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unit2 growing pains project language points

Unit 2 Project
Language Points

Many teenagers feel lonely, as if no one understands them and the changes they are going through.

as if / as though用法 ① 跟在look, seem

等系动词后引导表语从句 e.g.他看起来似乎生病了。 He looks as if/though he was ill. 看起来似乎要下雨了。 It seems as if/though it is going to rain. ② 引导方式状语从句 e.g.那孩子跟我们谈起话来,像个成年人似的。 The child talked to us as if he were a grown-up. 她爱这男孩,就好像她是他的母亲一样。 She loves the boy as if she were his mother.

as if /though从句中的语气和时态
当说话者认为句子所述的是真实的或极有可能发 生或存在的事实时,as if/though 从句用陈述语气。 e.g.从他谈话的样子来看他是醉了。 He talks as if he is drunk. 听起来像是在下雨。 It sounds as if it is raining. ② 当说话人认为句子所述的是不真实的或极少有可 能发生或存在的情况时, as if /though从句用虚拟 语气 。


as if /though从句中用虚拟语气的情况
⑴ 与现在事实相反,谓语动词用一般过去时

You look as if you didn't care.

⑵ 与过去事实相反,谓语动词用“had+过去分词”
e.g.他说起长城来好像他以前去过那里。 He talks about the Great Wall as if he had been there before. ⑶ 与将来事实相反,谓语动词用“would/could/might +动词原形” e.g.看来好像要下雪了。 It looks as if it might snow.

as if / though 从句中的省略
如果as if 引导的从句是“主语+系动词”结构,可 省略主语和系动词,这样as if 后就只剩下名词、不 定式、形容词(短语)、介词短语或分词。 e.g.他做事像个傻子。 He acts as if (he was) a fool. 汤姆举起手好像要说什么。 Tom raised his hands as if (he was going) to say something. 她匆忙离开房间好像生气的样子。 She left the room hurriedly as if (she was) angry.

Many teenagers feel lonely, as if no one understands them and the changes they are going through.

go through sth. ① 经历,经受 e.g.他正处于非常艰难的时期。 He was going through a very difficult time. ② 检查 e.g.在海关,他们检查了我们的行李。 They went through our luggage at the customs. ③ 浏览,翻阅,看完 e.g.读完这本书要多少时间? How long will it take to go through the book?

day by day 一天天地,逐日(表示逐渐变化) day after day 日复一日地(表示每天重复)

Day by day, everything seems different, yet the same. Life never seems to be going fast enough; yet, in other ways, like a race car, life seems to be rushing too fast and even going out of control. Has anyone else ever felt this way?
sth. / sb. seems to do
go/get out of control = lose control 失去控制

These feelings are a common part of adolescence--the time of life between child and adult.
common adj. ① 常见的,通常的,普通的 e.g. “Tom” is a common English name. ② 共有的,共享的,共同的 e.g. These growing pains are common to teenagers. ③ 普通的,平常的,寻常的 e.g. The writer’s work is popular among the common people nowadays. ? have sth. in common with sb. (想法、兴趣等)与某人相同


And, though it may sometimes be difficult to believe, you are not alone--every adult has gone through adolescence, and your friends are going through it right now along with you. ① along with 与...一起,连同 e.g. 健康的饮食加上经常锻炼是保持健康的唯一途径。 Healthy eating along with regular exercise is the only way to keep fit. along with, as well as, together with, with的主谓一致 The father, along with his sons, is responsible. The students, along with their teacher, are fond of reading books. ② along with 除了……以外(还)= besides e.g. 除了这些生理变化,还有很多心理上的变化。(Line 16) Along with these physical changes, there come many 9 psychological changes.

It is common for teenagers to feel lonely and misunderstood. These feelings can be thought of as growing pains--the difficulties that teenagers face as they grow to adults.

It is common for sb. to do sth. ? sb./sth. be thought of as… 被视为…… = sb./sth. be regarded as… = sb./sth. be considered as… ? face the difficulties 面对困难 ? grow to adult 长大成人

As teenagers grow, it is normal for them to become confused with the changing world both inside and outside them。 ? normal ←→ abnormal ? confuse vt. confused adj. confusing adj. confusion n. ① 把……弄糊涂,使……混乱 confuse sb. 把某人弄糊涂 e.g. 他们问了这么多问题简直把我弄糊了。 They confused me by asking so many questions. ② 弄混淆= mix up confuse sb./sth. confuse A with B e.g. 我总是弄混那对双胞胎。 I always confuse the twins. 不要把奥地利和澳大利亚弄混了。 11 Don’t confuse Austria with Australia.

