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2013版英语全程复习方略课件(江苏):必修5 Unit 2 The environment(译林牛津版)

Unit 2 The environment 环境

话题之十四——招聘求职 三年2考 [2010辽宁]你校学生会需招聘一名留学生做英语学习顾问, 请你以短文形式写一则招聘启事。内容主要包括:1. 母语是英

语,汉语流利者优先2. 解答英语学习问题,协助组织英语活动
3. 每周4小时,报酬面议4. 联系人:李华(Tel: 13

011223344)注 意:词数100左右。

English Advisor Wanted
The Student Union of our school decides to invite an international student to work as an English Study Advisor next term. The main responsibilities of the advisor include helping students to practice their oral English, answering their


and helping organize activities such as singing
English evenings, or lectures on interesting

English songs, topics.

The applicant should be a native speaker of English.

Fluency in Chinese is preferred. The advisor is expected to
work 4 hours per week. If you are interested, please call Li Hua at 13011223344 for an interview. Payment for the service will be discussed during the interview.

Student Union

1. 本文为招聘启事类的应用文写作。 ①第一段说明招聘岗位的具体职责。


2. 全文行文流畅,用词地道,符合招聘启事的写作要求。
①高级词汇和短语:responsibility, oral, fluency, prefer, be

expected to do
②语篇过渡语: such as

【佳作习得】完成句子 are expected Those who want to take a trip to the Great Wall ______ to gather at the school gate ____________(请在校门口集合).

Ⅰ. 单词盘点 根据词性和汉语意思写出词汇 debate 1. _______ (n. &vi. )


credit 2. _______ (n. )
quantity 3. ________ (n. ) arrest 4. ______ (vt. &n. )


conflict 5. _______ (vi. ) (n. )

冲突,抵触 冲突; 矛盾 措施,方法;尺度 测量;估量,判定 范围;一系列;山脉 (在一定范围内)变化;包括;排 列, 排序

measure 6. ________(n. )
(vt. ) range 7. ______ (n. ) (vi. )

conservation 8._____________ (n. )


particular 9. __________ (adj. )专指的,特指的;特别的;讲究的,挑剔 的
decade 10. _______ (n. )十年 consultant consult 11. __________ (n. ) 顾问→________ (v. )查阅;请教;商议 production produce 12. ___________ (n. ) 产量;生产→________ (v. )生产,创作 productive product (n. )农产品→________ (n. )产品,产物→__________ (adj. )多 产的;富有成效的 responsible responsibility 13. _____________ (n. )责任,职责→___________ (adj. )负责的,


belief believe 14. ______ (n. ) 看法; 信念→________ (v. )相信,信任
operation operate 15. ________ (vt. &vi. )经营;动手术→_________ (n. )操作;经 operator 营;手术→_________ (n. )操作员;话务员

impression impress 16. ________ (vt. )使印象深刻→__________ (n. )印象
illegal illegally 17. _______ (adj. )违法的,非法的→________ (adv. )违法地, 非法地

appreciate appreciation 18. __________(vt. )欣赏,赞赏;感激;领会→____________ (n. )欣赏;鉴别;感激 consumer consume 19. ________ (vt. )消耗,耗费;消费→__________ (n. )消费者, 用户,顾客 absorb absorbed 20. _______ (vt. )吸收;理解;使全神贯注→________ (adj. )全 神贯注的;一心一意的;被吸收的


produce produced ①The _______ _________ on his farm is extremely popular production with villagers, and the __________ is increasing year by year.

responsible ②He said he should be __________ for the accident and he was
responsibility praised for his sense of ____________ . (responsible) operated operator ③An _________ was ill and a famous surgeon _________on her operation at once. Shortly after the _________, the patient picked up. (operate)

Ⅱ. 短语回放 1. 自由发言

open the floor ______________
cut back on ____________ ask around ___________ use up _______

2. 减少,削减,缩减
3. 四处打听

4. 用尽
5. 用完,耗尽

run out (of) ___________
pick up ________

6. 捡起,收拾
7. 打扫(或清除)干净

clean up _________

8. 排队等候

queue up ___________

9. 找出,挑选
10. 依赖??提供??

