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M7U1 重点词汇讲解

M7U1 重点词汇讲解2014年2月17日整理
1. contribute [v.] 出(钱﹑ 力﹑ 主意等);捐助;捐赠;贡献: ~ (sth.) (to/towards sth.) 1) contribute (ten pounds) to a charity collection 捐献(十镑)给慈善事业 2) contribute aid for refugees 向难民提供援助 3) Everyone should contribute what he or she can afford. 人人都应该尽自己的能力作贡献。 4) The chairman encourages everyone to contribute to the discussion. 主席鼓励大家参与讨论。 ~ to sth. 增加某事物; 添加到某事物中: Her work has contributed enormously to our understanding of this difficult subject. 她的着作极有助於我们对这个困难问题的了解。 ~ to sth. help to cause sth 促成某事物: Does smoking contribute to lung cancer? 吸烟会导致肺癌吗? ~ (sth.) to sth. write (articles, etc) for a publication 撰稿;投(稿): She has contributed (several poems) to literary magazines. 她给文学刊物投了(几首诗)稿。 2. adopt ~ sb. (as sth.) 收养某人(尤指作为儿女或继承人);过继: 1) Having no children of their own they decided to adopt an orphan. 他们因没有亲生儿女, 所以决定领养一个孤儿。 2) Paul’s mother had him adopted because she couldn’t look after him herself. 保罗的母亲因为自己无力抚养他, 便将他送给别人收养了。 3) He is their adopted son. 他是他们的养子。 ~ sb. as sth. 挑选某人作候选人或代表: She has been adopted as Labour candidate for York. 她被提名为约克郡的工党候选人。 采纳;采取;采用: adopt a name, a custom, an idea, a style of dress 取名﹑随俗﹑采纳一意见﹑采用一服装式样 adopt a hard line towards terrorists 对恐怖分子采取强硬态度 adoption [n.] 收养;过继;挑选;采纳;采取;采用;接受: 1) offer a child for adoption 将孩子送给他人收养 2) This textbook has had adoptions in many countries. 这本教科书已被很多国家采用。 adoptive [adj.] 有收养关系的;过继的;采纳的;接受的: his adoptive parents 他的养父养母 3. delay [v.] 使(某人)慢或迟到; 耽搁; 延误: 1) Don’t delay! Book your holiday today! 别拖延!今天就定下你休假的日子! 2) She delayed (for) two hours and missed the train. 她耽搁两个小时, 把火车误了。 3) I was delayed by the traffic. 因交通阻塞,我迟到了。 推迟(某事);延期: 1) We must delay our journey until the weather improves.


我们必须把旅行推迟,等天气好转再说。 2) Why have they delayed opening the school? 他们为什么延期开学? delay [n.] 耽搁;延误;推迟;延期: We must leave without delay. 我们必须立即离开. 被耽搁或推迟的时间: There was a delay (of two hours) before the plane took off. 飞机起飞推迟了(两个小时)。 4. accessible [adj.] 可接近的;可进入的;可使用的: ~ (to sb.) 1) a beach accessible only from the sea 只能从海上到达的沙滩 2) documents not accessible to the public 公众无法接触到的文件. access [n.] ~ (to sth.)(接近或进入某地的)方法;通路: 1) The only access to the farmhouse is across the fields. 要到那农舍去唯有穿过田地。 2) The village is easy/difficult of access. 到那个村子的路很容易[很难]走。 ~ (to sth./sb.)(使用某物或接近某人的)机会或权利: 1) get access to classified information 得到接触秘密情报的机会 2) Students must have access to a good library. 学生要有使用好图书馆的便利条件。 3) Only high officials had access to the president. 只有高级官员才可以接近总统。 access [v.] 存取(计算机文件): 1) She accessed three different files to find the correct information. 她存取了三个文件以找寻所要的信息。 2) The files were accessed every day to keep them up to date. 文件每日存取, 使之不断更新。 5. tear [v.] (tore, torn) 将(某物)撕开﹑扯下或撕碎: 1) tear a sheet of paper in two 把一张纸撕成两半 2) a torn handkerchief 撕破的手帕 3) He tore his shirt on a nail. 他的衬衣让钉子挂破了。 4) tear a parcel open 把包裹撕开 (在某物上)撕,扯,划,刺(洞或裂口): The explosion tore a hole in the wall. 墙炸开一个洞。 撕下,撕掉,扯下,扯掉(某物): tear a page out of a book, a notice down from a wall, the leaves off a tree 撕下一页书﹑从墙上撕下布告﹑从树上揪下树叶 ~ sb from sb./sth. 强行使某人离开某人[某物];夺去;揪走: The child was torn from its mother’s arms. 把孩子从母亲怀抱中夺走了。 撕碎;撕裂;撕破: 1) This cloth tears easily. 这布料容易撕破。 2) Don't pull the pages so hard or they will tear. 别那麽使劲扯书页,那会撕破的。 破坏(某物)的安宁;扰乱: 1) a country torn by war 战乱不安的国家 2) Her heart was torn by grief. 她肝肠寸断。