During adolescence, teenagers go through great physical changes. They grow taller and their voices get deeper, among many other developments.

adolescence n.青春期 adolescent n. 青少年 adj.青春期的,青少年的 physical changes 生理变化 psychological changes 心理变化 deep adj. 深的;深奥的;声音低沉的 speak in a deep voice 以低沉的声音说话



Along with these physical changes, there come many psychological changes. Boys and girls tend to be different in this regard.

① ② ③

部分倒装——“there come+名词+地点状语” 在“there + be”结构中的谓语动词有时不用 be , 而用表示类似“存在”观念的其他不及物动词。 如:live, stand, come, lie, flow, enter, rise 和 appear等。 e.g. There came shouts for help from the river. There lies a large wheat field in front of the house. Many years ago there lived an old man in the wooden house.

Boys and girls tend to be different in this regard.
? ①


tend vi. 趋向,易于,往往会 tend to do sth. 常常会做某事,趋向于 tend to/towards 朝某方向,趋于 e.g. 她容易生气。 She tends to get angry easily. vt./vi. 照顾,照料 tend (to) sb./sth. 照料,照管某人、某物 e.g. 妈妈通常忙于照顾我的妹妹。 Mom is usually busy tending to my sister. in this regard 在这方面,在这一点上 e.g. 在这方面我没有其他要说的。 I have nothing further to say in this regard

Many boys become risk-takers--they want to find their own limits and the limits of the world around them, but may not have the wisdom to make good choices in their behaviour. At the same time, girls often want someone-anyone-to talk to, as they try to deal with their strong feelings.

risk-taker n.敢于冒险的人 risk vt./n. 冒险做某事 risk doing sth. = take the risk doing sth. ? have the wisdom to do sth. 有做某事的智慧 ? deal with = handle = tackle

①他把我逼得忍无可忍了。 He tried my patience to its limits. ②这条路的车速限制是每小时70英里。

The speed limit on this road is 70 mph.
③医生限制我的饭量。 The doctor limits the amount of food that I eat.

We should set a limit to what our kids can do.

In the social world, as teenagers get older, they
struggle to depend on themselves.


struggle vi.挣扎,斗争 n.斗争,奋斗,努力 struggle for 为……奋斗 struggle with/ against 与……进行斗争 struggle to one’s feet 挣扎着站起来 struggle to do sth. 努力做…… make a struggle with 同……搏斗 It is a struggle to do sth. 努力做……

They may badly want and need their parents’ love, yet feel distant; they may want to be part of the group, yet desire independence.

badly adv. = very much; extremely ? feel distant 感到冷淡的,疏远的 be distant towards sb 对某人冷淡 远房亲戚 a distant relative ? desire to do sth. 渴望做某事 desire for sth./ doing sth. = starve for sth./doing sth.

Since teenagers have difficulty balancing these needs, they often question who they are and how they fit in society.

have difficulty /trouble (in) doing sth 做某事有困难 ? balance vt. /vi. /n. 平衡,均衡,权衡

我身体失去平衡, 摔了一跤。 ?I lost my balance and fell. 为了平衡贸易, 他们将不得不减少在美国购货。 ? In order to balance their trade, they would have to buy less goods in the United States. 你必须权衡住在大城市的利与弊。 ?You have to balance the advantages of living in a big city against the disadvantages.

Since teenagers have difficulty balancing these needs, they often question who they are and how they fit in society.


大小尺寸合适 适应 fit in 适合,适应,融入(群体)

The good news is that these kinds of growing

pains do not last.

会议要开多久? How long will the meeting last? ? 食品够我们再吃几天。 The food will last us a few more days. He is the last person to steal my money.

In the end everything turns out OK--the teenager becomes a healthy adult, and this period of change and challenge is traded for the changes and challenges of grown-up life. turn out 结果是,原来是,结果证明是 e.g.结果,那天是一个晴天。 It turned out (to be) a fine day. 她原来是我姐姐的朋友。 It turned out that she was a friend of my sister. ? trade: exchange sth. for sth. else, typically as a commercial transaction trade A for B用...交换... e.g. 她用三只苹果换得一串香蕉。 She traded three apples for a bunch of bananas.

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