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一. 如何表达在涨价前订货 Thank you for your letter of October 10 for business copiers. We are now sending you our price-list and catalog of the newest types that are under production and we can supply at once from stock. We want to notice you that prices of copier parts and components have gone up steadily since the second half of the year. Though we have tried hard to keep our quotations down, we are afraid the margin for keeping on going like this will not long. Therefore, we suggest that you will let us have your order before further rises in costs, which will lead to a raise in prices very soon unavoidably. 感谢贵方10月10日关于商用复印机的询函。现随函奉送本公司正在生产的、并有现货供应 的最新型号的产品清单和价目表。 我方想告诉贵方,自下半年以来,复印机的零、部件价格一直不断增长。尽管我方尽量压低 报价,但恐怕有此余地的时间不会太久。因此,建议贵方在零、部件再次涨价,并不可避免 地引起成品涨价之前便向我方订货。 二. 要求及时供货


We understand that you are the agent for the White Tiger ties. We enclose our order for 1000 dozens of the White Tiger ties. Please note that we need these goods rather urgently as Christmas is drawing near. If you could supply goods timely for seasons, we would make repeated orders, provided prices are reasonable. Payment for the enclosed order will be made on a draft at sight under our letter of credit opened in your favor on receipt of your confirmation that the goods are sent out, and can be delivered before 1, December, 2000. 获悉贵公司为“白虎牌领带”的代理商。兹附上1000打白虎牌领带订单一份。 请注意,由于圣诞节在即,本公司急需这批货物。如果贵公司能够及时供应时令货品,而且 价格公道,我方将继续订货。 此票订单之货款,待确认贵方已于2000年12月1日前发货之后,本公司即向贵公司开出见票 即付的信用证。 三. 要求代理商报价 We have read in China Daily that you are the exclusive agent for Hi-Fi Corporation of Africa and Asia. Would you please send us price-lists and catalogues of all the Hi-Fi wireless products and terms of payment. Please advise if you would grant special terms for an annual trade over 1 million U.S. dollars. A visit of your representative would be appreciated. Perhaps he could bring the newest samples of the 999 hand phone, an item of growing interest here. 我方从《中国日报》上获知,贵公司为高保真公司在非洲和亚洲的独家代理商。 请惠送该公司所有无线通讯产品的目录、价目表及付款条件,并请告知,如果每年交易额达 100万美元以上,是否可获得特别条件。 敬请贵方派代表来与我们洽谈,并携带最新999型手机样品,该产品在此地销路看好。 四. 回复询盘告知无货 Referring to your letter of 5 June, we very much regret that we are unable to make you an

offer for the goods you demand. The reason is that the product you need has been out of stock. What’s more our manufacturers have declined orders because of shortage of raw materials. We shall, however, file your inquiry and cable you our offers as soon as we have got supplies. 我方收到贵公司6月5日来函,但非常遗憾,我方无法对贵方所需产品报盘。其原因是,此 货品在我处已经脱销。而且,由于原料短缺,生产厂家已经拒绝了我方订单。 我方已将贵方询函备案,一经有货,我方将以电报报盘。 五. 回复询盘,量大折价 We are pleased to receive your letter of 5 July and enclose our catalogue and price list. Also by separate post we are sending you the samples of our products. Our catalogue contains items and their specifications of our supplies. Through comparing our prices with those of other suppliers, you will appreciate the moderate prices of ours. For a total purchase of not less than 100,000 and not more than 200,000 American dollars, we would allow a discount of 10% and for a purchase larger than 200,000 American dollars, we would allow a 20% special discount. 很高兴收到贵公司7月5日来函。现寄上产品目录与价目表。同时另封寄去样品,请查收。 所寄产品目录包括本公司产品的品名、规格。与其他厂商的价格比较,我方的报价定会使贵 方满意。 凡总定购量超过100,000美元但不足200,000美元者,我方将给予10%的折扣;凡总定购量 超过200,000美元者,我方将给予20%的折扣。 六. 如何追问买方意见 In reply to your inquiry we sent you on May 25 a copy of illustrated catalog of our electric products. As we have not heard from you since, we would like to ask whether you have had received our reply and what opinion you have on our products. We are always ready