tear at sth. (with sth.)撕扯或撕开某物: tore at the meat with his bare hands 用他的手撕肉 tear oneself away (from sb./sth.) 舍不得离开某人[某事物]: Do tear yourself away from the television and come out for a walk. 你别舍不得离开电视了,出去散散步吧。 be torn between A and B have to make a painful choice between two things or people (在两个事物或人之间)作痛苦的抉择: torn between love and duty 在爱情和职责间作痛苦的抉择 tear sth down弄倒某物;拆除某物: They’re tearingdown these old houses to build a new office block. 他们正拆除这些旧房子以便建一座新办公楼。 tear sth up 撕毁(文件等): 1) She tore up all the letters he had sent her. 她把他写来的信都撕了。 2) He accused the government of tearing up (ie repudiating) the negotiated agreement. 他控告政府撕毁(不履行)协议。 6. live [adj] 有生命的;活的: live fish 活鱼 (尤用於指惊人的或异常的经历等)真正的;不是假装的: We saw a real live rattlesnake! 我们看到一条真的响尾蛇! 发着光的;点燃着的: live coals 燃烧着的煤 (指电线等)带电的,通着电的: That terminal is live. 那个接头有电。 the live rai 带电的铁轨(如在电气铁路上) (指广播)现场直播的,实况转播的: live coverage of the World Cup 世界杯实况报道 (指音乐演奏或录音)音乐会现场播出或录制的: a live recording made at Covent Garden in 1962 1962年在考文特公园的现场录音. live [adv.] 实地;从现场;以直播方式: This show is going out live. 这场演出正在进行实况转播。 7. broadcast [v.] (pt, pp broadcast) 1.(用无线电或电视)播送(节目) 2. 宣布 broadcast a concert live 现场直播音乐会 broadcast one's views 表明自己的观点 [n.](无线电或电视的)广播节目 CNN’s live broadcast of the trial CNN 对审判进行的现场直播

8. wind


[V.] (pt, pp wound) 1.(使某物)沿弧形的﹑弯曲的或旋转的路线前进 2. 将(绳﹑毛线﹑纱等)缠绕成球或缠绕在轴上 3. 转动(把手﹑绞车等) 1) The river winds down to the sea. 这条河蜿蜒流向大海。 2) wind wool (up) into a ball 把毛线缠成团 3) You operate the mechanism by winding this handle. 操纵这台机器要转动这个把手。 wind sth. round sb./sth.; wind sb./sth. in sth. 将某物紧紧缠绕住某人/物;将某人/物包在某物中 1) wind a bandage round one's finger 用绷带包住手指 2) wind a shawl round the baby/the baby in a shawl 用围巾裹住幼儿 wind sth (up) (尤指钟表)上发条 Have you wound your watch? 你的表上发条了吗? wind sth back, down, forward, in, off, on, up(转动把手或卷轴等)使某物沿某方向移动 1) wind a tape back/forward/on 把带子向後/向前/继续卷绕 2) wind a car window down/up 把汽车窗摇下去/上来

