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【创新设计】2015高考英语(译林版)一轮活页练习:模块4 Unit 2 Sports events(含答案解析)

Unit 2 Sports events

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.At the ancient Olympics by ________(传统)the athletes were all men. 2.We think it of great ________(意义). 3.Our ________(要求)have been met. 4.The Chinese

led the way at the Olympics,winning 51 gold ________(奖牌). 5.Work hard,________(要不然)you will be sorry. 答案 1.tradition 2.significance 3.requirements 4.medals 5.otherwise Ⅱ.翻译句子 1.为纪念那些对国家作出巨大贡献的人建了一个博物馆。(in honor of) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 2.在开幕仪式上他被授予一枚奖牌。(opening ceremony) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 3.过去是个小村子的地方如今被开发成了一个著名的景点。(tourist attraction) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 4.游客们高兴地看着焕然一新的公园。(be delighted to) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 5.他如此难过,一定已经知道比赛结果了。(must have known) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 答案 1.They built a museum in honor of those who made great contributions to the country. 2.He was awarded a medal at the opening ceremony. 3.The place that used to be a small village has developed into a famous tourist attraction. 4.The visitors are delighted to see the park on a new look. 5.He is so sad,and he must have known the result of the game. Ⅲ.单项填空 1.Mike,you know,________ that sounds like a good idea,you shouldn't overdo it at the beginning.

A.even though B.now that C.even so D.only if 答案 A [考查状语从句。句意:迈克,你知道,尽管这听起来是个好主意,你也不应

该在开始的时候就太劳累了。根据句子的逻辑关系可知应选 A,意思是“即使,虽然”。now that“既然”;even so“尽管如此”;only if“只有”。] 2.According to the school rules,no student ________ go out of the school after eleven o'clock at night without the teacher's permission. A.will B.must C.may D.shall 答案 D [句意:根据学校规定,任何学生不经老师允许晚上十一点后不准外出。本题

中 shall 意为“(表示决心、命令或指示)必须,一定,应该”。] 3.Would you slow down a bit,please?I can't ________you. A.keep up with B.put up with

C.make up to D.hold on to 答案 A [考查动词短语辨析。 句意: 你慢点儿好吗?我跟不上你了。 keep up with“跟上, 与某人并驾齐驱”;put up with“容忍”;make up to“向某人献媚”;hold on to“坚持”。] 4.Traffic restrictions came into effect in Beijing________to improve the capital's air quality and traffic situation for the 2008 Olympics. A.in order that B.in an attempt C.at an attempt D.in a try 答案 B [句意:为了 2008 年奥运会,北京开始实施交通管制,力图改善首都的空气质 量和交通状况。in order that(从句)“为了……”;in an attempt“力图,希望”;at an attempt“试 一下”;in a try“无此搭配”。] 5.Though its economy is speeding fast,China's average family income is far below ________ of the developed countries. A.each B.those C.one D.that 答案 D [考查代词,句意:尽管中国的经济正在加速发展,但是家庭平均收入远远比

发达国家的低。that 作指示代词,可指代前面提到的人或物,且后面通常用一个后置定语来 修饰。] 6.It's high time that we________something about improving the situation.

A.will do B.do C.shall do D.did 答案 D [考查虚拟语气。 句意: 该是我们为改善局势做点儿什么的时候了。 It's high time that... 该是做某事的时候了。 that 从句常用虚拟语气,用一般过去时或 should+动词原形 (should 不省略)。 ] 7.Progress so far has been very good.________,we are sure that the project will be completed on time. A.However B.Otherwise C.Therefore D.Besides 答案 C [句意:到目前为止,工程进展很好。因此,我们对这项工程按时竣工有信心。 however“然而”;otherwise“否则”;therefore“因此”;besides“加之,另外”。] 8 . With the development of technology, much old equipment has to ________the new inventions. A.make way to B.give way to

C.lead the way D.find its way 答案 B [考查动词短语辨析。句意:随着科技的发展,许多旧设备必须被新发明代替。 make one's way(to)“前进,成功”;give way to“被……代替”;lead the way“带路”;find one's way“找到路,设法到达”。] 9. I was on the highway when this car went past followed by a police car.They ________at least 150km per hour. A.should have been doing B.must have been doing C.could have done D.would have done 答案 B [表示肯定的推测时用 must,此题是对当时的情景进行推测,故其后应用完成

体的进行式。] 10.It was in the park________they met for the first time________the old couple told us their unforgettable experiences. A.where;that B.that;that C.where;when D.that;when 答案 A [强调句。where 引导定语从句,修饰先行词 park;it was...that...强调句型。故 选 A 项。]

11.—I went to work on foot yesterday,though it________. —You________by bus.It was likely to get a cold. A.is raining;must have gone B.rained;would go C.was raining;should have gone D.have rained;could have gone 答案 C [说话人在主句中使用了过去时态,因此,让步状语从句也用过去时态,这样, 就排除了 A、D 两项。should have done 表示的是责备对方应该做某事却没有做,上句已经 说明是走路而不是乘车,这样就把 would go 排除了。] 12.Though ________to see us,the professor gave us a warm welcome. A.surprise B.surprised C.surprising D.being surprised 答案 B [句意:尽管教授在看到我们时很惊讶,但他还是热情欢迎了我们。“surprised” 形容词作状语,表示“感到惊讶的”的意思。] 13.We must keep the room ________before the guests arrive. A.cleaning B.clean C.cleaned D.being cleaned 答案 B [本题考查“keep+宾语+宾补”结构,clean 在这是形容词作宾补,表示状态。] 14.Time,________ correctly,is money in the bank. A.to use B.use C.using D.used 答案 D [本题考查非谓语动词。句意:使用得当,时间就是银行里的钱。题干中已出

