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完型填空+语法填空+改错 1.完型填空 One of my fondest memories as a child is going by the river and sitting idly(闲散地)on the bank. There I would enjoy the peace and___1___, watch the water ___2__downstream, and listen to the chirps(喳喳声)of the birds and the rustling (沙沙声)of the leaves in the trees. I would also___3___the bamboo trees___4___under pressure from the wind and watch them ___5____gracefully to their upright or ___6___ position after the wind had___7____. When I think about the bamboo tree’s ___8____to bounce (弹回) back or return to it’s original position, the word resilience(弹性)__ 9___to mind. When used in ___10_____ a person , this word means the ability to readily _11__from shock, depression or any other situation___12____stetches the limits of a person’s emotions. Have you ever felt like you are about to snap(高声喊叫)? Have you ever felt like you are at your __13__point?__14__, you have survived the experience to live to talk about it. During the experience you probably felt a mix of __15____that threatened your health. You felt emotionally drained(耗尽),___16_____ exhausted and you most likely endured(忍受) unpleasant physical symptoms. Life is a __17__ of good times and bad times, happy moments and unhappy moments. The next time you are __18___one of those bad times or unhappy moments that take you __19____to your breaking point, bend but don’t break. Try your best not to let the situation get the best of you. A measure of hope will__20__ you through the unpleasant ordeal(严峻的考验). 1.A. quiet B. beautiful C. noisy 2.A. flow B. rush C. go 3. A. see B. notice C. watch 4.A. bend B. swing C. break 5.A. return B. recover C. give 6.A. straight B. original C. quick 7.A. died from B. died out C. died down 8.A. ability B. power C. energy 9.A. strikes B. goes C. appears 10.A. preference B. conference C. reference 11.A. recover B. calm C. comfort 12.A. where B. that C. when 13.A. high B. low C. breaking 14A.Thankfully B. Hopefully C. Happily 15.A. senses B. emotions C. thoughts 16.A. physically B. mentally C. patiently 17.A. way B. mixture C. condition 18.A. experiencing B. making C. living 19.A. away B. far C. close 20.A. bring B. take C. make 2.【完形填空】 My grandfather took me to the fish pond on the farm when I was seven. He told me to throw a__21____into the water. And he told me to watch the____22___created by the stone. Then he asked me to__ 23__ of myself as that stone. “You may24 lots of splashes (飞溅 ) in your life,___ 25___the waves that come from those splashes will ___26____the peace of all your fellow___27_____,”he said.

D. happy D. come D. look at D. tremble D. fly D. necessary D. died off D. strength D. comes D. appearance D. sink D. in which D. returning D. Surprisingly D. minds D. fully D. feeling D. meeting D. fast D. set

“Remember that you are ___28____for what you put in your circle and that the circle will also___29____many other circles. You will need to live in the ___30____that allows the good that comes from your circle to ___31____the peace of that goodness to___32____. The splash that comes from anger or jealousy will send those___33_____to other circles. You are responsible for____34_____.” That was the first time I ___35_____each person creates the inner peace or discord (冲突) that ____36_____out into the world. We cannot create world peace if we are ___37____with inner conflicts, hatred, ____38______, or anger. We radiate (流露) the feelings and thoughts that we hold ____39_____,whether we speak them out or not. Whatever is splashing around inside of us is spilling out into the world, creating beauty or discord with all other circles of life. We are ____40_____to everything and everyone else around in the universe. 21. A. stick B. brick C. stone D. ball 22. A. holes B. circles C. drops D. waters 23. A. think B. accuse C. regard D. warn 24. A. produce B. damage C. prevent D. create 25. A. but B. because C. while D. for 26. A. cut B. disturb C. bring D. block 27. A. students B. friends C. creatures D. workers 28. A. proud B. helpful C. respectful D. responsible 29. A. hear B. leave C. strike D. touch 30. A. family B. situation C. way D. hurry 31. A. send B. provide C. destroy D. keep 32. A. them B. nobody C. someone D. others 33. A. tastes B. smells C. feelings D. views 34. A. all B. both C. neither D. any 35. A. realized B. recognized C. admitted D. promised 36. A. flows B. takes C. picks D. brings 37. A. prepared B. filled C. presented D. supplied 38. A. honesty B. truth C. doubt D. modesty 39. A. forward B. outside C. inside D. upward 40. A. referred B. intended C. devoted D. connected 3.完形填空 I grew up in a community called Estepona. I was 16 when one morning, Dad told me I could drive him into a___36___ village called Mijas, on condition that I took the car in to be ___37___ at a nearby garage. I readily accepted. I drove Dad into Mijas, and ___38___ to pick him up at 4 pm, then dropped off the car at the ___39___. With several hours to spare, I went to a theater. ___40___, when the last movie finished, it was six. I was two hours late! I knew Dad would be angry if he ___41___ I’d been watching movies. So I decided not to tell him the truth. When I ___42___ there I apologized for being late, and told him I’d ___43___ as quickly as I could, but that the car had needed a major repairs. I’ll never forget the ___44___ he gave me. “I’m disappointed you ___45___ you have to lie to me, Jason. ” Dad looked at me again. “When you didn’t ___46___, I called the garage to ask if there were any ___47___, and they told me you hadn’t yet picked up the car. ” I felt ___48___ as I weakly told him the real reason. A ___49___ passed through Dad as he listened attentively. “I’m angry with ___50___. I realize I’ve failed as a father. I’m going to walk home now and think seriously about ___51___ I’ve gone wrong all these years. ” “But Dad, it’s 18 miles!” My protests and apologies were ___52___. Dad