1. sail against the wind N. 风 2. The snake wound its way to the hole. 蜿蜒/曲折而行 3. wind the wool into a ball卷缠,缠绕,绕成团 4. He forgot to wind (up) his watch. 给…上发条 5. Are all the windows wound up? 把(汽车窗玻璃等摇上) 6. Give the handle another couple of winds. N. 再转动两下手柄 9. record [n.] 1.(对事实﹑ 事件等的)记录; 记载 2.(已知的有关某人/某事物过去的)事实﹑ 事件等。 3. 唱片 4. 记录(尤指体育运动) 1) a record of road accidents交通事故记录 2) make/keep a record of one’s expenses 记自己开支的帐 3) have a (previous) criminal record有前科 4) put on/play some records 放一些唱片 5) hold/ beatbreak a record保持/打破一项记录 record [v.] 1. 记录;记载(事实或事件) 2. 将(声音或图像)保存在磁盘或磁带上以便重放;录(音);录(像) 3. (指测量仪器)标明或显示(某事物);自动记下 1) record progress/developments 记载进展/发展等情况 2) record music from the radio 录下无线电广播中的音乐 3) The thermometer recorded 40C. 温度计上显示出40C。 10. assume [v.] 1. 假定; 假设; 设想; 以为 1) We cannot assume anything in this case. 在这种情形下我们无法作任何揣测。 2) I am assuming that the present situation is going to continue.


我认为目前的情况将会继续下去。 3) We must assume him to be innocent until he is proved guilty. 尚未证实他有罪, 就得假定他是清白的。 assuming that 如果,假设 We can all leave together assuming (that) the others aren’t late. 我们大家可以一起走——假定其他人不耽搁的话。 2. 装作;装出;假装 assume ignorance, indifference 假装不知情﹑装作不在乎 ? 开始从事; 承担; 担任 assume office 就职 He assumes his new responsibilities next month. 他下月承担新任务。 assumed [adj.] 假装的;假的 living under an assumed name 使用假名字活着 11. accompany [v.] (pt, pp -nied) 伴随或跟随(某人);陪伴 I must ask you to accompany me to the police station. 我得要求你陪我去一趟警察分局。 be accompanied by/with sth. 1. 与某事物同时存在或发生 2. 兼带;附有 1) strong winds accompanied by heavy rain 狂风夹着暴雨 2) Each application should be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope. 每份申请书均须附回邮信封﹑贴上邮票﹑写好地址。 12. weigh [v.] 1. 称(某物)的重量 He weighed himself on the bathroom scales. 他在浴室的磅秤上称体重。 2. 测出重量 —How much do you weigh? 你体重多少? —I weigh 60 kilos. 60公斤。 3. 仔细考虑某事物的相对价值或重要性等;权衡;斟酌 weighing the pros and cons 权衡正反两方面的意见 weigh sth. (up) 仔细考虑某事物 weigh (up) the consequences of an action 慎重考虑一行动的后果 weigh (with sb.) (against sb./sth.) (评定某人/某事物时)被(某人)认为重要 His criminal record weighed heavily against him (with the jury). (陪审团)认为他的前科关系重大。 weigh sb down使某人感到忧虑或沮丧 The responsibilities of the job are weighing her down. 她工作责任很重把她压得无精打采。 weigh one's words 斟酌词句;推敲 I must weigh my words to avoid any misunderstanding. 我须字斟句酌免生误解。 weight [n.] 13. measure [v.] 1. weigh (sth.) (up)量度;测量(某物) First measure (it) up, then cut the timber to the correct length.


