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Unit3 Project

Unit3 Project(译林牛津版必修 5)
一、课前预习 (一)单词部分 1.农 业__________ 2.水道;航道;隧道__________ 3 使惊吓___________

4.灾难__________ 5.英亩 __________ 6.雨林__________ 7.收入__________8.插入__________ 9.利润 (二)词块部分 1.超出想象__________ imagination 2. 总体上 in __________ 5.用完__________ up 3.专注于__________ on 6.违背 go __________ 10.准许 __________

4.大力推进__________ __________ with 7.无权做 have no _________ __________ 9.干涉 __________ with

8.同意__________ __________ with 11. 指出 out

10.取得突破 make _________

12.与??相似 be __________ to 14.因??赞扬 _________ for 二,词汇讲解

13.用??做实验__________ with 15.对某人而言 _________ one’s __________

1.Many developed nations are now concerned about saving nature rather than developing or destroying it.(P58) 【知识要点】rather than/other than 【诊断练习】选用 rather than, other than 填空。 ①In no country ②The parents should be blamed France can one taste so many kinds of cheese. the children.

③Why didn’t you ask for help, ______ trying to do it on your own? ④How can you say religion is anything, people? 2.【原句再现】Would anyone say that economic development should be stopped in favor of nature?(P58) 【知识要点】favor 【诊断练习】给出划线部分词语的汉语意思。 ①Senior ministers spoke in favor of the bill. ②The decision went in his favor. a way of controlling





③May I ask a favor of you? ④Could you do me a favor and turn off the light? ⑤Plans to increase taxes have lost favor among party members. 3.【原句再现】Other people argue that such thinking may cause a catastrophe, unless we start to look around and understand how a clean environment benefits us all. (P58) 【知识要点】argue/ debate/ quarrel 【诊断练习】用 argue, debate, quarrel 的适当形式填空。 ①I __________ with her for a long time, but she refused to listen to reason. ②We have been __________ about the issue. ③People generally __________ because they cannot __________. 三、巩固练习 (一)单项填空:选择能填入题干空白处的最佳选项。 (30 分) 1. Many children think they are concern about them. A. interfered B. separated C. disturbed D. offended with when their parents are trying to show

2. The minister said, “We are ready for discussion with any legal parties, but we’ll never with criminals ”. (11 湖北高考) A. negotiate B. quarrel C. argue D. consult as

3. We had intended to do everything according to the schedule, but it didn’t planned. A. make up B. turn out C. go on D. come up

4. When the headmaster spoke out his plan, the against it. A. majority; were B. most; were

of the students in the class

C. most; did

D. majority; did his

5. All the candidates were great contributions to the city. A. in favor of; in need of C. in praise of; in need of

the street to be named after a great man

B. in praise of; in favor of D. in favor of; in honor of
用心 爱心 专心 -2-

6. —I can’t stand my wife spending so much time shopping. Yesterday, she bought a new dress which she actually don’t need at all. —Don’t be angry. A. In all , almost all women like shopping for new clothes. C. In particular D.In conclusion banning cars

B. In general

7. In the questionnaire, the subjects are questioned whether they in the city center. A. agree 8. I can’t B. comment C. advocate

D. conduct

what has happened to the apples growing in my garden, for they

were freshly picked this morning. A. figure out 9. He is a man of B. draw out C. bring out D. look out .

ideas and he often makes a careful plan B. advancing; in advance D. advancing; in advance of

A. advanced; before advance C. advanced; in advance 10. A. While

the news, so far, has been good, there may be days ahead when it is bad. B. When C. As D. Since sweet dreams.