现谓语动词 is,又没有连词的情况下,空格中要填的是非谓语形式,而且 use 和主语 time 是被动关系,所以要用过去分词表被动意义,相当一个条件状语从句; if it(time)is used correctly.] 15.—A microwave oven must be a big convenience to us. —________,dear.But when do you plan to get one? A.Just can't agree more B.A pleasure

C.Good idea D.No wonder 答案 A [Just can't agree more 表示“再同意不过了”,符合句意。] Ⅳ.任务型阅读

Animal feed is the biggest cost for most cattle producers.In the United States,the cost of hay, grains and other feed has risen sharply because of a drought.At the same time,wildfires this year burned more than a million hectares of North American rangeland. Jack Field raises cattle in the northwestern state of Washington.To save money,he made plans to truck his small herd of cows three hundred kilometers to feed on crop stubble.Crop stubble is what remains after crops have been harvested. Moving his cattle from farm to farm costs money and time.But he says if he can avoid feeding them hay,he can still make a profit. Tim DelCurto is a beef scientist at Oregon State University.He is working with ranchers and feedlot owners to help them find lowercost ways to feed cattle.He says cattle can eat things like grassseed straw and distillers'grains.These grains are left over from ethanol fuel production. He says cattle can also eat cannery waste and items rejected by vegetable processors-like misshapen green beans,carrots,even French fries. “Now I think one of the unique attributes of beef cattle-and sheep would fit this,too-is that they can virtually digest anything.” The rising cost of feed has led agricultural research universities to give greater attention to what experts call“feed efficiency”.The University of Idaho has a cattle barn where sensors measure exactly how much food each cow eats. Professor Rod Hill says just because animals growing at the same rate does not mean they eat the same amount of food.In fact,the difference in how efficiently their bodies convert feed into meat,fat,bone and hide might be surprising. “These animals in your eyes and mine look quite homogenous.But the variation in intake for animals growing at the same rate is of the order of thirtyfive percent.” This is a case where humans and animals have something in common. “You know, we talk to people who say, ‘All I have to do is, is, is look at the candy store and, and I put on three pounds.'And so we don't actually quantify it so precisely in humans.We know in humans that some people can eat a little and they can put on quite a bit of weight and some people can eat a lot and hardly put on any weight.So it's a biological phenomenon.” Rod Hill says ranchers can use selective breeding to get the same growth with less feed.But he says don't focus too much on one thing,like reducing fat. “Lessefficient animals are slightly fatter, and moreefficient animals are slightly leaner. So we wouldn't want to just go after efficiency and then forget about the body composition.So,we wouldn't want animals to become too lean,so that might reduce marbling in the product, especially in the quality cuts where the profit is.” Title Improving“feed efficiency”in cattle


Animal feed in the US becomes too __1__for most cattle producers this year. ●A__3__did great harm to the growth of hay, grains and other feed

__2__ ●Wild fires__4__much of North American rangeland 续表

●Jack Field has __6__to carry his cows by truck 300 kilometers away to feed on crop stubble, which he thinks is beneficial ●Tim DelCurto works with ranchers and feedlot owners to find lowercost ways to feed cattle. He thinks that cattle have the Actions to__5__the problem __7__to digest anything ●Rod Hill devotes himself to the research on “feed efficiency” and advises ranchers to use__8__breeding to get the same growth of cattle with less feed. He believes that even__9__animals grow at the same rate, they are quite__10__in efficiency in transforming feed into meat, fat, bone and hide 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇关于农业方面的报道,主要讨论寻找提高饲养效率的办法。 1 . expensive [ 根据第一段第一句话 “Animal feed is the biggest cost for most cattle

producers.”可推知答案。] 2.Reasons/Causes [根据右栏内容可知,此处是说动物饲料费用高的原因。] 3. drought [根据第一段第二句话“In the United States, the cost of hay, grains and other feed has risen sharply because of a drought.”可知答案。] 4.burned [根据第一段第三句话“At the same time,wildfires this year burned more than a million hectares of North American rangeland.”可知答案。] 5.solve/settle [从第二段开始介绍解决这个问题的措施,故答案为 solve/settle。] 6.planned [根据第二段第二句话“To save money,he made plans to truck his small herd of cows three hundred kilometers to feed on crop stubble.”可推知答案。] 7.ability [根据第六段中“they can virtually digest anything”可推知答案为 ability。] 8.selective [根据第十二段第一句话“Rod Hill says ranchers can use selective breeding to

get the same growth with less feed.”可知答案。] 9.though/if [根据第九段中的连词 but 可知此处表示让步,所以用 even if 或 even though 表达。] 10.different [根据第八段第二句话“In fact,the difference in how efficiently their bodies

convert feed into meat,fat,bone and hide might be surprising.”可知答案。]

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