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1. It is widely accepted that young babies learn to do things because certain acts lead to ______. A. rewards B. prizes C. awardsD. result 2. You’ll find this map of great _____ in helping you to get around in London. A. price B. cost C. value D. usefulness 3. Everyone fails now and then. It’s how you react that makes a _____ in life. (2005 哈尔滨模 拟) A. development B. difference C. progress D. point 4. A month’s _____ is required from whichever party wishes to end the agreement. A. message B. letter C. sentence D. notice 5. It has come to my _____ that some of you have been missing classes. A. watch B. sight C. view D. notice 7. The head office of the bank is in Beijing, but it has _____ all over the country. (2005 辽宁高考) A. companies B. branches C. organizations D. businesses 11. I listened to Dr. Johnson’s lecture about biology, but I failed to get its key ____. A. words B. notes C. messages D. points 14. No regular advertiser dare produce anything that fails to stick to the ____ of his advertisement. A. standard B. level C. text D. promise 15. ---- I’m sorry I stepped outside for a smoke. I was very tired. ---- There is no _____ for this while you are on duty. A. reason B. excuse C. cause D. explanation 16. The ____ has become extremely tense. A war could break out any time between the two sides. A. pollution B. friendship C. situation D. condition 18. We look forward to the day when the motorcar has been replaced by some less dangerous ____ of transport. A. methods B. means C. manners D. ways 19. ---- Are you here on business? ---- No. Just for ____. A. happiness B. pleasure C. joy D. delight 20. ---- They discussed the problem for hours. ---- Did they came to any ____. A. end B. result C. opinion D. conclusion 21. I’ll look into the matter as soon as possible. Just have a little ____. A. wait B. time C. patience D. rest 22. We’ve missed the last bus. I’m afraid we have no ____ but to take a taxi. A. way B. choice C. possibility D. selection 24. I wrote him a letter to show my _____ of his thoughtfulness.(2005 宁波十校联考) A. achievement B. agreement C. attention D. appreciation 27. I wanted to go there by plane but I hadn’t enough money to pay for the _____. A. journey B. travel C. voyage D. fly 28. It’s a teacher’s _____ to make children learn.

A. matter B. affair C. business D. event 31. Flight BA 123 to Vienna is now boarding at _____. A. Gate 21 B. 21st Gate C. the Gate 21 D. 21 Gate 33. The animal has a brain which is nearest _____. A. in man’s size B. in size to man C. in size to man’s D. to the size in man 34. Although the town had been attacked by the storm several times, ______ was done.(2005 北 京四中一模) A. a few damages B. few damages C. little damage D. a little damage 35. She could hear the opening and closing of her neighbor’s door and then that knocking on _____. A. his own B. her own C. one’s own D. their own 36. ---- Have some more _____? ---- No, thanks. _____. A. chicken; I have got enough B. chickens; I have had enough C. chicken; I have had enough D. chicken; I have had much 38. The _____ is just around the corner and you won’t miss it. A. bicycle’s shop B. bicycle shop C. bicycles shop D. bicycles’ shop 39. He gained his _____ by printing _____ of famous writers. A. wealth; work B. wealths; works C. wealths; work D. wealth; works 40.---- I’d like _____ information about the management of your hotel, please. ---- Well, you could have _____ word with the manager. He might be helpful. A. some; a B. an; some C. some; some D. an; a 42. She spent sixteen _____ and sixty _____ on the book yesterday, that is, she spent about two dollars. A. yuan; fen B. yuans; fen C. yuan; fens D. yuans; fens 43. _____ is published daily. A. Time B. Times C. The Time D. The Times 44. What _____! Where did you get them? A. big fish B. a big fish C. a piece of big fish D. big a fish 45. This is my old photo of my aunt’s when she had _____. And now she has a few _____. A. short hair; grey hairs B. short hairs; grey hair C. short hair; grey hair D. short hairs; grey hairs 47. Mr. Wang looks happy. He must have got _____. A. a few good news B. a number of good news