11. Smell the flowers before you go to sleep and you may just (10 江西高考) A. keep up with 12. It is A. wished B. put up with C. end up with

D. catch up with

that the library be kept open during the vacation. B. expected C. urged D. hoped yourself. (11 全国高考) C. more than D. better than

13. The form cannot be signed by anyone A. rather than 14. Maybe if I B. other than

science, and not literature then, I would be able to give you

more help.(11 北京高考) A. studied B. would study C. had studied D. was studying it a lot. D. be beneficial for

15. We should take exercise now and then. I believe we will A. benefit from B. benefit C. do good to

(二)完形填空:根据短文内容选择能填入短文空白处的最佳选项。 (30 分) I had been inside the prison called Gander Hill several times already by the time
用心 爱心 专心 -3-

I met Ray in the spring of 1993. My father worked there with a group,


inmates 2 ,

(犯人) to improve their communication and speaking skills. I was a senior in majoring in speech communications, and at Gander Hill. Teaching communication tell you how much he 5 4 3

I started my own volunteer student group

getting people to tell their stories, but Ray could

playing his guitar without speaking. Sometimes he moved

his hands across the air as if he were playing his favorite blues scale. He always gave me a slight He loved 7 6 when he saw me come into the small church for the meeting.

his guitar stories. Although he had been an inmate at Gander Hill for 8 ,one that he said he had been 10 a

over a decade, he always had a song in his head, writing in his mind since his

9 . He looked forward to playing again the

child counts the days until summer vacation. When my group 11 established itself at Gander Hill, the men were 13 12 a

night of celebration to which they could

one or two family members. The night 14

of the celebration was just like Christmas for them. They gathered with their ones, whom they had not seen or touched for several months or longer. lived in faraway Texas, no one came to the celebration as Ray's 15

his family

16 , but he waited

patiently for me to arrive. As he rehearsed his song in his head, I walked into the prison with a 17 . 18 he were putting his life back into harmony. I have 19 his

Ray tuned that guitar

never heard a guitar tuned like that before or since. He looked at me

shoulder and nodded a thank-you before bringing his song to life on the guitar. I watched Ray's fingers 20 across the strings as if they were himself, running free.

And for those moments, he was. 1. A. asking 2. A. college 3. A. gradually 4. A. promises B. teaching B. prison B. usually B. means C. ordering C. seminar C. constantly C. shows D. permitting D. church D. eventually D. connects





5. A. hated 6. A. nod 7. A. practicing 8. A. in short 9. A. arrival 10. A. means 11. A. hardly 12. A. forbidden 13. A. follow 14. A. interested 15. A. Since 16. A. expert 17. A. violin 18. A. even though 19. A. through 20. A. jump

B. regretted B. signal B. playing B. in public B. moment B. way B. suddenly B. allowed B. accompany B. educated B. While B. sponsor B. magazine B. as if B. across B. tremble

C. missed C. impression C. sharing C. in vain C. past C. approach C. formally C. relaxed C. invite C. surprised C. Although C. guest C. flower C. as long as C. over C. gesture

D. disliked D. whistle D. handling D. in particular D. birthday D. method D. formerly D. promised D. require D. loved D. Unless D. owner D. guitar D. as well as D. under D. dance

(三)阅读理解:根据短文内容选择能回答所提问题或完成句子的最佳选项。 (20 分) The science behind cloning Since Dolly the sheep was cloned by Scottish scientists in 1997, cloning has been talked about all over the world. However, many people still do not fully understand cloning. This article describes what cloning is and what it means for people around the world. There are three types of cloning, DNA cloning, reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning. DNA cloning had been conducted by scientists since the 1970s. It involves taking one part of a person’s or an animal’s DNA—a single gene—and placing it where it can reproduce itself many times on its own. This type of cloning





