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Verb & Verbal Phrases Unit 1
Exercise 1: Multiple Choice
1 Clara wanted to buy the coat, but it cost more than she could __________. A. assume B. adopt C. arouse D. afford 2 The parents’ absence was _________ by the kids. A. made use B. made to use C. taken in D. taken advantage of 3 The thief ran into the supermarket and _____ from sight. A. vanished B. went away C. died D. appeared 4 Who will be ______ the class when the old teacher retires at the end of the month? A. taking up B. taking over C. taking on D. taking in 5 Don’t ____ in matters that do not concern you. A. interrupt B. interfere C. influence D. interview 6 A nail _____ the tire and they had to call for help. A. pierced B. pinched C. crushed D. pinned 7 Instead of going to court, some people would rather ____ to force. A. come B. apply C. refer D. resort 8 This hotel ________ $60 for a single room with bath. A. claims B. demands C. prices D. charges 9 Melting snow _______ for the regular spring floods in this area. A. accumulates B. deposits C. competes D. accounts 10 He ______ his point of view by giving some examples. A. hinted B. illustrated C. motivated D. located 11 We finally _______ an agreement after two months of hard bargaining. A. reached B. arrived C. came D. drove 12 Each worker ______ a dollar to the Red Cross. A. attributed B. contributed C. distributed D. attached 13 We must increase our productivity if we are to _______ our level of exports in competition with the country. A. maintain B. hold C. take D. obtain 14 Figure ______ in 1998 showed that crimes had decreased in the previous year. A. published B. delivered C. released D. relieved 15 None of us expected the chairman to _____ at the party. We thought he was still in hospital. A. turn in B. turn over C. turn up D. turn down 16 Some of the suggestions have been accepted but others have been _______. A. projected B. rejected C. objected D. subjected 17. It is surprising that this innocent-looking person should have _____ such a crime. A. performed B. done C. committed D. acted 18. When is the best moment to ______ the date of the election to the newspaper? A. retain B. release C. relate D. relieve 19 It’s a long story. But I won’t _______ the history of the matter. A. go up B. go into C. go by D. go off

20 He is the first one who ______ Aids and died of it in the world. A. acquired B. obtained C. got D. gained 21 The scandal (丑闻) certainly ______ his defeat in the election. A. contributes to B. distributes C. owing to D. due to 22 This probably ______ her intense interest in the reform in China’s countryside. A. accounts for B. approves of C. gives out D. tears down 23 Sally felt sorry that she was busy with her work when he was hospitalized (住院) and needed her most. She promised that she would______. A. make up B. make it up to him C. make up for D. make up with 24 The color of your hat should ______ that of your coat. A. go on B. go up C. go with D. go through 25 Without proper lessons, you could ______ a lot of bad habits when playing the piano. A. keep up B. pick up C. draw up D. catch up 26 Kent was finally ______of the need to read more simplified books. A. convince B. convinced C. persuade D. persuaded 27 I hate people who _______ the end of film that you haven't seen before. A reveal B rewrite C revise D reverse 28. He's watching TV? He's _______ to be cleaning his room. A known B supposed C regarded D considered 29 The old couple decided to ________ a boy and a girl though they had three children of their own. A adapt B bring C receive D adopt 30 The government is trying to do something to _______ better understanding between the two countries. A raise B promote C heighten D increase 31 Our hopes_______ and fell in the same instant. A. arose B raised C rose D arouse 32 Putting in a new window will _______ cutting away part of the roof. A include B involve C contain D comprise 33 Since the matter was extremely _______ , we dealt with it immediately. A tough B tense C urgent D instant 34 Compromise is not equal to surrender and nor does it __________ weakness or surrender in some cases. A. embody B. constitute C. conceive D. embrace 35 The reporter was killed because he tried to __________ a plot. A. reveal B. expose C. indicate D. demonstrate 36 Therefore, the more the Englishman shuts himself off when he is with an American the more likely the American is to break in to __________ himself that all is well. A. assure B. ensure C. guarantee D. insure 37 Three university departments have been __________ $600,000 to develop good practice in teaching and learning. A. promoted B. included C. secured D. awarded 38 The energy __________ by the chain reaction is transformed into heat. A. transferred B. released C. delivered D. conveyed 39 The advertisement says this material doesn’t __________ in the wash, but it has. A. contract B. shrink C. slim D. dissolve 40 But the reality is that corporate America is hungry for managers with technical, marketing, and finance expertise and they know how to __________ people.

