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Module 2 My New Teachers
“阅读+七选五+完形”组合练——练题型 (限时:35 分钟) Ⅰ.阅读理解 (2016·沈阳市高三质检)I have been teaching animal behavior at the Boulder County Jail in Colorado for 10 years. The course is one of the most popular in the prison. Prisoners have to earn the right to attend the course and they work hard to get in. One reason why the course is so popular is that many prisoners find it easier to connect with animals than with people, because animals don't judge them. They trust animals in ways they don't with humans. Yet, they hold a misunderstanding of how animals treat one another. Many admit that their own “animal behavior” is what got them into trouble in the first place. I teach that though there is competition and aggression in the animal kingdom, there is also a lot of cooperation (合作) and sympathy. Many of the students want to build healthy relationships, and they find that the class helps them. I use examples of the social behavior of group?living animals such as wolves as a model for developing and maintaining ( 维 持 ) friendships among people who must work together for their own good and also for the good of the group. It's clear that science inspires the students here and it also gives them hope. I know some students have gone back into education after their being set free while others have gone to work for humane (人道的) societies or contributed time and money to conservation organizations. One went on to receive a master's degree in nature writing. Science and humane education help the prisoners connect with values that they otherwise would not have done. It opens the door to understanding, trust, cooperation and hope. There's a large population of people to whom science could mean a lot, if only they could have access to it. The class helps me, too. I get as much out of it as the students and it has made me a better teacher. 语篇解读: 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文, 讲述了作者作为一名教师, 在一所监狱讲授 animal behavior 的经历和收获。 1.The author's course is welcomed by the prisoners because ________. A.they consider animals their best friends

B.they are curious about the animal kingdom C.they feel it easier to get along with animals D.they are more familiar with animal behavior 解析:选 C 细节理解题。根据文章第二段的第一句可知,犯人感觉相对于人而言 与动物更容易相处,故选 C。 2.The author used wolves as an example to ________. A.provide the prisoners with more knowledge B.explain the cruel side of group?living animals C.help the prisoners realize the importance of teamwork D.inform the prisoners that animals get people into trouble 解析:选 C 细节理解题。根据第四段中的“I use examples of the social

behavior of group?living animals ... the good of the group.”可知,作者以狼 为例是为了帮助犯人明白合作的重要性,因此选择 C。 3.We can infer from the text that some prisoners ________. A.have turned over a new leaf B.are required to attend the course C.are willing to learn working skills D.prefer humane education to science 解析:选 A 推理判断题。根据倒数第二段的内容可知,很多犯人出狱后有很大的 改变,因此选 A, turn over a new leaf “改过自新”。 Ⅱ.阅读七选五 (2016·包头市高三统一考试)__1__. Unlike student loans, scholarships do not have to be repaid. Hundreds of thousands of scholarships from several thousand sponsors are awarded each year. Generally, scholarships are reserved for students with special

qualifications. __2__. Awards are also available for students who are interested in particular fields of study, who live in certain areas of the country or who demonstrate financial needs. __3__. FastWeb is such a search. It compares your background with a database of awards. Only those awards that fit your profile are identified as matches. There are several free scholarship databases available online. The FastWeb scholarship search is the largest, most accurate and most frequently?updated scholarship database. If you supply an email address, they will inform you when