to serve you and should be grateful for your reply. 在5月25日我方对贵方询函的回函中, 已寄去本公司电器产品的附图目录。 因迄今尚未接 到贵方的消息,特致函询问,贵方是否已收到我方回函,并征求贵方对本公司产品的意见。 我方随时愿意效劳,若承蒙贵方惠赐回函,当不胜感激。 七. 如何询问参展条件 From yesterday’s Morning Paper we have learned that you are now taking applications from exhibitors for the 2000 Canton Fair. We hope you would send us a copy of detailed conditions for application, such as size of each booth, fees for rent, and time schedule for moving in, etc., as well as the time limit for application。 从昨天《晨报》上获悉,贵单位正在征集“2000年广交会”的参展申请。希望贵方能将展位 大孝租用展位价格、进场时间、最迟申请日期等详细情况通知我方。 八 询盘并邀请访问 We had your enclosed drawings of 5 types of machines in your letter Feb. 9, 2011. Would you please inform us by return of the price, discounts, terms of payment and the time when you can deliver them. If your quotations are suitable and the quality proves good, we’ll be pleased to invite your representative over for detailed discussion. 我方收到贵方2000年2月2日函及随函所附有关5种机械的图纸。 请函报有关机械的价格、折扣、付款方式及最早的交货时间。 如果报价合理并能证明质量优秀,我方将邀请贵方的代表过来详谈。 九 如何索要产品目录 We get your name and address from your local Chamber of Commerce.We are an importer of plastic products and we would appreciate it if you would send us your catalogue in the new year. 我方从贵公司的商会获知你们的名称与地址。 本公司经营塑料制品的进口业务,希望能够得到贵公司明年的产品目录。

十 根据广告询价 Seeing your ad in“Family Life” we become interested in your silver wares of court styles. Please quote us for the supply of the items listed on the enclosed query form and give your prices C.I.F. Shanghai. It would be appreciated if you include your earliest delivery date, terms of payment, and discounts for regular purchases. 我们看过贵公司登在《家庭生活》杂志上的广告,对你们的宫廷银器颇感兴趣。 请贵方按随函附表所列产品提供“C.I.F.上海”报价,最好包括最快交货日期、付款条件及所 能提供的定期购货折价。 十一 承使馆推荐询价 We learn from the our Embassy that you are producing for export hand-made shoes and gloves in natural leather. There is a steady demand here for high-class goods of this type, especially in unique designs. Will you please send us your catalog, export prices and terms of payment, together with any samples you would like to let us examine. 从我国大使馆获悉贵公司制造并出口天然皮革材料的鞋类及手套。 我国有对此类高级产品稳定需求的市场, 特别需要样式新颖的产品。 请惠送贵公司的产品目 录、出口价格、付款条件及所能提供的样品为荷。 十二 按样品询价 We have a large demand for the supply of 50,000 meters brown serge, whose sample is enclosed to show you the shade and quality we require. Please send your samples corresponding to our samples with the most reasonable price C.I.F. Singapore if you can supply within three months from now. 本公司需要5万公尺棕色斜纹布的大量供货。 现随函附送我方所需货物的样品, 以示其色调 及品质。若贵公司能在3个月内供货,请送供货样品,并提供新加坡港 C.I.F.最合理的报价。 十三 按产品图片询盘 In your letter of December 3, 2000, we got your enclosed price list and catalogue, we

found that one of your goods is to our satisfaction, so we are now post its picture back to you. Would you please inform us in detail its price, terms of payment and terms of shipment. We hope you would quote us the most reasonable price. As we have a large population here, if the goods are sold well, we are sure to place regular orders with you. 收到贵方2000年12月3日函及所附价目单和产品目录。我方看中其中的一种产品,现将其图 片寄还。请祥报该产品的价格、付款方式及装运条件。 希望得到贵方最合理的报价。 我国人口众多, 如果销路好, 我方一定会成为贵方的稳定客户。


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