pick out ________
rely on. . . for. . . ________________ put. . . in danger ______________ under way ____________ in/ with regard to _________________

11. 把??置于危险之地
12. 进行中

13. 关于,至于

14. 把??归咎于?? 15. 排放

blame. . . on. . . ______________ let off _______ in particular ____________ do one’s part ______________

16. 尤其,特别
17. 尽自己的职责

Ⅲ. 句式扫描 With me are 1. ____________ (和我在一起的是)Ms Lin Shuiqing, from the

Green Society, and Mr Qian Liwei, a business development
consultant. the way 2. First I am talking to you today about _______ (??的方式) vast areas of the world are damaged by chemical waste. killing river and 3. Other types of waste flow into our water, _______________ sea life ________ (使河流和海洋生命丧生).

six times what it was 4. The world’s population has grown by ___________________
in 1800 _______(1800年的六倍多). have this belief that 5. People often __________________(有这样的信念) development is bad for the environment, but this does not have

to be true.
do agree 6. However, I _________(确实赞同) that we should produce

more things from materials that have been recycled, and less smaller from raw materials, the supply of which is growing ________
and smaller ___________(越来越小).

7. This is not good news for the people who rely on the Yangtze Nor is it good news for River for water. _____________________(对??来说也是个不 好的消息) the wide range of fish and wildlife that live in or along the river. There is no doubt that 8. _____________________(毫无疑问)the world climate has been changing in recent years.

①倍数+what从句 仿写:现在这个村庄的人口是解放前的10倍。

The population now in this village is ten times what it was ______________________________________________________ before liberation. _______________________ ②比较级+and+比较级越来越??
仿写:上了高中以后,他发现物理越来越难。 He found that physics was more and more difficult after he ______________________________________________________ entered high school. __________________

③There is no doubt that. . . 毫无疑问?? 仿写:毫无疑问,电子计算机比打字机更有效率。 There is no doubt that computers are more efficient than ______________________________________________________ typewriters. ____________

核 心 要 点

impress measure particular

三年1考 三年4考 三年3考

1. operate vt. &vi. 运转;操作;经营,管理;起作用;动手术

①They operate three factories and a huge warehouse. ( 经营 )

②Machinery is operated by electricity. ( 操作,操纵 )
③The surgeons operated on her for a tumor. ( 为??做手术 )

④The machine operates quite efficiently. ( 运转 )
⑤The medicine will operate in ten minutes. ( 见效,起作用 )

2. impress vt. 压印,盖印;使印象深刻,使铭记,使牢记 vi. 给人留下印象,使人注意 (1)be impressed by/with/at 被??打动;对??留下深刻的印象 be impressed on one’s mind/ memory 被铭刻在心 impress sb. with sth. 使??了解??的重要性

impress sth. on(upon) sb. /impress on(upon) sb. sth.

What impressed me most is. . .

(2)impression n. 印象

the first impression of


leave/ make/ have a deep impression on sb.


①I was very impressed at/by/with his performance. 我对他的表演印象很深。

②His words are strongly impressed on my memory.

③They impressed on their children the virtue of telling the
truth. (句型转换)

with impressed =They __________ their children ______ the virtue of telling the truth.

left a deep impression on ④Yao Ming’s height ____ _ ____ __________ __ the old

American lady.

3. measure n. 措施,方法;尺度
vt. 测量;估量,判定 beyond measure take measures to do sth. make sth. to one’s measure 无法估量地,极度地 采取措施做某事 依照尺寸做某物

①I know my debt to them is beyond measure. 我知道我欠他们的恩情永远都无法计算。

②Mr. Smith asked the tailor to make some new clothes to his
own measure. 史密斯先生要求裁缝照他的尺寸做些新衣服。

take ______ measures ③We should ____ proper ________ to improve our teaching. 我
们应当采取适当的措施来提高教学质量。 ④那次地震强度为5. 3级。(判断正误) The earthquake measured 5. 3 magnitude. ( √ ) × The earthquake is measured 5. 3 magnitude. (?)


