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厦门市 2011-2012 学年(上)高一质量检测 II. 单项填空(共 12 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 12 分) 13.-What are your new roommates like, Eric? -They are a bit too noisy, but friendly. A. anyhow B. however C. though D. wherever 14.

-Are you free this evening? -Sorry, I’ve promised to have Mary’s computer repaired for what she has done for me. A. in relief B. in turn C. in return D. in fact 15.The students asked how they could be as members of the English club. A. admitted B. received C. remembered D. sent 16.Most animals and plants are to large and sudden changes in temperature, so the ocean is a safe and comfortable habitant. A. peaceful B. secure C. sensitive D. powerful 17.-How long at designing this programme? -Since last month. A. had you been employed B. have you been employed C. were you employed D. will you be employed 18. We know some students have fewer problems with the grammar rules, but have more trouble with their . A. knowledge B. research C. performances D. applications 19.Send me a short message I ’ ll know where you are when you arrive. A. even if B. so that C. in case D. as soon as 20.-Jane got an iPad II for only $400. -Wow, that ’s a real . A. cost B. charge C. value D. bargain 21. The new school is built in used to be an old factory. A. where B. it C. what D. which 22. He deserves for cheating in the exam. A. to punish B. punishing C. punish D. punished 23.The 2012 Olympic Games in London. A. will be held B. were held C. have been held D. are being held 24.My friend Jenifer, help I’ve made great progress in my studies, will leave for Canada next work. A. in whose B. in her C. with her D. with whose III. 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 Yesterday I totally changed my views about life after a talk with my friends. He told me 25 he was in debt, he was happy and 26 that it was because of something he 27 in India. A few years ago he was really feeling sad and was touring India. He said right in front of his very eyes he saw an Indian mother 28 her child’s right hand with a knife. The 29 expression in the mother’s eyes and the painful scream(尖叫) of the helpless four-year-old child 30 remained in his mind.

The crazy mother made the child disabled 31 he could go out on the streets to 32 .Touched by scene, my friend 33 a small piece of bread he was eating. And almost at once, several children 34 around this small piece of bread covered with 35 ,taking bits from one another. It was the natural reaction(反应) of 36 .He then went to the nearest bakery and 37 every single loaf of bread. As he gave out the bread to the 38 (mostly disabled),he received 39 and bows from all these 40 children. For the first time in his life, he 41 how people could give up their dignity(尊 严)for a loaf of bread. He came to realize how 42 he was to be able to have a sound body, have a job, have a family, have the chance to complain about food that didn’t taste 43 , and have many things that these people in front of him never dreamed of 44 . Perhaps life wasn’t bad at all. 25.A.although B. because C. when D. since 26. A. decided B. doubted C. explained D. agreed 27.A. picked B. received C. saw D. lost 28. A. cut off B. operate on C. point to D. aim to 29.A. disappointed B. satisfied C. proud D. helpless 30.A. even B. still C. ever D. never 31. A. as if B. so that C. even if D. only if 32. A. act B. play C. beg D. steal 33. A. sold B. dropped C. showed D. fetched 34.A.cried B. gathered C. looked D. turned 35. A. flour B. sugar C. butter D. sand 36. A. thirst B. hunger C. anger D. joy 37. A. ordered B. made C. bought D. ate 38.A. children B. mother C. passers-by D. owner 39. A. awards B. cheers C. money D. laughter 40. A. angry B. brave C. unlucky D. happy 41. A. forgot B. heard C. wondered D. understood 42. A. lucky B. boring C. upset D. pleased 43. A. good B. hot C. sweet D. salty 44. A. borrowing B. taking C. giving D. having IV. 阅读理解 A 阅读下面一篇文章,从所给选项中选出最恰当的句子,并将其字母标号填在相应的横线 上。

A. The web has large numbers of websites in it. B. We must learn from the web designer. C. The Internet is changing and growing all the time. D. They also write the things that you see on the website. E. It’s all because of the web designers. F. Surfing the internet is very important. G. Web designers must imagine a lot when they are making a website.

