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一. 单词词组
1. 必备动词 observe inspire support deliever struggle expand circulate confuse underline entertain overcome convince whisper yawn represent misunderstand preserve reduce intend behave respect amuse hunger skim comment direct chew greet defend dash equip regret 1.The cartoon film is ______ for children, but it may be popular with adults too. A. intended B. admitted C. delivered D. organized 2.The old man sat in his rocking chair, _______ himself by listening to Beijing Opera. A. content B. amusing C. inspiring D. admiring 3. The father has been struggling for many years in order that his only son can be _____ with higher education. A. served B. equipped C. offered D. received 4. Researchers in the late 1960s discovered that humans are born with the ability to ___ challenges in four primary ways. A. approach B. struggle C. greet D. defend 5. Whatever he explained, he couldn‘t _________the policeman that he hadn‘t drunk driving. A. present B. convince C. admit D. confirm 6. We __________ today not a victory of a party but a celebration of freedom, symbolizing an end as well as a beginning, signifying renewal as well as change. A. enjoy B. observe C. watch D. suspect 7. Last month, our English Department invited a local radio star to ______ a public lecture on the topic of media influence on society. A. communicate B. demand C. deliver D. converse 8. If you want to advance yourself in your studies, you will first have to ________ yourself of those shortcomings that can become barriers to progress. A. remove B. react C. rid D. reduce 9. Since the outbreak of the disease, 90 patients have been to have the illness and other suspected patients are still under examination. A. confirmed B. convinced C. confused D. consulted 10. The mammals were different from all life forms in the past, because they ____young baby animals. A. delivered B. gave C. produced D. possessed 2. 必备名词 achievement campaign determination occasion attraction statement institute career explanation

welfare inspiration occupation approach shade association organization rate budget

project emergency summary function battle dormitory bond consideration theme

connection career optimism fantasy nutrition rank audience personality minority

1.More and more people choose to shop on the internet, for they are especially interested in the _______ of goods on offer. A. balance B. value C. variety D. amount 2.More and more Chinese students in the mainland are applying for the _______ into Hong Kong University and Macao University. A. permission B. admission C. transmission D. possession 3.The officer showed his great _______ over the accident last night and showed his concern for the families involved. A. support B. opinion C. intention D. regret 4.The professor is making some ______ about the current economy, which refers to the flat-selling and share market. A. achievements B. summaries C. comments D. organized 5.In order to promote its brand, the company has put a lot of money and energy to launch an advertising _________. A. struggle B. movement C. promotion D. campaign 6. He gave in to ______ and opened the letter addressed to his sister. A. permission B. curiosity C. strength D. manner 7. It was difficult to guess what her _____ to the news would be. A.impression B.comment C.reaction D.opinion 8. China is developing at such an astonishing _____ that it takes on a new look every day. A. altitude B. achievement C. rate D. direction 9. Though the family is on a tight ___, the mother always manages to put aside some money each month for her son‘s college educatin. A. budget B. schedule C. plan D. fortune 10. Although he gets good income by renting houses, I strongly disapprove that he should continue hanging around without a(n) ___ A. circulation B. reputation C. occupation D. accommodation 3. 必备形容词/副词 considerate modest disturbing convincing astonishing subtle direct depressed respectful subjective unique advanced outstanding throughout worthwhile worn-out outspoken therefore confused unfortunate content symply content charming particular ordinary curious truly false respectful various likely 1.He lost both of his parents in the big earthquake, but ______ for him; a kind couple adopted him and took good care of him. A. cautiously B. approximately C. absolutely D. fortunately 2.The quiz takes _____ ten to fifteen minutes to complete and you are not allowed to talk to each other. A.mainly B. curiously C. approximately D. likely 3.Compared with his sister, Fred is even more _____ to emotional at relationship problems. A.sensitive B. likely C. fierce D. harmful 4. We have been making steady progress with the project and __ confident that the work will be completed on time. A. however B. otherwise C. therefore D. besides 5. Mrs Brown is so _______about her housework that few servants want to work for her. A. particular B. neat C. experienced D. special 6. For forty years Jane has been ___________ about making the rest of the world understand and respect the life of these animals. A. generous B. obvious C. outspoken D. subjective 7. There is____difference between the two toothbrushes, thus making it difficult for me to tell them apart.