has helped scientists produce body parts and organs in laboratories. Reproductive cloning is creating a person or an animal that is genetically exactly the same as another. Therapeutic cloning uses human embryos for research and to develop cures for diseases. In many countries, the second two types of cloning are illegal. Dolly the sheep was the product of reproductive cloning. She gave birth to six baby sheep during her life, but by the age of six, she was seriously ill. She had cancer, and was put to sleep. Most sheep live for eleven or twelve years, but Dolly only lived for six years. While people worry about cloning leading to similarly early deaths in humans, people have many other worries as well. People worry that if we allow cloning, scientists will be able to create copies of people, which many people believe is not natural. People are also concerned about the effect on society, and worry that there will be many clones walking around everywhere. However, cloning does have benefits. DAN cloning can be used to build organs that can be given to people with failing organs who are waiting for transplants. Therapeutic cloning can be used to help disabled people walk again and to help cure diseases such as cancer. Many governments have made therapeutic cloning illegal, though, because it uses embryos for scientific research. Many people do not like the idea of creating new people and animals for science. Despite the arguments against it, cloning can benefit people all over the world. However, because it means that scientists could copy people, a lot of people would like to see it banned. What these people need to understand is that there are different types of cloning, and that cloning itself is not the problem. The problem is what we choose to use cloning for. 1. DNA cloning has been done for over A. 5 B. 10 C. 15 D. 20 years.

2. Which of the following is reproductive cloning? A. Doctors have created a new liver from a single gene. B. A cat born in a laboratory looks exactly like its mother and has the same DNA. C. The cure for a deadly disease has been discovered by using a human embryo.
用心 爱心 专心 -6-

D. A person’s cancer is cured. 3. Which type of cloning is illegal in most countries? A. DNA cloning and reproductive cloning B. DNA cloning and therapeutic cloning D. reproductive cloning

C. reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning 4. People worry about cloning because A. it can be used for transplants C. it goes against natural birth .

B. it may cause cancer D. they do not like the idea .

5. According to the article, the main problem with cloning is A. that people do not know there are three different types B. that many clones walk around C. what scientists choose to use it for D. that the technology is too advanced

(一)词汇部分 1.【参考答案】①other than ②rather than ③rather than ④other than 【点拨拓展】①rather than 与 would 连用时,构成“would rather...than...”句式,意 思是“宁愿??而不愿??”,表示主观愿望,即在两者之中选择其一。例: She’d rather die than lose the children. 她宁愿死也不愿失去孩子们。 rather than 不与 would 连用时,表示客观事实,意为“是??而不是??;与其?? 不如??”。它连接的并列成分可以是名词、代词、形容词、介词(短语)、动名词、分句、 不定式、动词等。例: He is an explorer rather than a sailor. 与其说他是一个海员, 不如说他是一个探险者。 You rather than I are going to go camping. 是你而不是我要去要野营。 注意:rather than 连接两个名词或代词作主语时,谓语动词应与 rather than 前面的名词 或代词在人称和数上保持一致。 The sweater she bought was beautiful rather than cheap. 与其说她买的这件羊毛 衫便宜不如说它漂亮。 We will have the meeting in the classroom rather than in the great hall. 我们 是在教室里开会,不是在大厅里。
用心 爱心 专心 -7-

She enjoys singing rather than dancing. 她喜欢唱歌,而不喜欢跳舞。 We should help him rather than he should help us. 是我们应该帮助他而不是他应 该帮助我们。 It is better to express your anger, rather than bottle it up. 生气宁可发泄出 来而不要闷在 He ran rather than walked. 他是跑来的,而不是走来的。 ②other than 与 except 意思相同。例: In no country other than Britain can experience four seasons in the courses of a single day. 没有比英国更能在一天内体验四个季节更替的国家了。 You should get a little stiffness, but other than that there should be no side effects. 你会有一点儿僵硬的感觉,但除此之外不应有别的副作用。 2.【参考答案】①支持 ②对他有利 ③帮个忙 ④劳您的驾 ⑤失去支持 【点拨拓展】favor 为名词,意为:赞同,支持;善行,恩惠。例:
I have a favor to ask of you. 我有一事相求。

