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【步步高 学案导学设计】2014-2015学年高中英语(外研版,必修二)课时作业:Module 4 period 2]

Period Two

Language Points

Ⅰ.语境填词 1.My boss liked my idea and ________ (采纳) it. 2.Our teacher let us ________ (观察) the experiment carefully in the lab. 3.It is the _____

___ (传统的) culture in China to eat dumplings on the Eve of the Spring Festival. 4.The director told us that the ________ (场景) of this play was set in Ireland. 5.We were happy to find her a________ after the terrible earthquake. 6.I had a d________ day with my friends yesterday. 7.One of the most important a________ of buying a house is choosing the right location. 8.She follows the fashion,and most of her clothes are in the latest s________. Ⅱ.选词填空 get tired of,have a bad effect on,put off,take turns, of 1.The sports meeting has to ________________ because of the rain. 2.People generally recognize that smoking ________________ our health. 3.His three children ________________ in looking after him when he was ill. 4.This novel is ________________ the best one among all her works. 5.The man ________________ explain what had happened,but the police didn’t believe his words. 6. Anne told her father that she __________________ looking after the little dog and decided to give it to others. 7.There has been ________________ car accidents at the crossing because of the fog. 8.My father ________________ stamps.He has collected thousands of stamps. Ⅲ.同义词辨析 1.用 alive,living,live 或 lively 填空 (1)She is the greatest artist ________ today. (2)His classes are ________ and interesting. (3)Do you like a ________ show or a recorded show? (4)He is a ________ Lei Feng.We should learn from him. (5)He is dead,but his dog is still ________. 2.用 scene,scenery,sight 或 view 的适当形式填空 (1)There is a happy ________ of children playing in the garden. (2)There is a lovely ________ from this window. (3)The ________ is magnificent. (4)The road passes through the most charming ________. (5)The ________ after the earthquake was horrible. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.With the electricity ________,all the machines stopped. A.cut off B.cut up C.was cut off D.was cut down 2.We observed some young men ________ into the building at 11∶00 last night. A.to slip B.slipped C.slipping D.being slipped 3.As a teacher,you should do your best to make your class ________ and interesting. A.lively B.living C.lovely D.live 4.Jack was very proud because his design for the school wallpaper was ________. a series of ,consider to be,aim to,be fond

A.admitted B.adopted C.addicted D.adapted 5.The artists started an important art movement that ________ show the 20th century’s city life. A.aimed to B.aims to C.aims at D.aimed at 6.The little girl got ________ being asked the same question and refused to say anything. A.tired about B.tired out C.tired from D.tired of 7.The picture is painted by a Chinese artist.You can tell ________ the style. A.of B.on C.about D.by 8.Qingdao is ________ beautiful city,and it is worth visiting. A.most B.the most C.more D.a most 9.Xu Beihong painted ________ the traditional Chinese style. A.with B.by C.in D.on 10. Einstein, a man ________ to be the greatest scientist the world has ever had, will live on in our hearts. A.considering B.being considered C.to be considered D.considered Ⅴ.阅读理解 The famous director of a big and expensive movie planned to film a beautiful sunset over the ocean,so that the audience could see his hero and heroine in front of it at the end of the film as they said goodbye to each other forever.He sent his camera crew out one evening to film the sunset for him. The next morning he said to the men,“Have you provided me with that sunset?” “No,sir,” the men answered. The director was angry.“Why not?” he asked. “Well,sir,” one of the men answered,“we’re on the east coast here,and the sun sets in the west.We can get you a sunrise over the sea,if necessary,but not a sunset.” “But I want a sunset!” the director shouted.“Go to the airport,take the next flight to the west coast,and get one.” But then a young secretary had an idea.“Why don’t you photograph a sunrise,” she suggested,“and then play it backwards? Then it’ll look like a sunset.” “That’s a very good idea!” the director said.Then he turned to the camera crew and said, “Tomorrow morning I want you to get me a beautiful sunrise over the sea.” The camera crew went out early the next morning and filmed a bright sunrise over the beach in the middle of a beautiful bay.Then at nine o’clock they took it to the director.“Here it is, sir, ” they said,and gave it to him.He was very pleased. They all went into the studio.“All right,” the director explained,“now our hero and heroine are going to say goodbye.Run the film backwards so that we can see the sunset behind them.” The “sunset” began,but after a quarter of a minute,the director suddenly put his face in his hands and shouted to the camera crew to stop. The birds in the film were flying backwards,and the waves on the sea were going away from the beach. 1.One evening,the director sent his camera crew out ______. A.to film a scene on the sea B.to find an actor and an actress C.to watch a beautiful sunset D.to meet the audience 2.Why did the director want to send his crew to the west coast? A.Because he changed his mind about getting a sunset.