A. subtle B. unique C. considerable D. various 8. The ___ look on her face suggested that she hadn‘t quite understood her manager‘s idea. A. disturbing B. confused C. challenging D. satisfied 9. –Who is the young fellow sittign at the counter? I often see him here. --He‘s one of the ___ customers of our company. A. normal B. normal C. usual D. regular 10. I tried to call on you last week but your dog ___ would not let me come through the gate. A. consequently B. necessarily C. simply D. adequately 4. 必备词组 move off lead a …. life crowd in look down upon refer to come across carry on carry out come to life turn one‘s back to pick out pick up rid…of be satisfied with be content with build up be equipped with focus on comment on cut off cut in cut down cut out cut across be particular about/over on a budget react to defend against be likely to in general at ease at length a variety of no wonder a minority of in advance by chance keep…free from/of thanks to up to now 1.I was ______ in the middle of my call because I had no more coins to put in the telephone box. A. cut off B. cut down C. cut in D. cut away 2.It is easy to _____ my car from others in the parking place; it has an advertisement about Panasonic TV on the back of it. A. make up B. find out C. pick up D. pick out 3.It is reported that this kind of self-cleaning clothes can _____ dirt and remove bad smells. A.react to B. focus on C. break down D. cut off 4.Teenagers enjoy Sodagreeen‘s songs because they can _____ almost anyone. A.build up B. cheer up C. pick out D. refer to 5. Feeling that he could hardly____in his new job, the graduate decided to quit and seek another one that was less demanding. A. carry out B. get across C. settle down D. move off 6. The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly two hours without __________ his notes. A. bringing up B. referring to C. looking for D. trying on 7. Don‘t intend to cheat------you will never ________________ it. A. get away from B. get rid of C. get away with D. get the hang of 8. This problem is not difficult at all, so we can work it out __________. A. in advance B. at no time C. at ease D. with ease 9.Many people believe that hunger is only a problem in developing countries _____, it is a problem all over the world. A.In time B. By accident C. As a result D. In fact 11. Soon, his warm, inviting smile put me__________, and spent the next two hours talking casually. A. at attention B. at ease C. at best D. at a loss



1. 情态动词表推测, 虚拟 1) The students still can‘t understand what he said. He ___________ .(get)

学生们仍然没有弄明白他所说的。他可能没有表达清楚他的话。 might not have got his words across 2) 从学生们受到鼓舞的表情看,校长一定在做一场鼓舞人心的演讲。 Judging from the inspired look of the students, the headmaster______________ an inspiring speech. (deliver) 3) Tom was absent. The car he was in _______.(break) 汤姆缺席了,一定是他的车子出故障了。 must have broken down 4) If we had not used an out-of-date train schedule, we ________ the train. (miss) 要不是用了一张过期的列车时刻表,我们就不会误了火车。 wouldn‘t have missed 5) ________ told you about the news. (it) 告诉你这新闻的一定是 Tom. It msut be Tom who/that 2. 名词性从句 1) ____________________in face of danger ) matters much in case of emergency. (stay) 在紧急情况下,面对危险我们应该保持镇静。 ? That we should stay calm 2) It is demanded that ________________________(put off) 建议推迟会议。 The meeting should be put off 3) ________________I came into the office at that time.(happen) 刚好在那时我走进办公室。 It happened that 4) ________________ in the investigation was a great shock to everybody related. (confirm) 在调查中得到证实的事对于每个相关的人来说都很震惊。 What was confirmed 5) As a graduate, he doesn‘t know _____________ to start a business. (take) 作为毕业生,他不知道要开始经商需要什么。 what it will take 6) You can hardly imagine ________________ he has made in such a short time! (progress) 你简直难以想象他在这么短的时间内取得了多么大的进步! what great progress 7) We all consider it necessary __________________________and given an operation at once. (send) 我们都认为他被送往医院并立即进行手术是非常必要的。 that he should be sent to hospital 8) The kids are not interested in his subject, which is _______________________. (lie) 孩子们对这门功课不感兴趣,这是问题所在。 where the problem lies 9) Patience is __________________ to learn a foreign language well. (take) 耐心是学好一门外语所需要的。 what it takes 10) The news spread quickly through the village _____________________ , making the villagers wild with joy . ( end ) 战争已经结束的消息很快在村子里传播开来,令村民们欣喜若狂。 that the war has ended

