥那支军队。 (2)有 些词转化为另一词性后,重音发生改变。

解析 to start with 首先,相当于 first 或 firstly,表示事情发生的先后顺序。begin/ start with 从??开始;at first 起初,起先。 13.—When the next train leave for Boston,please? —Usually at 13∶15,but because of the small accident on the line,it at 13∶45.

A.does;is going to start B.will;starts C.does;will start D.will;is to start 解析 按时间表拟定或安排好将要发生的事情 用一般现在时代替一般将来时,排除 B、D 两项; be going to 结构常用于指当前已计划好或思考 过的意图或打算,故 A 项正确。 14.Stand over there better. A.but 解析 B.till C.and D.or 2.将来时 (1)will do/be going to do 表示将来时的用法 5 本题句式:祈使句+and/then/or+一般 you’ll be able to see the oil painting

必修二 Module1



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