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Module 3 Lesson 1 预习卷
I. 单词互译 本课学习 12 个单词,其中 11 个名词: 直升飞机_________摩托车__________电车_______ 距离_________骆驼 ________ 录音带________ desert ________ diamond_______ expert ________ midnight_________ product ________ 形容词 1 个:被遗弃的___________ II.短语互译 Page 21-23 上(车、船、飞机等) 下(车、船、飞机等) 上(车) 下(车) ______ (飞机)起飞 A 与 B 搭配__________________ 交通工具__________________ 在远处___________________ 指的是,提及_________________ 在海滨_____________________ 长途列车__________________ 正好在中心_________________ 多么美妙的乘车旅行______________ 20 世纪 20 年代____________ 尝试做某事___________________ 不再___________________ 在(某事)上花(时间) ____________ 通过法令_______________ 允许做某事______________ 是??的缩定/简称 ___________ III. 根据句意填单词 1. I didn’t sleep until _________(半夜) last night for drinking black coffee too much 2. Some ________(专家) think that language learning is much easier for children as their tongues are more flexible(灵活的). 3. The a________ disabled children should be taken good care of by the whole society. 4. The d________ from the farm to the town is five kilometers. 5. We need new ________(产品) to sell. 6. _________(骆驼) are much better than horses for travelling in the desert areas.

Module 3 Lesson 1 课堂卷
1. distance n. 意为“____________________” → adj. distant 意为__________ 【短语】in the distance _________ at/from a distance__________

at a distance of ……________________ keep one’s distance from? ____________ 2. abandoned adj. _________

v. abandon 1) _______(give up) e.g. The scientist abandoned his research. 2) __________ e.g. I would never abandoned any friends. abandon oneself to __________ 3. refer to _____________________ 1) to 是介词,后接________、_________. e.g. Don’t refer to the matter again. When I said some people are stupid, I didn’t refer to you. 2) refer to…..as…_________ I always refer to him as a bookworm. 4. take off 1) ____________ 2) __________ 3) ___________ e.g. I want to take three days’ off, because of my illness 【take 短语】take over__________ take up ___________ take place ___________ take in ____________ e.g. You’d better take off your wet coat. e.g. The plane is taking off.

Module 3 Lesson 2 预习卷
I 单词互译 本课学习 13 个单词,其中 10 个名词: 风景,景色________ 土壤________ 旅程______ 马戏团______ seaside ______ stadium ________eagle ______ carton________ kindergarten ______ apartment ________ 动词 3 个:射杀________(____,_____) 训练_______ 使吃惊,惊吓__________ II. 短语互译 (page24-28) 过时________________________


你介意我看你的票吗?_________________________________ 运动场__________________ 骑自行车________________ 首次,第一次__________________ 我的一个朋友____________.

始终,一直__________________直到?才___________________ 玩玩具____________________ 在路上___________________ 进行采访____________________ III. 根据句意填单词 很久以前___________________ 拍电影____________________ 一点也不__________________

1. Children should be ______(训练) from an early age in table manners. 2.This summer I will make a long _______(旅行) from Beijing to Harbin. 3. The hunter ________(射杀) 哀叹 the eagle, but he missed it. 4. The ghost story(鬼故事) f__________ the girls. 5. He t______ hard for the race, sometimes running as far as 10 miles a day. 6. It used to be a three-day j_________ on train from Jinan to Harbin. 7. My neighbour will move into his new a_________ in the centre of the city next month.

Module 3 Lesson 2 课堂卷
1. scenery n.风景,景色 【scenery/scene/sight/view】 scenery : 自然景色的全称;_______名词; scene: 意思为(1)景色,情景,现场,场面(有人参与) (2) 电影场景 为_____名词 sight: 多用___名词,意为 “名胜,风景” (人文景观) view: 从远处高处看到的景色(比如从山顶、窗口看到的景色) 练习:1. The ____ of the West Lake are well known in China. 2. You can enjoy a good ______ of the city from the top of the tower. 3. Lijiang is famous for its ______ so it attracts thousands of tourists every year. 4. The old man running after a dog made an amusing _______. 2. frighten vt. __________ frighten sb. into doing sth. ________________

e.g. The lawyer frightened him into signing the paper. ◆ adj. frightened “_________”

be frightened of (doing) sth _____________ be frightened to death ____________ e.g. I’m frightened of _______ (walk) home alone in the dark ◆ adj. frightening “__________” ◆ n._________ 3. supply n. _______ 惊吓,恐惧,害怕 in short supply _______ gas/water/electricity supply _____________ v. ____________ supply sb. ____ sth. = supply sth. ___ sb. 【同义词:provide/offer】 provide sb. ____ sth.= provide sth ____ sb. offer sb. sth = offer sth __ sb. an frightening experiment

Module 3 Lesson 3 预习卷
I 单词互译 本 课 学 习 10 个 单 词 , 其 中 名 词 8 个 : interview ________


____________event ________ vacuum _________ 铁轨 _______
仪式 __________ 轨道 __________纪念品 _________ 形容词 2 个: 疲惫不堪的___________ 商业区的,市中心的 ___________ II.短语互译 在 A 与 B 之间的主要不同___________________ 磁悬浮火车__________________ 在上海商业区_________________ 世界上第一列高速列车 _____________ 400 千米每小时_____________ .参加开幕式___________________ 在轨道上__________________ 旅游景点__________________ III. 根据句意填单词 以?的速度_________________ 在真空中____________________ 德国总理____________________ 达到?.的速度_________________ 世界纪录 ________________ 记笔记 ______________

1. My aunt bought some s________ for us when she visited the West Lake. 2. When they climbed to the top of Mount Tai, they were all e_________. 3. Winning the Nobel Prize was a great _________(事件) in the scientist’s life. 4. The reporter asked a face-to-face e__________ with the manager. 5.The marriage (仪式)took place in the church.

Module 3 Lesson 3 课堂卷 1. interview (1) n. 面试;面谈;采访;接见 He will have an interview for a job next Monday. have an interview with sb. (2) v. 会见;采访;面试 A journalist often has to interview some important people. ◆interviewer:__________ interviewee: ___________ 2. exhausted adj. 疲惫不堪的,耗尽的 exhaust vt. __________ exhausting adj. ___________ 【练习】 The work has ________(exhaust) her mind. :1. 2. These ________(exhaust) soldiers gave in at last. 3. The long cycle ride ________ her. A. exhaust B. exhausted C. tire D. exhausting 3. allow (page 23)v. 允许 ________________ 允许做某事 ________________ 允许某人做某事 【练习】 1. His parents won’t allow him _______(stay) out late. : 2. We don’t allow _______(smoke) in the hall. _____________

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