3. 主谓一致 1) The Smith couple ____________________ when a resuce team from the nearby town arrived. (give) 史密斯夫妇正准备放弃,附近的救援就到了。 were about to give up 2) As was reported, the taxi driver as well as the three boys crossing the street ____________________ the traffic accident last night. (blame) 正如报道,出租车司机和三个正在过马路的男孩应该为昨晚的交通事故受到责备。 was to blame for 3) Each boy and each girl _______ attend the ceremony. ( invite) 每个男孩女孩都受邀参加仪式。 Is invited to 4) —— Here is a message on my cell-phone, telling me to send money to…… ——Delete it! It‘s a trick. Many a person ________ by such a tricks. (cheat) ---我的手机有条短信要我把钱汇到…… ---删掉它,这是骗局,很多人已受骗。 Has been cheated 5) What he thought and did at home____________ the problem. (do) 他在家所想的和所做的与这个问题一点关系都没有 Had nothing to do with 6) What he thought and did at home____________ the problem. (do) 他在家所想的和所做的与这个问题一点关系都没有 Are invited to attend 7) Carelessness is one of the reasons _________ the serious accident. (cause) 粗心大意是导致这场严重车祸的原因之一。 That have caused 8) It is the first time that the Royal Swedish Academy of Science _________________ the Nobel Prize for literature. (award) 这是瑞典皇家学院第一次将诺贝尔文学奖授予中国作家 has awarded a Chinese writer 4. 非谓语动词(现在分词,动名词) 1) This means ____________________ at six in the morning to catch the early bus home.(get) 这意味着要在 6 点钟起床赶早班车。 getting up 2) When I look over what we have experienced in the last two months, all my memories have come ___________. (crowd) 当我回顾我们在过去两个月的经历,所有的记忆都涌入脑海。 crowding in 3) ____________________ modern facilities, today‘s library differ greatly fronm those of the past. (equip) 配备了现代设备,现在的图书馆和以前的大不一样。 Equipped with 4) Victor apologized for __________________________ the change of the plan. (inform) Victor 因未能告诉我改变计划而道歉。 not informing me of 5) ______________________ to go abroad has really made him a bit annoyed. We‘d better do something to cheer him up. (give) 没有得到出国的机会让他有一点烦躁。我们最好做点什么让他高兴起来。 Not being given the chance

6) ―Bill, keep secret the things ______________________, won‘t you?‖ asked the manager at the meeting. (discuss) ―比尔,你会保密我们正在讨论的事情,对吗?‖会议上经理问道。 being discussed 7) When she noticed the teacher _________________, she lowered her head in shame. (stare) 当她注意到老师在盯着她看时,她羞涩的低下头。 staring at me 8) According to the regulation, any student will be driven out if he or she is caught _____________. (cheat) 根据规定,任何被抓住考试作弊的学生将会被开除。 being cheating 9) _______________________ researching the treatment of AIDS for the last ten years, the professor has won great award for his work. (devote) 过去十年致力于治疗艾滋病的研究,教授获得了极大的奖励。 Having been devoted to 10) ______________________the problem, he turned to his teacher for help. (work) 不知道如何解决这个问题,他向老师求助。 Not knowing how to work out 11) 满足于今天的生活使得他放弃了出国的机会。 ___________________today‘s life made him give up the chance to study abroad. (content) Being content with 12) 随着考试临近,复习课堂笔记是个好主意。 With ___________________________, it is a good idea to review your class notes. (approach) 5. 6. 7. 8. 1. 强调句及倒装 定语从句 状语从句 固定句式 无论她到哪里, 总有很多粉丝等着见她。 ______________________________, there are many fans waiting to see her. (where) 2. 无论你说什么都对我没有影响,我不会改变去上海世博的想法,尽管那里很挤。 makes no difference to me. I won‘t change my mind to go to Shanghai Expo although it‘s crowded there. (say) 3. 男孩成功的完成了任务,这使他的老板很高兴。 The boy has succeeded in finishing the task, ______________________________________________ (make) 4. 我发现解决这个问题是如此的困难,因此我决定找 Tom 要建议。 So difficult the problem that I decided to ask Tom for advice. (work) 5. 在Jane的母亲在前几个月来帮助她之后,她才被允许开始自己的项目。 Only after Jane‘s mother came to help her for the first few months _________________________ begin her project. (allow) 6. 根据专家的看法,任何情况下决不应该把孩子单独留在家里。 According to the experts, on no account ___________________ at home. (leave) 7. 据说他们公司最近装上了节水系统。 Their company is said ____________ water-saving systems recently. (equip) 8. 年轻时努力工作,当你老时就不会后悔。 Work hard while you are young _______________________ when you are old. (regret) 9. 当心些!这样的雪天更有可能发生交通事故。 Be careful! Road accidents __________ happen on such snowy weather. (likely)

