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Unit 2

The United Kingdom

1. How long does it take to fly from Beijing to London Heathrow Airport? take [要点提示] 需要, 花费。 常用于 It takes sb. some time / money + to do 结构中, “某人花费时间 意为 (金 钱)做某事” 。如: It takes a lifetime to master a foreign language. 掌握一门外语要用一辈子的时间。 The wound took a long time to heal. 伤口花了很多时间才愈合。 It takes a lot of money to buy a house like that. 买那样的房子要花很多钱。 [归纳拓展] 辨析:take, cost 与 spend take 花费时间,主语多为 it(作形式主语) ,也可是物或人,做“需要”解时也可接钱作 宾语; cost 花费时间、金钱,付出??代价,主语须为物或 it 作形式主语,如只以人称代词作宾 语,意为“使??破费” ,不用被动式; spend 花费时间或金钱,须以人作主语,不接“to do” 。 This invention cost him much time and money and a lot of hard work. 这项发明(他)花了很多时间和金钱以及付出了许多艰辛。 He spent a lot of money on books. 他买书花了许多钱。 She spent three hours (in) watching TV. 她用了 3 个小时看电视。 2. England can be divided into three main areas. divide [要点提示] v.(常与 in, into 连用)分开;划分 Let’s divide ourselves into several groups. 我们分成几个小组吧。 [归纳发展] 辨析:divide 与 separate Separate 把个体组成的整体分开 Divide 把一个整体分割 The child’s parents have separated. 这个孩子的父母已经分居了。 We divided the orange into two halves。 我们将橘子分成几瓣。 be divided into 被分为?? be separated from 与??分隔 介词填空 ①We divide ________ the money equally. ②The river divides my land ______ his. ③At the end of the lecture, I’d like all the students to be divided _______ small discussion groups. 3. There is no need to debate any more about why different words are used to describe the four

countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. debate [要点提示] v. 讨论;争论 The government is debating the education laws. 政府正在就教育法进辩论。 debate about sth 对某事进行辩论 debate with sb 与某人辩论 4. However, just as they were going to get Ireland connected to form the United Kingdom, the southern part of that country broke away to form its own government. break away (from) [要点提示] ①从??逃脱,挣脱;逃离 The prisoner broke away from the two policemen who were holding him. 犯人从两名警察的看护中逃了出去。 ②摆脱;放弃;脱离(团体、组织等) an innovative musician who broke away from the classical tradition. 一位摆脱古典传统的革新派音乐家。 [归纳拓展] break down 分解; (机器)坏掉,发生故障; (健康)垮掉 break away from 从??摆脱,逃脱 break into 强行闯入 break up 解散,终止,结束 break in 插嘴 break out 发生,爆发(不及物) break through 突破,突围 单项选择 ①News reports say peace talks between the two countries ______ with no agreement reached. (2012·广州市质量检测) A. have broken down B. have broken out C. have broken in D. have broken up 副词填空 ②The war broke ______ in 1942. ③When I was reading at home, he broke _______. ④His car broke _________ on the road. ⑤The sough broke ________ from the north. 5. The greatest historical treasure of all is London with its museums, art collections, the atres, parks and buildings. (1) treasure [要点提示] ①[U] 金银财宝;宝藏 buried treasure 埋藏的金银财宝 ②[C] 珍宝,珍品 The library has many art treasures. 这家图书馆收藏了许多艺术珍品。 ③v. 珍藏,珍重,珍惜


I treasure our friendship very much. 我非常珍惜我们的友谊。 6. “Please don’t hurt my cat,” screamed Sarah as her brother picked it up by one leg. pick up [要点提示] ①捡起,拾起 She picked up a stone and threw it at the window. 她捡起一块石头朝窗户扔去。 ②收拾,整理 Please pick up all your toys when you’ve finished playing. 你们玩完后请把所有的玩具收拾好。 ③取物;接人 Pick me up at the hotel. 到旅馆来接我。 ④收听到 We picked up radio signals for help from the damaged plane. 我们接到那架发生故障的飞机发出的无线电求救信号。 ⑤获得,得到,买到,学会 Where did you pick up that book? 你那本书是怎么得来的? ⑥(使)重新开始 We picked up the conversation after an interruption. 我们的谈话被打断后又重新开始谈起来。 7. Her first delight was going to the Tower. delight [要点提示] ①vt. & vi. 给予乐趣;使人高兴 I was delighted to be invited to her party. 我很高兴被邀请参加她的晚会。 ②v.(常与 in 连用)热衷于;引以为乐 She delights in cooking lovely meals. 她以烹饪美食为乐。 ③n. 乐趣;喜悦;欣喜 He laughed with delight. 他高兴地大笑。 [归纳拓展] delighted adj. 高兴的 delightedly adv. 欣喜地,高兴地 delightful adj. 令人喜悦的,令人快乐的,有趣的 take / find delight in 以??为乐 be / feel delighted at / by / with 因??而高兴 to one’s delight / joy 令人高兴的是 单项选择 —I’m very ______ with my own cooking. It looks nice and smells delicious. —Mm, it does have a ________ smell. (2012·北京春招) A. pleasant; pleased B. pleased; pleased C. pleasant; pleasant D. pleased; pleasant 8. It seemed strange that the man who had developed communism should have lived and died in London. (1) seem [要点提示]