new awards that match your profile are added to the database. __4__. Scholarships come in all shapes and sizes. Knowing and searching the types of scholarships that are out there will ensure that you find any and every scholarship for which you qualify. Students who are awarded scholarships often need additional financial assistance. __5__. To find out about grants and other aid types, visit the section discussing Other Types of Aid. For businessmen and philanthropists (慈 善家) who are thinking about sponsoring a new scholarship, find the Scholarship Design & Management section. A.Students can apply for scholarships from their teachers B.See the Loans section for information on student and parent loans C.The best way to search for scholarships is to use a personalized search D.Scholarships are a form of aid that helps students pay for their education E . However, it is very difficult for students to get the special qualifications F.Those who have academic, athletic or artistic talent are likely to be awarded G . FastWeb also includes a college search and numerous other student resources 答案:1~5 DFCGB Ⅲ.完形填空 (2016·银川一中高三模拟 )She was only about five feet tall and probably never weighed more than 110 pounds. However, Miss Bessie was a(n) __1__presence in the classroom. From 1938 to 1942,when I attended Saint Bernard's High School, she taught me a lot __2__ I realized. There was never a(n)__3__ problem in Miss Bessie's classes. We didn't dare to trouble a woman who knew about the Battle of Hastings and could also play the piano and __4__ Shakespeare and Milton. Miss Bessie knew that my family couldn't afford to buy a newspaper. She knew we didn't __5__ own a radio. Still, she __6__ me to look out for my __7__ and find some ways to __8__ what's going on in the world. __9__ I became a delivery boy who delivered newspapers. I __10__ made a dollar a week, but I got to read a newspaper every day.


Miss Bessie noticed things that had nothing to do with schoolwork but were vital to a youngster's __11__. Once a few classmates made fun of my __12__ overcoat. As I was leaving school, Miss Bessie __13__ me on the back of that old overcoat and said, “Carl, never worry about what you don't have. Just make the most of what you do have — a(n) __14__”. Among the things that I didn't have was __15__ in the little wooden house. But because of her __16__, I spent many hours beside a kerosene lamp (煤油 灯) reading Shakespeare's works. Miss Bessie introduced me __17__ a wonderful world of poems and stories. She led me to __18__ that I could write poems as well as Shakespeare. So I read __19__ Miss Bessie told me to, and tried to remember the things she insisted that I store. Years later, her encouragement finally led to that lovely day when Miss Bessie dropped me a note __20__ “I'm so proud to read your article in The Times.” 语篇解读:本文是一篇记叙文,讲述了“我”上高中时,深受 Bessie 老师的启迪和鼓 励,最终实现梦想,成为一名作家的故事。 1.A.amusing C.interesting B.towering D.exciting

解析:选 B 然而,Bessie 在教室里很高大。amusing“好笑的”;towering“高 大的”;interesting“有趣的”;exciting“令人激动的,激动人心的”。根据空格 前的“However”的转折可知,此处与前文中的“only about five feet tall”形成对 比,故选 B 项。 2.A.more than C.better than B.less than D.worse than

解析:选 A 在 1938 年到 1942 年期间,“我”在 Saint Bernard 高中就读,她教 会了“我”许多多于“我”意识到的东西。more than “比??多”,符合语境。故选 A 项。 3.A.academy C.race 解析:选 D B.homework D.discipline academy“学术”;homework“作业”;race“赛跑,种族”;

discipline“纪律”。根据下文中的“We didn't dare to trouble a woman ... and __4__ Shakespeare and Milton.”可推知, Bessie 很博学,学生们都很佩服她,她 的课上从来就没有纪律的问题,故选 D 项。 4.A.make use of B.make fun of

C.make sense of

D.make light of

解析:选 C 我们不敢找这样一位女士的麻烦,她了解 Hastings 战役,而且还能 够弹钢琴,理解莎士比亚和弥尔顿。make use of“利用”;make fun of“取笑”;make sense of“理解”;make light of“对??等闲视之,轻视”。故选 C 项。 5.A.even C.ever B.still D.yet

解析:选 A Bessie 知道我们甚至连台收音机都没有。even“甚至”;still“仍 然”;ever“曾经”;yet“还,然而”。根据上文中的“Miss Bessie knew that my family couldn't afford to buy a newspaper.”可知,作者家里当时很拮据,收音机 对作者家来讲是奢侈品,因此此处表示递进的概念,故选 A 项。 6.A.allowed C.turned B.forced D.encouraged

