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高中英语 重点短语及句型 外研版必修1

高中英语 重点短语及句型 外研 版必修 1
Module 1
differences between A and B be similar to… the attitude to/towards… a city not far from … write down… on the computer on the screen information from websites a woman called…. be nothing like speak a lot in class have fun I don’t think I will be bored in Ms Shen’s class introduce oneself in groups give sb instructions work by oneself improve one’s spelling in a fun way in other words for one’s homework a description of look forward to doing… be impressed with/by/make a impression on sb A is the same size as B the number of be fluent in Chinese speak Chinese with fluency make a lot of/much progress The father is disappionted at his disappionting son. at the beginning of write to sb all over the world the smell of move to…

Would you mind answering my question/ if I asked you questions Here are my answers so have I have the biggest smile the American school systems secondary school cover 7 years at the end of… receive the high school diploma go to college divide….into../separate from September through December take part in be free to do… after-school activities module 2 make sure at any time be well organised It is said that/ they say… one’s first impressions of so….that so that avoid doing…. make sb do… dare to do… say a word appreciate doing sth apppreciate it if …. do scientific experiment as a result( of ) with Mrs Chen teaching me this is because…/that is why… in fact fall asleep good-looking wave one’s hand get bored tell jokes prefer to do would rather do than do would rather do It’s up to you

That’s settled a couple of take a look at get good marks be true of be relaxed with have problems with/in doing pay for revise for a maths test translate from A to B get to know be ready to do… refuse to do… be willing to do… avoid,admit,consider,enjoy, finish,keep,practise,mind,imagine, suggest……+doing sth

module 3
match A to (with) B travel on roads in the air use…to do… travel a long distance refer to (refer to a dictionary refer to sb for information) by train train sb to do sth in the central part of… on the coast one’s first ride to…. meals cooked by…. abandoned farms during the day look out of the window at midnight a way to do/of doing sth… be short for… supply sth to sb/ supply sb with sth pass a law allow sb to do sth/allow doing sth shoot ….. 与 shoot at….的区别 Could I see your ticket? Would you mind if I saw your ticket?

Would you mind showing me your ticket? I am sorry ,but…. out of date for the first time one’s first visit to…. all the time try to do…与 try doing 的区别 teach sb sth at kindergarten so many…. next door show sb how to do… be sick in downtown Shanghai at a speed of… on 月,日,年 the opening ceremony happen to sb on ones’s journey know…about.. set off from… on the third day be fond of..

Module 4
sixteen-year-old Zhang Hua in (on to) the south of… in a suburb on the third floor of a five-storey apartment block about fifty miles away from… be made of (from, in, by, out of ,up of) on the coast by the seaside pretty hot and wet in summer sounds OK to me I’m starving buy…from… for a while a nice little fish restaurant up to now/so far/till now exchange ideas the beauty of nature

get away from… a great many things such as at weekends/on weekdays go up can’t afford to do…. make money make friends(with sb) in the same neighbourhood take part in fill… with.. in poor health have very little contact with sb The house is two storeys high It’s been six years since we last saw each other. This is the first time I have visited your hometown. This is one of the most attractive places I’ve been to. I feel very fortunate living here. What’s the climate like? The rent for an apartment there is very high They have put up a lot of high-rise buildings recently. It’s a gorgeous island with some really interesting architecture. You remain clever remain to be done The countryside would be a sadder and urglier place without them

two-thrids of the earth’s suface is covered with water 20% our class are from the city put...in order
bigger than


as big as the size of

that one

a report on; as ... as; mix A and/ with B together; mix A into B; a mixture of...; a quarter/a half three quarters two fifhts point seven one the same as

10 meters long draw/arrive at/reach/get to / come to a conclusion it is hard to think of a world without metals electrical equipment a set of /some equipment be equipped with react with have a slow/fast reaction with at the top/bottom(of) Below is a description of a simple scietific experiment find out leave with the tube for a week add…to…/add to keep…out of ordinary water/people get colder and colder the closer you are, the more you’ll see much/a lot/a great deal/ far /by far/a bit/ a little /still / even / yet +bigger no more than/ no more…than not more than/not more…than a bigger apple You’ve got it It’s your turn to go ahead used to do/be used to doing/ be used to do the last(最新的)equipment four times a term make a diacovery in one’s area of …

first-class scientists in the last twenty years win the Nobel Prize be proud of/take in pride be supposed to do

Module 6
on the Internet computer hardware the biggest source of information be accessible through a computer consist of… millions of pages of data three thousand books two hundred of us develop a way to do sth as well become known as/for/to via the Internet at the moment go down at University come up with the idea make it +adj for sb to do… from that moment on rise from A to B thousands of millionaires access the Internet work as… the percentage of…. concentrate on… as much time as I can agree with last for+some time work independently in one’s opinion the importance of doing… be expected to do take advantage of have access to… wrap…up… don’t hesitate to do sth talking on a mobile phone with the help of..

point out one’s mistakes a serises of instead of/instead shorten sth There are a number of reasons for this. It became possible for sb to do… At the moment,about 80% of web traffic is in English. We need software to use a computer. It would be much better if we spent the time working on a computer


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