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Shandong Youth Model United Nations Conference 2014 Committee: United Nations Children’s Fund Topic: Universal Primary Education Country: Republic of Turkey Delegates: Fangyuan Zhao Changle N

O.2 Middle School Shandong Province Huanbin Teng Changle NO.2 Middle School Shandong Province The Universal Declaration of Human Rights stated: “everyone has the right of the education.i” “As is known to all, the education level of a country deeply affects the country's comprehensive national strength, so, it drew wide attention from all over the world. Nowadays, education popularization has made great progress, at the same time; we are also facing a huge challenge. Many developing countries still can't guarantee 100% enrollments.ii There are as many as 250 million children around the world still can’t read and write even after 4 years of primary education. Dropout problem still has not been solved.iii It directly affects the stability of the international community and the development of countries all over the world. On March 3, 1924, Turkey clear the purpose of education was “Make the Turkey into a free and independent nation, and make it into the ranks of the civilized country.” And in 1997, amended the relevant laws to a renewed eight-year Compulsory Education Law.iv In 2003, the "Primary Education Support Plan" was started in Turkey. In 2012 Turkey began to implement “FATIH PROJECT”v, balancing the enrollment gender ratios--from 91.1 girls for every 100 boys in 2002, to 101.8 girls for every 100 boys in 2012.vi On December 23, 1994, the resolution 184 / 49 announced year 1995 as a start of a decade of human rights education promotion, calling on all governments to strengthen literacy efforts, universal primary education.viiOn October 6, 2001, Turkey sided with “the United Nations literacy decade universal education” of the draft resolution (A/C 3/56 / l. 10), and also actively participated in the literacy ten years of work.viiiThrough continued efforts, Turkey's primary education has made great progress. By 2011, the proportion of Turkey’s 15-year-old students who can read and write accounts for 94.1% of the total, comparing 97.9% of male and 90.3 of female.ix The Turkish government regards education as the core component of the Turkish. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk emphasized in 1923:“Our most important responsibility is to win the battle in the field of education.”x Turkey strongly supports universal primary education, opposing to behaviors of influencing the the primary education popularization, such as regional conflicts. Turkey thinks, we must work to further strengthen the popularization of the elementary education and the cooperation between the developed and developing countries and pay more attention to poverty, gender differences, imperfect infrastructure and unfair

Shandong Youth Model United Nations Conference 2014 education.Turkey will continue to promote the popularization of primary education, insisting on Millennium Development , and achieve the target of male enrollment rate of 100%、female enrollment rate close to 100%, and the adult literacy rate increased by 50%. To this end, Turkey will take the following actions: 1. Publish relevant laws, security education fair. Protect woman's right to education; increase the funding and technology support for the eastern mountain area; In 2003, Turkey's overall literacy rate is 86.5%, but the female literacy rate is only 78.7%.xi UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon said: “Unless the women and girls get liberation from middle poverty and injustice, or the international community in peace, security and sustainable development of all the goals cannot be achieved.”xii 2. Increase spending on education; continue to initiate actions which encourage parents to send their children to schools abroad. Turkey education spending as a share of GDP in 2013 was 3.7%, ranked 147.xiii Turkey will continue to build schools, and perfect school infrastructure. Turkey has allocated 1.4 billion lira ($665 million) in 2014 to equip its schools with broadband Internet and the latest information technology.xiv At the same time, the Turkish government will vigorously promote the teacher education reform, and form teacher training system with institute of education as the core.xv 3.However, affected by the financial crisis, Turkey's economic growth rate declined, fiscal deficit grew sharply. The UN resolution A/c. 3/56 / l. 10 and rev. 1 mentioned: “called on governments, as well as national and international economic and financial organizations and institutions to provide more financial and material support.”xvi Therefore, Turkey wants the international community, especially the developed countries can give some financial support to Turkey and other developing countries, and can increase aid about education, strengthen the role of international fund, help Turkey and other developing countries improve infrastructure construction. 4.Turkey thinks the Islamic world needs cooperation. Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s aims is promoting cooperation between member states in economy, society, culture, and science.xvii The OIC member states should strengthen cultural exchanges and cooperation, jointly set up elementary education foundation, aid to the low level of elementary education development of the country, elementary education exchange activities at the same time, set up the teacher training institutions, as the world's poor countries training primary school teachers. 5.Turkey also believes that the peace of the international situation is the basis of the universal basic education.In countries affected by conflict, around 28 million

Shandong Youth Model United Nations Conference 2014 primary school-age children drop out of school, accounting for 42% of the school-age population. Secondary school enrollment rate is nearly one-third lower than other developing countries. Youth literacy rate is 79%, but 93% in other developing countries.xviii There are more than 1.5 million refugee school-age children in developing countries, most of them live in refugee camps.xix Turkey wants to countries can strengthen cooperation, settle international disputes peacefully, and safeguard world peace. Turkey may popularize primary education unswervingly together with other countries, let all the children learn; improve the quality of learning; train their consciousness of global citizenship.xx Turkey believes that with the government's political aspiration and sufficient support from development partners, universal primary education will be able to get great grades.


