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General revision for grammar

adj & adv 形容词和副词

形容词用于修饰名词或代词, 表示人或事 物的性质、 状态和特征。 副词是用来说明动作或状态的特征,说明 时间,地点,程度等概念。它用来修饰 动词、形容词、副词、短语或句子。

adj 形容词用于修 饰名词或代词, 表示人或事物 的属性或特征 等 副词是用来说 明动作或状态 的特征,说明时 间,地点,程 度等概念。它 用来修饰动词、 形容词、副词、 短语或句子。




√ √
√ √



adj 作定语
1. 前置定语 A difficult situation, efficient approach|way 2. 后置定语: 1)修饰不定代词:something, anything, nothing, everything Nothing serious, anything special 2) 某些a-开首的形容词:afraid, alike, alive, alone, asleep, ashamed, awake, aware He is the only man alive.

3) available, possible, imaginable前后置意义不变 He is the best person available. He is the best available person.

adj 作表语
1) 用在be之后. They are capable of doing the job. 2) 相当于be 的动词之后:appear, seem, come, cook, die, fall, keep, lay,prove, remain, run, look, smell, taste, sound, feel, go, get, grow, become, turn… remain calm, go hungry, fall asleep, come true, appear effective, die young

3) 只用作表语的形容词:well, ill, content, fond, glad, likely, ready, sorry, sure He is likely to see me today. This is a possible solution. The boy is ill/sick. The sick boy is lying in bed. ill news, ill wind, ill luck

adj 作宾补
You keep the classroom clean. Leave me alone, please.

adj 作状语
She came home sick. He went to bed, cold and hungry and exhausted.


adv. 作定语
? 时间地点副词放在名词或代词之后 I bought something to drink on my way home. All the commodities(日用百货) here are made in Shanghai. It is quite fine today.

adv. 作表语
? on, in, up, down, out, off, back, upstairs, away… What’s on tomorrow? She is out.

adv. 作宾补
? Let her upstairs. ? We’ll see you off at the airport. ? They made him out yesterday.

adv. 作状语
? The boy swims well.(修饰动词) ? The room is quite small and dark. (修饰形容词) ? He worked out the problem very easily.(修饰 副词) ? He got on that train fortunately. ? Fortunately, he got on that train. (修饰全句)

adj & adv?
? ? ? She always looks ___________ beautiful .(美丽) She is always dressed ____________ beautifully (美丽)
serious 严重) illness. He has got a ___________(

He is ______________ (严重)ill. seriously

widely (wide) used ? English is a __________ language. badly ? This soldier was ________(bad) wounded. great/very great ? This painting is of ________ value. very valuable. ? This painting is _______

1.You can’t sit on this newly bought chair___. C
A.comfort B.comfortable

C.comfortably A. well; well
C. good; well A. correct C. correctness

D.with comfortable B. good; good
D. well; good B. correctly D. correcting

C 2. The apple tastes _____ and sells ___ .

A 3. Your answer sounds _____ .

C talk between 4. There was a ____ the two lively, lonely, deadly, silly, teams last week.
A all the 5. At the meeting, they kept ____ time.
A.friend B.friendship

orderly, timely, costly, brotherly C.friendly D.warmly

D 6. They all looked _____ at the master and
felt quite _____ . A.sad; sad C. sad; sadly B. sadly; sadly D. sadly; sad

A. silent B.silence C. quietly D. quite

C to get back to 7.—Mum, I think I’m __ school. --Not really, my dear. You’d better stay at home for another day or two.
A. so well B. so good

C. well enough

D. good enough

8.we decided not to climb the mountains because it was raining ____. D A. badly C. strongly B. hardly D. heavily

9.John was so sleepy that he could hardly A keep his eyes ____. A. open B. to be opened

C. to open D. opening 10.(02北京) It was raining heavily. Little A Mary felt cold, so she stood _____ to her mother.
A. close B. closely C. closed D. closing high / highly , deep / deeply , wide / widely

close/closely , etc.

11.(03北京,春) --- I was riding along the street and all of a sudden, a car cut in and knocked me down.

