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I come all the way out here to do sth 我大老远跑过来干----I am sorry that you feel that way 我很遗憾你这么想 Do an internal investigation 做内部调查 I will not let it stand 我不会善罢甘休的 How you been? Been better. He is stabilized 他现已稳定 Leftovers 剩菜剩饭 Fit in (with sb or sp) Be fresh to death 酷呆了 Get fucked up Comfy Wipe that smile off 别傻笑了 What is the rush? Retaliation Pick on sb I may be too bold means forgive me .恕我直言 Handmaiden 丫鬟 Word of advice I will do anything and give everything for you Would rather do sth Drink in your beauty Provoke sb 挑衅某人 Writing supplies 文房四宝 Get after girls 泡妞 LMFAO 是什么意思? lmfao=laughing my fucking ass off “笑死我了” 对他我真的已经受够了!本赛季我们还剩余 6 轮联赛,巴洛特利将不会在这 6 场比赛中得 到出场机会了(I am finished. We have six games and he will not play in the next six games。 )。 on the sidelines of the Boao Economic Forum 在博鳌经济论坛期间

Rude 与 Crude 有什么区别? 1) Rude Meaning : Lacking civility or good manners. 缺乏礼貌或风度. Example : It's rude to stare at people. 盯着人看是不礼貌的. 2) Crude Meaning : Adj. 粗鲁的,简陋的,天然的,未加工的 . n. 天然的物质. Crude oil (原油). Example : a) It was crude of him to say that. 他那样说太粗鲁了.

b) Crude oil can be refined into various petroleum products. 原油可炼制成各种石油产品. ******************** 两者的区别: 1) 两者都当 形容词 用时, Rude : 不礼貌,粗鲁的( 形容人的品质,性格.). Crude: 粗野的; 常指没受过良好教育的.( 形容人的行为). 例 : He is a rude man, because his behavior is crude。 他是一个粗鲁的人, 因为他行为举止很粗鲁. 2) Crude 可当名词用, 例如 Crude oil 即 原油 之意.


Knock it off 消停 a good fame is better than good face
crude 和 raw 的区别?
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crude 和 raw 到底有什么区别呀?我指的是在“原始的,未经加工的”这层意思上 有什么区别。raw 还有阴冷的意思就不用说了。 似乎经常搭配的是:crude oil 和 raw data, raw material, raw meat 可是好像也看过 raw oil 的搭配。另外,到底是 raw fact 还是 crude fact 啊?还 是都行?

在“原始的,未经加工的”这层意思上,crude 与 raw 是近义词,试比较两者的英 文解释: Crude substances are in a natural or unrefined state, and have not yet been used in manufacturing processes. Raw materials or substances are in their natural state before being processed or used in manufacturing. 可见二都几乎没有什么区别,通常都用于作定语,而 crude oil 则比较常用。 另外,对 raw 还有如下解释: Raw food is food that is eaten uncooked, that has not yet been cooked, or that has not been cooked enough. 因此有 raw meet

Raw data is facts or information that has not yet been sorted, analysed, or prepared for use. 据此,应为 raw fact. …… 总之,raw 的用法多于 crude,具体建议参考 Collins COBUILD Dictionary,内 有非常明了的用法解释。
参考资料:Collins COBUILD Dictionary

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My little girl, you are sleeping sweetly when i click this to you. i bought you two pairs of new shoes in case of the cold weather last night, but you were unwilling to try it on. Your response was within my expectation while your aunt felt surprised that you don't feel like trying on something new or beautiful. We guess, maybe you don't know how to appreciate the beauty, after all, you are a baby. But it seems it is not the fact, i find you like bright colors and you like animals or flowers pasted on your clothes. On the one hand, I am puzzled about your action. On the other hand, i feel it happy that you don't care much for your appearance and clothes till now. This brings me to the real reason for my letter, my dear baby. As a girl, there is no doubt that you will regard beauty as a most important part in your life when you are growing older. You see, mom also likes beauty, likes beautiful things, which is human beings' nature.So believe me, mom will understand your thoughts and behavior. Mom just wants to share some of my opinions on what beauty is with you. Because i hope that you can make a right judgement on what beauty is in the future. It is true that there is no beautiful appearance existing forever because of the power of time. Even though cosmetics can delay the arrival of aging, the appearance of youth will disappear just like flowers dry up and die gradually. Physical beauty doesn't last forever, but inner beauty will not disappear. Mom wants to tell you that the real beauty is reflected in one's soul, not in his or her appearance. A beautiful woman is a diamond but a truthful, honest and trustworthy woman is a treasure. As an old saying goes,"Virtue is fairer than beauty." Good looking is pleasant but spiritual beauty is more important. So don't judge whether a person is beautiful or not without a complete understanding of him or her.

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