A. motivate B. motive C. stimulate D. incentive 41 The market for new PCs slumped after the bursting of the technology bubble; the September 11th terrorist attack further __________the market. A. frustrates B. exasperates C. desperate D. depresses 42 The republication of the poet's most recent works will certainly ______ his national reputation. A. magnify B. strengthen C. enlarge D. enhance 43 The extremists entered the building __________ as medical workers. A. dressed up B. dressed C. disguised D. making up 44 I can prescribe some pill, which will ___________the pain, but you’d be well advised not to overwork yourself. A. relieve B. release C. relay D. relive 44 Some ___________jogging is thought conducive; others insist the scenery relieves the monotony. A. acclaim B. claim C. pledge D. proclaim 45 They have made it clear that they will not ___________the decision to increase prices. A. converse B. convert C. revolt D. reverse 46 He hoped the firm would _____ him to the Paris branch. A. exchange B. transmit C. transfer D. remove 47 The noise around was terrible, but I had to ____it. A. keep away from B. keep up with C. live with D. live on 48 The patient has been_____ of the safety of the operation. A. assured B. guaranteed C. entrusted D. confirmed 49 The cells were designed to ____ sunshine to electricity to run a motor. A. convert B. alter C. modify D. exchange 50 Important people don't often have much free time as their work ________ all their time. A. takes away B. takes over C. takes up D. takes in

Exercise 2: Filling each blank with the proper form of the words given in the brackets.
1 If you are in need of help, you’d better not_______ (hesitant) to tell me. 2 Reading English novels helps _____(large)your vocabulary. 3 Of The four _______ (acknowledge) heroes of the event, three are able to account for their behavior. 4 The purpose of training _______ (qualify) teachers for those mountain areas is worthy of praise. 5 Modern democracy _____ (origin) from France. 6 The local government is trying to raise money to _____ (modern) the city’s public systems. 7 He set off once more in spite of his friends’ attempt to _____ (persuade) him. 8 Climate change, poverty , disease , terrorism -- each issue on its own is enough to _____ (consumption) all of our time 9 I _____(sympathy) with you; I' ve had a similar unhappy experience myself. 10 Professor Taylor ’s talk has _____(indicator) that science has a very strong impact on the everyday life. 11 Many insects can ______ (perception) colors that are invisible to us. 12 In the second year of the degree course you can choose one of four areas to ______ (special)in. 13 It would be a mistake to ______(application) this law to situations which are outside this range. 14 It was discreet of him not to______(revelation) the secret

15 We are quite capable of making our own arrangements, we don’t want you to ______(interference) in them

Exercise 3: Complete the following sentences by putting the translations of the words in the brackets in their proper forms.
1 We are a company that s______(专门生产;专注于) in IT product. 2 A middle-aged woman was d______(拘留,扣押) for questioning after many items in the supermarket were gone. 3 My salary s_______ (能满足需要的,足够的) for our basic needs. 4 We must a_______(假设,假定) him to be innocent until he is proved guilty. 5 Milk powders for babies sold in supermarkets have been c______(证明) qualified 6 I had just e______(报名参加) in a training course in order to pass CET-6. 7 In order to m______(养活) the whole family, he had to look for means to make more money. 8 Judge d______(解散) the jury after they failed to reach a verdict. 9 The final verdict (判决)came that he would be i______ (关押) for 20 years. 10 Then she gave one last burst of music. The white Moon heard it, and she forgot the dawn, and l______(徘徊) on in the sky. 11 I’m afraid it’s not right to c_______ your superior ’s order. (挑战) 12 Finally he was proved innocent (无辜的) and was r______(释放) without delay. 13 To i_______ my point I have done a comparative analysis. ( 举例说明) 14 He asked us to d________ the truth of the statement to them. (证明,论证) 15 She is a________ as an expert on the subject. (承认)

Unit 2
Exercise 1: Multiple Choice
1 The new appointment of our president ________ from the very beginning of next semester. A. takes effect B. takes part C. takes place D. takes turns 2 We'd like to ____ a table for five for dinner this evening. A. preserve B reserve C retain D. sustain 3 I failed to _____ Sally to go with me to the party, so I went alone. A. handle B. achieve C. inspire D. persuade 4 There are many inconveniences that have to be ______ when you are camping. A. made up for B. put up with C. come up with D. stood up to 5 You’d better ______ your diet rather than eat the same things all the time. A. change B. convert C. vary D. alter 6 You cannot ______English poetry unless you understand its rhythms. A. evaluate B. approve C. appreciate D. assess 7 Remember not to ______ with bad and dishonest boys. A. associate B. conform C. company D. adjust 8 She has ______ an extraordinary command of the English language. A. earned B. derived C. won D. acquired 9 Thomas Edison considered a genius to be ______ one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. A. composed of B. constituted in C. consisted of D. comprised in

