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Unit 2 How do you study for a test?



1a Check the ways you study for an English test . Then add other ways you sometimes use.
by working with friends by making flashcards by reading the text book by listening to tapes by asking teacher for help by making vocabulary lists

by prep. 表示“通过……方式,途径”,其后跟名词或 动名词。 He makes a living by teaching 他以教书为生。 by 还可以表示“在……旁边,靠近,乘……” They live by the sea by bus/boat/train …

1b Listen. How do these students study for a test? Write letters from the pictures bellow.
by making flashcards by asking teacher for help by listening to tapes Mei Pierre Antonio

Ask your partner how he or she studies for a test .
A: How do you study for a test ? B: I study by working with a group.

Section A 3a 1.the best way to do sth.=the best way of doing sth. 做某事的最好方法。不定式做定语。英语中当不定式做定语时,要放在它所 修饰的词的后面。 Eg: The teacher told us the best way to learn English . Water Park is a good place ___ . A to have fun B have fun C having fun D to have a fun 2.many said they learn by using English many 代词 许多人 learn—learned—learned learn—learnt—learnt learner 3. She said that memorizing the words of Pop songs also helped a little 动名词 短语作主语,谓语动词用第三人称单数形式。 Playing with fire is dangerous . 4. a little 一点,一些 a little /a few /little /few

5.Wei Ming feels differently. differently adv. 不同地,有区别地。在句子中做状语, 修饰动词或句子。 different adj. 不同的,有区别的 They come from different parts of the word be different from difference n.不同

There are lots of differences between them.
This packet is different from that one . Can you tell the differences between them?

6.He ’s been learning English for six years . He’s =He has 现在完成进行时 I have been skating for three hours 7.. He thinks studying grammar is a good way to learn a language. 动名词短语作主语,谓语动词用第三人称单数形式(单三) He also thinks that watching English movies isn’t a bad way because he can watch the actors say the words. 动名词短语作主语

8.Sometimes ,however, he finds watching movies frustrating because people speak too quickly.

(1)find 发觉,觉得 find+宾语+宾语补足语(形容词,现在分词,过去 分词等) I found the boy honest. I found him working in the garden. (2)frustrating /frustrated (3)quickly (4)同义句. Sometimes ,however, he finds that it is frustrating to watch movies because people speak too quickly.

9.Join the Eglish club 10.lots of=a lot of 11.Have fun doing sth. We have fun playing basketball. 12.Not at all The story isn’t interesting at all.

13. Helpful 有用的,有帮助的
English is very helpful to know about the world.

14.get excited about =be excited abou对…感到兴奋 I get excited about playing games

11.end up 终止,结束
If you go on like this this , you will end up in prison .

end up doing sth.到头来,最终做某事
At first, they hated each other,but they ended up becoming friends. end up with以 …结束 The party ended up with a song 15.do a survey about 16.Watch English-language TV



18.spell spell –spelt – spelt spell – spelled –spelled 19.understand understood 20. spoken English speak – spoke-spoken

21. make mistakes犯错,出错 make a mistake (in) You always make mistakes in grammar by mistake 错误地 She took his book by mistake mistake for 错把…当做…

He mistakes her for her sister.

Excise make 1.You will ________

________if you do things in a hurry .
by mistakes


2.I took your umbrella ________


22.Slowly more slowly She opened the door slowly

slow slower


23.I can’t get the pronunciation right.我不能掌握正确 的发音。 get …right 使…正确,纠正… get +宾语+宾补 The work gets everyone tired .

24.can’t understand the words in magazines

25. Why don’t you join an English club to practice speaking English
why don’t you = why not practice doing sth. 练习作某事 He practices playing the piano every night.

26.I don’t have a partner to practice English with

to practice English with 不定式做定语
介词with 与宾语 a parter 构成逻辑上的介宾结构。该结 构中的介词不可省 He has found a house to live in He has no friend to play with

26.first of all 首先,第一
First of all , you must get up early .