2. (fig 比喻)估计;衡量;判定 It’s hard to measure his ability when we haven't seen his work. 没有见过他的作品, 很难估计他的能力。 3. 为(某体积﹑ 长度﹑ 容积等) The room measures 10 metres across. 这房间宽10米。 4. 仔细考虑(某事物) She failed to measure the effect of her actions on her family. 她未虑及其行为对家庭的影响。 weigh sth. against/with sth./sb.(通过竞争﹑冲突等)考验某事物,较量 measure one's strength against sb else 跟别人比力气 [n.] 1. 计量制; 量度法; 计量单位 1) Which measure of weight do pharmacists use? 药剂师用哪一种计量制? 2) The metre is a measure of length. 米是长度单位。 2. [通常作复数] 措施; 步骤; 办法 The authorities took measures to prevent tax fraud. 当局已采取措施防止偷税漏税。 14. guarantee [n.] 1.(交易的)保证,保证书 2.(作为保证物的)契据﹑财产等;抵押品 1) The watch comes with a year's guarantee. 这手表保修一年。 2) What guarantee can you offer? I can offer my house as a guarantee. 你用什麽做抵押? 我可以拿房子抵押。 give a guarantee (of sth./that...) 对……给予保证 [v.] 1. 担保某事物;保证 2. 承诺对(某事)负法律责任;保证;担保 3. 承担(所购物品)的修理费 1) We guarantee to deliver within a week. 我们保证一周内送到。 2) guarantee sb.'s debts/the payment of sb.'s debts 为某人的债务作保 3) a clock guaranteed for one year against mechanical failure or faulty workmanship 对机械故障或制造缺陷有一年保修的钟 15. reject [v] 拒绝接受(某人[某事物]): 1) reject a gift, a possibility, an opinion, a suggestion 拒绝接受一件礼物﹑一种可能性﹑一条意见﹑一项建议 2) a rejected candidate, applicant, etc 遭到拒绝的候选人﹑申请人等 3) She rejected his offer of marriage. 他向她求婚,她拒绝了。 4) After the transplant his body rejected the new heart. 他的身体对新移植的心脏产生排斥作用。 5) The army doctors rejected several recruits as unfit. 军医拒收几名新兵,认为身体不合格。 抛弃(某事物);摈弃;剔除: 1) Imperfect articles are rejected by our quality control. 我们进行质量检验时,有缺陷的产品均予剔除。


2) reject over-ripe fruit, eg when making jam 除去熟透的水果(如制果酱时) 不给予(某人[某事物])应有的爱; 慢待: The child was rejected by its parents. 这孩子未受到父母的疼爱。 rejection [n.]拒绝;抛弃;拒绝;抛弃: Her proposal met with continual rejections. 她的建议一再遭到拒绝。 16. oppose [v] 反对(某事[某人]);(尤指)反抗,抵制: 1) oppose the building of a motorway 反对修筑高速公路 2) oppose a scheme 反对某计画 3) oppose the Government 反政府 4) He opposed the proposal to build a new hall. 他反对修建新礼堂的建议。 对抗(某人);与(某人)较量: Who is opposing you in the match? 你和谁比赛? opposed [adj.] 强烈反对某事物: ~ to sth She seems very much opposed to your going abroad. 她好像很反对你出国。 as opposed to 与……对照;与……对比: I am here on business as opposed to a holiday. 我在这里是办公事而不是度假。 17. arise ( arose, arisen ) [v.] 呈现;出现;发生: 1) A new difficulty has arisen. 出现了新困难。 2) Use this money when the need arises. 有需要时就使用这笔钱。 3) A storm arose during the night. 夜间起风暴了。 ~ out of/from sth 因某事物而产生﹑造成﹑引起: 1) problems arising out of the lack of communication 由於缺乏交流而产生的问题 2) Are there any matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting? 关於上次会议的记录有没有问题? 18. attach [v]将某物系在﹑缚在或附在(另一物)上: ~ sth. (to sth.) 1) a house with a garage attached 带有车房的房子 2) attach a label to each piece of luggage 每件行李上都加上标签 3) a document attached to a letter (with a pin) 信中(用别针)附一文件 (有时指不受欢迎或未受邀请而)依附某人[参加某事]: ~ oneself to sb./sth. 1) A young man attached himself to me at the party and I couldn't get rid of him. 聚会中有个小青年总缠着我,我也甩不开他。 2) I attached myself to a group of tourists entering the museum. 我随着一队游客混入了博物馆。 ~ sb. to sb./sth. (尤用於被动语态)将某人派给 (一人或一组织) 去执行某任务; 使隶属於: You'll be attached to this department until the end of the year.