10 The artist ______ an interesting picture by putting the variously-colored shapes together. A. comprised B. compounded C. composed D. compromised 29. The ability to use this advanced electronic technology is ______ to the richer countries. A. confined B. confused C. connected D. consulted 30. The young fellow tried to ______ his identity by disguising his voice. A. confess B. cancel C. conceal D. concede 31. The lost car of the Lees was found _______in the woods off the highway. A. vanished B. scattered C. abandoned D. rejected 32 Although they had suffered heavy losses, the commanders refused to ______ the defeat. A. grant B. assent C. concede D. approve 33 The chairman’s opinion ______ with that of the rest of the committee. A. opposes B. agrees C. fights D. conflicts 34 We managed to reach the top of the mountain, and half an hour later we began to ______. A. ascend B. descend C. decline D. plunge 35 The author of the report is well ______ with the problem in the hospital because he has been working there for many years. A. acquainted B. informed C. advised D. enlightened 36 The basic causes are unknown, although certain conditions that may lead to cancer have been ______. A. identified B. guaranteed C. notified D. conveyed 37 Because the company was doing more business it was necessary to ______ the factory. A. extend B. broaden C. spread D. stretch 38 He ______ the money he had found to its owner. A. restored B. restrained C. restricted D. resumed 39 We should ______ the glorious revolutionary tradition and make much more progress in the socialist construction. A. accept B. inherit C. gain D. receive 40 Taking a walk in the early morning is always ______. A. forecasting B. restoring C. quicken D. refreshing 41 In Great Britain, if a king dies without a son, his daughter ______ him. A. follows B. succeeds C. results D. inherits 42 The powerful criminal ______ control of the government. A. assumed B. consumed C. resumed D. presumed 43 The king offered £50,000 ______ to anyone who could cure his daughter of her illness. A. price B. award C. prize D. reward 44 The photos on the wall ______ grandma of those happy, old days when a large family lived together. A. recall B. retain C. remember D. remind 45 Martin Luther King ______ himself as a nonviolent civil rights leader. A. priced B. nominated C. obliged D. distinguished 46 Population growth ______ all other problems; if it is not solved, famine will destroy us all. A. exposes B. extends C. exceeds D. expands 47 Smith insisted on arguing with the referee, although the other players tried to ______ him. A. restrain B. hinder C. check D. retain 48 We are told that the road has been cleared and traffic will ______ in about ten minutes’ time. A. resume B. consume C. assume D. presume 49 Soldiers should ______ to the orders of the commander. A. admit B. take C. submit D. obey

50 Communication is the process of ______ a message from a source to an audience via a channel. A. transmitting B. transforming C. transferring D. switching

Exercise 2: Filling each blank with the proper form of the words given in the brackets.
1 Manfred ______ (withdrawal) from newspaper work to devote his full time to writing. 2 The booking clerk is sent on a course to ______(familiar) themselves with the new computer system. 3 "It's wrong to ______(definition) ""happiness"" as ""owing lots of money""." 4 Fruits and vegetables ______(occupation) a prominent place in the daily diet of individuals 5 The president could not go to the meeting, so Mr. Smith ______(representative) him. 6 The death penalty is only to be applied to criminal elements who ______ (commission) the most heinous crimes. 7 Our programs ______(emphasis) critical thinking and adaptability in order to help you meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. 8 Email allows users to electronically _____(transmission) and receive messages, text, or data 9 contributors _____(identification) the major elements of the industrial air pollution situation 10 they have the right to stop acts that _____ (violent) the labor discipline and the laws and regulations and order the parties concerned to correct 11 He walked along in the shadows hoping no one would _____ (recognition) him 12 His pleasant personality is ______(derivation) from his good humor and understanding. 13 The beauty of the place is more than I can _____ (description) 14 The new laws _____ (empower) the police to stop anybody in the street 15 To avoid an oil shortage more machines must ______ (utility) solar energy.

Exercise 3: Filling each blank with the proper form of the words given in the brackets.
1 Finally the old lady tore the envelope open with her t_______(颤抖) fingers. 2 Every success and failure c_______ (有助于,导致) to an individual’s growth and maturity. 3 The sea s_______ (延伸,绵延)as far as we can see. 4 The defeated army had to r_______(撤退) hastily from the field of battle. 5 She d_______(应得;应该得到) the paid holiday for the contribution she had made to the development of the company. 6 He s_______(幸免于难) in the desert for a week on biscuits and water 7 I put my cousin in c_______(联系) with a friend who works at the company. 8 The land here has been c_______ (耕种) since the time of his grand-grand father. 9 He urged all sides in the conflict to find a solution to their border dispute and thus p_______(追求;努力实现) peace 10 Forty vehicles were i_______(牵涉到) in the accident due to the heavy fog. 11 They were going to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where it was nice and warm even in winter. They dreamed of lying on sand beaches enjoying sunbath as the gray, cold spring of New York v________(突然消失 v)behind them. 12 The heart-shaped pattern r_____(代表;象征 v) love. 13 Even our parents have no right to I____(干涉 v)our personal life.. However, we should be willing to come to them for advice or their opinion on a certain thing.

14 All of us are looking forward to the a____(靠近;接近 n)of Christmas holidays. 15 Fortunately, my wife is still with me, and both of us are still strong. Wounds h____ (治愈;愈合 v)over time.

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