27.It wasn’t easy for me to understand the teacher when she talked
it 形式主语,真正的主语是后面的动词不定式。当动词不定式做 主语时,常常用it做形式主语,真正的主语放在句子后面。常用 介词for引出逻辑主语。 It’time for me to go home

---I often have hamburgers for lunch B ---You’d better not. It ’s bad for you _____ too much junk food A.eat B. to eat C eating D ate

28 to begin with

to start with 首先,常单独使用

We can’t possibly go . To begin with , it’s too cold ,and besides ,we have no money. 29.Later on 以后,随后,状语,可放在句首,也可放在句末。 I will tell you all about it later on.

30.be afraid of sb./sth 害怕某物(事)、某人 I’m afraid of snakes be afraid to do sth. I’m afraid of dark ,so I’m afraid to go out at night be afraid that I ’m afraid that I can’t go to the party be afraid so/not 恐怕如此,恐怕不是那样的

---Is it going to rain? ---I’m afraid so

31.laugh at 嘲笑,取笑

Don’t worry. Nobody will laugh at you
32.one of the secrets of …的秘诀之一

secret 秘密,秘诀
Don’t tell anyone about our plan. Keep it a secret keep a secret 保密 in secret 秘密地

33.decide 决定,下决心

decide sth.决定某事
decide to do sth. decide that I can’t decide anything at the moment. He decided that he would go there by himself decide not to do sth

34.Take notes 做笔记

35.Then I started to write my own original sentences using the grammar I was learning 方式状语
36.enjoying doing sth. 喜欢做某事,乐于做某事 Do you enjoy playing basketball?

不充当句中谓语的动词 叫做非谓语动词

一.动词不定式的构成 动词不定式的基本形式: to+动词原形 *这里的to是不定式符号,本身没有 词义。

二. 动词不定式的句法功能
主语:To speak English is not easy for us =It is not easy for us to speak English 作主语用的不定式,常常用it作形式主语,而把不定式放 在后面。 表语:My work is to clean the room every day 宾语:What sports does he like to play? decide to do sth. 只能作某些动词的宾语,一般不作介词的宾语。

宾补:She asked me not to speak Chinese in an English class. 定语:It’s a good habit to have breakfast It’s time to do sth. the best way to do sth. 不定式做定语要放在被修饰词后面。 状语:I’m sorry to hear that Kate is old enough to go to school To keep healthy , you shoud take more exercises.

注意: 1)有些不定式后的介词不可省 I want some paper to write on. 2)不定式的否定not+不定式 ask sb. not to do sth. tell sb. not to do sth. Let’s not do sth. 3)疑问词+不定式 不定式可以和疑问代词who,what,which及疑问副词 when,how,where连用构成不定式短语,在句中充当主语, 宾语,表语等成分。 The question is when to start.问题是什么时候开始 What to do is an important problem.该做什么是一个很 重要的问题

4)省略to 的情况 *在Why not do …?; had better (not )do … ; would rather do … ; could /would /will you please not do 等句型或短语中 to 要省略 *使役动词和感官动词也用不定式 作宾补,这时不定式要省略to let ,make, had better do sth. 等 If you see the cartoon film ,it will make you laugh *help 后面的不定式可带to.也可不带。

5)too … to … 6)It is /was +adj.+of /for sb to do sth. *for sb.句型通常使用表示客观情况的形容词: easy;difficult;hard;important;possible;interesting等 *of sb.句型一般用于主观感情或主观态度的形容词 good ;kind;nice;clever;foolish 等

It is foolish of you to say so. It is very kind of you to help me .

动 名 词
动名词的构成 动词原形+ing 动名词的句法功能 主语:Eating too much is bad for your health 作主语是谓语动词用第三人称单数形式 宾语: 动词宾语:I like playing basketball . 表示一般的习惯,抽象行为或经常性的动作 介词宾语:Thanks for helping me

表语:His hobby is collecting stamps. 定语:He is in the reading room 注意:英语中有一些动词后面要跟动名词作宾语: finish;enjoy;mind;practice;have fun;feel like ;have trouble /difficulty/problems I feel like eating nothing Would you mind not speaking during the class.