D careful in the --- You can never be ___ street.
A. Much B. very C. so D. too

can not (never) … too… 怎么…也不为过

12.(NMET00’) It’s always difficult being in D if you don’t speak a foreign country, ____ the language. A. extremely C. basically B. naturally D. especially

13. (01北京春) In that case, there is B than wait. nothing you can do ___ A. more B. other C. better D. any other than 除了

14.(NMET2004全国) I don’t mind picking up D , The your things from the store. ____ walk will do me good. A. Sooner or later C. In time B. Still D. Besides

15.(2004上海) Most people on this island C are recreational fishers, and _____, fishing forms an actual part of their leisure time.
A. accidentally B. purposefully

C. obviously

D. formally

16.(NMET2004天津) Mr Smith used to B but he has given it up. smoke ___ A. seriously B. heavily

C. badly

D. hardly

17.(2004湖南) Everyone was on time for the meeting ____ C Chris, who’s usually ten minutes late for everything. A. but B. only C. even D. yet

18.(NMET2004广东) It is ____ any wonder that his friend doesn’t like watching television much. A.no B.such C.nearly D.hardly


19.(NMET2004广东) The great success of D due to the this programme has been ____ support given by the local businessmen. A. rather C. quickly B. very D. largely

25.(NMET2003全国) Alien had to call a taxi A to carry all the because the box was ____ way home. A. much too heavy B. too much heavy

C. heavy too much
D. too heavy much

形容词、副词 比较等级的用法


1. 肯定
2. 否定 3. 倍数

as (adv.) + adj. / adv. 原级 + as (conj.)
not as (so) + adj. / adv. 原级 + as 倍数 + as + adj. / adv. 原级 + as

1. Mr. Sun speaks English as fluently as you . 2. This building looks not so (as) high as that one. 3. This room is three times as large as that one.


1. 构成形式
more worse less better farther further

- er

most worst least best farthest furthest


原级 much/many ill/bad/badly little good / well


more and more better 正 better and better

2.用法 A. 表示一方超过另一方 B. 表示一方不及另一方 C. 表示 越来越 …

“ 比较级 + than ” “ less + 原级 + than ”

“ 比较级 + and + 比较级 ”

D. 表示 越 … 越 …
E. 表示 倍数

“ the +比较级 … , the +
比较级 …” “ 倍数+比较级 + than ”

3. 可以修饰比较级的副词或副词短语。 even, much, still, a bit, (quite) a little , far, etc. 注意:very 修饰原级,much 修饰比较级,修饰动词 用much 或 very much.

A her friends, but 1.She doesn’t speak___ her written work is excellent. A.as well as C. so much as B. as often as D. as good as

2.Of all the story books, I like this one D ____. It’s not interesting at all. A. very much C. very less B. the best D. the least

3.---If you don’t like the red coat, take the blue one. B ---Ok, but do you have ___size in blue? This one is a bit tight for me. A. a big C. the big B. a bigger D. the bigger

4.If the manager had to choose between the two, he would say John was ___choice. D A.good B.the best C.better D.the better

5.Many people have helped with canned food, A for the however, the food bank needs ___ poor. A.more B.much C.many D.most 6.—This story book is not interesting at all. B --Well, I’ll lend you ___one, Ok? A.the most interesting B.a most interesting C.most interesting D.much interesting

7.---It’s so hot today. A ---It surely is. It’s ___yesterday. A.two degrees hotter than B.two degrees as hot as C.two degree hotter than D.as two degrees hot as

B 8.(2003北京) Our neighbour has ___ ours.
A.as a big house as B.as big a house as
C. the same big house as

D. a house the same big as

A 9.He insisted that those who worked ___ than anyone else should get ___ money.
A.harder, the most B.harder, most

C.hardest, the most

D.hardest, most

10.Everybody says that this problem is B __ difficult than the one you asked me about yesterday. A.a lot quite more B.quite a lot more C.a lot more quite D.very much more quite B as any of us, but he is 11.He is not ___ brave enough. A.as a good player C.a player so good B.as good a player D.a so good player

A 12.The harder you work, ____.

A. the greater progress you’ll make
B. the greater you’ll make progress

C. you’ll make the greater progress
D. you’ll make greater progress

13.Professor White has written some short C stories, but he is ___known for his plays. A. the best B. more

C. better

D. the most

14.(NMET2001全国) It is generally believed D it is a science. that teaching is ____ A. an art much as

B. much an art as
C. as an art much as

D. as much an art as

A 15.Tom’s handwriting is better than ____. A. any other student’s handwriting B.any student’s handwriting else C.any of the other students D.any student handwriting D 16.(00’上海) Greenland, ____ island in the world, covers over two million square kilometers. A. it is the largest C. is the largest B.that is the largest D. the largest

D 17.To my surprise he is ____ than his younger sister.
A. taller C. less shorter B. less taller D. less tall

