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英语选修7 unit2 Language points

高二 选修 7

Unit 1

Unit 1 Living well

disable disabled disability

v. 使……失去能力 adj. 伤残的 n. 伤残;无能;无力

e.g. Old age disabled him for

hard labour. 年迈使他不能干繁重的工作。

The teacher showed particular concern

for the disabled child.

He devoted his life to helping the disabled.
他付出一生的心血去帮助那些残疾人。 She swims well despite her disabilities. 她虽然身有残疾, 却是个游泳好手。

用disable, disabled, disability的正确形 式填空。 1. People come to agree that the _______ disabled should also be treated with respect. 2. People with __________ disabilities should not be looked down upon. 3. The unexpected accident ________ disabled her from undertaking heavy work.

In other words, there are not many It is equal to people like me. 换句话说, 像我这样的人并不多。 “that is to say”.

I don’t have money or time, _______, I can’t accompany you to the Great Wall. A. in a word C. in word B. in other words D. in plain words

Unfortunately, the doctors don’t
know how to make me better, but I

am very outgoing and have learned
to adapt to my disability.

不幸的是, 大夫们不知道如何治好我
的病, 但是我很开朗乐观, 学会了适


1. 不定式和疑问词 whether, what, which, whom, where, when, how, why 等连用, 在句中起名词性作用, 常跟在 tell, know, show, decide, learn, wonder, explain, advise, teach, discuss, find out 等动词后 作宾语, 有时也作主语、表语。 e.g. Do you know how to prove a new idea in scientific research? How to do it is a problem for me now.

-- Do you have the experience like that? -- Well, I’ve done the work before, so I know what_____ in my new job here. A. expected C. to expect B. expecting D. to be expecting

2. adapt (oneself) to sth. (使某人)适应……
e.g. When we moved to France, the children adapted to the change very quickly. You should adapted yourself to the new environment.

adapt sth. for sth. 使适应, 使适合(新用途、新情况) e.g. The machine has been adapted for

the work under water.
be adapted from

The play is adapted from a novel.

1) She found it difficult to _____ herself to the new surroundings. A. adapt B. force C. fit in D. change 2) These are English story books ____ Chinese students. A. adapted from B. adapted for C. adapted to D. adapting for

? adapt:

指修改或改变以适应新条件 ? adjust: 多指 “调整, 调节”使之适应 ? fit: 多指“大小适合”,引申为“吻 合” ? suit: 多指“合乎要求、口味、性格、 情况” ? match: 指“大小、色调、形状、性质”

1) You can’t see through the telescope adjusted to your eyes. until it is ________ 2) The shoes ____ fit me well. 3) A red jacket doesn’t _______ match green trousers. 4) No dish ______ suits all tastes. adapt yourself to the 5) You should _______ new environment.

annoy vt. 使……不悦;惹恼 e.g. Try making a note of the things which annoy you. 试着把烦心事写下来。 annoyed adj. 颇为生气的 e.g. She tapped her forehead and looked annoyed with herself. 她拍打着脑门,看上去在生 自己的气。

suitable adj. 适合的;适宜的
e.g. Employers usually decide within

five minutes whether someone is
suitable for the job.

雇主通常在 5 分钟内就能决定一个人

…, when I got out of breath after running a short way or had to stop and rest halfway up the stairs.

When he finished the running race, he was nearly out of breath. 当他完成了比赛, 几乎是上气不接下气。

catch one’s breath 歇口气, 缓口气 hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸 lose one’s breath 喘不过气来 recover one’s breath 缓过气来 waste one’s breath 白费口舌 take / draw a deep breath 深吸一口气

Sometimes, too, I was too weak to go to school so my education suffered.

1. too … to … 太……而不能…… e.g. He ran too fast to stop immediately. 2. suffer vi. 受损害,受损失;变糟 e.g. This scientific instrument suffered severely. Your studies will suffer if you play too much.

All in all I have a good life. 总而言之, 我生活得挺好。 all in all 总而言之
Other phrases about “all” in all 总共 after all 终究,毕竟 above all 首先; 首要; 最重要的 all alone 独自, 独立地 (not) at all 根本不, 一点也不

1) _____, the party was a great success, for everyone there was very happy. A. All in all B. Above all C. In all D. After all 2) Children need many things, but _____ they need love. A. the most important B. above all C. to their satisfaction D. in general

So don’t feel sorry for the disabled
or make fun of them, and don’t ignore them either. 因此, 不要感到残疾人可怜, 或者 取笑他们, 也不要瞧不起他们。

1. be/feel sorry for …
为……感到可惜,对……表同情 e.g. I feel sorry for whoever marries

无论谁娶她我都会替那个人感 到惋惜。

2. make fun of 取笑, 嘲笑
e.g. We should not make fun of the

classmates when they can not answer
the questions correctly.

当同学们不能正确回答问题时, 我们

make fun of 用在被动语态结构时,
请不要漏掉介词 of 。

e.g. Nobody likes being made fun of.

play a joke on sb. 开某人的玩笑 play a trick on sb. 捉弄某人

1. I think I had at least a billion tests,
including one in which they cut out a

piece of muscle from my leg and looked
it under a microscope.

[点拨] 该句的主干为“I think”。think 后 宾语从句 。 接一个省略了that 的 _________

including 是介词, 后接one作宾语, in 定语从句 修饰先行词 which引导的 _________ one, 且在这个定语从句中有两个由and 连接的并列谓语 _______ cut out 和 ______ looked 。

2. Just accept them for who they are,

and give them encouragement to live
as rich and full a life as you do.


“as + adj./adv.原级 + as”的结构是用来

I think the temperature is as high today as it was yesterday. 我觉得今天气温与昨天的一样高。 这种结构有时也可以是形容词与名词 连用,其中的形容词必须放在冠词之 前,形成“as + 形容词 + a/an + 名词 + as”的结构。如:

He is as gentle a man as you could ever meet. 他是你所能遇到的最文雅的男人。 It is as beautiful a day as it was


It is generally believed that teaching is

__________ it is a science.
A. an art much as B. much an art as

C. as an art much as D. as much an art as

Review all the language points you have learnt and try to practise.

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