你在年底前将暂属於这一部门。 attached [adj.] 依恋﹑爱慕﹑留恋某人[某事物]: ~ (to sb./sth.) 1) I’ve never seen two people so attached (to each other). 我从没见过两个人(彼此)这样如胶似漆。 2) We’ve grown very attached to this house and would hate to move. 我们十分留恋这所房子,真舍不得搬家。 attachment [n.] 附着;附属;附带: She's on attachment to the Ministry of Defence. 她暂时隶属於国防部。 附属物;附件: an electric drill with a range of different attachments 带有各种配件的电钻 依恋; 眷恋; 留恋: ~ (to/for sb/sth) feel a strong attachment to one's family 十分恋家 19. sacrifice [n.] 供奉;献祭;祭祀;供品;祭品;牺牲: ~ (to sb.) the sacrifice of an ox to Jupiter 用牛祭祀古罗马主神朱庇特 kill a sheep as a sacrifice 宰羊用作祭品 放弃某事物(通常指为获得更重要或更有价值的东西);牺牲的事物: 1) Getting rich isn’t worth the sacrifice of your principles. 为致富而牺牲原则是不值得的。 2) He became a top sportsman at some sacrifice to himself. 他付出了一些代价才成为优秀运动员。 3) Her parents made many sacrifices so that she could go to university. 她父母为她上大学在多方面作了牺牲。 sacrifice [v.] 供奉;献祭;祭祀: ~ to sb.; ~ sth. (to sb.) make a sacrifice of (sth.) to sb. sacrifice to idols 供奉偶像 sacrifice a lamb to the gods 以羊羔祭祀众神 牺牲某事物: ~ sth. (to sb./sth.) 1) She sacrificed her career to marry him. 她为了嫁给他牺牲了自己的事业。 2) The car’s designers have sacrificed comfort to economy. 汽车设计人员为降低造价舍弃了汽车舒适方面的一些设想。 3) I’m not sacrificing my day off just to go shopping with Jane. 我可不愿意牺牲一天休假日单单陪简去买东西。 20. rid [v.] 使某人[某事物]摆脱(讨厌的或不想要的人[事物]): ~ sb./sth. of sb./sth. 1) rid the world of famine 使世界不再有饥荒 2) rid the house of mice 把房子里的老鼠消灭光 摆脱: be/get rid of sb./sth. ? He was a boring nuisance! I'm glad to be rid of him. 他这人真讨厌!我很庆幸能摆脱他的纠缠。