18.(NMET2000上海春) Although Linda tried D than her hard in the exam, she did ____ brother. A. more badly C. much badly B.much better D. much worse

V-ed & V-ing
A of the ____ 1.(03北京春) Mr. Smith , ___ speech, started to read a novel.
A. tired; boring B. tiring; bored

C. tired; bored

D. tiring; boring

2. (03上海) It is believed that if a book is D it will surely ____ the reader. ____, A.interested;interest B.interesting,be ~ed

C. interested; be ~ing D. ~ing; interest

C that he didn’t know what do do. 3.___
A. So excited he was

B. So exciting he was
C. So excited was he

D. So exciting was he

4.(NMET2004上海春) After his journey from abroad, Richard Jones returned home, B _____. A. exhausting B. exhausted C. being exhausted

D. having exhausted

1.(NMET2004全国) Mary kept weighing A she was herself to see how much ___ getting. A. heavier C. the heavier B. heavy D. the heaviest

2.(NMET2004上海) He speaks English well indeed, but of course not ____ a native C speaker. A.as fluent as C.so fluently as B. more fluent than D. much fluently than

3.(NMET2004湖南) That doesn’t sound very B frightening, Paul, I’ve seen ____. What did you like most about the film? A. better C. best B. worse D. worst

4.(NMET2003上海) The house rent is expensive. I’ve got about half the space I D had at home and I’m paying _____ here. A. as three times much B. as much three times C. much as three times D.three times as much

5.(NMET2003上海春) After supper she would A sit down by the fire, sometimes for _____ an hour, thinking of her young and happy days. A. as long as C. as much as B. as soon as D. as many as

A 6.(NMET2002北京) All the people ____ at the party were his supporters. A. present B. thankful

C. interested

D. important

7.(NMET2002上海) As far as I am concerned, education is about learning and B the more you learn, _____. A. the more for life are you equipped B. the more equipped for life you are C. the more life you are equipped for D. you are equipped the more for life

8.(NMET2002上海春) The magazine is a(n) A _______ number. You can take it out of the reading–room. A.back
C. old

B. past
D. former

9.(NMET2002全国) Boris has brains. In fact, I doubt whether anyone in the class has ______ IQ. B A. a high
C. the higher

B. a higher
D. the highest


D ---I’m very ____ with my own cooking. It looks nice and smells delicious.
---Mm, it does have a ____ smell. A.pleasant,pleased B.pleased,pleased



11.(NMET2002京皖春) Two middle-aged C passengers fell into the sea. ____, neither of them could swim. A. In fact
C. Unfortunately

B. Luckily
D. Naturally

12.(NMET2001上海) In recent years travel companies have succeed in selling us the C idea that the further we go, ___. A. our holiday will be better B. our holiday will be the better C. the better our holiday will be

D. the better will our holiday be

13.(NMET2001上海) According to the new C research gardening is a more ____ exercise for older women than jogging or swimming. A. mental
C. effective

B. physical
D. efficient

B 14.(NMET2001上海春) I would be very ___ if you could give me an early reply. A. pleasant B. grateful

C. satisfied

D. helpful

15.(NMET2001上海春) He left in such a C hurry that I ____ had time to thank him.

A. almost
C. hardly

B. even
D nearly

16.(NMET2001上海春) When you turn on the D appear on TV set, clear pictures will ___ the screen.
A.rapidly B.hurriedly



17.(NMET2000上海) You’re standing too B near the camera. Can you move _____?

A. a bit far
C. a bit of farther

B.a little farther
D. a little far

18.(NMET2000上海春) There was no news; _____, she did not give up hope. D
A. moreover C. but B.therefore D.nevertheless

19.The old man is still in danger. He is __ than he was yesterday.

A.as well as
C.no better

B.not worse
D.more worse

20.(NMET2004上海) Some people like drinking coffee, for it has ____ B effects. A. promoting C. enhancing B. stimulating D. encouraging

B 21.Would you be ___ do me a favour, please? A. kind enough C. so kind to B. so kind as to D. kind as to

Correct the mistakes: ___________ 1. This box is more heavier than that one. __ 2. Tom is the youngest in the three. of heavier

____of the two. 3. He is taller
______ 4. Today is our the busiest day.

the taller our

5. I think math is very more difficult than Chinese. much ____ _____ 6. There are much more people in the street than usual. many __tall as Jack. as 7. Mike is so 8. Li Ying jumped farther than Jim jumped. ______ (did)

_____ 9. The Yellow River is the second longer river in China. longest 10. We must get farther ______ information. further

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