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新版广州牛津英语初一下Unit 1 Reading Peope around us

Warming up:
Which person you love around you, your family, your classmates, or your teacher? Why do you love him / her?
Because he / she is… (kind, cute, naughty, mean, bright, calm,be strict with, sleepy, lovely, smart,cheerful,patient, hard-working…)

A1.Do you know these words for describing people? Complete the sentences with the correct words from the box.

cheerful hard-working



smart Tom is very _____ . He can always answer the teacher’s questions.

cheerful hard-working



cheerful Jim and David are______ . They are always happy.

cheerful hard-working



hard-working These are ____________ students. They study hard.

cheerful hard-working



patient She is a _______ mum. She takes time to help her child.

B Look at the pictures and the titles on page 3. Then circle the correct answers to complete the sentences below.

b 1. Grandma was always ____. a. sad b. cheerful

a 2. Alice probably likes ____. a. playing table tennis b. drawing pictures a 3.Mr Li is ____. a. a Maths teacher b. an Art teacher

C. Vocabulary
C1.The words and phrases in italics are from the three articles on page3.Circle the correct answers to complete these sentences.

b 1.Mandy is always cheerful . She is always ____. a. sad b. happy a 2.Sam forgot Jack’s address. He ___ Jack’s address. a.didn’t remember b. didn’t write down
3.My mum takes care of my grandma. She ___ b him. a. looks after b. lives with

D1.Read the three articles on page3 to find
out about the three people below. Then complete the table.

grandma Ben’s ______ short, with grey hair died ______ two years ago

D2.Read the articles again and answer the questions
below in complete sentences.

1.What did Ben’s grandma do for his family? His grandma took care of Ben’s family.

4.Jason hopes that he and Mandy will
remain good friends. Mandy also hopes b they will ____ good friends. a. find b. still be

best friend Joyce’s ____________ glasses tall _______ , with ______ Maths good at ___________

2.How does Alice make Joyce laugh?
Alice often tells Joyce jokes .

3.What do Alice and Joyce often do together?
They often study and play table tennis together.

5.Leo’ parents always encourage him. They a always him ____. a. give…a lot of hope b. make…feel sad

6.Tom often gives up easily. He usually ____ very soon after he starts. b a. keeps trying to do something
b. stops trying to do something

Maths teacher Amy’s __________ tall _______ and _______ thin encourages always __________ his students

4.Why are Mr Li’s classes always full of fun?
Because Mr Li uses lots of games in his teaching.

5.How does Mr Li encourage his students?
He often says, “Never give up and you will be successful.”

C2.A school newspaper reporter interviewed Ben, Alice and Mr Li .
Complete their conversations with the words and phrases from the box below. forget gives up miss remain strict about successful

1. Reporter: Ben, do you still _______your miss grandma? Ben:Yes. She was so kind. I’ll never forget ______her.


gives up



strict about


2. Reporter: What do you think of Joyce, Alice ? Alice: She’s my best friend. She’s very friendly. I really like her. I’m sure we’ll remain always ______ friends. 3. Reporter : What do you think of Amy,Mr Li? strict about Mr Li: She’s __________ her studies, so she’s always successful __________ in her exams. gives up She never __________ when there are difficulties.

D3.Discuss and answer the questions below with your classmates.

1.What is special about your
grandma or grandpa?

2.What kind of person would you like
to make friends with?

3.What do you like about your

Important Phrases
1. as well 2. take care of 3. tell jokes 4. make fun of 5. be strict about 6. give up




1.with:prep.意为“具有;带有” The girl with long hair is my classmate. 长头发的女孩是我同学。
【拓展】with的其他用法: 1.与...一起,偕同,和... She lives with her son. 2. 以(手段、材料),用(工具) My American friend is learning to eat with chopsticks. 3. 在...一边,赞成 We are with you there.