2) The shop ordered 20 copies of the book and now it can't get rid of them. 该店定购了20本这种书,现在却无法脱手。 21.. record n. 记录;记载;唱片 v. 记录,记载;录音,录像 recording n. 录音;录像;录制 recorder n. 录音机;记录员 record player 唱机 record-breaker n. 打破记录者 record-holder n. 记录保持者 a school record 学业成绩 medical records 病历 break/beat the record 破记录 set a new record 刷新记录 hold the world record for 保持…的世界记录 keep a record of sth.把…记录下来 make a record 制作唱片 make a recording of 录制… on record 有记录以来 Lat summer was the wettest on record. 22It is uncertain what his role in the company will be. (uncertain不能换成unsure) be uncertain about/of 对…没把握 They are both uncertain about what to do. uncertainly adv. 迟疑地;犹豫地 uncertainty n. 犹豫; 没把握;拿不准的事 23. be superior/ inferior to sb. /sth. 优于/次于… He is my immediate superior. 他是我的顶头上司。 He is senior/ junior to me. 他的职位比我高/低。 He is two years my senior/junior./ He is my senior/junior by two years. 他比我大/小两岁。 24.apply (to sb) for sth (向某人)申请 apply to the bank for a loan, apply to a company for a job apply to do sth. 申请做某事 He has applied to join the army. apply sth. to sth. 使用;应用 The new technology was applied to farming. apply to sb /sth 有关; 涉及;适用于 What I’m saying applies only to some of you. apply oneself to (doing) sth 集中精力做某事 We applied our minds to finding a solution. applied adj. 应用的;实用的 applied physics 应用物理 applicant n. 申请人 application n. 申请;申请表 an application form 申请表 25. a demand for sth./ that a demand for higher pay/ that the law should be changed by popular demand 由于普遍要求 By popular demand, the play will run for another week. in (great) demand 需求大 Good teachers are always in demand. meet /satisfy one’s demands /needs 满足某人的需求 make demands on sb对某人提出要求 Flying makes enormous demands on pilots. on demand 一经要求 Feed the baby on demand. 宝宝需要时再喂。


There is an increased/ increasing/growing demand for… 对……的需求越来越大 demand sth She demanded an immediate explanation. 要求 demand to do sth I demand to know the truth. 不可以说demand sb. to do sth.,但可以说 require/ request sb. to do sth. demand that sb. (should) do sth. The UN has demanded that all troops should be withdrawn. demand sth. 需求;需要 This sport demands both speed and strength. demanding adj. 要求高的 The work is physically demanding. 这工作需要有很好的体力。苛求的;难满足的 a demanding boss/ child 苛求的老板;难满足的孩子 26. spring vi. (sprang, sprung ) 跳;跳跃;弹起 n. 春天;泉;弹簧;发条;弹性;跳跃 spring up 突然出现;涌现;迅猛发展 spring to/into life 突然活跃起来 spring back 弹回到原来的位置 spring sth on sb 向某人突然说出某事 spring to one’s feet 弹跳起来 27. assume vt. 假设;设想;以为 Don’t always assume the worst. 别总往最坏处想。 assume that 认为, 假定 Let us assume for a moment that the plan succeeds. It is assumed that 普遍认为 It is generally assumed that stress is caused by too much work. assumed adj. 假设的,假定的 live under an assumed name 过着隐姓埋名的生活 the assumed differences between the two states 两种状况的假定区别 28. sth. be suitable for sb. This programme is not suitable/intended/meant for children. a suitable place for / to have a picnic/ a place suitable for a picnic 一个适合野餐的地方 sb. be suitable for sth. Is she suitable for the job/post/position? sth. be suitable for doing sth. These shoes are not suitable for walking in the country. sb. be suited to/ for sth. She was ideally suited to the part of Portia. He is not really suited for a teaching career. sth. be suited to sb. This diet is suited to anyone who wants to lose weight fast. 29.measure vt./ vi. 测量;量度为 Have you measured the distance? The pond measures about two meters across. 这个池塘宽约为两米。 take/adopt/ introduce measures to do sth. make sth. to one’s (own) measure 量身定做 a made-to-measure suit 订做的服装 30. delight sb. 使某人高兴 be delighted to do sth./ that be delighted by/ at/ with sth. The news will delight his fans all over the world. I am delighted that you are all right now. She was delighted at/ by the news of the wedding.


delightful adj. 令人快乐的;宜人的 a delightful restaurant/town/child delighted adj. 高兴的;愉快的 a delighted smile to one’s delight/ to the delight of sb. 令某人感到高兴的是 with delight 高兴地 take (great) delight in (doing) sth.= enjoy doing sth. 以做某事为乐 He always takes great delight in proving others wrong. 31 It’s not up to you to tell me how to do me job. up to I’m sure he is up to no good./ What have you been up to? I can take up to four people in my car.