4. range n. (变动)范围,幅度;一系列;射程;山脉 vi. (在一定范围内) 变化;包括;排列, 排序 (1)in/within the range of在??范围内 out of/beyond the range of超出??的范围 a range of一系列,一些,一套 (2)range from. . . to. . . 从??到??变化

①Television provides us with a wide range of information and

电视给我们提供了广泛的信息和娱乐。 ②The word is beyond the range of middle-school students’ vocabulary. 这个词超出了中学生的词汇量范围。 range from to ③The prices of leather shoes _____ _____ 100 dollars __ 250 dollars. 皮鞋的价格从100美元到250美元不等。


【真题链接】 [2010湖北,21]This restaurant has become popular for its wide ______ of foods that suit all tastes and pockets. A. division B. area C. range D. circle

【解析】选C。考查名词词义辨析。句意:由于有广泛的食物 (选择)适合所有口味和收入的人群的需要,这家餐馆已经很受 欢迎了。由定语从句that suit all tastes and pockets可以推出所 选词应表示“(选择)范围”,因此选择C。division 分开,分配; area 面积,地区,领域;circle 圆圈,环形物;均不合题意。

5. appreciate vt. 欣赏,赞赏;感激;领会,理解 appreciate sb. / sth. 欣赏;高度评价;理解 appreciate (one’s) doing sth. 感激(某人)做某事 I would appreciate it if. . . 如果??,我会感激不尽的 ①His great ability was universally appreciated. 他的杰出才能获得普遍赞赏。 ②One can’t appreciate a holiday without working hard for some time.


③I would appreciate your calling back this afternoon. (句型转
换) appreciate it if =I would _________ __ __ you could call back this afternoon. 如 果今天下午你能打来电话我将会非常感激。


It is difficult to appreciate how bad the situation has become.
A. 欣赏 B. 感激 C. 理解

很难理解局势怎么会变得这么糟。 【点津】表示“感激(谢)某人”时用thank。如:Thank you for your help/ helping me. 谢谢你帮我。

6. consume vt. 消耗,耗费;消费;吃光,喝光 consume time in doing sth. 把时间用在做某事上

①He had consumed the best years of his life in prison. 他在狱中度过了他的大好年华。 ②She consumes much of her time in studying. 她把很多时间用在学习上。 ③They consumed all the hot dogs and hamburgers. 他们把热狗和汉堡都吃光了。

【熟词生义】根据语境选择最佳汉语意思 She was consumed with curiosity. A. 消耗 B. 消费 C. 吃喝 D. 使充满

【解析】选D。consume sb. (with sth. )意为使充满(强烈的感 情)。句意:她充满了好奇心。

7. particular adj. 专指的,特指的;特别的;讲究的,挑剔的
①The accident happened on that particular day. 事故就发生在那一天。 ②—Is there anything particular you’d like for dinner? 正餐你 有什么特别喜欢的菜吗? —No, nothing in particular. 没有,什么都行。 ③The boss is very particular about what his employees do. 这位老板对他的员工们所做的工作很挑剔。

in particular 【归纳】 ____________


be particular about __________________

【真题链接】 [2011江西,33]She has already tried her best. Please don’t be too ________ about her job. A. special B. responsible

C. unusual

D. particular


请不要对她的工作太挑剔了。be particular about对??挑剔。

8. absorb vt. 吸收;理解;使全神贯注 ①The rocks absorb more energy from the sun than they reflect. 岩石从太阳吸收的能量比反射的多。 ②The clever boy absorbed all the knowledge that his teachers could give him. 那个聪明的男孩把老师所能教给他的知识全部 掌握了。

③He seemed to be more absorbed in his pipe than in what you
were saying. 与其说他注意听你说什么倒不如说他好像更专注 于吸烟。

absorb sth. from 【归纳】________________ be absorbed in (doing) sth. _________________________

