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M5 U1 基础达标 一、betrayed ,overlooked , delayed , deliberately , meaningfully . unfair , response . swore , strength . absorbed 二、in a dilemma . is consistent with , in the world , were to blame

for , based on .. get through , felt guilty about , without hesitation . took seriously , are discouraging from 三、focus on , think advance . along with , stand his shouting . are proud of , spent in finishing 四、AABBB BCADA CDDCC 五、1It is difficult to get along with the narrow-minded persons 2jack used to be cheerful and easy-going .but since his father’s death ,he has been quiet 3it’s not as good as his last book , but it’s definitely worth reading 4he would rather die than betray his country to the enemy 5we were determined that we should never allow such things to happen again 6there is no doubt that he will pick us up 7he is the one to blame for the accident 8he was so absorbed in his book that he didn’t notice we came in


M5 U2 基础达标 一、poisonous . benefit , equipped . awfully , slightest , will . clapping . flowed . resources, relies 二、wiped out . running out , cut back on , was shocked with , focused on . leading to . under way ,in the form of , in addition . pick out 三、children playing . being ill . having finished , work harder and . thinking hard , leaving him 四、DCDBA ABAAD DCCAC 五、1you can go out ,as long as you promise to be back before 11o’clock 2this had a great effect on the future of both mother and son 3we still have a long way to go to solve all the problems concerning the Yangtze river 4it is obvious that he is guilty according to the evidence , 5picking flowers in the park is forbidden 6experts have assessed the river and are now trying to work possible solutions to it 7hard work is the key to success 8we should take measures to protect our environments M5 U2 能力检测 一、ABC BBAA 二、amount . traditional , medical . eight , labor ,weather , 5.4,suggested . including . foods

M5 U3 基础达标 一、anxious , success , caution . performs , spelt . behavior . adopted . involved , judging

二、interfere with ,. Ended up . figured out , turned out , pushing ahead with , on my part . in favor of in general , in other day , for sale 三、take measures keep . not having finished , walking straight down , led to . a population of over ,.is different from 四、ABBDD CCDCC BCDDC 五、1the boy urged his father to buy a new bike for him 2the majority is against the plan 3you should seek advice from your lawyer on his matter 4such foolish behavior will not benefit you 5crying is a normal response to pain 6the party ended up with a song 7your carelessness will cost your life 8those involved in the flight ,stand up, please

M5 U3 能力检测 一、DBBCD DBACB ABCCA BBDAC 二、BDCA M6 U1 基础达标 一、humorous , worthwhile , tore , skilled , well-known , set , crowded . physically , touched , comic 二、to be made fun of . in response to . took on . queue up . held out , glared at , soon after , in pairs ,. For a while . move on 三、got into . in response to , given out , to say , make up . taking on . were supposed 四、ACADC BCBDA CBCAD 五、1the children amused themselves by playing hide-and-seek games 2close the door if the noise is annoying you 3i asked him twice ,but she said nothing in response 4he didn’t go to school ,this is because there was a big storm that day 5he had a strange way of making his classes lively and interesting 6helen always helps her mother even though schooling takes up most of her days 7the drug has an immediate effect on the pain 8these photos remind me of the happy time when I stayed with the villagers


M6 U2 基础测评 一、injured, event. Accomplishment , quitting . guarantee , instant . security . disabilities . fortunate , positive

二、apart from . devoted himself to . in low spirits , believes in . ahead of , in a rush , were tried of . in hospital , role model . cheers up 三、devoted to , cheer up . must have heard of , expect you to give . to his disappointment , cost him his own life 四、CAAAD CBACD AADCD 五、1times are hard for susan , she lost her job two weeks ago 2the magazine was meant for girls 3the struggle for independence was long and hard 4i left for the office earlier than usual this morning in case of traffic jam 5she is dedicated to her work 6we should adapt our thinking to the new condition

M6 U2 能力检测 一、BCAB CABA 二、Homes . publics , connected , indirectly , books , difference ., content , chosen . adult , challenges