Public opinion was moving strongly in favor of disarmament. 公众舆论正在强烈 支持裁军。 Could you do me a favor by telling me where to get off? 能不能帮忙告诉我在哪 下车? 8.【参考答案】①argued ②对他有利 ③帮个忙 ④劳您的驾 ⑤失去支持 【点拨拓展】①argue 表示“争论,主张” ,强调以理由或证据来说服,可做及物动词和非及 物动词。做非及物动词时,常用搭配为 argue with sb. about/ over/ on sth. 与某人争 辩某事, argue for/against 据理力争/反对; 做及物动词时, 常用搭配有 argue sb into/out of doing sth,说服某人做某事/不做某事。例: The senator argued with the President about the new tax bill. 参议员与总统为 新税法案争辩。 You can argue against extending the airport on the ground of cost. 你可以以成 本太高为由反对扩建机场。 They argued the case for hours. 他们就这件事争论了数小时。 Joyce argued me into buying a new jacket. 乔伊斯说服了我买一件新夹克衫。





②debate 着重双方各抒己见,(尤指在立法机构或集会上)辩论,争论;讨论,可用作及 物动词、非及物动词和名词。例: When I left, the men were still debating. 我离开时,那些人仍在辩论。 They debated the matter of free will. 他们辩论过自由意志的问题。 I debated with myself whether to tell her the truth or not. 我盘算着是否把真 相告诉她。 Whether that would have made any difference is open to debate. 当时要是那样做 是否会有用尚待商榷。 ③quarrel 表示由于愤怒而争吵,内含“其结果可能为持续的对立”之意。例: She got into a silly quarrel with the other children. 她与其他孩子争吵起来。 We’re not going to quarrel about a few dollars. 我们不想为了几个美元而吵架。 二、词汇识记 (一)单词部分(略) (二)词块部分 1.beyond imagination 5.use up 2. in general 3.concentrate on 4.push ahead with

6. go against

7.have no right to do

8.in agreement with 12. be similar to

9.interfere with 10. make breakthroughs 11. point out 13.experiment with 14.praise for 三、巩固练习 (一)1. 选 A。interfere with sb 妨碍、干扰某人 15.on one’s part

2. 选 A。negotiate with sb 与某人

协商。 3. 选 B。turn out 结果是 4. 选 A。the majority of the students 大部分的学 生,后面用谓语动词复数。 5. 选 D。in favor of 赞成,in honor of 为纪念。 6. 选 B。

in general 总的说来 7. 选 C。advocate 提倡。 8. 选 A。figure out 弄明白。 9. 选 C。 advanced 先进的,in advance 提前。 10. 选 A。while 这里相当于 although,引导让步状 语从句。 11. 选 C。 end up with 带着??结束。 12. 选 C。It is urged that? 有人

敦促?? 13. 选 B。other than 意同 except. 14. 选 C。if 从句中是对过去事实的虚拟假 设。 15. 选 A。benefit from 从??受益。 (二)1. 选B。teach教授。 2. 选A。文中表明作者当时是大四学生。 3. 选D。eventually 最终。 4. 选B。mean意味着。 5. 选C。根据后面句子可知Ray想念弹吉它。 6. 选A。 nod





轻点头。 7. 选C。share分享,即告诉我们自己的故事。 8. 选D。in particular尤其是。 9. 选A。自从他到达这里就开始创作了。 10. 选B。the way a child counts the days until summer vacation就像一个孩子对暑假的倒计时。 11. 选C。formally正式地。 12. 选B。 allow sb sth允许某人某事。 13. 选C。invite sb to the celebration邀请某人参加庆祝 活动。 14. 选D。loved ones爱着的人。 15. 选A。since由于。 16. 选C。guest客人。 17. 选D。 从下一段可知。 18. 选B。as if好像。 19. 选C。over the shoulder回头,

扭过头。 20. 选D。此处表示手指在琴弦间舞动。 (三)1. 选 D。从第二段中 DNA cloning had been conducted by scientists since the 1970s. 可知。 2. 选 B。根据第二段 Reproductive cloning is creating a person or an animal that is genetically exactly the same as another.可知。 3. 选 C。根据第二段 In many countries, the second two types of cloning are illegal.可知。 4. 选 C。第四段 People worry that if we allow cloning, scientists will be able to create copies of people, which many people believe is not natural 可知。 5. 选 C。最后一段 The problem is what we choose to use cloning for.可知。




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