seem 意为“好像;似乎;看来” ,常用于以下结构中: ①seem+(to be) 形/名 好像(是)?? Her father seems (to be) a kind man. 她父亲看起来像个亲切的人。 ②seem + to do 好像??,似乎?? He seems to know everything. =It seems that he knows everything. 他好像什么都知道。 ③It seems +that…(在某人看来)好像??,仿佛?? It seems that he is lying. =He seems to be lying. 看样子他好像是在撒谎。 ④It seems as if / as though 看样子似乎是?? It seems as if he has been at the scene of the crime. 看样子他好像曾在犯罪现场。 ⑤ There seems (to be)似乎有?? There seems (to be) no need to help that country. 似乎没必要帮助那个国家。 9. Check that it makes sense, that the tenses are consistent and the spelling is correct. make sense [要点提示] ①意义清楚 No matter how you read it, this sentence doesn’t make (any) sense. 这个句子无论你怎么读都讲不通。 ②有道理,有意义 It makes sense to take care of your health. 爱惜身体是有道理的。 [归纳拓展] make sense (out) of 懂,了解 in a sense 就某种意义来说;多少有点 单项选择 The manager has got a good business ________ so the company is doing well. (NMET 2003) A. idea B. sense C. thought D. thinking

一、单词演练:根据中文或首字母提示,结合句意写同空白处各单词的正确形式。 1. I keep my reference books near my desk for ________(方便). 2. She __________(安排)all her business affairs before going on holiday. 3. It’s clear that her painting has been __________ (影响)by Picasso. 4. You will be informed when the book becomes __________(有货). 5. Now our country has won a _________(辉煌)victory, but we still have a long way to go. 6. Children wearing school u__________ look much smarter. 7. The basketball match is so exciting that it t_________ every one. 8. I’m d__________ to hear of your success. 9. This is a c_________ of poems by poets of the Tang dynasty, which I like very much.

10. The Hope P________ has helped many poor children to go to school. 二、对号入座:用所给单词或短语的适当形式完成下列各句。 fefer to convenient instead of divide as well as influential in memory of delighted feel proud of break down

1. He sent his secretary ___________ coming himself. 2. Electric energy can be changed into light energy __________ into sound energy. 3. They named the school after the hero _________ him. 4. The man _________ his experience in Britain at least three times in his speech. 5. Jane’s father bought her a new race car and she _________it. 6. A low wall _________ our garden from our neighbour’s. 7. The telephone system has _______. 8. The boy was wild with _______. 9. The book had a great ________ on his life. 10. Can you telephone me at your _______ to arrange a meeting? 三、句意转换 (一)词汇替换:从本单元选择合适的词语,根据句意用其正确形式替换下列句子中划线 部分的词语。 1. Correct your mistakes, if any. 2. It’s said that a new railway will be built in this area. 3. There’s not much money that can be used at present. 4. To his great joy, his novel was accepted for publication. 5. Her beauty makes me excited and pleased. (二)句型转换:在空白处填上适当的词,使其意思与所给句子相同。 6. A. It is no use debating about it. B. There is ________ ________to debate about it. 7. A, The three countries got united peacefully. B. The three countries ________ ________ ________ peacefully. 8. A. This tower had been existing for one thousand years. B. This tower had remained ________ for one thousand years. 9. A. It was the longitude line that interested her most. B. ________ interested her most ________ the longitude line. 10. A. Looking around the countryside, you will find evidence of all these invaders. B. ________ around the countryside, ________ you will find evidence of all these invaders. 四、单项选择:从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 1. —How many members does the club ______? —200. A. make up of A. need B. make up B. difference C. consist of C. possibility D. consist D. sense 2. There is no _______ to worry about him. He is old enough. 3. Thieves ______ last night and stole jewelry.


A. broke into —Sorry, I can’t. A. break up A. arrangements A. left out

B. broke in

C. broke through

D. broke out

4. —Can you ______ from the habit of smoking? B. break down B. collections B. divided into C. break off D. break away D. constructions D. left off

5. Gas is one of the modern _____ the newly-built apartment building provides. C. conveniences C. left alone 6. The boy ____ the funniest part of the story when he retold it. 7. —Good morning. Can I help you? —I’d like to have this package _______, madam. A. be weighed A. horror A. introducing C. introduce A. debate B. to be weighed B. delight B. introduced D. being introduced B. quarrel C. puzzle D. influence C. to weigh D. weighed D. attraction 8. To his great _____ to the market, these products enjoyed great success. C. disappointment 9. When first _____ to the market, these products enjoyed great success.

10. After much _____, Harry was chosen captain of the football team. 五、根据括号内的提示,翻译下列句子。 1. 他把蛋糕分成六份。 (divide…into) 2. 如果我下午六点钟来看你,方便吗?(convenient) 3. 他与所有的老朋友断绝了关系。 (break away from) 4. 我弟弟病了,我来顶替他。 (take one’s place) 5. 根本没有必要着急。 (need)


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