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The rent for this house is $ 250. But you also need to pay $50 first as the _______. A)deposit B)council C)desired D)submitted【参考答案】:A 2. Why didn’t you tell me you could lend me the money? I ________ it from the bank. A) haven’t needed to borrow B) will not need to borrow C) needn’t have borrowed D) didn’t need to borrow【参考答案】:C 3.He checked carefully to _______ the possible errors in his design. A)eliminate B)exceed C)enlarge D)vibrate【参考答案】:A 4. Of all the soldiers they had the ________ of being the fiercest, the most patriotic, the toughest. A) recognition B) reservation C) recreation D) reputation【参考答案】:D 5.Since he often travels on business, he can _______ himself to sleeping in any place he can find. A)make B)accustom C)force D)let【参考答案】:B 6. Advanced computer technology has ________ an answer to accurate weather forecasting. A) set up B) come up with C) filled with D) faced up to【参考答案】:B 7. They are sure they have all the facts they need to ________ the existence of a black hole. A) obtain B) maintain C) verify D) display 【参考答案】:C 8. The new tourist hotel will have ________ for more than one thousand people. A) convenience B) accommodations C) capability D) capacities 【参考答案】:B 9. Medical doctors sometimes can make mistakes that will cost ________. A) patients their lives B) patient lives C) patients for their lives D) patients with their lives 【参考答案】:A 10. He had been completely exhausted but felt considerably ________ after a meal and a rest. A) renewed B) recreated C) reshaped D) refreshed 【参考答案】:D 11. At last she left her house and got to the airport, only ________ the plane flying away. A) having seen B) to have seen C) saw D) to see 【参考答案】:D 12. This law ________ the number of accidents caused by children running across the road when they get off the bus. A) intending to reduce B) intends reducing C) intended reducing D) is intended to reduce【参 考答案】:D

13. Humidity is so intense in some parts of the tropics that Europeans find they are unable to________ it. A) maintain B) persist C) endure D) sustain 【参考答案】:C 14. A series of border incidents would ________ lead the two countries to war. A) inevitably B) consistently C) uniformly D) persistently 【参考答案】:A 15. If each manager makes his usual speech, the meeting will be ________ for forty-five minutes. A) expanded B) prolonged C) delayed D) exceeded 【参考答案】:B 16. The weatherman broadcasts the ________ in temperature twice a day. A) diversion B) variation C) variety D) modification 【参考答案】:B 17. I seem to have reached a rather gloomy conclusion, but I think that something cheerful may still be derived ________ it. A) of B) off C) from D) with 【参考答案】:C 18. Animals can become unusually ________ when they are upset by a sudden environmental change. A) puzzled B) predominant C) vigorous D) aggressive 【参考答案】:D 19. The winning team loudly ________ its victory. A) magnified B) proclaimed C) signified D) exclaimed 【参考答案】:D 20. Last year, these ships transported a total of 83.34 million tons of cargo, a 4.4 percent increase ________ the previous year. A) over B) than C) up D) to 【参考答案】:A 21. The Second World War, _______ the earlier one of 1914, promoted public concern about the physical and intellectual well-being of the country’s human resources. A) so as B) as were C) as did D) same as 【参考答案】:C

22. Louis was asked to ________ the man who stole her purse. A) confirm B) recognize C) claim D) identify 【参考答案】:D 23. The bus that ________ outside the inn would soon take the visitors downtown. A) held back B) pulled up C) got down D) set forth 【参考答案】:B 24. We have had to raise our prices because of the increase in the cost of _______ materials. A) raw B) rough C) original D) primitive 【参考答案】:A 25. All that day my father was in as he had lost his wallet.