六个词的区别 1)remember doing sth.记得过去做过的事 I remember seeing the film before. remember to do sth.记得要去做某事 I remember to see the film this evening 2)forget doing sth./ forget to do sth. 3)stop doing sth./ stop to do sth. She stopped reading the story. She stopped to read the story

4)go on doing sth./go on to do sth. 5) try doing sth./try to do sth. 6)regret doing sth.对已做过的事情后悔

regret to do sth.对未做的事情表示遗憾
I regret telling you the bad news I regret to say I’m not able to help yoou finish it.

1)prefer to do rather than do sth. =prefer doing sth. to doing sth. I prefer to learn English rather than play the piano on Sunday I prefer learning English to playing the piano on Sundays 2)want doing sth.=want to be done=need doing sth.=need to be done My watch needs reparing =My watch needs to be repared 3)would rather do than do I would rather stay at home than play football

分词分为现在分词和过去分词两种。现在分词由“动词 原形+ing”构成,过去分词的基本形式是“动词原形 +ed”(不规则的除外) 定语:Do you know the girl standing under the tree? 表语:The boy is too frightened to move. 宾补:We found a boy crying in the corner 状语:The students went out of the classroom ,talking and laughing. 现在分词作宾补和动词不定式作宾补的区别 see /watch /notice/hear I saw him walk into the classroom I saw him playing basketball at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon

1.—Will you please show me how to do the role-play exercise? D ---Sure . Let me tell you _____first. A.which to do B.how to do C.when to do D.what to do 2.---Mr. Wang,I have trouble C ___the text. ---Remember ____it three times at least. A.to understand ;reading B.understanding;reading C. understanding;to read D.to understand;to read 3.The menu has so many good things. I can’t decide ___ A A what to eat B how to eat C where to eat D when to eat

4.We watched the train ___the station and then got back D home in a taxi A leaves B to leave C left D leave 5.----Millie,could you give me some advice? I don’t know ___. B ----Why don’t you where this red shirt? A when to wear B what to wear C how to wear D where to wear

6.On his way home ,he feels hungry so he stopped A ____some food. A to eat B eating C eat D ate 7. ----Marry dances best in our school. ---- I agree. I will never forget ___her dance for the A first time. A seeing B to see C see D seen



SectionA 部分习题讲解
一。 8.Neither of my parents drives to work every day. 9.I saw Tom skating with his brother at three o’clock yesterday afternoon 10.Has she found your lost wallet yet? 12.Kate with her friends has gone to Guangdong already. They will come back next week. 13.I saw the movie twice last year 联系语法专项 1. ---Why don’t you go to the movie with me ,Amy? ----Because I____ it twice. A.see B.will C.saw D.have see

二。 1.—whereis Jack? ---He has gone to the library 2.John has been in England since he came back. 3.The Smiths has been in Beijing for years . 4.--Have you ever been to America? --Yes,I have been there many times. 6.How long have you been here? 7.How many times have you been to Shanghai ? How long have you been in Shanghai ? 三。 4.Look,the children are having a good time. 6. The party was themed with “happiness and friendship”,we all liked it .

Section A答案 一。1.islands 2.theme 3. Neither 4.route 5.character 6.attactions7. Have written 8.drives 9.skating10.Has ;found; did ;find 11.has been 12.has gone; will come13.saw14.Has ;given ;stopped 二.1.has gone to 2.has been in 3. has been in 4.have;been to ;have been 5.has gone to 6.have;been7.have ;been to 8.has gone to 三.1.argues with 2.Have ;heard of 3.ended up 4.are having a good time 5.take a ride 6.was themed with7.all the time 8Neither 四。1.Have;ever been;never 2.have never been to(此处不能改为haven’t ever been to 因为ever 多用于 疑问句中);Me;neither;Neither have I take 3.takes a subway(不能用by the subway ,by后面不加the ) 4.In fact; several ;around 5.has gone to 五BDADD BCDCC