M6 U3 基础达标 一、clarified ,anyway ,bravery ,concerning ,accumulated ,embarrassment, peaceful, excitement, differ, equally 二、in celebration of ,took up , belonging to , took part in , hunting for , held up ,adjusting to , meeting with , given out ,approve of 三、1.in case that 2.simplify your explanation 3.It is very hard 4.are very pound 5.instead of going 6.must have been to 四、ADCCA CDBAB CDDDD 五、1.we would have dropped by if we had had time 2.he adjusted himself very quickly to the heat of the country 3.by tradition ,people may play practical jokes on april 1 4.the three sisters decided to hold a family party to celebrate their parents’ silver wedding 5.last night ,jack was so tired that he went bed with his homework half done 6.the accounts show we have spent more than we have received 7.i find it unbelievable that tom has no memory of that day 8.students should take an active part in class activities



M6 U4 基础达标 一、1.fled 2.source 3.occupation 4.comfortably 5.lacking 6.honourable 7.Meanwhile 8.accessible 9.awarenesss 10.urgent

二、1.on purpose 2.refer to 3.broke down 4.set out 5.died form 6.on behalf of 7.If only 8.think back to 9.by means of 10.in,chaos 三、1.It is an honour 2.broke out 3.in a mess 4.faced with 5.hadyou taken of 四、AAADD BACAB BDDDD M6 U4 能力检测 一、CACDD ABBBD 二、ADBC BBAC




模块七 U1 基础达标 一 actual validity broadcast consumers applied portable demands budget delight weighing 二 a variety of coming onto the market to wind up unwilling to was equal to have sprung up capable of heading for 三 is superior to as a result is connected with by this means based on had faith in 四 BDDAC ACCCA CDDBB 五 1 it was not a long time before he became fond of outdoor activities 2 try as she may ,she is not necessarily able to persuade him out of smoking 3 you can hanve the shoes repaired ,because they have a three month guarantee 4 it is necessary for all of use to be present at the meeting tomorrow afternoon 5 as we had expected , he got the first place in the competition 6 I share a room for the time being , could you provide one for me to live along next week 能力检测 一 CDCAD ABBBA DADBA CAACB 二 DCDB BDD U2 基础达标 一 trial adjustments historian powerful potentially relief lengthen sharp addiction blocking 二 relieve of ,put through,in large quantities,made from, made from,take down,will be put off,letting out,have decided on,named after,fill in 三 highly probable ,which contains ,not only as well,not until did,because of,bu for 四 CCDCC DCCAC AACBD 五 1 before new teachers came ,he had always been considered as the best in the school 2 is there a real probability that they can agreement by the end of this month 3 the professor recommends applying the technology to the production of new products 4 she believes that her dream will come true sooner or later 5 after we had opened up the package ,we found there was nothing important in it

6 regular exercise and balanced diet can reduce the risk of suffering from all sorts of disease 能力检测 一 DCABB ABCA 二 busy harmful weight

time lose disadvantages money man-made tasty not

U3 基础达标 一 judging consult analyze disadvantages to evaluate valuable sceptical frequency remaining intelligent 二 searching for,taking into consideration,is popular with,addicted to,all sorts of,divided into,has been accustomed to,not sure about,keep in mind,was worn out 三 affects greatly,with disability, in favour of ,in other words ,in my oppinon ,deal with 四 ADACA BACBA CBBBB 五 1 it is forecast that there will be heavy snow in this area tomorrow 2 although their age is different ,they have a lot in common 3 she has a good background of educations , moreover ,she is good at getting along with others 4 can you help me find some up-to-date information about Africa on the net 5 the problem is so troublesome that we have to ask to others for help 6 as a general rule ,she will go to the company to work on time 能力检测 一 CBADD CBBDA AABBA BDBAC 二 CBCD U4 基础达标 一 punctual distance are undertaking comparatively advanced permission confused modest violates separate 二 arising from , will make better use of , under repair , in the hope that , linked up ,is aimed at ,speed up 三 not old enough ,was in the charge of ,took responsibility ,led to ,on her own , an orderly way 四 ABABA DBDAA DCABB 五 1 commonly speaking ,teenagers nowadays have difficulty in getting along with their parents 2 although these measures are very good ,they make people’s life inconvenient 3 I think these two matters have close connection 4 what she said at the meeting made me very annoyed 5 if you want to buy a house ,you must pay attention to the surrounding environment 6 whoever drives a car beyond the normal speed will be finned 能力检测 一 CBDAB CDADA ADDBB BACCD 二 CDAC DABC