A) great anxiety B) ill humor C) ambition D) hospitality 【参考答案】:A 26. Parents have a legal ____to ensure that their children are provided with efficient education suitable to their age. A) impulse B) influence C) obligation D) sympathy 【参考答案】:C 27. I missed the train and ___was late for school. A) finally B) eventually C) subsequently D) consequently 【参考答案】:D 28. Crime is increasing worldwide, and there is every reason to believe the ____will continue into the next decade. A) emergency B) trend C) pace D) schedule 【参考答案】:B 29. The ___of men to women in the union has changed a lot since 1980. A) portion B) proportion C) rate D) comparison 【参考答案】:B 30. The remains of things people made and used long ago give the archaeologists __ to know how once people lived. A) glue B) thread C) clue D) hint【参考答案】:C 31. The branches could hardly ____the weight. A) retain B) sustain C) maintain D) remain 【参考答案】:B 32. Many people lost their jobs during the business____. A) desperation B) decrease C) despair D) depression 【参考答案】:D 33. Poverty and slums were outside the rich boy’s ____. A) globe B) orbit C) reach D) sphere【参考答案】:D

34. Sally is looking for a job in which she will be able to ____ herself. A) achieve B) deceive C) fulfill D) install 【参考答案】:C 35. Many researchers are ____ for a greater understanding of the processes which occur inside stars. A) reviving B) striving C) carving D) reserving 【参考答案】:B 36. We ____ the family’s decision to remain silent over the issue. A) contend B) convene C) appeal D) applaud 【参考答案】:D 37. Such a large investment inevitably ____ some risk. A) curtail B) entail C) fulfill D) retail【参考答案】:B

38. Good teachers know that children need and enjoy firm ____. A) discipline B) doctrine C) equality D) equivalent 【参考答案】:A 39. Her whole attitude to life ____ as a result of the awful experience. A) mourned B) merited C) soured D) spoiled【参考答案】:C 40. These remote islands are ____ only by birds and animals. A) flourished B) resided C) occupied D) inhabited 【参考答案】:D 41. From what she said I thought the ____ was that they were splitting up. A) application B) dedication C) implication D) justification【参考答案 C 42. Thirty workers were ____ because they were on strike over the staff cuts.A) packed B) sacked C) hacked D) tracked【参考答案】:B 43. Some people think it is wrong to spend money on ____ space. A) restoring B) imploring C) exploring D) deploring【参考答案】:C 44. He always becomes ____ to everyone when he’s drunk. A) objective B) initiative C) distinctive D) abusive 【参考答案】:D 45. The President is clearly in a ____ over how to tackle the crisis. A) hardship B) hazard C) dialect D) dilemma 【参考答案】:D 46. I’d like to ____ how important it is for people to learn foreign languages. A) minimize B) fertilize C) emphasize D) characterize【参考答案】:C

47. Our church ____ a project to send relief aid overseas. A) indicated B) initiated C) allocated D) alleviated 【参考答案】:B 48. I tend to be rather ____ in such matters and a bit suspicious about these supposed advances. A) assertive B) distinctive C) conservative D) instructive 【参考答案】C 49. Before I answer your question, could you ____ your terms a little more? A) define B) deplore C) decline D) depict 【参考答案】:A 50. They have attempted to take the ____ in dealing with the problem. A) action B) caption C) initiative D) intuitive He said he would _____ me to Mr. Li but actually he didn’t. A. comment B. suggest C. command D. recommend

【参考答案】:D 2. We must bring our ideas into ____ with the laws of the objective external world. A. correspondence B. conflict C. contact D. relations【参考答案】:A 3. A 200-year-old building is very old _________ American history.A. in terms of B. in sight of C. in view of D. in spite of【参考答案】:A 4. While nuclear weapons present grave _____ dangers, the predominant crisis of overpopulation is with us today. A. inevitable B. constant C. overwhelming D. potential【参考答案】:D

5. I thought his remark was highly____, given the circumstances. A. appropriate B. appreciative C. approval D. appreciable 【参考答案】:A 6. On the crowded bus, he _____ his seat _____ an old man. A. yielded?to B. competed?with

C. provided?with D. exchanged...with【参考答案】:A 7. The professor could hardly find sufficient grounds _____ his arguments in favour of the new theory. A. to be based on C. which to base on B. to base on D. on which to base【参考答案】:D

8. He was an elected ____ of the people. A. representative B. represent C. representation D. presentation 【参考答案】:A 9. You shouldn’t expect immigrants to _______ into an alien culture immediately. A. take B. assimilate C. accept D. develop 【参考答案】:B 10. The fact that they reacted so differently was a reflection of their different ____.A. personalities B. performances C. qualities D. appearances 【参考答案】:A 11. These distractions will cost you serious time if you don’t bypass them and ________ business immediately. A. get around B. get on C. get down to D. go back 【参考答案】:C 12. It’s rather ____ that we still do not know how many species there are in the world today. A. embarrassing B. misleading C. boring D. demanding 【参考答案】:A 13. Young men were ____ in the art of handling horses.