10. 为什么不保持平衡的饮食呢,既然它对你的健康有利 Why not keep the balanced diet, now that it_______________ to your health? (benefit n.) 1. Wherever she goes 2. Whatever you say 3. making his boss happy 4. did I find it to work out 5. was she allowed to 6. should children be left 7. to have been equipped with 8. and you won't regret 9. are more likely to 10. is of benefit 综合练习三套 湖北省部分重点中学 2012 届高一下期末 51.I wonder ___________ lets my little sister down so badly. I think she really needs my comfort. (it) 我不知道究竟是什么让我的小妹妹如此沮丧。我想她一定需要我的安慰。 52.Their company is said ____________ water-saving systems recently. (equip) 据说他们公司最近装上了节水系统。 53.Just as the clothes a person wears, the food he eats and the friends, ___________ his time, his house reflects his personality. (spend) 正如一个人所穿的衣服,所吃的食物,花时间呆的朋友一样,他住的房子也能反映他的个性。 54.Word came _____________ in no time. (fire) 有消息说他马上就要被炒鱿鱼了。 55.In the past two years, some modern teaching equipment as well as hundreds of computers __________________ to schools in the rural areas. (send) 在过去的两年间,一些现代化的教学设备和成百台的电脑被送到了农村地区。 56._____________ is nothing but an interesting book, one that can kill the time tonight. (need) 我需要的不是别的,只是一本有趣的书,一本可以打发今晚时光的书。 57.________________ the famous university didn't discourage her, she continued to study hard. (admit) 没被那所著名的大学并没有使她灰心,她继续努力学习。 58.Patience is ________ to learn a foreign language well. (take) 耐心是学好一门外语所需要的。 59.You can hardly imagine ____________ he has made in such a short time. (progress) 你简直难以想象他在这么短的时间内取得了多么大的进步。 60.You ________________ ! It wasn‘t for you! (ought) 你本不该拆开这封信的!它不是写给你的! what it is that to have been equipped with with whom he spends that he would be fired has been sent What I need Not being admitted into

what it takes what great progress ought not to have the letter opened 湖北省武汉 2012 届高一下期末调研考试 49.Something terrible ________if Li Chang was not coming to eat in his restaurant as he always did. (happen) 如果李昌不像往常那样到他店里吃饭,那一定是发生了什么严重的事情 50.Summer is coming and his three children are all looking forward to ___with him. (go) 夏天来了,他的三个孩子都盼望着和他一起去游泳。 51.Wuhan city has announced that passengers _______________on the subway will be fined up to 100 yuan. (catch) 武汉市宣布,乘客若被发现在地铁里吃东西会被处以最高 100 无的罚款。 52.As for Jeremy Lin, the NBA star, it is his wins __________________among his teammates and fans. (make) 对于 NBA 球星书豪而言,真正让他在队友和球迷中受欢迎的是他的一次次胜利。 53.Many students are extremely excited because this is the first time that ____________________the Happy Valley, a new theme park in Wuhan. (come) 很多学生异常兴奋,因为这是他们第一次来到武汉一座新的主题公园:欢乐谷。 54.It is many girls‘ daydream _________by a talent scout and become a superstar overnight. (spot) 很多女孩幻想能够被星探相中,然后一夜成名。 55.Some teachers secretly join the class‘s QQ group and _________________________is that the students are not as bad as they seem. (surprise) 有些老师偷偷加入班级 qq 群。让他们感到惊讶的是,学生们并非像看起来的那样坏。 56.Fortunately most people realize the importance that we must take practical measures to protect endangered wildlife ________________. (late) 幸运的是大多数人意识到其重要性,即:我们必须采取有效措施保护濒危的物种,趁现在还为时不晚。 57.Whenever you have a good idea, ____________________and you will more or less benefit from it. (try) 无论何时你有好的想法,尝试一下,你或多或少会有收获的。 58. About 1,000 local youths, the majority _________________Wuhan University and HUST, will come to attend the celebration. (belong) 约一千本地青年将参加庆典,其中大多人来自武汉大学和华中科技大学。 must have happened going swimming who are caught eating that make him popular they have come to to be spotted what surprises them before it‘s too late have a try 2012 届武汉市重点学校高一下期末统考 71. She is afraid of ________________________ . (look) 她害怕被别人瞧不起。 72. ___________________today‘s life made him give up the chance to study abroad. (content) 满足于今天的生活使得他放弃了出国的机会。 73. I don‘t know ________________in the novel that made him burst into tears.(what) 我不知道是小说中的什么东西使她突然泪如泉涌。

74. He made a promise ____________________someday, he would help the poor children who couldn‘t go to school.(rich) 他许诺如果有一天他有钱了,他会帮助那些上不起学的穷孩子。 75. You ?ll find taxis waiting at the bus station________________ to reach your destination.(hire) 你会看到正在公交站等候而你可以租的到达目的地的出租车。 76. _____________________is that they are creative and strong-willed.(what) 他们所拥有的共同之处在于他们富有创造力而且意志坚定。 77. It is no use ____________________ to give up smoking.(try) 想说服他戒烟是没有用的。 78. Who would you rather have ____________________?(deliver) 你愿意让谁发表演说? 79. Nobody but Gongli and Zhang ziyi ____________________ a film directed by a foreign director up till now.(star) 到目前为止,除了巩俐和章子怡,还没有谁主演过由外国人导演的影片。 80. He_________________________ by himself because his father was a millionaire.(earn) 他本没有必要依靠自己谋生,因为他父亲是一个百万富翁。

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