Section B 一.1.English –speaking 2.guides3.discoverd4.requirement5.especially6.exchange 7.to play 8.playing9.to learn ; reading 10.teaching11.collecting12.buying 二。BBACD 三。1.leave;think about becoming;rather than 2.from all over 3.such as 4.teching ;have been ;for 5.have to improve 四。BDACC DBBCA

Self Check and Reading部分习题讲解 二。 11.She woke /waked up at six o’clock. That is to say she has been awake for two hours ,but she hasn’t got up yet. 五。 1.Maybe you fear that you won’t be able to find anything to eat in a foreign country. Maybe you fear that you will be unable to find anything to eat in a foreign country. 2.In Singapore,you won’t have any problem finding rice,noodles,or dumplings In Singapore,you’ll have no problems in finding rice,noodles,or dumplings.

Self Check and Reading 一。1.three quarters/three fourths2.wake up 3.hear of 4.end
up5.the population of China6.wake up7.rather than8.all year round9.take one’s temperature10.have problems/difficulty/trouble (in)doing sth.11.be close to the equator12.take a ride 二。1.seasons2.excellent3.temperature4.environment5.wonderful 6.autumn7.quarters8.India ;population9.foxes10.bravely11.woke /waked ;awake12.finding 13.practicing playing 三。CBBDAB 四。1.is;all year round 2.Whether; or; been3.On ;other ;practice speaking 4.population ;is larger;that5.to take /have a holiday/vocation

五 1.unable ;anything2.no ;in 3.无论你是喜欢印度食物,西餐,还是日本料 理,你都会在新加坡找到 4.We can speak both Chinese and English 5.At night . Because a lot of animals only wake up at night 6.Because the island is so close to the equator 六。1.southeast2.island 3.population4.natural 5.famous6.around7.wonderful 8.been9.provinces10.wish

一。DCCAC CBBCC BDAAA 二。1.have seen 2.have just found 3.has taught ;left 4.kept5.has stopped6.Have ;read ;did;read 7.h as learned8.has gone ;will return 9.been10.had11.have heard;heard 12started13.Have;seen;will see 体验中考 CADCC ADBBB BBBB 16 Has;been;never

语法专项 BDACA

15.Are you getting excited about the coming May Day? 17.Why ______buy _____useful? D A. not to; something B. not ; anything C. not to ;anything D. not; something 18.He spends an hour practicing playing ( 练习弹)the ________________ piano every day? 21.She was afraid of ______(wake)him up,so she turned waking the TV down. 24.-----was the young man hurt badly? I’m afraid so -----_______________________(我恐怕是这样)

25.他担心会输给你 He is afraid that he’ll lose to you invites 31.I won’t go to the party unlesshe_______(invite)me next week (从句中用现在时表将来) 33.We’ll climb the mountain tomorrow unless it rains(同义句转换) rain ___it doesn’t ____,we’ll climb the mountain ____ If tomorrow

1.C 2.making ;by selling 3.practing 4.C 5.asks for 6.What about going to the movies? 7.not improve practicing(why not=why don’t you) 8.not talk 9.C 10. too young to join 11.D 12. didn’t get excited about; heard 13.sleeping 14.end up watching 15.getting excited about 16.ended up with

17.D 18.practing playing 19.Why not take 20.Why not practice singing 21.waking 22.to go 23.C 24,I’m afraid so 25.is afraid lose 26. to laugh at 27. D 28.look up

29.B 30.C 31.invites 32.to deal with 33.If doesn’t rain 34.How; deal with 35.to improve 36.C 37.what to do 38.where to get 39.It’s our duty to 40.good for to 41.with the help of 42.D

随堂练习 部分习题讲解

SECTION A 一。 5.I found it___________ (frustrate)that I can’t understand spoken English 6._____ _______ (大声朗读)is the most important point to learn English well 8.We were all ___________after we heard the ______news. 三 2.The boy caught many fish _______ this way A .on B. at C. for D.in 3.

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