A. tutored B. toured C. tolerated D. tortured 【参考答案】:A 14. Some fish have a greater _____ for acid water than others.A. tolerance B. resistance C. dependence D. persistence【参考答案】:A

15. The report you heard from the government spokesman _____ the facts. It is not reliable. A. retorted B. extorted C. distorted D. distracted【参考答案】C

16. The traditional way to ________ people of false beliefs is to provide them with accurate information. A. abuse B. disabuse C. accuse D. inflict 【参考答案】:B

17. She has a great _____ for English teaching and students enjoy her class very much. A. kindness B. friendliness C. warmth D. affection【参考答案】:D

18. Are you hesitant about revealing your _______ when you chat on the internet? A. identification B. identity C. dignity D. digital 【参考答案】:B 19. The old lady ______ smilingly to be helped up the stairs. A. rejected B. declined C. refused D. denied 【参考答案】:B 20. He has been keeping ______ with her for more than two years. A.company B.compare C.compass D.compose 【参考答案】:A 21. The rain was heavy, (and) ______ the land was flooded. A.consequently B.however C.whatever D.but【参考答案】:A 22. A club is a place to make frequent ______with friends. A.contract B.contrast C.content D.contact 【参考答案】:D 23. Are you ______ with your present salary? A.content B.context C.satisfy D.glad 【参考答案】:A 24. The driver of a car should not take ______ at high speed. A.drifts B.pitches C.curves D.harnesses 【参考答案】:C 25. He displayed a complete lack of ______ and tact in dealing with his employer. A. courtesy B. curiosity C. identity D. hostility 【参考答案】:A 26. The woman filed a lawsuit against her former husband because he did nothing to ________ their children. A. refer to B.take up C. hold up D.provide for 【参考答案】:D 27. The boys__________ each other in that they both have ginger hair and round faces.

A. identify B. resemble C. compare D. equal【参考答案】:B 28. The ______ cycle of life and death is a subject of interest to scientists and philosophers alike. A. incompatible B. exceeding C. instantaneous D. eternal 【参考答案】:D 29. When making modern cameras , people began to _______ plastics for metal. A. surround B.substance C.stretch D.substitute 【参考答案】:D 30. He's the kind of man who is fond of _____ compliments to other men's wives. A. paying B. saying C. expressing D. showing 【参考答案】:A 31. He was_______ of having asked such a silly question . A.sorry B.guilty C.ashamed D.miserable【参考答案】:C 32. Please do not _______ when somebody else is talking. A. intend B.interpret C.interrupt D.invest 【参考答案】:C 33. He has _______ much time and energy for his invention. A. contained B. proceeded C. consumed D. paid 【参考答案】:C34. To some _______, Mary still does not understand this unit. But she herself does not believe so. A. extend B. extent C. part D. content 【参考答案】:B 35. I took it for _______ that you wouldn’t come here again. A. grand B. tame C. granted D. thumb 【参考答案】:C 36. The children performed a very _______ dance for their parents. A. graceful B. smart C. precise. D. successive 【参考答案】:A 37. Only hotel guests have the _______ of using the private beach. A. occasion B. possibility C. habit. D. privilege 【参考答案】:D 38. The old man did not seem to ______ much importance to the issue. A. attach B. detract C. attack D. trace【参考答案】:A 39. ________ trust is the foundation leading to the success of a marriage. A. Natural B. Mutual C. Romantic D. Appropriate 【参考答案】:B 40. The civilization of ancient Greece can be ______to the rich culture of a small island in Mediterranean during around 2000 B.C. A. detracted B. tracked C. toiled D. traced 【参考答案】:D