从??中吸收?? 全神贯注于(做)某事, 专心于(做)某事

【点津】be absorbed in (doing) sth. 结构在句中常以过去分词 作状语的形式出现,这一用法是高考命题的重点。如: So absorbed in watching the car passing by, he didn’t notice his

friends coming. 如此专心地注视着那辆车从他身边开过,他没

【熟词生义】 根据语境选择最佳汉语意思 The company has gradually absorbed its smaller rivals. A. 吸收 B. 理解 C. 兼并



【想一想】表示“专心”的短语你还能想起多少?试列举。 【拓展延伸】常见的表示“专心、入迷、全神贯注”的短语还 有:fix/focus one’s attention on;put one’s heart into;be buried in;be devoted to;concentrate on。

9. cut back on 减少,削减,缩减 ①They had to cut back on production during the power cuts. 在

②A survey suggests that Americans have cut back on sugarsweetened soda. 一项调查表明,美国人已经削减了对含糖汽水的饮用。

【拓展】cut across
cut in cut off cut down cut up

插嘴,打断(谈话)(+on) 切断(供应),中断(电话通话等) 砍倒,削减,裁小 切碎

选用上面短语填空 cut off ③The village was ___ ___ by the snow for more than a month. cuts in ④He always ____ __ while other people are talking.

cut down ⑤This article is too long and you have to ____ it _____ to 1, 000 words.

10. run out (of) 用完,耗尽 ①We had just reached the motorway when the petrol ran out. 我们刚到达高速公路,汽油就没有了。

run out run out of 用完,耗尽 用完 耗尽,用完 用光,用完 不及物动词短语,其主语通常为时 间、食物、金钱等 及物动词短语,其主语一般为人

give out
use up

不及物动词短语,其主语通常是物 及物动词短语,其主语一般为人

running ②We’d better do our Christmas shopping, for the time is_______ out/ giving out ______________. use up/ run out of ③We can’t __________________ all the natural energy with nothing left to our offspring.

11. pick out 找出,挑选出;辨认出;弄明白,领会;使明显,

阅读下列句子,体会黑体部分的含义 ①At once I picked out my elder brother in the crowd. ( ) ②I have picked out the bad tomatoes from the basket. ( ) ③All the important sentences in the article were picked out in red lines. ( )

④I have to pick out its meaning with the help of an English translation. ( ) 答案:①辨认出 ③使明显,使突出 ②挑出,拣出,选出 ④弄明白,弄清楚

12. under way(=in process) 进行中 ①The reports said the investigation had been under way for several months. 报道称调查已经进行了几个月了。



construction ②Several new railways are under _____________ (建设)in China.

③How much money we should spend on endangered tigers is discussion under _________ (讨论). ④I’m afraid that the road to Wolong Nature Reserve is under
repair ______ (修理). ⑤The request to buy a video for each classroom is under consideration _____________ (考虑).

13. With me are Ms Lin Shuiqing, from the Green Society, and Mr Qian Liwei, a business development consultant. 今天我们请来了两位嘉宾,一位是来自绿色地球协会的林水清 女士,另一位是商业发展顾问钱力伟先生。

along with等作表语或伴随状语放在句首时,句子要用完全倒 装结构,有时还可以在前面加一个引导词here。

①With globalization have come many problems. 随着全球化,很多问题出现了。 is a ________ ②Along with the old man __ __ stranger who had never been seen before. 跟着老人的是一位以前从未见过的陌生人。


(1)there be句型,如:

There stood a desk against the wall.

(2)there/here/now/ then放在句首时, 如:
Now is the time to take action.


(3)方位状语开头时, 如:

Out rushed the boy. 这个男孩冲了出去。

即不能说Here is coming the bus。
(2)若主语为代词,则不倒装。如: Here it comes. 它来了。

14. First I am talking to you today about the way vast areas of the world are damaged by chemical waste.

句中vast areas of the world are damaged by chemical waste是定

语从句,修饰先行词the way,way作先行词且意为“方式、方
法”。 ①I don’t like the way in which/ that/ 不填 you speak to your parents. 我不喜欢你跟你父母说话的方式。(关系词在从句中作 状语)