walked home that day. I drove behind him, ___53___ him all the way, but he walked silently. Seeing Dad in so much ___54___and emotional pain was my most painful experience. However, it was ___55___ the most successful lesson. I have never lied since. 36. A. lonely B. small C. distant D. familiar 37. A. kept B. washed C. watched D. serviced 38. A. agreed B. planned C. determined D. promised 39. A. village B. community C. garage D. theater 40. A. However B. Then C. Therefore D. Still 41. A. realized B. found out C. thought D. figured out 42. A. went B. ran C. walked D. hurried 43. A. started B. left C. arrived D. come 44. A. word B. face C. look D. appearance 45. A. find B. decide C. believe D. feel 46. A. turn up B. drive out C. go away D. come out 47. A. questions B. problems C. mistakes D. faults 48. A. ashamed B. frightened C. nervous D. surprised 49. A. nervousness B. sadness C. silence D. thought 50. A. you B. myself C. me D. yourself 51. A. where B. how C. why D. when 52. A. meaningless B. useless C. helpless D. worthless 53. A. asking B. persuading C. begging D. following 54. A. physical B. practical C. personal D. natural 55. A. indeed B. always C. also D. almost 4.完形填空 Elderly people respond best to a calm and unhurried environment. This is not always easy to 21 as their behavior can sometimes be irritating. If they get 22 or upset, then they may become more confused and more difficult to look after. 23 sometimes it can be extremely difficult, it is best to be 24 and not to get upset yourself. You should always 25 old people to do as much as possible for themselves but be ready to 26 a helping hand when necessary. Failing memory makes it 27 for the elderly to recall all the basic kinds of information we 28 for granted. The obvious way to help in this 29 is to supply the information that is missing and help them make 30 of what is going on. You must use every opportunity to provide information, 31 remember to keep it simple and easy to understand. When the elderly person makes 32 statements e.g. about going out to his or her old 33 or visiting a dead relative, 34 in a calm matter-of-fact fashion: “You are retired now. Will you come and help me with the dishes?” We depend 35 on the information provided by signposts, clocks, calendars and newspapers. These assist us to 36 and direct our behavior. Confused old people need these 37 all the time to compensate for their memory. Encourage them to use 38 boards or diaries for important 39 events and label the contents of different cupboards and drawers. Many other aids such as information cards, 40 photos, notes, addresses or shopping lists could help in individual case. 21. A. provide B. protect C. discover D. examine 22. A. happy B. easy C. excited D. comfortable 23. A. As a result B. Even though C. For D. Although 24. A. patient B. protective C. ready D. helpful

25. A. tell 26. A. carry 27. A. necessary 28. A. make 29. A. condition 30. A. sense 31. A. and 32. A. obvious 33. A. factory 34. A. correct 35. A. hardly 36. A. collect 37. A. information 38. A. reminder 39. A. improving 40. A. beautiful 语法填空练习 1

B. encourage B. make B. difficult B. give B. situation B. use B. or B. strange B. hospital B. repeat B. heavily B. form B. advice B. flat B. coming B. unforgettable

C. warn C. lend C. terrible C. think C. action C. light C. however C. confused C. school C. check C. totally C. keep C. aids C. recovery C. moving C. nice

D. permit D. offer D. impossible D. take D. position D. fun D. but D. fixed D. employment D. care D. simply D. organize D. materials D. wood D. exciting D. old