41. In a democratic country, every citizen should be protected by the rights _________ in the Constitution. A growing out of B provided for C. written down D. laid for 【参考答案 B 42. His wife is _______ finding faults with him, which makes him very angry A. subsequently B. ultimately C. consequently D. constantly 【参考答案】D 43. The girl is so cute that everyone wants to _____her chubby face. A. strike B. stroke C. stumble D. fumble 【参考答案】:B 44. The ________ voice of the woman miraculously made the baby stop crying. A. consuming B. affecting C. stroking D. soothing 【参考答案】:D 45. The doctor’s treatment of infertility by using cloning technology is said to hurt the _____ of human beings. A. dignity B. obligation C. scheme D. sin 【参考答案】:A 46. _______dull he may be, he is certainly a very successful top executive. A.Although B Whatever C As D However【参考答案】:D 47. All ____is a continuous supply of fuel oil. A. what is needed B. that is needed C. the thing needed D. for their needs 【参考答案】:B 48. Corn originated in the New World and thus was not known in Europe until Columbus found it ______________ in Cuba. A. being cultivated B. been cultivated C. having cultivated D. cultivating【参考答案】:A 49. Some women ______________ a good salary in a job instead of staying home, but they decided not to work for the sake of the family. A. must make B. should have made C. would make D. could have made【参考答案】:D 50. Splendid civilization existed in America ________ Europeans discovered the Continent. A.long since B long after C long before D long as 【参考答案】:C But frankly you should not risk it __________ you know for sure. 【参考答案】:C A) if B) lest C) unless D) although 2. Gibbons was charged ______ stealing the jewels. 【参考答案】:B

A) of B) with C) for D) in 3. The school should_____ rules and regulations more strictly.√ A) enforce B) reinforce C) convince D) relieve 4. Priests thought angrily that the soldiers ______ the church by using it as a stable. 【参考 答案】:A A) violated B) weakened C) damaged D) sued 5. You'll soon begin to ______ the benefits of being fitter. 【参考答案】:D A) assimilate B) distort C) mediate D) reap 6. The government political policies will work only if they ______ with voters. 【参考答案】: C A) enact B) inhabit C) echo D) combine 7. This bathroom is for the President's _________ use. 【参考答案】:D A) anonymous B) optional C) explicit D) exclusive 8. You should think about the fact _____ nowadays many people care about the quality of a TV set ___________ its price.【参考答案】:D A) which ... rather than B) which ... instead of C) that ... better than D) that ... more than 9. They planned deliberately the ______ for the next day's battle against the enemy. 【参考答 案】:B A) skills B) tactics C) techniques D) chess 10. Universities are facing grave problems because of __________ resources. 【参考答案】:C A) increasing B) mounting C) diminishing D) gathering 11. A thorough investigation _______ the school from any blame. 【参考答案】:B A) deprived B) exonerated C) detracted D) shifted 12. He got the job of science teacher by fraudulent means. The word “fraudulent” means _______ 【参考答案】:D A) fair B) verified C) justified D) dishonest 【参考答案】:A

13. The new president's most urgent task will be to_______ the economic crisis. 【参考答案】: A A) grapple with B) struggle with C) abide by D) conform to 14. The chairperson shall _______ the creditors' meeting. 【参考答案】:C A) hover over B) reside over C) preside over D) stop over 15. The new government is struggling hard to _______ the British economy. 【参考答案】:A A) revive B) strive C) derive D) arrive 16. This year, the Commission will _____ campaigns to promote equal opportunities for students in schools.【参考答案】:A A) step up B) step aside C) step along D) step back 17. Are there any areas that you feel are not ______ adequately in the book? 【参考答案】:C A) granted B) sustained C) covered D) altered 18. People from different cultures may unconsciously _______ each other's sense of space.【参 考答案】:C A) offend against B) violate against C) infringe on D) disobey 19. After five months of debating, the committee for Economic Development submitted to Congress the annual _____ which amounted to 1.5 billion. 【参考答案】:D A) loan B) bounty C) damages D) budget 20. In the evening we can see policemen ____our street against any possible disturbances. 【参 考答案】:A A) patrol B) bombard C) toil D) mediate 21. Don't _____the flowers when you play in the garden. 【参考答案】:B A) trample down B) trample on C) tamp on D) tamp down 22. This old auditorium has _______ many ceremonies. √ 【参考答案】:D A) seen B) heard C) known D) witnessed 23. I often feel a sense of helplessness in trying to counter the damage they cause when they [22].