vt / N

Eg. review one’s lessons =go over review the situation/the evidence复查,重新考虑 review one’s failures回顾,反思 review the film/the play评论,评价 a book reviewer评论家,评论撰写者

1). You owe me $50 ~.= in all 2). I don’t ~ agree with you. =completely 3). The food was good, and we loved the atmosphere. A~ it was a great evening. =In a word

1.He left school at the age of 12./at an early age. 年龄 2.the nuclear age/the age of computer(历史上的)时代,时期 3. I’ve waited for ages/years=a long time 4.look age容貌与年龄相当 5.They have two children aged 6and 8. …岁

eg.1. ~ intelligence/strength/knowledge更好的,占优势的,更胜一筹 2. a ~ court of law上级法院 3. He is ~ to me in position. (级别,职位,重要性上)更高 4. He is my immediate ~.他是我的顶头上司 5. Modern music is often considered inferior to that of the past. 较差的,次要的

1. ~ a campaign/an investigation/an attack开始从事,发起,发动 2. ~ one’s latest novel / the new model of the mobile phone发行,(首次)上市 3. ~ a new warship/a satellite使(船等)下水,发射(航天器等)

1.Water freezes at 0° C.(zero degrees centigrade) 度,度数(温度单位) 2.Her job demands a high degree of skill. 程度 3.I agree with you to a certain degree. 在某种程度上 4.She received a doctor’s degree. (大学)学位 5.By degree their friendship grew into love. =slowly and gradually


1. He turned off the alarm and sprang out of bed. 猛然跳起 2. He sprang his feet when he saw his mother. =stood up suddenly 3. Tears sprang to her eyes. 突然出现/来到 4. Play areas for children are springing up all over the place. 迅速出现,突然兴起 5. She rose with a spring. N.c跳跃 6. The rubber has lost its spring. N.u弹性 7. The spring of my watch is broken. N.c弹簧,发条 8. He was born in the spring of 1944. 9. a mineral spring N.c泉水

38.personal adj.

personally adv eg. personal possessions/experience个人的,私人的 personal relationships/qualities人际的,个性的 personal life/matter私人的,私事的 make a personal appearance亲自做的 offer a personal service为某人做的,个别的 Personally, I prefer the second opinion. 就本人而言,就个人而言 All the letters will be answered personally. 亲自,本人 vt/vi n 1. The news will ~ his fans all over the world. 使高兴 2. He delights to prove his brother wrong. 3. She delighted in her work. 喜欢做因某事高兴 4. I’m delighted to receive your letter. 5. I was delighted at the thought of seeing you again. 6. I was delighted with my present. 7. I was delighted that you were all successful. 8. to one’s delight 9.The naughty took (a) delight in pulling the dog’s tail. 喜欢做某事,从…中取乐


40. vary V.

variety N. various Adj Eg.1.菜单随季节而变化 The menu varies with the season. 2. We all need __ ______ in our diet. variety 3.There _______ a variety of opinion. was There _______ a variety of opinions were There _______ several varieties of red roses. were 4.She took the job for_________ reasons. various

1.Take my ~ for an example. 情况,情形,事例 2. a murder ~ 谋杀案 win/lose a ~胜/败诉 3. a severe ~ of typhoid伤寒重病例 A. in that case: 在此种情况下,如果那样 B. in no case: 在任何情况下都不


C. in any case: 不管怎样 D. in case: 1)以防 2) 如果万一 4---I have made up my mind. ---____, there is no point discussing it.A 5.There is no point complaining now. ---We are leaving tomorrow_____.C 6._____ are you to leave your post.B 7.______ I forget, please remind me.D 8.Take an umbrella _______ it rainsD


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