Mails, games, music, news, chat rooms and shopping! The Internet is part of the way we live today. It’s easy to get onto the Internet. The only thing we need to do is to use a modem which is used for connecting a computer to a telephone line. 45 More and more people have computers and use the Internet. Using the Internet means surfing the World Wide Web (That’s the “www” you always hear about). 46 They are places you go to get information and do things. Where do these websites come from? They are made by web designers. What happens when you click on a word or a picture? You are sent to another page. 47 Web designers do a lot of work by using a computer programming language. Is web design all about computer programming? No. It’s about making something new. 48 It must look good and be fun to use. A big part of web design is art. They choose the best pictures and colours to make the website look good. 49 An important part of their job is to share ideas with the website manager about how to design the website well. V 选词填空 (共 8 小题, 每小题 1.5 分,满分 12 分) 根据所提供的语境,从方框中选择正确的短语填空,使句子意思完整。 (其中有两个多 余选项) according to deal with in search of rely on above all stand for in charge of will do harm to do with is very familiar with

59. I guess, the letters WWF World Wildlife Fund, aren’t they? 60. Though it was dark and raining hard, the children went out their lost dog. 61. She spent a happy afternoon sorting out all her coins and stamps time and designs. 62. This pop star young people, who like his songs and style. 63. You may it that John will come and help us if we are in trouble. 64. We need a 3-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, in a quiet place. 65. The nuclear power station (核电站) our health and safety if it is not used properly. 66. The new teacher knows how to the problems in her class though she is young. 阅读回答问题(共 4 题,每小题 2.5 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下列短文,并根据所获取的信息用英语回答问题。 Everyone I talk to seems tired these days. To many people, the idea of exercising when they are tired just seems beyond them. They just don’t want to have the energy. Well, I have some good news;A study showed that low levels of exercise can increase energy levels by 20% and decrease tiredness by 65%. This is fantastic. In the study, 36 people who were not regular exercisers and who reported being tired all the time were divided into three groups. One group did 20 minutes of moderate(适中的) exercise three times a week for six weeks, the second group did low-intensity (强度) exercise for the same amount of time and the tired group did not exercise any more. Both exercise groups had a 20% increase in energy levels after six weeks. The extra good news was that the researchers found the

low-intensity groups reported a higher reduction (降低) in tiredness than the group working out at a moderate level. In fact, the low-intensity group reported a 65% drop in tiredness compared to a 49% drop in the moderate group while the no-exercise group just stayed the same. So getting out for just 20 minutes three time a week can really raise your energy level. Try walking, running, or really anything that just gets you moving. Keep in mind, however, that the study only looks at the tiredness and energy creation benefits (益处) of exercise. Other studies suggest that more intense exercising could have long life and health benefits. But if you are not in the habit of exercising, focus on a low-intensity workout for the first 6 weeks. That should give you the energy you need. 72. Why does the writer say “fantastic” in Paragraph 1? (Please answer within 8 words) _______________________________________________________________________ 73. How often and how long should a person do low-intensity exercise if he wants to decrease tiredness? (Please answer within 8 words) _________________________________________________________________________ 74. What does “to exercise” mean according to the writer? (Please answer within 3 words) __________________________________________________________________________ 75. Who does the writer suggest have a low-intensity workout? (Please answer within 6 words) ___________________________________________________________________________ 完成句子 (共 4 小题,每小题 2.5 分,满分 10 分) 根据所给汉语提示,完成下列句子。 76. 这是一段两国在交战的时期。 ______________________________when the two countries were at war. 77. 在现代奥运会中,妇女不仅可以参加,而且起很重要作用。 Women are not only allowed to take part, but ______________________ modern Olympics. 78. 电脑被用来为人类提供高质量的生活。 Computers are used to ____________________________________________. 79. 你曾经梦想过在人人都欣赏你演奏的音乐会上表演吗? Have you ever dreamed of playing at a concert ____________________________________? 80. 琥珀屋被认为是世界奇迹之一。 The Amber Room ___________________________________ of the world.

参考答案: 单选答案: 13-24: ACACB 完型答案: 25-30: ACCADB 31-35: BCBBD 36-40: BCABC 41-44: DAAD



阅读理解答案: 45-49 CAEGD 选词填空答案: 59. stand for 60. in search of 61. according to 62. is very familiar with/to 63. rely on 64. above all 65. will do harm to 66. deal with 完成句子答案: 72. Exercise can increase energy and decrease tiredness. 73. Three times a week for six weeks. 74. To move 75. People without the habit of exercising 76. This was a time when 77. play a very important role/part in 78. provide humans with a life of high quality 79.at which everyone is appreciating your music 80. was considered (as) one of the wonders

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