2. cook:厨师 cooker:炊具 cookbook:食谱 3.dish:(1)n.盘,碟 (2)v.本文译为“做的菜”


4.in the world 【拓展】around the world all over the world throughout the world the whole world 5.taste: (1)n.味道,味觉 (2)v.品尝,后加形容词。 the food tastes delicious. 6. Smell: 闻起来,后加形容词

8.take care of:照顾,照料 =look after 9.miss: miss sb very much 非常想念某人 名词:小姐,置于姓名,姓之前。 动词:思念,失踪,错过。 以下句子可以包括以上用法: A miss is missing a missing miss. 一位小姐正在思念一位失踪的小姐。

1. She often tells me jokes to make me laugh, but she never makes fun of others. ① tell sb. sth. = tell sth. to sb. 告诉某人某事 请告诉我你的电话号码。 Please tell me your telephone number. = Please tell your telephone number to me.

② make sb.+ 形容词、动词
Don’t make your parents angry. Don’t make him cry.

make fun of =laugh at

tell jokes on sb = tell jokes about sb, 讲关于某人的笑话。 例如: I will tell you some jokes about Jack. play jokes on sb, 耍弄某人,对某人 恶作剧 例如: I just played some jokes on him, no big deal.

③.others :others 与the others的区别 others(=other+复数名词) 泛指“部分”含义,用于 已知的一些人或物中,除去某些后余下的人或物 中的一部分。如: 四班的学生们在打扫教室。一些人在打水,另一些人 在扫地。 The students of Class Four are cleaning the classroom. Some are carrying water, others are sweeping the floor. the others(=the other+复数名词)指一定范围内除 去一个或一部分后,“余下的人或物的全部”。如: 这篇作文比其他那些都好。 This composition is better than the others.

another + (one/单数名词)表示三者或三者以上中的 另一个
another 还可表示“又一的,再一个(或一批)的”与 more 相似,但词序不同。 又一星期之后 after another week 再喝一杯牛奶 have another glass of milk 我们还/另外需要十张椅子。 We need another ten chairs./We need ten more chairs

each,other,others,the others,the other, another用法与区别 each 每一个 we each have a book : each of us has a book other 其他的 other people ;other plants others=other people/ other things 泛指

the others = the other people/ other things 特指
the other 两者中的另一个

another 三者或三者以上中的另一个

remain:系动词,后接名词或形 容词,表示“一直保持,仍然(处 于某种状态)”。 Eg. The books in the bookshelf remain in good shape.

1. His classes are always full of fun. be full of = be filled with 充满,填满。如: 一只装满水的瓶子。

a bottle is filled with water. is full of = a bottle ____ ____ ____ water.
2. He uses lots of games in his teaching. lots of ,a lot of, plenty of 既可以修饰可数名词也可 以修饰不可数名词,常用于肯定句中。如: 我有很多朋友。
I have many / plenty of / a lot of / lots of friends.

3.be strict about sth 对某事要求严格 【拓展】be strict with sb 对某人要求严格 eg: You must not mind if your aunt is strict with you .

4.encourage:“鼓励” 主动语态表达: A encourage B to do sth 被动语态表达: sb be encouraged to do sth

5.give sb. sth.=give sth. to sb. 给某人某物 eg:I gave him a book. 【拓展】 give up 放弃 give in 屈服,投降

1. She passed her exam easily, because she is

h__________ . ard-working
2. My grandparents stay at hometown and I

m_____ them very much. iss
3. I was laughing because she just told me a oke funny j_______. 4. Don’t l______ at others when they are in augh trouble. 5. Teachers always give us s_____ so that we upport can work out the problem.

1. 父母对我的学习总是很严格要求。 are My parents ____ always strict about my studies. ____ _____ 2. 医生要我爸爸戒烟。 give ___smoking. The doctor told my father to ____up 3. 我妈妈照顾着整个家庭。 takes care of My mother ____ ____ ____ my family. 4.爸爸喜欢饭后给我们讲笑话。 My father likes to tell jokes to us after dinner. ____ ____

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