②The way that/ which/ 不填 he explained to us was quite simple. 他向我们解释的那种方法很简单。(关系词在从句中作宾语) ③The old way that/ which used to work well doesn’t fit in with the times. 曾经运作得不错的那种旧方式现在与时代不符了。(关系词在 从句中作主语)

that/ in which/不填 关系词在从句中作状语时,关系词常用__________________。 which/that/不 关系词在从句中作主语或宾语时,关系词常用______________ 填(作宾语) __________。

15. People often have this belief that development is bad for the
environment, but this does not have to be true. 人们常常认为经济发展对环境有害,但这不一定是正确的。 句中that引导的是同位语从句,说明belief的具体内容。 英语中有些抽象名词,往往要求用从句来解 同位语从 句的定义 释或说明这些名词的具体含义或内容,在逻 辑上与前面的名词是同位关系,这种从句称 为同位语从句。

同位语从 句的引导 词 可接同位 语从句的 抽象名词

同位语从句一般由that引导,that一般不省 略。有时也可由其他连接词引导,如who, why,how,whether等。 advice, demand, doubt, fact, hope, idea, information, message, news, order, problem, promise, question, request, suggestion, truth, wish, word等。

①I have no idea when he will come back home.

The ____ that ②____ news ____ we won the game is exciting.


【真题链接】 [2011辽宁,32]When the news came ______ the war broke out, he decided to serve in the army. A. since B. which C. that D. because

传来时,他决定到军队中服役。空格后the war broke out为the news的内容,构成了同位语从句,而且从句中什么成分也不缺, 故用that来引导,that不能省略。since自从,既然;which哪一 个;because因为,引导原因状语从句。

【想一想】 that引导的定语从句和同位语从句的区别一直是很 多学生感到头痛的问题,那么应该如何区分这两种从句呢? 【拓展延伸】that引导的定语从句和同位语从句的区别: (1)同位语从句是对前面名词的内容作进一步的解释或补充说明, 引导词that只起引导作用,在句中不作任何成分,一般不可省 略;定语从句是对前面的先行词进行修饰、限制,引导词在句


The news that they had won the game soon spread over the whole school. 他们赢得比赛的消息很快就传遍了整个学校。(此

句为同位语从句,进一步解释“the news”的内容,that在从句
中不作成分,但不可省略) The news that you told me yesterday was really disappointing. 你昨天告诉我的消息真的很令人失望。(此句是定语从句,是 对“消息”的限定修饰,that在从句中作宾语,可省略) (2)判断that引导的是定语从句还是同位语从句,可以在名词和 that之间加is/was,如果原句仍然成立,则that引导的是同位语 从句;若原句不成立,则that引导的是定语从句。

16. However, I do agree that we should produce more things from materials that have been recycled, and less from raw materials, the supply of which is growing smaller and smaller. 但是,我非常赞同我们应该更多地利用回收材料制造产品,减 少原材料的使用,因为原材料的供应正变得越来越紧张。

在陈述句中,用“助动词do/ does/ did +动词原形”来对句子的

强调一般现在时,用do/does, 强调一般过去时用did。

①He did write to you last week. 上周他确实给你写了信。 ②He does study in this school. 他确实在这所学校学习。 ③ Do __ _______ when you cross the road. __ be careful 过马路时务必要小心。

【真题链接】 [2010四川,19]If you have a job, ______ yourself to it and finally you’ll succeed.

A. do devote
C. devoting

B. don’t devote
D. not devoting



(1)与debate搭配的介词 (2)credit的不同介词搭配 (3)现在分词作结果状语

1. They debated ________ parents _______ the question. A. with; on B. for; on

C. for; about

D. about; with

【解析】选A。debate with sb. on sth. 和某人就某事争论。

2. [2010江苏,28]The retired man donated most of his
savings to the school damaged by the earthquake in Yushu, ________ the students to return to their classrooms. A. enabling C. to enable B. having enabled D. to have enabled

【解析】选A。句意:那个退休的人把他大部分的积蓄捐献给 了玉树地震中受损的学校,使得学生们能够重返教室。本题考

查动词的-ing形式作结果状语(自然而然的结果); B项和D项均
为完成式,表示enable这个动作先发生,这与语境矛盾,故排 除;C项是不定式作结果状语,多用于表示出乎意料的结果。


3. 选词填空(to/on/for)

to Such a student is a credit __ the school.

on You can buy at our market __ credit.

for He got all the credit ___ the success of the project.