______ their privilege.√



A) enforce B) patrol C) abuse D) duplicate 24. Wasteful people usually end up _____ debt. 【参考答案】:C A) with B) by C) in D) to 25. It appeared that what I said was untrue, but I did not _______ lie to you. √【参考答案】: B A) know B) knowingly C) known D) knowing 26. He was granted ___________from military service because of his poor health. 【参考答案】: B A) release B) exemption C) absence D) freedom 27. Read the ______carefully before you press the button. 【参考答案】:A A) manual B) obligation C) assimilation D) offer 28. His failure to turn his attention to ___________ wastes of public money is inexcusable 【参 考答案】:B A) obvious B) flagrant C) infamous D) notorious 29. You may be eligible for a ______ to help you study. 【参考答案】:B A) fund B) grant C) prize D) reward 30. It has been revealed that some government leaders ______ their authority and position to get illegal profits for themselves.【参考答案】:C A) employ B) absorb C) abuse D) overlook 31. Tom _______ his boss of having broken the labor law 【参考答案】:B A) blamed B) accused C) charged D) sued 32. Romeo and Juliet is __________ to Shakespeare. 【参考答案】:C A) illustrated B) distributed C) attributed D) contributed 33. In order to improve our standard of living, we have to _______ production. 【参考答案】:A A) step up B) decrease C) stop D) control 34. Mrs. bliss kept the door and the windows shut lest the noise outside _____ her son's sleep. 【参考答案】:D A) would interfere with B) had interfered with C) interfered with D) should interfere with 35. The gear doesn't _________ the machine, so you must change it. 【参考答案】:C

A) end up B) step up C) fit into D) fit in with 36. The woman trapped him into _______ the business secret.【参考答案】:C A) giving in B) giving up C) giving away D) giving out 37. Many veterans believe it is their job to bear ___________ to the horrors of war that they personally experienced.【参考答案】:D A) proof B) evidence C) vision D) witness 38. Although he was a General, he accepted the suggestion from a soldier ______. 【参考答案】: B A) off faith B) in good faith C) in the faith D) on the faith 39. He had always been ____the way Ruth looked, and had never once paid her a compliment. 【参 考答案】:A A) oblivious of B) guilty of C) wary of D) subject to

40. Mr. Ying is one of those happy people who_______ pleasure________ helping others. 【参考答 案】:A A) derive ... from B) arise ... from C) result ... from D) result ... in 41. If you go on doing like that you'll ________ in prison.【参考答案】:C A) end off B) end in C) end up D) end out 42. Our cars get ________ in and when we ask the restaurant to move them they don't do it for ages.【参考答案】:D A) stopped B) prevented C) parked D) blocked 43. For the government, the war was a welcome _______ from the country's economic problems. 【参考答案】:C A) expansion B) division C) diversion D) emotion 44. Scientists hope the work done in collaboration with other researchers may be ________ in this field.【参考答案】:D A) abused B) patrolled C) employed D) duplicated 45. According to one employee, who wishes to remain _________, the company engaged in illegal activities.【参考答案】:D A) petty B) insecure C) willful D) anonymous

46. I cannot give you _______ for the type of car you sell because there is no demand for it in the market.【参考答案】:D A) an expense B) a charge C) a purchase D) an order 47. The servants ______ the old man ______ for his shabby coat.. 【参考答案】:A A) gave ... short shrift B) plucked ... off C) gave ... a second thought D) took ... for granted 48. New technology ___________ almost every industrial process. 【参考答案】:D A) applies to B) has applied to C) is applying to D) is being applied to 49. Give the names of two people who can be _______ in an emergency. 【参考答案】:B A) contracted B) contacted C) resorted D) steered 50. If I hadn't stood under the ladder to catch you when you fell, you ______________ now. 【参 考答案】:A A) wouldn't be smiling B) couldn't have smiled

C) won't smile D) didn't smile

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