解析:选 D 她仍然鼓励“我”寻找自己的未来,找一些办法了解世界上正在发生 的事情。下文中的“Years later, her encouragement finally ... __20__” 也是提 示,老师鼓励“我”去做那些事情,故选 D 项。 7.A.happiness C.family B.future D.mistake

解析: 选 B 与下文中的“what's going on in the world”相呼应, 老师鼓励“我” 探索自己的未来,不要被自己的家庭条件限制,故选 B 项。 8.A.catch up with C.keep up with B.come up with D.put up with

解析:选 C catch up with“赶上”;come up with“想出”;keep up with“熟 悉,了解”;put up with“容忍”。Bessie 鼓励“我”找一些方法了解世界上正在发 生的事,故选 C 项。 9.A.So C.Because B.And D.As

解析:选 A 于是“我”成了一个送报纸的报童。根据语境可知,上下句表示逻辑 上的因果关系,本句是结果,故选 A 项。 10.A.always C.sometimes 解析:选 B B.merely D.almost 根据空格后的“but I got to read a newspaper every day”的转

折可知,当时“我”去送报的报酬很低,故选 B 项,merely“仅仅”。 11.A.appearance C.development B.health D.performance

解析:选 C Bessie 注意到一些与课堂作业没有关系,却对年轻人的发展至关重要 的 一 些 事 情 。 appearance“ 外 貌 ” ; health“ 健 康 ” ; development“ 发 展 ” ; performance“表现”。结合下文中的例证可知,Bessie 更重视学生的内在发展,故选 C 项。 12.A.colourful C.informal 解析:选 D B.modern D.used 曾经有几个同学嘲笑“我”的旧外套。根据下文中的“that old

overcoat”可知,此处选 D 项,used“旧的”。 13.A.patted C.struck 解析:选 A B.hit D.pulled 当“我”要离开学校时,Bessie 拍拍“我”背上的那件旧外套说:

“Carl , 永 远 不 要 担 心 你 没 有 的 东 西 。 充 分 利 用 你 所 拥 有 的 东 西 —— 你 的 头 脑。”pat“轻拍”;hit“撞击”;strike“碰撞,击打”; pull“拉,拽”。根据 语境可知,老师在安慰作者,故选 A 项。 14.A.house C.radio B.overcoat D.brain

解析:选 D 与穿着形成对比,而且是“我”所拥有的,也是老师所看重的应该是 人的头脑,故选 D 项。 15.A.money C.water B.electricity D.gas

解析: 选 B “我”家那个小木屋里还没有电。 根据下文中的“a kerosene lamp (煤 油灯)”可知,此处应选 B 项。 16.A.inspiration C.curiosity B.anger D.sponsorship

解析:选 A 但是由于她的鼓舞,“我”就在煤油灯下花几个小时读莎士比亚的作 品。 inspiration“鼓舞”; anger“怒气”; curiosity“好奇心”; sponsorship“资 助”。根据下文中的“her encouragement”可知,此处选 A 项。 17.A.to C.of 解析:选 A B.in D.about Bessie 让“我”了解了诗和小说的世界。此处是固定词组搭配

introduce sb. to sth.“使某人初次了解,使尝试”,故选 A 项。 18.A.imagine C.dream B.believe D.insist

解析:选 B 她让“我”相信“我”可以写得和莎士比亚一样好。故选 B 项。

19.A.whenever C.whichever

B.wherever D.whatever

解析:选 D 于是“我”读了 Bessie 让“我”读的所有的书,并尽力去记住那些 她坚持要“我”记住的事情。 whatever 引导宾语从句,在从句中作宾语。本句是一个 省略句,补充完整是:So I read whatever Miss Bessie told me to read ,故选 D 项。 20.A.writing C.saying B.printing D.speaking

解析:选 C 多年后,她的鼓励最终使“我”有这样的一天。那天 Bessie 给我一 张便条,便条上写着:“我很自豪能够在《泰晤士报》上看到你的文章。”报纸或信上 写着,经常用动词 say 或 read 表示,故选 C 项。