C. little good news D. a little good news 49. In order to learn the _____ of the family business, Bill took a job as messenger boy in one of the offices. A. ins and outs B. dos and don’ts C. heads and tails D. T’s and F’s 50. Do you know _____ we are talking about? Come and I’ll tell you. A. which Mark Twin’s B. which novel of Mark Twin C. which novel of Mark Twin’s D. Mark Twin’s which novel 51. I have a lot of foreign friend. Among them are two _____. A. Japaneses B. Germen C. English D. Americans 53. He asked the girl at the reception desk if she had any small _____. She gave him _____ for his _____ piece. A. change; ten pence; tenpenny B. change; ten pennies; ten-pence C. change; ten pence; ten-pence D. changes; ten pennies; tenpenny 54. Tom’s and Jack’s _____ came to London last week. A. father-in-law B. fathers-in-law C. fathers in law D. father-in-laws 55. Such men have made _____ by developing oil businesses. A. great fortunes B. a huge fortune C. some huge fortune D. a great fortune 56. We will be happy to give you up-to-date _____ on bus and train _____. A. information; time B. informations; time C. informations; times D. information; times 60. He has _____ for music. A. no ear B. no ears C. no an ear D. not ear 62. His behavior at the dinner party last night seemed rather _____. Many of us were very surprised. A. out of place B. out of practice C. out of bad manners D. out of order 63. Jack tried hard to get a gold medal in this Winter Olympic Games but he had no _____. A. luck B. time C. fate D. entrance 64. _____ danger man is often much wiser than usual. A. In a time of B. In the time of C. In the time of D. In time of 65. ---- Yang Yang carried off the first Winter Olympic _____ medal for China. ---- Great! What _____ she won for our motherland! A. golden; honour B. gold; honour C. golden; honours D. gold; honours 66. ---- May I take your order now? ---- We’d like three black _____ and …

A. coffee B. coffees C. cups of coffees D. cup of coffees 67. Ask Tom to come at once, for the train is starting _____. A. in a moment B. in the moment C. at a moment D. for a moment
1.(全国一 19).(本小题满分 12 分) 已知函数 , . (Ⅰ)讨论函数 的单调区间; (Ⅱ)设函数 在区间 内是减函数,求 的取值范围. 2.(辽宁卷 22).(本小题满分 14 分) 设函数

f ( x) ?

ln x ? ln x ? ln( x ? 1) . 1? x

(Ⅰ)求 f(x)的单调区间和极值; (Ⅱ)是否存在实数 a,使得关于 x 的不等式 若不存在,试说明理由. 2.已知函数

f ( x) ≥ a 的解集为(0,+ ? )?若存在,求 a 的取值范围;

f ( x) ?

ln( ax ) ? ln( ax ) ? ln( x ? 1) , (a ? 0, a ? R) x ?1

(Ⅰ)求函数 (Ⅱ)求函数

f ( x) 的定义域; f ( x) 的单调区间; f ( x) ? ln(2a) 成立,求 a 的取值范围.
,设函数 f ( x) ?

(Ⅲ)当 a >0 时,若存在 x 使得

4.已知函数 g ( x)


x2 ? 1 的图像关于原点成中心对称 x?c

x 2 ? cx ? 1 . g ( x) ln x

(1)求 f ( x ) 的单调区间; (2)已知 e 5.设函数

? xm 对任意 x ? (1, ??) 恒成立.求实数 m 的取值范围(其中 e 是自然对数的底数).

f ( x) ? ( x ? 1) 2 ? b ln x ,其中 b 为常数.

1 时,判断函数 f ( x ) 在定义域上的单调性; 2 (Ⅱ)若函数 f ( x ) 的有极值点,求 b 的取值范围及 f ( x ) 的极值点;
(Ⅰ)当 b (Ⅲ)若 b ? ?1 ,试利用(II)求证:n ? 3 时,恒有

1 1 ? ln ? n ? 1? ? ln n ? 。 2 n n


f ( x) ? ln( x 2 ? 1), g ( x) ?

1 ? a. x ?1

(1) (2) (3)

求 g ( x ) 在 P( 若

2, g ( 2)) 处的切线方程 l ;

f ( x) 的一个极值点到直线 l 的距离为 1,求 a 的值; f ( x) ? g ( x) 的根的个数


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