Last Monday morning, I was (1)_________ (cycle) along a street in the rush hour on my way to an interview (2)_________ an important job. A yellow car passed by me and (3)___________(sudden) stopped. I had to brake my bike hard and of course, I (4)_______(fall). I was so angry that I stopped the driver and kept on (5)_________ (shout) at him rudely. (6)___________(unfortunate), I was in time for the interview. By chance, one of my (7)________(interview), the manager of the company, was no other than the driver of the yellow car. Luckily, the manager was not angry with me (8)_________my rudeness. (9)___________, he offered me the job. So I said to everyone jokingly that I could tell my manager (10)__________ I thought of him. 语法填空练习 2 If you want to improve your English, you’d better listen to BBC(英国广播公司) English which is part (1)__________ the BBC World Service. It broadcasts all kinds of programmes, such (2)_______difficult grammar points, life in Britain, differences (3)_______ written and (4)_________(speak) English and so on. It is easy for you to find out some information (5)_________ the programmes. You just need to write to BBC English and ask (6) ________ it. In China, there are (7)__________ English programmes like Follow Me on TV (8)__________ on the radio. They are usually easy (9)__________(receive) and understand and they are very (10)__________(use) to you. 语法填空练习 3 Last Friday Miss Wang gave us a lesson on the history of English. I learned much from it. She said __1__ English was not the language of English until the 5th century when the Germans came. I never expected English has many French words just __2__ a Frenchman William became the king of England __3__ 1066. What’s more, we really couldn’t believe our ears when Miss Wang told __4__ that English has become an international language __5__ (part) because its grammar is easy! Miss Wang said that other language in Europe have __6__ (difficult) grammar than English. The lesson of that day was so strange __7__ interesting.Well, I think it is foolish __8__ us to learn a very difficult language, isn’t it? Once I didn’t like English, but after this lesson, I find I am interested in it. Miss Wang __9__ (promise) that she would tell us more about English the next week. I cannot wait __10__ (have) the coming lesson.


语法填空练习 4 There are numerous smaller islands. Of the eight major islands, Niihau and Kahoolawe are the 41_ (small). These islands are quite unlike the 42 --- they do not have hotels or resorts for tourists. Both islands, for different reasons, 43 (have) no tourists at all for many years. Niihau is located just 17 miles 44 the west coast of island Kauai. It is owned by one family, the Robinsons, 45 bought the island from King Kamehameha of Hawaii. The Robinsons do not allow any 46 (invite) visitors on the island and so it is often called "the Forbidden Island". Kahoolawe, the other "mystery island" does not have anyone 47 (live) on it today. In the past 48 (century), Hawaiians lived here and used the place for religious ceremonies. Then, the United States Navy took over the place as 49 practice ground for bombing and explosives. So regularly did the Navy bomb the place 50 Hawaiians were not happy with the situation. They wanted to return to Kahoolawe. After many efforts, their wish came true, and the island won't be bombed any more. 语法填空练习 5 It is difficult for parents of nearly every family to teach their children to be responsible for housework, 41 with one of the following suggestions, you really can get your children to help at home. If you give your children the 42 (impress) that they can never do anything quite right, then they will consider 43 to be unfit or unable persons. 44 children believe they can succeed, they will never become totally independent. My daughter Carla’s fifth grade teacher made every child in her class feel special. When students received 45 ( little) than a perfect test score, she would point out 46 they had mastered and declared firmly they could learn what they had missed. You can see the same technique when you evaluate your child’s work at home. Don’t always scold and give lots of praise 47 . Talk about what he has done right, not about what he hasn’t done. If your child completes 48 difficult task, reward him 49 a Sunday trip or a ball game with Dad. Learning is a process of trying and failing and trying and 50 (success) in the end. If you teach your children not to fear a mistake of failure, they will learn faster and achieve success at last. 短文改错 The day before yesterday, I went to the bookstore where is near our school to buy a reference book. It was Saturday, so there was many people. Under the help of the shop assistants, I quickly got the book I needed. I was about to leave while I found someone trying to steal a man’s money. Although I was nervous, but I tried to think of a way to help. Suddenly, a good idea occurred me. I stepped on the man’s foot on purposes. As expected, the man’s scream gives the thief a fright, who quickly walked out of the shop. After hear my explanation, the man smiled and showed great gratitude to him.


Key1: 1----5ABCAA 6----10 BCADC 11----15ABCAB 16---20BBACB Key2 CBADA BCDDC ADCBA ABCCD Key3 CDDCA BDDCD ABABB ABCAC Key4 ACDAB CBDBA DCDAB DCABD Keys (1)1. cycling 2. for 3. suddenly 5.shouting 6.Fortunately 7.interviewers

4. fell 8.for

9. Instead 10. what

(2)1. of 2. as 3. between 4.spoken 5. about 6. for 7. also 8. or 9. to receive 10. useful (3) 1. that 2. because 3. in 4. us 5. partly 6. more difficulty 7. but 8. of 9. promised 10. to have (4) 41. smallest 42. others 43 have had 44. off 45. who 46. uninvited 47. living 48. centuries 49. a 50. that (5)41 but 42. impression 43. themselves 44.Unless 47. instead 48.a 49.with 50. succeeding 45. less 46. what


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