模块八 U1 基础达标 一 release Work simple fortune constantly settled reform stress imaginable threat 二 was based on ,was made into, at a time, been added to, were set free, are bent on, compare with,would rather, at the sight of, transformed, from 三 1.therefore,differs,use 2 out of date,concern 3determined,become,get of 4made acquaintance,his fortune 5 as,farm for ,living 6intended,sung,was collected 四 ABACC DCDAA BBCBD 五 1 the novel written 300 years ago was so well written and well received that people still read them today 2 classics have not disappear and still have a place in today’s world literature 3 some of his novels were first published one chapter at a time in newspapers ,and later performed on stage 4 knowledge changed him ,and before long he was bent on becoming a well-educated gentleman 5 the government put up a large statue in front of the newly-built library 6 the romantic poets are very interested in nature ,and often use it as a theme in their poetry 7 money can’t buy happiness and friendship is more important than fancy education 8 he was reading something when I entered .totally lost the outside world 能力检测 一 BABCD ACBAB DDCAC BBDAC 二 CDBC BADB

U2 基础达标 一 swung mixture Discrimination prayer frontiers charm haircut evolved essential rhythm 二 were cast away ,was terrified of, break up for, applies to , cut short ,fell in love with , drank in ,declined , was desperate to , were left 三 replaced decorated with on , failed sentenced to death , have control of committed , put on stage , briefly was developed ,achieve are devoted 四 CCAAB DBDAA BCDCD 五 1 turandot starred some of the world’s grestset opera singers 2 turandot ,a cold-hearted Chinese princess ,.is a woman drunk with power 3 in the next few years , nanjing will be transformed into one of the greatest international cities 4 any potential husband must answer three riddles correctly or he will be condemned to death 5 the story takes on a classic love tragedy 6 this story is so excited that it deserves to be adapted into a film 7 jazz began in America and has played an important role in american culture and history 能力检测 一 BADB ACAB 二 quality advantages faster hosts living problems expectations efforts bettering conclusion

U3 基础达标 一 calculated range floating abstract distribute explore abandoned disgusting talent landscape 二 start from scratch , ranging from to ,bargained with , was arranged ,dipped im . more than , represent ,were amazed at ,happened to ehe working ., make out 三 of value price , set out where born , cubism of all time , fond of succeed though ., from scratch , no need , try mentioned make experiments , 四 DDACA BDBCA CABDB 五 1 this work is a real challenge ,let’s have a go 2 he was admitted into nanjing university and all his classmates came to congratulate him . 3 in the special garden at his house ,hundreds of lotus plants floated on the surface of a pond 4 as a talented artist, he developed different styles of painting 5 he has made a lot of wonderful discoveries in the field of science. 6 the museum of our city housed a lot of cubism paintings ,ranging from the 13th century to the 20th century 7 we must focus our attention on important problems 8 only when we understand it ,can we keep it in mind for a long time 能力检测 一 BAADB CABCC BDADB DACAC 二 DADC 模块八 U4 基础达标 一、view, interrupt ,distinguish, hatched ,contains, favourite, active, interest ,lucky ,contrary 二、in defence of ,as long as ,would rather than ,feature , distinguish from ,resembles ,dedicated to , is enough to seat , to the contrary, more than 三、different from admitted to , defend stress gaining , began ago honour across , give knew are included , is awarded of thought to target , not until that

四、CCAAB DCDBA ACBDB 五、1.she told us of what she had been doing and her plan for the next stage 2.would you please give me some thoughts to the suggestions put forward by the students 3.no one suspected that he was such a talented boy 4.we all view the holiday as a kind of recreation,but she has a different ideas 5.most of the films included at our festival star amateur actors 6.in my opinion ,the shanghai film festival is one of the most international of all festivals 7.on the trip ,he was introduced to a wonderful world he never knew about 8.it was because his mother was ill that he didn’t join in our celebration


二、 BCCB 三、 Theme/Outline ,degree Note-taking,colors,actively






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