写作提升(五)——应用文(二) 通知、留言条等也是高考书面表达考查重点之一,它们也

内容简明扼要,文字简洁明了,讲清谁写的,写给谁,什么事 (时间、地点、事件等)以及什么时候写的等。

请你草拟一份有关活动的口头通知。 注意:1. 内容包括表格内的全部要点; 2. 词数150左右。 参考词汇:commemorative: 纪念的 compatriot: 同胞

1. 缅怀遇难同胞; 活动目的 2. 感谢全国人民的无私帮助; 3. 展示灾后重建取得的巨大成就。 1. 写一篇感恩作文;

活动内容 2. 绘一幅灾区新貌图;
(任选一项) 3. 设计一堂感恩的主题班会。 活动时间 参加人员 7月15日至7月20日 全班同学


1. 本篇为通知,为生活中常见文体,目的为通知同学了解
有关纪念活动的事宜。 2. 人称:第二人称为主 3. 时态:一般现在时和一般将来时 4. 写作要点




Ⅰ. 格式模板
开头:May I have your attention please? As we know, . . .

正文:Our class will hold. . . You can choose to do . . .
结束语:Hoping all the classmates. . . That’s all. Thank you!

Ⅱ. 句式模板

1. 陈述“活动目的”
①These activities aim at . . . /are aimed at. . .

②We hold these activities in order to. . . /for the purpose
of. . . ③We intend to . . . by holding these activities.

2. 擅长做某事 ①be good at(doing) sth. ②do well in (doing) sth. ③have a gift for sth. 3. 积极参加活动 ①take an active part in these activities ②be active in these activities


1. 我们也要展示灾后重建取得的重大成就。
We’ll display the great achievements. They were made in

post-disaster reconstruction as well. (用过去分词合并句子)
We’ll display the great achievements made in post-disaster _________________________ reconstruction as well. ___________________

2. 你可以写一篇文章,表示你对来自全国的帮助的感激。 You may write an essay to show how you appreciate the help _________________________

from all over China. ___________________
3. 你可以设计一堂感恩的主题班会。

You may design a theme class meeting to show our
gratitude to those people’s help. (用定语从句改写句子) You may design a class meeting whose theme is to show our _________________________ gratitude to those who have helped us. _________________


May I have your attention please?
As we know, May 12th, 2012 is the 4th anniversary of the

5?12 earthquake. Our class will hold commemorative activities
from July 15 to July 20. These activities aim at cherishing the

Besides memories of the victim compatriots._______ , we want to take
this opportunity to thank the whole nation for their selfless help and _____ display the great achievements made in post-disaster reconstruction as well. Hopefully you can choose to do any of

how the following activities. You may write an essay to show ____
you appreciate the help from all over China. If you are good at

drawing, you may choose to draw a picture of the disaster area
What’s more taking on a new look . ____________ , you may design a class meeting whose theme is to show our gratitude to those who have helped us. Hoping all the classmates will be active in these activities.

That’s all. Thank you!

假设你是李华,星期天你们班同学要去敬老院参加义务劳 动,你去找李明告诉他这件事,但他不在家,你给他留言说明



注意: (1)词数150左右; (2)可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 Dear Li Ming, ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

Li Hua

【参考范文】 Dear Li Ming, This Sunday we’ll go to the nursing home and do some voluntary work. You were out when I dropped in on you today. Therefore, I have to leave a message to you. According to what our monitor said, we’ll meet at the gate of our school at 9: 30 a. m. morning and set out together by bike. So you should take your bike and don’t forget to take

some washing powder, barber tools and weeding tools so that we can help the aged there wash their clothes, cut their hair and get rid of some weed in the garden. At last, you should remember to take some food for lunch because we’ll stay and chat with them at noon. If you come back, please make a telephone call to me

immediately so that I can tell you something extra. Li Hua

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