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牛高中英语津Module1 语法复习讲义

Moule 1 语法复习
语法 Unit 1 Module 1 定语从句(1) 用来说明主句中某一名词或代词 (有时也可说明整个主句或主句中一部分) 而起定语作用的 句子叫作定语从句。定语从句的作用和作定语的形容词、介词词组、分词词组相似,有时可 以相互转换,例如:金发女孩可译作 a blonde girl ,a girl with blonde hair 或 a gi

rl who has blonde hair。定语从句通常由关系代词 that/ which/ who/ whom/ which/ as 或关系副词 when/ where/ why 引导,这些词既指代主句中要说明的名词或代词, 又充当从句中的某个句子成 分。请看例句: 1.Tom is the only person who can keep a cool head in time of crisis.(who 指代主句中的先行词 person,在从句中作主 语) 2.Tom is the only friend whom(或 who) I can rely on. (指代 friend, 在从句中作宾 语, 所以常用 代词 who 的宾格形式). 3.China is no longer the weak nation that she used to be. (关系代词 that 指代 weak nation,在从 句中作表语) 4.The school whose floor space is very limited can’t take in one more student. (关系代词 whose 指代 the school’s ,从句中作 floor space 的定语) 5.I like to go to the gym where I can have a work-out after sittiong for a day. (关系副词 where 指 代主句中的地点状语 gym 在从句中作状语) 【语法】定语从句(2) 1.定语从句中关系代词 that、which 用来指代物,who 、whom 和 that 用来指代人,whose 用来表示所属关系,关系副词 when、where 和 why 指代时间、地点和原因。 2.关系代词的用法 (1) 如果先行词是 all, much, anything, something, nothing, everything, little, none 等不定代 词,关系代词一般只用 that,不用 which。例如: All that I have is my love for this land. There isn’t much that we can do to ease his pain. (2) 如果先行词被形容词最高级以及 first, last, any, only, few, much, no, some, very 等词修 饰,关系代词常用 that,不用 which。例如: The last person that we want to invite to our house is Uncle Sam. No nation that is capable of such atrocity can be trusted by its neighbours. (3) 非限制性定语从句中, 不能用关系代词 that,作宾语用的关系代词也不能省略。 例如: There are about seven million people taking part in the election, most of whom are well educated. (4) which 还有一种特殊用法,它可以引导从句修饰前面的整个主句,代替主句所表示 的整体概念或部分概念。在这种从句中,which 可以作主语,也可以作宾语或表语,多数情 况下意思是与 and this 相似。例如: She failed in her attempt to catch the prince’s attention, which was a great disappointment to her mother. (5) 如果作先行词的集体名词着眼于集体的整体,关系代词用 which;若是指集体中的各 个成员,则用 who。 (6) 先行词有两个,一个指人,一个指物,关系代词应该用 that。例如: The boy and the dog that are in the picture are very lovely. (7) 如果先行词是 anyone, anybody, everyone, everybody, someone, somebody,关系代词应

该用 who 或 whom,不用 which。例如: Is there anyone here who will go with you? (8)关系代词 that/which/who/whom 在从句中作宾语时可以省略。例如: The girl (whom) you just saw is the cheer leader of our football club. Every moment(that) we spent in the UK will be a precious memory for us. As 在定语从句中的用法 一.引导限制性定语从句和非限制性定语从句 (1)as 多与 such 或 the same 连用,可以代替先行词是人或物的名词。 (2)as 也可单独使用,引导非限制性定语从句,作用相当于 which。例如: The elephant’s nose is like a snake, as anybody can see. 二、关系代词 as 和 which 作主语,都可以代表前面整个句子。但由 as 引导的定语从句可 以前置。例如: He saw the girl, as/which he hoped he would. As he hoped he would, he saw the girl. As 还可用于 the same…..as, such…..as, as……as 等结构中。例如: Such opinions as he holds sound strange to ordinary people. We are facing the same problem as we did years ago 语法 Unit 2 Module 1 【语法】定语从句(3) 一、“介词+关系代词”结构 . (1) “介词+关系代词“可以引导限制性定语从句,也可以引导非限制性定语从句。 “介词+关系代词 “结构中的介词可以是 in, on, about, from, for, with, to at, of, without 等, 关系代词只可用 whom 或 which,不可用 that 。这类结构的定语从句通常可以和带关系副 词的定语从句互相转换,例如: This is a free country where everyone enjoys freedom of speech. This is a free country in which everyone enjoys freedom of speech. (2) from where 为“介词+关系副词“结构,但也可以引导定语从句。例如: We stood at the top of the hill, from where we can see the town.. (3) 像 listen to, look at, depend on, pay attention to, take care of 等固定短语动词,在定 语从句中一般不宜将介词与动词分开。例如: This is the boy whom she has taken care of. . 二.关系副词引导的定语从句 关系副词在从句中分别表示时间. 地点或原因。 关系副词 when 在从句中充当时间状语, where 充当地点状语,why 充当原因状语。例如: We shall always remember the day when Japan surrendered to the ally force. This is one of the few places where you can buy top quality wine. 语法 Unit 3 Module 1 一、非限制性定语从句 1) 定语从句有限制性和非限制性两种。限制性定语从句是先行词不可缺少的部分,去掉它 主句意思往往不明确; 非限制性定语从句是先行词的附加说明, 去掉了也不会影响主句的意 思,它与主句之间通常用逗号分开,例如:

This is the house which we bought last month.这是我们上个月买的那幢房子。 (限制性) The house, which we bought last month, is very nice.这幢房子很漂亮,是我们上个月买的。 (非 限制性) 2) 当先行词是专有名词或物主代词和指示代词所修饰时,其后的定语从句通常是非限制性 的,例如: Charles Smith, who was my former teacher, retired last year. 查理·史密斯去年退休了,他曾经 是我的老师。 My house, which I bought last year, has got a lovely garden. 我去年买的的那幢房子带着个漂 亮的花园。 This novel, which I have read three times, is very touching. 这本小说很动人, 我已经读了三遍。 3) 非限制性定语从句还能将整个主句作为先行词, 对其进行修饰, 这时从句谓语动词要用 第三人称单数,例如: He seems not to have grasped what I meant, which greatly upsets me. 他似乎没抓住我的意思, 这使我心烦。 Liquid water changes to vapor, which is called evaporation. 液态水变为蒸汽,这就叫做蒸发。

说明:关系代词 that 和关系副词 why 不能引导非限制性定语从句。
二、反意疑问句: 反意疑问句是由陈述句以及其后面的简略疑问句构成, 前一部分为陈述句, 后一部分由助动 词或情态动词 + 主语(人称代词)构成,可表示真实的疑问。也可以表示说话者的某种倾向, 强调或反问 It’s raining , isn’t it? 反意疑问句的前半部分陈述句是肯定的, 则疑问部分为否定形式; 反意疑问句的前半部分陈 述句中若为否定,则疑问部分为肯定形式。 前半部分陈述句含有 hardly, never, seldom, few, little 等词时,疑问部分为肯定形式。 We hardly know each other, do we? There is little left for us to do, there is? 反意疑问句的前半部分陈述句中若使用了助动词,情态动词或 be 动词,后半部分先重复 这些动词,然后 + not +主语,构成简略句 You can read this , can’t you? She should have a rest , shouldn’t she? 如果反意疑问句前半部分肯定句中谓语动词是实意动词,后半部分一般由 didn’t / doesn’t 和 didn’t + 主语构成 We need some salad too , don’t we? He looks like his father , doesn’t he? 祈使句后面的反意疑问句是 will you/shall we? Let’s stop quarreling and get down to business, shall we? Come over to my house, will you?


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