The United Nations general assembly resolution 217, A/RES / 217 article 26 of the universal declaration

of human rights



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In 2011 the United Nations universal education world development report

Shandong Youth Model United Nations Conference 2014
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《世界人权宣言》说:“每个人都有教育的权利。众所周知,一个国家的教育水平 深深地影响着国家的综合国力,所以,它吸引了来自世界各地的广泛关注。如今, 教育普及已经取得了很大的进步,与此同时,我们也面临着一个巨大的挑战。许多 发展中国家仍然不能保证 100%的入学率。有多达 2.5 亿名儿童在世界各地仍然 不能读和写甚至在四年的小学教育。辍学问题仍然没有得到解决。它直接影响国 际社会的稳定和国家的发展世界各地。 1924 年 3 月 3 日,土耳其明确教育的目的是“使土耳其成为自由和独立的国家, 并使其成为文明的国家的行列。 “1997 年,修改相关法律重新八年义务教育法律。 2003 年,“小学教育支持计划”开始在土耳其。2012 年土耳其开始实施“FATIH 项目” ,性别比率平衡招生——从 100 年的 91.1 女孩每 100 个男孩,在 100 年 101.8 女孩每 100 个男孩。 1994 年 12 月 23 日,184/49 号决议宣布 1995 年开始的十年的人权教育宣传,呼吁 各国政府加强扫盲工作,普及初等教育。2001 年 10 月 6 日,土耳其站在“联合国 扫盲十年普及教育”的决议草案(A / C / l 3/56。10),并积极参与扫盲十年的工作。 通过持续的努力,土耳其的小学教育已经取得了很大的进步。 到 2011 年,土耳其的 15 岁学生的比例能够读写占总数的 94.1%,90.3 比较 97.9%的男性和女性。 土耳其政府视教育为土耳其的核心组件。在 1923 年国父凯末尔强调:“我们最重 要的责任是赢得战斗在教育领域。“土耳其强烈支持普及初等教育,反对行为的 影响小学教育普及,如地区冲突。土耳其认为,我们必须努力进一步加强基础教育 的普及和发达国家和发展中国家之间的合作,更加关注贫困、性别差异、基础设 施不完善和不公平的教育。土耳其将继续促进初等教育的普及,坚持年发展,并实 现目标的男性入学率为 100%,女性入学率接近 100%,成人识字率上升了 50%。 为此,土耳其将采取以下行动: 1。发布有关法律、安全教育公平。保护妇女的受教育权;增加资金和技术支持东 部山区;2003 年,土耳其的整体识字率是 86.5%,但女性的识字率只有 78.7%。联合 国秘书长潘基文表示:“除非妇女和女童从中间得到解放贫困和不公,或国际社会 的和平、安全和可持续发展的目标无法实现。” 2。 增加教育支出,继续发起行动,鼓励家长送孩子到国外学校。土耳其教育支出占 GDP 的比例在 2013 年是 3.7%,147 年排名。土耳其会继续修建学校,和完善学校 的基础设施。 土耳其已经拨款 14 亿里拉(约合 6.65 亿美元)在 2014 年为学校配备 宽带互联网和最新的信息技术。与此同时,土耳其政府将大力促进教师教育改革, 教育学院和班主任培训系统为核心。 3。然而,受金融危机影响,土耳其的经济增长率下降,财政赤字大幅增长。联合国 决议的 A / c。3/56 / 10 l。启 1 提到:“呼吁各国政府以及国家和国际经济和金融 组织和机构提供更多的资金和物质支持。“因此,土耳其希望国际社会,特别是发 达国家可以给一些金融支持土耳其和其他发展中国家,对教育和可以增加援助,加 强国际基金的角色,帮助土耳其和其他发展中国家改善基础设施建设。 4。土耳其认为伊斯兰世界需要合作。伊斯兰合作组织的目的是促进合作成员国 之间在经济、社会、文化和科学。OIC 成员国应加强文化交流与合作,共同建立

Shandong Youth Model United Nations Conference 2014 基础教育基金会资助的低水平的基础教育发展,小学教育交流活动同时,建立教师 培训机构,作为世界上贫穷国家的小学教师培训。 5。 土耳其还认为,国际形势的和平是通用基础教育的基础。在受冲突影响的国家, 大约 2800 万名小学学龄儿童辍学,占学龄人口的 42%。 中学入学率近三分之一低 于其他发展中国家。 青年识字率是 79%,但在其他发展中国家的 93%。 有超过 150 万的难民学龄儿童在发展中国家,其中大部分生活在难民营。土耳其希望国家可 以加强合作,和平解决国际争端,维护世界和平。 土耳其可能普及初等教育坚定不移地与其他国家一起,让所有的孩子学习,提高学 习的质量,培养全球公民意识。土耳其认为,与政府的政治抱负和足够的支持从开 发合作伙伴,普及初等教育能够取得伟大的成绩。

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