B.Because he was angry with his crew. C.Because he wanted to get a scene of sunset. D.Because it was his secretary’s suggestion. 3.The director wanted to film a sunset over the ocean because ________. A.it went well with the separation of the hero and heroine B.when they arrived at the beach it was already in the evening C.it was more moving than a sunrise D.the ocean looked more beautiful at sunset 4.After the “sunset” began,the director suddenly put his face in his hands ________. A.because he was moved to tears B.as he saw everything in the film moving backwards C.as the sunrise did not look as beautiful as he had imagined D.because he was disappointed with the performance of the hero and heroine 5.Which of the following is NOT true? A.The crew had to follow the secretary’s advice (忠告). B.If you want to see a sunrise,the east coast is the place to go. C.The camera crew wasn’t able to film the scene the first day. D.The director ordered his crew to stop filming the “sunset”.

adopt,adapt 这两个词是形近词。但意义截然不同。adopt vt.采用,采取(计划,方法);采 纳(意见,议案);收养。adapt vt.(使)适应;修改,改编。 1.I’d like to adopt your idea. 我想采纳你的意见。 2.She was forced to have her baby adopted. 她被迫把婴儿给别人收养。 3.I gradually adapted myself to living on my own. 我逐渐适应了独立生活。

Ⅰ.1.adopted 2.observe 3.traditional 4.scene 5.alive 6.delightful 7.aspects 8.styles Ⅱ.1.be put off 2.has a bad effect on 3.took turns 4.considered to be 5.aimed to 6.had got tired of 7.a series of 8.is fond of Ⅲ.1.(1)alive (2)lively (3)live (4)living (5)alive [(1)alive 活着的,侧重说明生与死之间的界线,既可指人,也可指物;可用来作表语、后 置定语或宾补。 (2)living 活着的,侧重说明“尚在人间”“健在”,可用来指人或物,作定语或表语。 (3)live 活着的, 通常指物, 不指人, 常用来作定语, 放在名词的前面。 还指“实况转播的”。 (4)lively 活泼的,活跃的,充满活力的,可作定语、表语或宾补,既可指人,又可指物。] 2.(1)scene (2)view (3)scenery (4)sight (5)scene

[(1)scene 指展现在眼前的情景,也可以指 scenery 的一部分,大多包括景物中的人及活动 在内。 (2)scenery 指某地总的自然风景或景色,尤指美丽的乡间景色。 (3)sight 表示某一地区值得观看的建筑物、胜地、特色等,常用复数形式。 (4)view 表示从某处可看到的 scenery 的一部分, 着重点在能够看到的部分, 即所见之景。 ] Ⅳ.1.A [with 是介词,其后不能接句子,排除 C、D 两项。electricity 与 cut off 之间是被 动关系。cut off(水、电等)切断;cut up 切碎。] 2.C [observe sb.doing sth.意为“观察到某人正在做某事”。men 与 slip 存在逻辑上的主动 关系,故用动名词形式作宾补。] 3.A [句意为:作为老师,你应该竭尽全力使你的课生动而有趣。lively 在此意为“有活 力的”。] 4.B 适应。] 5.A 6.D 7.D [aim to do sth.意为“目的是,旨在”,也可用 aim at doing sth.结构。] [get tired of 为固定短语,意为“对……厌烦”,相当于 be bored of。] [tell by 为固定搭配,意为“由……判断”。] [adopt 意为“采纳,采用”,符合题意。admit 承认;addict 沉迷,对……上瘾;adapt

8.D [“a+most+形容词/副词”结构不表示最高级概念,而表示“很,非常”。此结构 前不加定冠词 the,most 在该结构中起加强语气的作用。] 9.C [style 常与介词 in 连用,意为“以……风格”。] 10.D Ⅴ.1.A [considered to be the greatest scientist 作后置定语修饰 a man。] [细节理解题。 第一段中“...planned to film a beautiful sunset over the ocean...”和最后

一句中“...to film the sunset for him”说明了行动的目的。] 2.C [细节理解题。第五段中“...we’re on the east coast here,and the sun sets in the west” 说明了原因。] 3. A [细节理解题。 第一段中“...so that the audience could see his hero and heroine in front of it at the end of the film as they said goodbye to each other forever”说明了原因。] 4.B [细节理解题。文章的最后一段说明了原因。] 5.D [推理判断题。A、B、C 三项的陈述在文章的前六段都已交待。第七段和第八段的 叙述使我们得知 D 项是错误的。]

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